BoutThat - Live Video Debates

BoutThat - Live Video Debates

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  • Current Version: 3.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: 1800N0TH1NG LLC
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BoutThat - Live Video Debates App

BoutThat is a live social platform for debate and conversation. Watch debaters tackle the day’s trending stories in fast-paced live video streams across a variety of topics including news, pop culture, politics, technology, sports, and trending social content. Join the audience and vote on the winner in real time, or join the debate and become recognized as a thought leader. BoutThat is streaming 24/7 to Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. Finally, a place for conversation and debate. What are you passionate about? Why BoutThat - Debate with REAL people - New TOPICS every 15 minutes - Become a thought LEADER - Start your own COMMUNITY Visit our website for more information: Twitch - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter -

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BoutThat - Live Video Debates app reviews

  • Experiencing login error 1/5

    By easypickens13
    When I try to login via Facebook, it says error, unidentified.
  • Can’t log in 2/5

    By Jacket45
    I used to be able to use this app but the last time I tried to log in with my Facebook I got an error code and I cannot log in.
  • Cannot Login 1/5

    By iBigPhatPastor
    I was excited to try the app but the only way it gives you to login is through Facebook...and that doesn’t work, just returns an error.
  • Can’t log on 1/5

    By Debater 18
    I was excited and interested to see the app but could not log in after putting in my Facebook information. I keep getting locked out and there seems to be no other way to log in except Facebook. This was a bad user experience.
  • Not working 3/5

    By drd151
    This was super fun until recently it won’t log into me :(
  • Update didn’t help 1/5

    By Locomex8705
    Bugs weren’t fix , admins neglecting it, it has potential, people already gave up because admins never really care
  • Love the concept 4/5

    By archis004
    Please update the app more often. There are bullies and trolls that must be reviewed and banned. More features like separate chat rooms and invite only group feature would be awesome.
  • Great idea but must improve 4/5

    By blkstag
    I enjoy using the app and have had some great debates and intellectual conversations but the app glitches and freezes a lot. Also would highly recommend giving people a little more time so debate and add better topics.
  • Not good enough 2/5

    By KoRny1
    You only get about 2 minutes to debate. Each person describes their views and then time is almost up. The app gives suggested topics that no one pays attention to because they’re all lame. You don’t get a profile that tracks your wins or votes or anything so it’s kind of a waste of time.
  • Hiring? 5/5

    By RizIlyas
    Great concept. It’s a brilliant idea! My friends always tell me that I sit around on Facebook debating or arguing with random strangers and now we don’t even have to type!! A few things. one you should be able to have a challenge button to go back and challenge the previous winner of the debate. You should also be able to enter a room with a topic that you have define and wait for someone to come debate you . I think you should also be able to invite people for a challenge and invite all of your friends or their friends to be able to come in and view the debate and go from there. By doing that you can really make it viral in terms of marketing and use. Are you hiring? I want a job!
  • This is the perfect app for Politics/Law Students 5/5

    By JakeOCRandom
    If you like debates or have any interest in politics/law. You will LOVE this app, it is not only an absolutely outstanding concept, but they really pieced it together. Sure, it has its various glitches, and those are easily worth taking a star or two off of my rating, but I think the app earns those stars back AND more when they show their dedicated staff members who are always online to fix the problems when they arise. I think this app is awesome, and I can’t wait to see it grow😊 BoutThat is an amazing app and I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to debate about ANYTHING.
  • A lot of potential here 5/5

    The concept is amazing I hope that potentially you could choose a genre
  • Amazing concept 3/5

    By snowbll124678844635
    This is the coolest social media app concept for me. I’m ALL about debate and having open conversations. I think it really breaks barriers. I just wish the setup was more user friendly and that I could change my profile pic because mine is a terrible screenshot of my Facebook profile. Also I hope this gets more popular. This could be such a powerful platform.
  • Interesting concept! 3/5

    By XxxxxpiggyxxxxX
    I enjoyed the actual debates I had, and the idea of this is great. Some features need added such as reporting those in the comments, being able to see who you’re following, and the glitchyness needs work too. I also didn’t realize your info portion says you livestream the debates on different platforms. I’m not a fan of that idea and it slightly deters me from wanting to use the app again.
  • Sign in 4/5

    By Sparkle and shine8
    I don’t have Facebook so how do I sign in? There should be other options to sign. Since I don’t have Facebook I can’t use the app.
  • Update needed ? 1/5

    By Sajad93
    It doesn’t let me use the app and keeps prompting to update the app, while it’s clearly updated ! How am I supposed to use this app?
  • I can’t even use the app 4/5

    By xrxman
    It tells me I need to update but there isn’t an update in the store for it so I can not use the app.
  • I can’t login... 1/5

    By The timpani
    Every time I try to login in it shows with the error Login failure with error code: unidentified. Any idea what is going on?
  • Good concept, needs work. 3/5

