Break Bricks - Ball's Quest

Break Bricks - Ball's Quest

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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bin Dong
  • Compatibility: Android
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Break Bricks - Ball's Quest App

Aim! Release! Shoot! Find the best angles and positions to wipe out bricks. Props also at your command to boost your scores. Tons of levels well designed. Classic Brick Game! Best time killer! Tap away all bricks and your boredom! Break Now!

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Break Bricks - Ball's Quest app reviews

  • Laggy and boring 1/5

    By EnviouSLAY
    One of the most laggy app games I have encountered.
  • TOO MANY ADS 2/5

    By Dvm0721
    I have never in my life played a game with so many ads. There’s literally an ad after every single thing you do. To restart the level, ad. To go to settings, ad. To go to the next level, ad. To select level, ad. Fun game but good lord this is ridiculous. You watch more ads than you do playing.
  • Literally shoving ads down your throat nonstop 1/5

    By MrKlempae
    The title should say it all. The Gabe has achievements, 2/3 of which are for watching a certain number of ads. It’s absolutely shameless.
  • Break Bricks review 5/5

    By Nmzoo
    I love this game it’s so soothing.You bounce around the ball to make the picture go away.
  • Good game, but... 3/5

    By Cheif Jr.
    I have been playing this game for around a month now and it’s great and has fun addicting levels. Although, the game has way too many ads and after a while it starts getting annoying.
  • End of the line 4/5

    By Quy chain kang
    Game is great. Stupid and mind numbing fun. But, I hit level 153 and dead dog stuck.
  • Aweomse Ads 1/5

    By boothisgamesux
    If you’re like me, you like to play these games for the ads. This game is possibly one of the best I’ve ever played. For every 10 seconds of game play, you get 40 seconds of awesome advertisement! Keep up the good work developers, we all love your product!
  • Ads and rigged 2/5

    By ritualthirteen
    Eh. Game was fun until I really started paying attention. The ball randomly changes direction to prevent things from going your way, tons of ads, and a probability factor that heavily favors the game over you to coax money out of ya!
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Sfraser910
    Fix the lag and freezing!
  • Level 159 3/5

    By Tideroller247
    Level 159 is not winnable. The balls get stuck in the cracks and never go through and hit the blocks. You guys need to fix that and make it easier.
  • So much Ads 🤮🤢 1/5

    By koxem
    The sheer amount of Ads is ridiculous, 30 second ads after every button press. Pray you don’t have to restart a level and wait for 30 seconds of straight Ads.
  • Bad cash grab 1/5

    By dfhjiyvbki
    More time looking at ads than anything else and puts me on levels i did the day before
  • Decent 2/5

    By Chasekidd
    The game itself is pretty good. It’s satisfying getting the yellow power ups so you have an insane amount of balls. My biggest issues are for one, many of the levels rely on you getting that power up to be able to win, so if you get nothing but blue power ups you’re pretty much guaranteed to have to restart. The other issue is lag and crashes. This game stutters really often, and also crashes a decent amount. I’ve got an 8+ on the newest IOS, and I don’t have this issue with other apps.
  • Way to many ads 1/5

    By Nflebckskaleh ela
    I’ve never had to deal with so many ads every single level or fail there is an ad even when my volume is off the ads blast while I’m in class or in general I’ve never played a game with this many ads it’s ridiculous
  • Ads make the game way too laggy 1/5

    By mjtxsa
    Ads make the game way too laggy.
  • Freezes from ads 1/5

    By Jedney625
    Game was fine for a week. But now it freezes so much that it’s unplayable. I suspect the banner ads are doing it.
  • Fun but 2/5

    By mgarr
    Ads are obnoxious
  • Riddled with ads 1/5

    By camjack94
    Fun game but every time you beat a level (which tends to be about 30 seconds) you have to sit through a minute ad and wait to X out of it twice before starting the next level. Not fun enough to account for that much crap. Also, the ads would have audio even though my phone was silenced which was obnoxious.
  • Fun time killer 5/5

    By bobcat 44
    Good times
  • Fun but packed with slow ads. 3/5

    By Harris28EMS
    Fun in the beginning, but boring enough that I play it to fall asleep at night. The ads are so frequent and crammed on the screen that I lose lives constantly due to lagging from constant ads. It's really just a game of catching power ups too. No skill involved.
  • Ads are annoying 2/5

    By 86RisUh
    Ads are annoying. Hard level 31 is impossible with the V, the balls will NOT go in there.
  • Fun if you don’t mind ads 3/5

    By Student11001
    Fun little block breaker game. Not too challenging so you’re not stuck on levels and it’s a decent way to pass the time. It’s biggest problems are the constant ads. I understand the app has to make money, but unskippable 30-60 second ads after every level and every time I went to the menu is a bit ridiculous. It became so annoying I decided to delete the app. I’d love to redownload and continue playing, but not in its current state.
  • Non-stop ads, paddle physics off. 1/5

