BPme: Pay for Fuel in Your Car

BPme: Pay for Fuel in Your Car

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  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BP North America
  • Compatibility: Android
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BPme: Pay for Fuel in Your Car App

The BPme app makes paying for gasoline simpler and more convenient than ever before. Use the app gas station finder to find your nearest BP gas station, pay from the comfort of your car, and earn BP Driver Rewards every time you fuel up. It’s not just a new way to pay, it’s a new way to drive. Pay for BP fuel– Using the app’s mobile payment system, you don’t have to leave your car to pay for gasoline. Select a pump number, choose your payment method, wait for the pump to unlock and fill up your tank. After you’ve finished fueling up, you’re good to go. Find BP gas stations – The built in gas station finder shows your nearest gas stations, lets you know how far away they are and whether they accept the BPme app. From Atlanta to Chicago, New York to Detroit, using our gas station finder makes paying for gasoline a less time-consuming experience. Finding a BP gas station has never been easier. Just open the app, and it will find a BP gas station near you. It’s that simple. Earn BP Driver Rewards – With the BP fuel app, you’ll earn Driver Rewards every time you pay for fuel at participating stations. Plus, you can use your fuel rewards whenever you want: start saving immediately or wait for your BP Driver Rewards to add up – it’s totally up to you! With a simple and easy to use experience, setting up your account is a breeze. Just sign up and securely load your preferred payment method. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of your fuel transactions after you use the BPme app. You can see your previous purchases in your transaction history. Less steps at the pump, the BPme gas station finder and fuel rewards app makes paying for gasoline a smoother and simpler experience. It’s a must have for all drivers.

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BPme: Pay for Fuel in Your Car app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By andruboine
    This should be integrated into CarPlay or android auto.
  • Marlene 5/5

    By marlene1111111111
    Super cool
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By kellyo18
    Love that this app enables me to pay for gas from the comfort of my car! Can’t beat that kind of convenience during cold, Chicago winters. The great rewards are an added perk!
  • Waste of time. 1/5

    By wolfjerry210
    Tried to use this stupid app 3 times and it has worked once. What a waste of time having to enter all demographic information plus credit card information. Then , I end up having to get out of my car to swipe my credit card anyway. Aren’t these apps tested before they are rolled out? Meanwhile gas station gas promotional material all over the place touting this junk. I have just about had my fill of giving my contact and payment info to organizations that can’t even put out a working app.
  • App not able to add any type of card 1/5

    By kml3438
    I have successfully used the app couple of times until i remove my old debit to replace with new one. However, it doesn't let me add any of my cards. Keeps saying ‘unable to add....’ i called customer support and same response for over 2weeks. I checked here and i can see that it is a common issue. I wonder if they really work on this issue. Because i can say that the issue is going on nationwide for over 3weeks already and no any app update available. Note: don't waste your time with removing the app and reinstalling. It doesn't resolve the issue.
  • Apple pay 1/5

    By xPW1nH43ej276
    What makes the Exxon mobile app so useful and secure is the fact that it utilizes Apple pay. I don't trust BP to store my card details securely the way Apple does. Please add Apple pay for iOS and Google pay for Android
  • Loved it, but then it stopped working 2/5

    By Ben.T-S
    Loved the idea, the convenience and the ease of use of this app up until the moment it stopped working earlier this week. I pulled into my regular BP station and the add told me that my cc was no good (which is not true). I deleted it, intending to add it again and try over, but no dice! I couldn’t add ANY form of payment into the app, rendering it useless. I’ve tried several times over the past few days, with different cards, rebooted my phone, etc. no luck. Now I have 18c/gallon off points that I can’t use and a low-level frustration with BP for getting me to love something, only to take it away... :: sad face ::
  • This app is fantastic! 5/5

    By NathanBailey73
    No issues yet. I love this app, as I drive about 2000 miles a week and get gasoline daily at BP. This app has saved me tons of money!
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By msitab2003
    Less time outside in the Chicago cold - just what we all need!
  • So Easy To Use! 5/5

    By TDiG31
    Super easy and super convenient to use.
  • No fix for over two months 1/5