    By Pinkie raridash
    It’s a great concept but I wish you could just search for topics you want to debate, and choose your own topic. Multiple debates going at once etc
  • Cool idea but... 3/5

    By jav2world
    -Video Skips a lot. (Thought it was just people’s connection but it was happening to everyone) -The topic took forever to change. (Before the people debate they should let the room vote on the topic or something idk) -They should make different rooms for different topics. My biggest complaint was that everyone’s live feed was skipping and the debaters sounded robotic. I really do love this idea but it needs improvement.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By uksdhbyscnlv
    I think the concept is really amazing! And I’m really liking the debates so far. Just the app could use a little messing with. It makes a really loud noise sometimes that’s just annoying and useless so maybe fix that.
  • Cool concept, needs work. 3/5

    By la7eralus
    The app is decent, but pre-made topics and randomly throwing people into them is a little....boring. 1. You should allow people to create their own topics. 2. Let people choose who they want to debate on a topic someone starts. If multiple people want to debate on a given topic, allow a 5-10 min period or so where people can vote on who they’d like to see debate on said topic - the most votes do the debate. 3. Have an area where people can see multiple debates going on or in the “warm up” voting period - as it is now you’re forced to watch debaters and topics that you might care absolutely nothing about. Besides that, it’s a cool concept - but just feels random as it is, and with the current setup isnt nearly as interesting/efficient as it could be.
  • Nobody stays on topic, lagging issues. 1/5

    By ThatWeirdVegan
    Every time I hop onto the app, people are always talking about some random stuff as if they’re just on an Instagram live stream talking to one another. And the lagging issues are just horrible
  • Good idea but 3/5

    By Mallwest
    This is a great idea, but it would be cool to have different debates instead of just one going on. You should keep a section for how you have it now where it gives you random debates, but it would be cool to have it where you can go to different categories instead of just the random.
  • Pretty bad now but TONS of potential 3/5

    By Legend Mantis
    Honestly, I was gonna give this app 1 star...BUT...I believe there is TONS AND TONS of potential here. Right now the app is extremely disappointing, not at all what I wanted. But I know this app is brand new, and the concept is on point. I was hoping for a bunch of deep engaging debates, instead it was just downright silly. 1 debate at a time with the most uninteresting points. “Show us your house”, “Did Jesus know about UFOs”...I mean seriously?! What’s that about?? Here’s my suggestions for how to make this app exactly how it’s advertised -Make a reviewable report system. Some people are going to be animated and eccentric with their debating, and that’s ok. Moderate swearing should be acceptable. Make it so the system doesn’t automatically punish someone for getting lots of reports, really unfair -Why bar people without a facebook from the app? -Most importantly of all, have multiple debates at a time. Make it so that people can search for debates by topics, or search. Have predetermined subjects, or let people create topics on their own with tags to clarify the subject matter. Let people talk about what they want to talk about. People all over the world want to discuss and debate about ANYTHING! Religion, politics, sports, entertainment, current events, and sub topics of those topics! The options are ENDLESS! -KEEP the vote, comment, and timing system, that is a swell idea. I love how the debate is timed and people vote on the winner. Without that, it’s basically just chatroulette. PLEASE do heavy work on this app! This has so much potential to be one of the greatest things ever made for us opinionated folk!
  • Where are the debates? 2/5

    By FixYourAppIn2019
    Where do you go to look at debates? I only see a topic selected but nobody is in there and I don't see anywhere else to look.
  • Best Debate/Discussion app 5/5

    By Nvander
    I love the app. Can’t wait to see it grow and for more people to discover it.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Zach319319
    Downloaded the app ready to watch some heated debates, and I am stuck on one screen that says “what is your worst memory” and a red “go live button” I can’t escape this screen, tried re downloading the app and all. So the only thing available on this stupid app is one question “what is your worst memory”, you’re not allowed to watch other people’s debates. Thumbs down, crappy app
  • Has potential but.... 4/5

    By Catalina135793
    Needs A LOT of work
  • Cool concept 5/5

    By Kxdrummer450f
    The app has a super cool concept. There are a few bugs that need to be fixed. Mine keeps crashing I’ve updated my phone and re downloaded the app but nothing fixes it. I do think it would be cool to add multiple rooms with different topics so you can watch things you want to see. Super cool app I only hope it grows bigger!
  • Potential 2/5

