Break Bricks - Ball's Quest

Break Bricks - Ball's Quest

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  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bin Dong
  • Compatibility: Android
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Break Bricks - Ball's Quest App

Aim! Release! Shoot! Find the best angles and positions to wipe out bricks. Props also at your command to boost your scores. Tons of levels well designed. Classic Brick Game! Best time killer! Tap away all bricks and your boredom! Break Now!

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  • The ads 1/5

    By To parents
    I understand that you need to get money in some fashion, but I got an add for this game three times in a row. I don’t even know how that happens, but there are problems when the ads are for the app the ads are on.
  • It’s just ads 1/5

    By Koeck
    It’s 98% ads. 2% gameplay.
  • If you’re interested 1/5

    By Mastodon Tom
    If you’re interested in watching ads for other games this is one of the best. Ads on the home screen that make it almost difficult to play the next level, ads on the top and bottom of your screen while playing a level, 2 to 3 forced ads after completing a level and an ad when you click on your home button which you must do to play the next level. Average ad time is 4 or 5 times longer than game play. Shame, was almost an enjoyable game.
  • Ok 3/5

    By dont give up keep trying🙂
    Cool but dumb
  • F*&^ the ads seriously 1/5

    By srahwritesareview
    They show up after every single omg plz save yourself some space on iCloud and don’t get this game
  • it’s fun 2/5

    By a god at fortnite17
    this game is fun but it’s hard to get the ball into places because the ball always starts in the middle so that’s annoying but i always get adds and i know most games have adds but the adds are of your own game like i don’t get that. ive never gotten any adds besides the add of your own game kinda weird and annoying if you ask me.
  • gg 5/5

    By Mdjdhen
  • Advertising nightmare. 1/5

    By Raventrue
    Even after paying for ad removal it’s just infested with video as clicks that are hard to avoid.
  • Bamabugrodent 5/5

    By bamabugrodent
  • Fun but just advertising 1/5

    By Razzmond
    More ads than play time
  • Annoying 3/5

    By Awesomeness nat
    It constantly gives me adds the games itself. Other than that the game is really fun and has cool designs on a lot of levels
  • Games 3/5

    By kiddo pops
    It is fun but not the best
  • Too many self-ads! 3/5

    By Jedediah
    I think this game is neat and fun, even though it’s extremely easy. And it’s fine with me if you show an ad after each game. But having to watch an ad *after tapping the Play button*, before the game starts, is excessive. And even more so when (as usually happens with the ads in this game) the ad that’s shown is an ad for this very game. I’m about to play this game. I just tapped the Play button. Showing me an ad *for this game* is a waste of your money and my time. Anyway, I have no objection to ads in games, and I often pay to remove ads from games. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game before that has quite this many ads—and I’ve definitely never seen one before that shows ads for itself so often.
  • HowToCatchACheater 5/5

    By Jabarr202
    Great game!
  • Wayyyyyy too many adds 1/5

    By Natewil23
    Wayyyyyy too many adds
  • Non stop ads, even after paying for no ads 1/5

    By Doomayne
    Defeats the purpose. Find another game. Waste of money.
  • SO MANY ADS 2/5

    By KaytlinLaw
    I’m not one to complain about ads on a game but COMMON! Before every level and after every click. It’s RIDICULOUS! Would be 5 stars if there were fewer ads.
  • Cool game but super add heavy 3/5

    By Domengeaux
    Cool game but way too many adds
  • Ad free just means ads to watch ads 1/5

    By bigmanoren
    Paid $3 for ad free version. Now instead of forced video ads, i just get an equal amount of ads to watch those same videos. I want a refund
  • Sorta fun 2/5

    By Freddy Kroger
    First 2 mins says a lot about a game. I could easily spend lots of time on this app. But the ads ruined the experience for me. 2 stars for it being a decent game.
  • It would be fun if.... 1/5

    By HawaiianPunchy
    I had to see for myself and what everyone is saying is true. This app is literally a Pandoras Box of ads. The only way to get rid of the ads is to pay for it to go away. I’ve went ahead to delete this game.
  • Ad revenue hog 1/5

    By Glitchtastica
    Don’t download. The premise of this game is to play for 10 seconds then watch a 30 second ad.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By burpingbedpost
    I touched to play the game and it went to a commercial!!!!!!!! Every other round is a commercial. Can the commercials and let me play the game!!!! Win a prize watch an ad. Wi. Watch win. Watch. Win. Watch. Win watch. Getting tired of winning only to have to watch an ad to get the prize. C’mon let us play the game without having to watch an ad!!!!!! Ads, ads, ads, ads. All we get are ads.
  • Always ads after levels 2/5

    By CatcherRyan7
    It’s annoying that every time you beat a level you always have to watch an ad
  • No 1/5

    By ggmanerguy
    There are too many ads and the game is way to easy
  • The game should be called ads not break bricks 1/5

    By yvngshaolin
    You honestly spend more time watching ads then braking bricks. The game really cares more about making money rather than the player having fun. Pitiful
  • Too many adds 2/5

    By Eeyore555
    I understand this is how you get people to buy your game but really! This many. I understand the 5 second ones after each level but 30 seconds after each stage. You don’t even have time to realize if you like the game or not. The add is longer than it takes you to pass the stage. DELETED!