    By Caveat downloader
    There are constant ads. Non-stop and long and without any benefit.
  • So many freaking ads. 1/5

    By ticked pizza lover
    Game is ok, gets laggy when there are 8,000 balls on the screen. But there are just too many ads EVERYWHERE.
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By Cory*t
    Wanna watch an add every 10 seconds of play time then you’ll love this game. Money hungry people here
  • Finally a game with more ads than gameplay 1/5

    By MD3214
    Cancel an ad, another appears. 5 minutes to delete, a new record. AVOID
  • Horrible 1/5

    By popcornwench
    Freezes after 30 seconds. Deleted
  • Fun concept... needs improvement 2/5

    By constructivecritique
    The game is a fun concept breakout with more balls! It is quite amusing. My biggest complaint is I can't use other apps while playing. Like listening to an audiobook or music. So I am likely going to delete the app. Dealbreaker for me.
  • Too difficult 1/5

    By Queeeeen423
    It’s a fine game, until you get down to one block and you’re LITERALLY playing for 20 minutes or more, trying to get one of the balls to hit that one block. Annoying af. I’m good. Uninstalling.
  • Mucho anuncio 1/5

    By shayiito
    Tiene bastante anuncio y eso hace muy enfadoso. El juego muy bien, entretenido pero es desesperante tener que esperar a que terminen los anuncios que salen cada rato.
  • Wow, this is dull even for a block breaker. 2/5

    By Rhuyn
    I mean, if you have nothing better to do than sit and play this while sitting in a doctors office or something, OK I guess. Nothing new here, just another stupid block breaker. Nothing sets it apart.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By moorjames
    Screen freezes a lot and makes game play terrible
  • Asked me to review at a terrible time 1/5

    By fartney
    Locked the game and I lost a ball, 1 Star for you then!! Next time don’t annoy me.
  • Another ad with a game in between 1/5

    By The_Kilted_Hamster
    And not that great of a game anyway.
  • Game breaks when it tries to play videos 1/5

    By Rubernck21
    About every third round the game goes to a dark screen and I have to force shut down the game to get it to work.
  • Simple 1/5

    By divkwad
    So easy a caveman can play it
  • Catch the power ups 2/5

    By Jenhelka
    That should be the real name of the game. Catch the power ups. Once you catch 3-4 of them you win the level. They are so powerful so fast it makes it relatively easy. It’s a fun idea but because of this it gets boring quick. I want a little more of a challenge when playing a game. Also there are a ton of Ads so that gets annoying.
  • Really??? 2/5

    By jstrick
    It’s a fun game and I’m gonna play it for about 5 more minutes then never download it again. WHY DOES THERE HAVE TO BE AN AD AFTER EVERY ROUND?!?!?!
  • Deleted 1/5

    By nVladik
    Keep you ads
  • Was great... was 2/5

    By ccall176
    Started out really fun. Addicting as heck. Got through 180 levels in one day. Then I hit the most boring level in the world. Extremely difficult to make it work and it was just plain boring. Then I realized, any buttons that are meant to help you, don’t work. It’ll throw up an ad every 10 seconds unless you are actually getting something from it. Won’t play again until they fix this.
  • Confuesd 1/5

    By OooooooooOdhhsssss
    The power ups are too over powered, the orange one multiples the the ball by3x^2 x being the number of balls you have, do if you get the power up 4 or 5 times you basically win with 50 balls it gets wild after 6 or 7 power ups it just looks dumb and the game feels pointless after that
  • Freezes 1/5

    By ddowns78
    Game is great when it works but is constantly freezing and can’t play.
  • Love it 5/5

    By camfliesdaskies
    Omg this game is so addictive
  • Completely unplayable 1/5

    By Acrazy113344
    Constant ads in the middle of the level, an obvious cash grab, don’t wait your time.
  • Good. Could be a lot better. 2/5

    By MrDLoomis
    Pros: Excellent game play. Perfectly responsive paddle. Ok physics (except that the target when leaving the paddle s obviously set to avoid bricks). Cons: 1) Biggest con: Game is obviously programmed to miss bricks in order to make you buy extra balls. This is especially apparent when you get to the higher levels. Balls tend to follow the same course and hit the stationary walls at the same places rather than hit the bricks. 2) Needs an in-app purchase to remove ALL ads. (Nobody ever watches those crappy ads, anyway). If you pay to remove ads, then there shouldn’t be anymore ads. Period. Even after paying, you have to watch an ad to continue. 3) Needs an in-app purchase to unlock all levels. 4) Needs to be consistent as to when you earn extra balls. Some levels the blue and orange balls fall like rain in a tropical storm. Other levels seldom have any. These levels are the ones that miss bricks more often as well. 5) Needs to have a fast-forward (speed-up) button in case a ball gets stuck.

Break Bricks - Ball's Quest app comments

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