    By Delegold
    As every other recent review states, the app gives you an error when you try to add your own BP Credit Card I had just got my BP card to use exclusively with this app! only for this to happen. I called the support and boy was that a waste of time,they gave me the same robotic response and told me to email my issue to xyz??? what is the point of the support number if they just direct me elsewhere instead of just admitting this is a common issue.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Sherka18
    I love the convenience of this app. It’s nice to be able to pay from the comfort of your car.
  • Need bug fixes 1/5

    By milio46758
    I Can not add my debit or credit visa. When I could before. Could the app developers please fix this.
  • Makes filling up easier 5/5

    By Tom Wed
    This app is awesome! Not only will it help you find a BP gas station - you also can pay from the phone and reduce the time you have to be outside your car in the cold, rain or snow. Plus you gain Rewards!!!
  • No gift cards? 1/5

    By NJMort
    Why can’t we use gift cards with the app? I’d rather use gift cards than credit cards for security reasons.
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly! 5/5

    By SwaggsJ
    A very easy to navigate and to use on phone. Love the ability to reserve a pump and receive offers to save!
  • Issues needs work 1/5

    By GloriaEvee
    It doesn’t work! I downloaded the app and it doesn’t open! I deleted the app and re-downloaded and still won’t work
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Katie17th
    It is great to be able to pay for gas from my phone in my warm car versus at the pump! Love the app BP!
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Erie2
    I filled up using the app this weekend during a rainstorm. It was really easy to use and I didn’t have to stand in the rain to pay!
  • Printed receipt? 1/5

    By Longmire Posse
    I need to turn in receipts for my work. ConocoPhillips & Mobil both give me that option. Didn’t find out this is not available until I used it for the first time. When I called customer service I was told to take a screenshot & print it. Uh, no thanks. The other two make it more convenient, I’ll just use them.
  • Great experience. 5/5

    By Superbike Stuntin'
    Safe, fast, and easy way to pay. Great App.
  • Worked for a while 3/5

    By Shane6973
    The app worked great for a month or so. But, now every time I go to use it, it states that there is an error with my cc. I’m using the same cc (BP card) at the pump with no issues. I even tried removing and re-adding my card back into the app and it still doesn’t work. What is going on?
  • BP 3/5

    By VickramC
    The app only works sometimes whenever you want to use your phone to fill up, it just doesn’t work
  • Can’t add a card. BPme not helpful. 1/5

    By Squirrel503
    My card has been skimmed at gas stations a few times. I’m really eager to have a contactless payment option. Unfortunately, I can’t add my debit card. I get the unable to add message. BPme support opened a ticket, but this seems so common it should be fixed by now. I wonder if Shell has a working app ...
  • Once useable now it’s not 1/5

    By Minister Noble
    When I first downloaded the app I could pay with PayPal now I can’t. I can’t even add my banks debit card or any credit card 💳. Why even have a useless app in the App Store Apple! It should be fixed or removed.
  • Good App 5/5

    By jamie boothroyd
    Easy and intuitive to use. I give it ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️
  • 1 problem 4/5

    By thejamesbeatley
    Should allow people who have BP credit cards to sign in with that account and pay their bill from the app
  • BPme Awesome App 5/5

    By RWoods!
    I love adopting new tech and thus I love a good app. Two thumbs up from me for BP’s new BPme app! Makes my experience at the site faster and better and I am interested to see what else will be offered in time using BPme. Nicely done BP!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Trash62
    I really wanted this to work because I use BP probably 95% of the time. It worked the first time I tried , but the last 3 times it wouldn’t register and each time my credit card shut down on the APP causing customer service to ask me if Its a fraudulent charge. Not worth the aggravation, I’ll be deleting this app.
  • Has its Issues 2/5

    By Paradoxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Downloaded the app about two and a halfnweeks ago. Was able to easily add my Discover Card. The card was hacked about 1-1/2 weeks ago so I removed it from the app. Once my new card arrived a few days later, I tried to put my new Discover Card number and every other credit card I have in unsuccessfully. Keeping getting message “unable to add card at this time”. Have tried periodically since then and nothing changes. Frustrated right now and hope this gets fixed. App deleted for now.
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By jbwisco
    I love that i don’t have to leave my car in the winter!
  • It’s okay but flawed 3/5