    By DrewsReviewz
    The topics which are advertised are actually good. However, once I downloaded the app each of the 8 or so topics that cycled through were absolute crap. No one even paid attention to the topics they just made up their own or the audience offered up ideas. “Tinder vs Bumble”? Are you kidding me? Who is going to debate that. Here’s a few very important suggestions: 1.)Remove the ridiculous censorship. Gear it towards adults. You can’t control the language people use on the camera so why attempt to do it on the text? 2.) Only use powerful and controversial topics that will keep users engaged. Stick to the big ones that most people can comment on. E.x. Religion, abortion, evolution, etc. 3.) make it so that the winner of the debate can create the own topic. Either that or have different debate rooms with different topics cycling. 4.) add a way to change username 5.) once these changes have been made market more. People will not return to this app once they see they are supposed to debate about whether or not Trumps hair is sentient. Absolutely ridiculous topic choices. Lots of potential in the app though. The few users on there were anxiously waiting for someone to join up and debate them over their own vocalized topic.
  • Great Concept- Time to make it better 4/5

    By Gucci Bravo
    I love this app, it totally perpetuates freedom of speech and intellectualism and I want more and more of these kinds of things pushed in our society. Some bug fixes and a little more time and user functionality would be great. Maybe the ability to only make one vote at a time. Or the multi debate feature with more than two people. Maybe even more topics that are community driven and match certain users who also want to debate that specific topic? I don’t know, I’m just spit balling but I spoke with one of the developers in the app, Mason I believe his name was, and if you see this, SIGN ME UP TO BE A SPONSOR OF YOUR APP BC I’LL TOTALLY DO IT!!!

    By Mr.u dan noe
    Next update should have a section where you can invite up to 4 friends and you can debate a topic of your choosing! Besides that great idea for an app.
  • Confused 1/5

    By come on man 123123123
    Either I am very confused or someone has written the poorest app ever. Please don’t bring to market have done stuff. Thank God I did pay for this. The idea is great, but the execution is embarrassing. One debate at a time? Neither of the only two people on were debating the question. No moderators? Literally needs a ton of work.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Breakfastatnight
    BoutThat instantly lets me connect with people and talk about whatever subject in a fun, gamified way. Everyone I've chatted with there has been fun to talk to and I like the way I can meet people from different time zones and walks of life. A truly social social network.
  • Neat concept 2/5

    By N1lam
    Not enough people active and when i get challenged notification, it doesnt go right to the debate. After hunting it down there will be no one in there....needs work and to be more active
  • Bugs 2/5

    By ChrisLeePhoto
    The concept is fantastic, but every time I start a debate, roughly 1-5 minutes in, we get cut off and it says we “ran out of time”. The only other complaint really is that some of the bouts are just plain stupid, like “memes vs friends” and stuff like that. Overall though, would love to see some improvements, maybe some categories for people that want to take it more seriously, and fixing the bug that keeps cutting off debates. I really was having a good time explaining to someone what libertarianism was, as he thought it meant liberal, haha.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Doodling
    Any ongoing debates just show up as black. Everyone in the comments of the debates is saying the same. The same debate has been "live" for over a day, and nobody is in it. Nobody on this app and it makes it impossible to talk to someone. Great idea, but as of now nothing is working. Wasn't ready for release.
  • Preemptive 3. 3/5

    By THE Ryan Gentner
    Great concept, can't wait for it to /actually work/. Get it working!
  • Facebook? 1/5

    By Facebook is Redundant
    Why do I need Facebook, I do not even have one.
  • What's going on?! 3/5

    By Tolikkozak
    Where are all the debates I was promised in the advertisement? Don't start new debates, just debate each other. So, not much going on here. Either let us view previous debates or there just aren't any.
  • A few adjustments 4/5

    By Ikerus
    Love the idea, just got the app, but it needs a few more functions in my opinion. Maybe it's just that no one is currently on, but there should be a section of debates that are currently going on so they are easy to find. Also a section for live debates that have passed that you can go back and watch and either comment on or request for a new match with the same topic and user.
  • Lack of community 2/5

    By bjhb2448
    Nearly impossible to find ongoing debates and active users. Solid concept but needs to be marketed more heavily or a change in the homepage interface to find active debates.
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By Vhenom02126
    I don’t know how to contact you guys other than this, I would just like to make a couple quick suggestions. Create a section so you can see on ongoing debates and can comment on them and choose who you think should is winning. Also possibly a place to see who is currently active, to challenge. This idea is great, but I can’t get anyone to show up to a debate. Leaving it at three stars until I can get at least a couple people to at least respond.
  • Fun meeting new people to debate 5/5

    By mrappface
    I was looking for an app to connect with people to debate with on my phone. The live video and voting is the coolest thing I've seen from an app in a long time. Challenge me!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By nottiffanylee
    New design is awesome. Makes it much easier to connect with other people to talk about things. I've met a few friends through the app. Must download!!
  • Not Everyone Have Social Media 1/5

    By Lawaina
    Was all set and ready to play this game with family and friends till I went to open app and it said require Twitter to login 😕
  • The great debate app! 5/5

    By OnTheGoAuctions
    Exciting new app that will get people talking!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Iwantapps3
    So fun! I'll take on anyone on any topic! Let's do this!

BoutThat - Live Video Debates app comments

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