BPme: Gas Rewards & Payment

BPme: Gas Rewards & Payment

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  • Current Version: 4.22.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BP North America
  • Compatibility: Android
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BPme: Gas Rewards & Payment App

Download the BPme gas app with a fuel rewards program for better gas savings and an improved app experience. Just open the gas app, check-in at participating BP or Amoco gas stations, select your fuel pump and you can save instantly on every gallon. All with contactless payment from the comfort of your car. No more fumbling with pin pads in bad weather. Let card swiping be a thing of the past. When you download the BPme app, you'll love the following: • Save time and money at both BP and Amoco gas stations as you navigate your trip. • A better way to save. You can receive 5¢ off every gallon on every visit. • Ongoing rewards and special bonus offers for additional fuel savings. • Instant rewards. You can instantly save right from your phone. No searching for rewards cards or swiping required. • Conveniently review your fuel rewards details from the app. • Securely store credit and debit cards for future visits. • Go paperless. All your receipts are saved automatically. • No credit card? No problem. Use PayPal as a sign up and payment option. • Skip the pin pad. Now you can pay and save right from your driver's seat. • Maximize gas savings with your BP credit card by combining credit rewards and BPme Rewards. BPme App Questions: For more information and frequently asked questions visit https://www.mybpstation.com/faq?tab=bpmefaqs. Can I use the BPme app at every BP and Amoco gas station? BPme is available at participating BP and Amoco locations. When you arrive at a gas station and open BPme, if the app's location on the top of the screen matches the site you are at and is accompanied with a mobile enabled phone icon, then that site is available for BPme use. What happened to my Driver Rewards balance? The Driver Rewards program ended on 10/1/2019 when we launched a new rewards program called BPme Rewards. When Driver Rewards ended, all outstanding rewards balances expired. If you would like to join BPme Rewards, you will start by saving 5 cents off per gallon on every fuel purchase made through next month. What payment cards do you accept? BPme currently accepts PayPal and all major credit and debit cards including BP credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. BPme currently does NOT accept fleet cards, gift cards, and pre-paid debit cards. Who do I contact if I am having issues with the BPme app? If you are having any issues with either the BPme mobile app or with the BPme Rewards program, please contact our helpdesk at [email protected] or at 1-800-333-3991 for assistance. Additionally, you can provide feedback in the Account section of BPme. What fuel price will I pay if I use a debit card with BPme? Gasoline prices are displayed on the entrance to the site and at all of our fuel pumps. When using BPme to purchase fuel (e.g. diesel fuel), you will always be charged the stated credit card price. To receive any exception prices (debit card pricing or discounts for specific credit card brands) that are locally offered by select gas stations, you can use your linked payment card to receive special pricing and qualify for BPme Rewards. What is the BPme Rewards offer? When you download BPme and register for BPme Rewards, you will immediately begin to get 5 cents off per gallon on every fuel purchase through the following month. After that, you have the opportunity to keep your 5 cent per gallon reward on all fuel purchases by spending $100 on fuel in a calendar month. Note: BPme Rewards is not valid in California. How do I delete a payment card from my BPme wallet? To remove a payment card from your BPme wallet, go to Account. Tap main payment card, and on the card you'd like to remove, tap the green information "I" icon. Tap delete card. Can I purchase a car wash using BPme? Yes. When purchasing fuel, you will have the option to purchase a car wash at gas stations that have a car wash.

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BPme: Gas Rewards & Payment app reviews

  • My BP Rewards 5/5

    By cedphill
    I enjoy my savings with my BP card.
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By gogodah
    The only reason you don’t get 5 stars is that sometimes the app has trouble following through with a purchase
  • 1usd charge 1/5

    By al peterovich
    Charged 1usd for not being able to go through the process properly via the application, I tried again, and I instantly got another 1 USD charge to my credit card, and it still didn't work
  • First time trying to use this app 1/5

    By moisexrock
    I tried to logged in and it told me that i cant use and old password. After resetting my password and making a new password it kept on telling me the same thing. I did this process about five or six times with no luck. I think the app is not working properly. Need fix the bug.
  • It’s so easy! 5/5

    By Mickie0511
    I love the BPme app! It’s so easy to pay and pump. I don’t have to go inside and wait to pay for my gas. Contactless... especially during the pandemic. In addition, I’ve saved money too!
  • Selecting the gas grade in the app 3/5

    By bdjducjneksnjdjrnfnjc
    Can you guys make it so that you can select which grade of gas you want from the app so you don’t have to open your window and talk to the attendant.....this ones for free since I own 10k worth of bp stock!
  • App only works when it wants to 2/5

    By Mroned
    Why is it every other Sunday your app doesn’t work I have to spend a half hour or so to get it to work? Doing the no contact right now is the safest. So today I couldn’t get your app to work now I lost the $.5 off because of your latest update and won’t be able to get next months $.5 off every little bit helps when you live check to check
  • Not worth the hassle for me. 2/5