    By fjghgdghn
    I can not stop playing this game I love it omg it is so much fun #best game out there I give this 5/5 stars all day so fun yay
  • To many adds after every level boom add 1/5

    By brin247
    Very bad
  • Fun. If you love watching ads 2/5

    By TrippinRat
    The game itself is great. Good old fashioned Atari classic more or less. BUT, you have to watch an ad between EVERY screen you move from. You may play a round for 10-15sec, then watch an ad. Oh! You get to spin a wheel! Ad first! AND THEN another ad after!! So that 10-15sec game turns into almost 2 minutes. I understand the developers have ads to help them generate some income for making, maintaining, and upgrading games.... but this level of ad bombardment is too much. Makes those “ad remove” buttons feel like extortion. I’ll just turn off the wifi. :/
  • Adds play longer than the levels do. 1/5

    By royalflushmz
    Adds are 30 sec long and each level takes about 10 sec.
  • ADS !! 2/5

    By StratBoy69
  • Easy and too much adds 5/5

    By megie g
    When I play the game all I half to do is hit the things that give you more balls I mean then there are so much stuff that you half to hit
  • Ad with a game sprinkled in 1/5

    By tylerbird
    Game would be a lot more fun if after every level, that takes maybe 20 seconds to complete, you have to watch a 30 second ad. You literally spend more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game. I don’t fault the developer for putting in ads, we all need to make money, but this at the point you’re harming your product.
  • You will spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game 1/5

    By Liye Zhang
    Mandatory minute of ads per round.
  • Too many Ads 1/5

    By KillerKrewKid
    I love the game but if there was like an ad every 10 levels that would be good. Not after every level I pass and every level I start, because the levels are easy to progress through but the ads are so annoying
  • Ads Won’t Play 2/5

    By brcbgd
    The ads won’t play. I know, it’s weird that I even want that, but I like getting the extra stuff with the ads. I tap on the play buttons but they won’t play and I have to close the game and reopen for it to work once or twice and then stops again. Also, sometimes the bar doesn’t move across the bottom. I used to like this game but it’s disappointing that I can’t even do basic things.
  • The ads are 30 seconds long every minute 1/5

    By peetioboy
    Horrible game just because of the ads
  • Good game BUT 2/5

    By RastaBabydoll
  • Lots of adds, extremely easy game 1/5

    By Aphomer
    There’s no challenge whatsoever to play this game and there are tons and tons of ads.
  • Way to many ads 1/5

    By Astrokelly
    The game is fun if it wasn’t for an advertisement after every level it would be amazing
  • The advertising is horrible!!! 1/5

    By longadsarebad
    The amount of 30 second ads is unbelievable and I will not play this rather unique game as a result. 30 second ad when a game ends another immediately before starting a new one. Of course they want you to pay them to stop the ads but this is a horrible thing to do. Stick to the short ads. The long ones make you look bad.
  • Incessant ads 1/5

    By pls_fix1212
    Every button pressed brings up a new short commercial
  • To many ads 1/5

    By Azrael8989
    Had to watch 2 ads just to go to next level every time. Deleted it right away.
  • Ads!!! 1/5

    By This app thoo
    The game alone is great! But the ads ruin the game!!!! There’s sooo many ads. I understand if there is one or two but literally every time I click a button there’s an ad!!! It’s very annoying
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By phylobeans
    Got the game, then paid $2.99 for no ads. There are still ADS! That’s not right. Bad form, DELETED!
  • Ads overdose 1/5

    By fortniteplayer69420
    Fun game but way to many ads they give you any opportunity ever to win something and you have to watch an ad to do it. 😤
  • Great ads! 5/5

    By Ezh1980
    If you’ve been looking for a game with double the ads screentime with minimal game play with level play that lasts less than a fraction of the time of a single ad, the. You have found the game for you! Lots of ads for you to wait through, some up to 45 seconds without the ability to skip, and once you do, you get to hunt for that white ‘X’ on a white background, don’t worry its either on the left or right side. Also, menu is full of ads to so do t worry about getting lost in the many options for this game!
  • Ads?!?!!! 1/5

    By Krondodie
    Why are there sooo many ads after every level? It is ruining the great game this could be.

Break Bricks - Ball's Quest app comments

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