    By Jay4money29
    The ideal of the app is great! I can pull up to the pump and activate it with just my phone. However I’ve been experiencing trouble using it. The very first time worked fine. Is when I open the app the debit card I registered is missing and I can no longer add debit or credit cards. You will also get charged the credit price which is really unfortunate steering you away from using the app. However since my debit card was linked to my rewards account. Every time I use this debit card the pump ask me do I want to apply my rewards and my rewards account is forever associated with my debit card so I still get my rewards and the debit price using my card. So great but fixed the app PLEASE!! I like BP so I want to use it. Also with the receipt it would be nice if you could print it or download them in pdf format.
  • Terrible location services 1/5

    By Raylives4peace
    I went to the location it showed closest. But when I arrived the app told me there were no location near 🙄
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Affcgjyd
    It can’t find my location anymore. I try to search on the map, I zoom in on the BP that I’m at and it doesn’t recognize it at all. Stupid. Waste of time.
  • Impractical app 1/5

    By Jake Long 1
    This app would be more practical if customers could tap their phones at the pumps to pay for gas. (NFC) The development of the app wasn’t well thought out and the issues that the customers had are not being addressed. I can’t write and send a review without a star so I’m forced to tap a star to rate but it doesn’t deserve a star.
  • Debit/Credit 2/5

    By Kayboogie76
    This app really needs to relay to the pump when a debit card is being used. If my debit card is setup on the app, when I pump gas I should be charged the debit price not the credit price. This is a great tool to use since there are so many scams out there with card skimming. This really needs to be addressed. It completely defeats the purpose of not having to swipe your card. A 20¢ difference adds up per gallon. You guys really need to look into this to make this a better experience. Don’t allow another company to come in and do this before you do.
  • Paying More 1/5

    By Daveisapizzachip
    Many BP gas stations near me are 10 cents cheaper, in addition to BP rewards, if you use debit or cash. Although I linked a debit card I do not receive this 10 cents off credit rendering this app an unwise financial decision for me in the NY Metro area. Should be more like Cumberland Farms app. They got it right.

    By labrega
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Jessica Margo
    I love the bp app it makes filling up so easy! Compared with other gas apps you don’t have to use the pin pad which is great! So easy and convenient!
  • Hacked account 2/5

    By Hina khan 01
    My card was hacked because of this app lol. Someone tried to use it in Illinois for gas at bp.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By Deshit101
    App does not work!!! Never has iguess it never will
  • I dont know how i can remove my cc 1/5

    By AngelaCasasV
    Dont lose your time with this. This just show the location of the bp. Google maps can do it better!
  • Really 1/5

    By drobi392
    A gas app that provides no gas prices. Who decided this should be live to the public? No really point the dummy out.
  • Takes too long ask & forces you to pay cash price 1/5

    By kfjshskdnshs
    This app seemed really cool when I set it up at home, but when I went to fill up, I found that it takes way too long to connect to the pump. I could have used my credit card twice in the same amount of time it took for the pump and the app to sync. Additionally, using the app forced me to pay the credit price for gas, even though I had a debit card connected to the app. So I ended up just canceling the app purchase and using my debit card anyway. Altogether a good concept, but terrible execution. Overall a complete waste of time and energy.
  • Dead before arrival 1/5

    By Livster2013
    I couldn’t even get the thing to open. Fail.
  • Oil spill 1/5

    By Rpday
    Don’t forget BP is responsible for destroying the Gulf of Mexico with a 3 month long oil spill.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By TEEjay0112
    After receiving the email and downloading app doesn’t launch just frequent error message.
  • Connectivity issue 1/5

    By Gowravi
    I installed the app on iPhone and when I open the app it says can’t connect to network. I wonder how this app was released by developers without even testing. I suggest to take down the app from store , fix the issues, test and bring it back. I wonder why developers not thought about user experience and user time spent on this useless app.
  • Initialization phase incomplete 1/5

    By SailorsOmen
    I downloaded the app with the hopes of trying it out, but when I go to open it, I get an error saying the initialization phase cannot be completed. I’m very disappointed and hope it app evolves into something I’ll someday be able to use.

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