    By TunerDave
    You’re supposed to purchase $100/mo to maintain your discount. With COVID and having fuel efficient cars, that’s not possible for us. Also had the issue of the application not activating the pump discount periodically at our local stations. If you forget to close the application, it will quickly drain your battery. Gas is currently $2.20/gal. To get to $100, you would purchase approximately 45 gallons of fuel and save approximately $2.25. I refuse giving the BPme application the opportunity to track me for that paltry incentive. Uninstalled after two months.
  • Don’t 1/5

    By Hgtfsx
    Don’t download this app, just sign up on the website it won’t let you enter a promo code. Waste of time
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kyley Blint
    I tried to set my password 5 times until finally it worked. It didn’t take my promo code. And then once I finally got it all pulled up it wouldn’t let me select a pump it just kept saying there was a problem and to try again later.
  • Easy & Quick 5/5

    By Old Jersey Girl in NC
    This app is easy to use, reliable in getting it right and I like that the receipt goes to you phone in case the pump paper has run out or snarled,
  • Love the extra savings! 5/5

    By gheline o
    During this pandemic, it’s so nice to see that BP is always giving me extra savings every time I fill up. Very blessed that husband I still have our jobs. He drives long distances so it has been very helpful to have this extra savings. Thank you! ❤️
  • Great app 5/5

    By bandman48060
    Very convenient
  • Friendly service 5/5

    By Mackert&777
    Very nice and friendly service.
  • Limited features 3/5

    By DeepakAwl
    The app does not even show the gas prices at different BP stations. I wonder why do one need to download this app. Just create the account for once and delete it. I can always use member if to avail benefits without using app.
  • App not working 3/5

    By B Rose1
    App doesn’t recognize when I’m at a gas station. My location is always on, I have tried to reinstall app still doesn’t work.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Nareshnani211
    Worst app .. never worked any time .. always says technical error while trying to use..
  • Horrible BPme IT assistance 1/5

    By 4Christ everyday
    I created a account successfully on my laptop but failed on IOS app . Called at least two times but did not get help to solve this issue. The it team seems unprofessional at all . If there is option or survey , I will give zero for this app and service.
  • Awesome app even better customer service 5/5

    By Bfrogg99
    I had a problem logging in called the customer service number literally in less than five minutes had my password reset and everything working again five stars great job!
  • Worst app, seems they put to test by users directly 1/5

    By sahb9831
    In this digital transformation age, whoever built and supporting IT teams should be ashamed of this app. Tried more than 5 times at different pumps, it would not goes through step1 of identifying the gas station and then it always throw an technical error when you try to choose the pump number so you can pay. Worst exp compare to how the Starbucks, Amazon and other app works.
  • SCAM !!! 1/5

    By Gophins134
    Let me start off by saying Im a BP credit card holder and have used this app in the past for the reward points. Also, Im a Military Veteran that enrolled in BP Apps supposedly additional 10 rewards for Military and first responder via ID ME; and guess what happened when using this app along with my BP card linked to the app after pumping gas.. It did NOT give me any of my reward amount back and charged me the pump price. This has been a problem for a long time. So, don't trust this BP Bologna as being a great application and gas company that supposedly supports its first repsponders!! Save your money elsewhere and dump Both BPs app and BP gas card!!!
  • Horribly Frustrating 1/5

    By very bad app design
    As a new user I downloaded the app, but no place to enter a password as a new user, so I entered it into the password slot. It was rejected, the “help” feature only puts you in a loop. Deleting app..,. Totally worthless
  • Worst Log in EVER 1/5

    By DiceDiva
    The log in page on an Apple iPhone at least, is so light one cannot see what is being typed. After several attempts I quit, was not worth the headache of requesting new password because you can not see what’s being typed in the first place! I have never seen such a light background. Improve the log in page and I will be back.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By drive40
    It took 5 tries to get the app to download, then the promised 50 cent per gallon off for GasBuddy would not work. Plus I am a health care provider and that discount would not work either. I guess it is ok if you only want 5 cent off per gallon and have to spend $20 per month to keep it... it is not nearly as good of a deal as most other apps or programs.
  • If there’s a way to use the app without storing a credit or debit card, I’m all for it 1/5

    By Frustrated Nathan
    I think this app would be much more beneficial if you could get rewards without having to store your debit or credit card information. In today’s world, you shouldn’t have to store your credit or debit card information to get maximum rewards for using a product. This is why this app and service get one star. If you can utilize the app and get rewards for using it without storing the information, I’d give it a much better review and would utilize the service. I’m still trying to find out how you can do that. I haven’t been able to yet, until then, it gets one star. I will update after I get an answer from BP and utilize the service.
  • Everything is a struggle 1/5

    By Alexjbosco
    Problems registering. Problems logging in. Problems resetting password. Problems adding a card. Problems finding a station. Problems getting it to activate a pump. This is an embarrassment. “Call support!” Support is closed. Don’t bother.
  • Takes too long to load... 2/5

    By WJR589
    Takes too long to load...
  • Removing this app 1/5

    By Parallelangel
    There is nothing good I can say about this application. Signed up through GasBuddy. The extra money off from GasBuddy did not work. Ok, fine. I get to the pump and attempt to add a credit card so I can pay for gas. Doesn’t work. I tried again, didn’t work. Tried to use my credit card at the pump, that didn’t work either. Gave up and went to the gas station I already had a loyalty membership with which is five miles closer to my home. While I was at the bp pump I saw that all new members should get the same extra money off as the GasBuddy discount, but this was not applied to my account. I am canceling. I don’t need my card attached to yet another account that could randomly pilfer money from me.
  • Could Not Register 1/5

    By hskr mike
    Every password I tried got flagged as unacceptable. Finally gave up and deleted the app.
  • Minus 1 star 1/5

    By DynoSoar
    To add insult to injury, it doesn’t even know where my local BP station is. Come on. Just how much of an unconscientious, slapdash, entitled tech weeny do you have to be to think this is OK?
  • SAVE 5/5

    By aceMastre
    Pay less @ the PUMP!✅
  • Can’t create an account 1/5

    By tylerreddingt0n
    I downloaded this app and tried to create multiple accounts. Each time I create an account, it sends me a link to create a new password before logging in. Every time I follow the link and put in a different password that meets their criteria it tells me I can’t reuse an old password; some passwords I’ve tried I’ve never used before just trying to get this thing to work. Don’t even waste your time
  • Love this!! 5/5

    I love being able to unlock the pump from inside my car!
  • GasBuddy 1/5

    By TheStig304
    If GasBuddy brought you here, the $0.50/gallon for new registrations doesn’t work. Just use GasBuddy, it’s way better anyway.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gaul89
    It’s cool
  • Disaster of app 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Stay away. Does not even send enrollment text. App is slow and ui cluttered. App is more difficult to enroll than any banking app I have with way more sensitive personal information
  • App 4/5

    By SilleYor
    Updated the app I hope it works at the next stop for gas. The station you at the app would not load up.
  • Glad for Apple Pay. Can we add gift cards? 4/5

    By In the elements
    Glad for the update using Apple Pay! Still need a way to add gift card. I have a gift card and no way to use discount with it because there is no way to add a BP gift card!
  • Good luck 1/5

    By McCallpoi
    This worked the first 2 or 3 times I used it. It hasn’t worked since. Every time it comes up as an error. I prefer to pay with my phone at the pump so I just don’t go to BP gas stations anymore.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Buckwheat100
    Stuck in password reset loop have tried many times don’t waist your time
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Cookie724
    This is one of the easiest apps to use! I can see everything in one place and easy to find when I’m looking specifically for an item. Plus I love the 10 cents off when using the app!! 😁
  • My BP App 5/5

    By Air RN
    Easy to use and you don’t even have to pull out your CC.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By BKSlim
    Was looking forward to using this but I get ZERO connectivity to a location even when I’m at the station. Have reinstalled the app twice, confirmed all location settings, disabled WiFi repeatedly. No go. Super disappointing considering I use BP fairly consistently.
  • Not Worth the Hassle 1/5

    By RichSenior
    As a product manager for a software company, I have dealt with my fair share of apps. I’m familiar with common bugs and issues and can usually navigate myself around them when they appear. I attempted at least a half dozen times to create a password for a new account unsuccessfully. I tried to sign in through Pay Pal and attempted to manually create a password. Neither worked. I attempted to use the “forgot password” function several times and it failed each time. The app insisted that I “could not use a previously used password” when, ironically, I was attempting to setup a password for the first time. In any case, I was never actually able to use the app so I cannot provide any insight to the functionality of the app itself. The fact that creating a new account from the app proved to be impossible for me earned this 1-star review.
  • BP 5/5

    By Magmol467
    Great gas station
  • Poor customer support 1/5

    By Driversinthestorm
    I downloaded the app, and have not used it yet. I am deleting the app and will not patronize BP gas stations due to poor customer service. I did not put the promotion code ‘THANKS’ for $.50 off per gallon for new customers. I called your 800 number for assistance, and was told there was nothing they could do to help. Again, I would have been a new customer, and had not yet used the app. I deleted the app, unused.

    By MaicoSays
  • It used to work flawlessly 1/5

    By ArchLT Bailey
    But over the last month it got worse and worse. My local BP station no longer appears for payment. It just says to route to the station I’m at. But I’m sitting in front of a pump and the option to select my pump no longer pops up.
  • Apple Card on Apple Pay 1/5

    By xPW1nH43ej276
    Thank you for FINALLY adding Apple pay! However I've noticed that my Apple credit card doesn't work the transactions get cancelled. There is plenty of credit on the line and a fraud alert lock didn't go off. It's just how Bpme is seeing Apple card. PLEASE make Apple card now work!