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Breitbart News Network's iPhone app delivers quick, free and easy access to the largest source of breaking news and analysis, insightful commentary and original reporting, curated and written specifically for the new generation of independent and conservative thinkers. News, politics, culture or sports, the Breitbart News iPhone app will keep you updated, informed and entertained. You deserve the truth…no matter where you are.

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Breitbart app reviews

  • PLEASE!!!! 1/5

    By deano22
  • Slow 1/5

    By Mfee
    After reading a few articles the app begins to crawl. Very disappointed.
  • Needs dark mode 2/5

    By mike455fb
    Like the review title says. The app needs dark mode.
  • App Started Crashing This Week 5/5

    By Reds in Culpeper
    About every fourth article I select the app crashes screen goes white and I most delete and download the app again. Not sure if its an app issue or Tim Apple and the boys playing games. With all the virtual book burning going on these days hard tell where the issue lies. I’m sure NYT or Compost apps are not having these problems. PS - Ive had this app since it came out first issues I’ve had.
  • Problem 3/5

    By app_police999
    As of today 5/13/20, some articles won’t load and turn the screen blank forever. What’s up with that?
  • Breitbart News App 1/5

    By Xenne
    As of this week my Apple iPhone will not let me pull up Breitbart News. I have tried everything to rectify this situation but nothing works. What’s next? Fox News?
  • Great news source! 2/5

    By MJLee78
    This is a great source for factual information. However, the advertisements are incredibly touch sensitive. It is beyond aggravating to be scrolling through articles and suddenly be taken to another page because you accidentally touched an ad while scrolling. If this keeps up I will have to delete the app again. Fox had the same problem and managed to fix it.
  • Dumpster Fire of an App 1/5

    By Gunhaxx
    Alright let’s look into a few things about this app compared to other conservative news apps: - The general design of the app and user experience is better then the OAN app. - Less ads than the Fox News app. Now those are the good points. Now for the the bad: - Video can be of poor quality even with a good internet connection. - The articles can sometimes be very slow to load and at some points won’t even load. - The app transmits credential and gps data unencrypted so it’s a security risk. - Oh good news, DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency for the US Government) considers this app a security risk for mobile devices and have blocked it from use on US DoD mobile enterprises so they must’ve found some horrible security flaws. - The reporting is crap, the content waivers between propaganda, “alternative facts”, and straight up bigotry and racism. - Fix your janky a** vulnerable poorly coded piece of crap app you wankers.
  • Not half bad 5/5

    By Capitalist Kev
    I just added this so I could be the 420th review.
  • Truth in news 5/5

    By Misty fan
    Thank you so much for reporting news without bias. Please continue. I count on it for accurate and factual reports!!
  • Best pro-America news source. 5/5

    By BornFighting88
    Love this news app. Use it all the time. Might need a new update soon, though. Bugs out and locks up whenever the ads cycle. Can’t continue use and must restart app.
  • Would be five star 3/5

    By HDDoc
    The headlines don’t show author anymore. You must click on article to see. Makes avoiding dumb AP articles harder. If I want to hear the opinions of the AP I’ll go to the DNC’s twitter feed.
  • Misinformation & Fear Mongering 1/5

    By Jdbb0213
    BB is the worst for any actual news or credible information. They peddle racist and sexist articles that have no substance to them, just vitriol. Multiple times they’ve been caught pushing false theories or narratives. Only those wishing to be fooled or uninformed will find it useful.
  • Great content. App is buggy 4/5

    By Djromes
    Love breitbart but there app needs to be overhauled. Constantly fighting it. Freezes, crashes, can’t look at the embedded tweets in articles without having a twitter account.
  • BS ! 1/5

    By EricDerik
    I like the news but I’m beginning to hate this app. Because they must be making the adds more touch sensitive. You can’t scroll by an add without it opening safari and end up looking at some frik’n slippers. You couldn’t make me less interested in your product. Very Annoying!
  • Unclear 1/5

    By reldoc
    I hope they improve this.
  • My favorite news source 5/5

    By Klint2
    Breitbart has been unfairly maligned by leftists for years because its journalists have the courage and conviction to discuss uncomfortable truths not published anywhere else. I love this app as the layout is simple while containing loads of updated information.
  • You gotta enable choices of font size for reader and 2/5

    By t1a2o3
    Can’t look up unknown words for deplorables outside of US. Also font size shall be adjustable.
  • Proofreaders 5/5

    By callahan18
    I thoroughly enjoy the information in your articles, but, does anyone proofread their stories anymore? I continually am finding errors in spelling and the wrong form of verbs. Breitbart isn’t unique to this, I find it everywhere, from our local newspaper to books that I read. Just an observation.
  • Great but won’t play videos 5/5

    By 4Life!
    Breitbart News is great—solid and thorough real news. The one issue I have daily is video playback. Usually error code 224003. That is so frustrating.
  • App is Unusable 1/5

    By Mr. J. Skellington
    Title says it all. Frequent crashes, content won’t load, just a general mess.
  • Biased fake racist 1/5

    By Mr.Pataz
    The best source of fake biased and most racist news you could ever find-trumps mouthpiece for his alt right loving cult. The source that lives to make America hate again 🤮🤢🤬
  • Great site and coverage BUT... 4/5

    By Terrythecat
    What is with all the “There was an error loading the article”. Seems a bit amateur hour. One suggestion: Start an alternative cable television news network. I will be happy to work for it for free — just pay me in stock. It would make a fortune!!!
  • Ad 1/5

    By Getting hard to find one
    This app is full of google ads. I can’t imagine it would be something crazy since the phone I am typing on
  • Videos have no sound! 1/5

    By SoundtrackBear
    Videos have no sound.

    By laycooklaycaser
    So refreshing to see a real journalist website compared to all the fake main stream news in America today
  • BB User 1/5

    By obfuscateclearly
    I LOVE Breitbart! I give BB 5 stars, but this app is AWFUL! Slow, crashes, user unfriendly. Whoever made this for Breitbart must work for CNN😏 Hope it is fixed soon.
  • Didn't think it could get worse 2/5

    By lanieann7
    It's always not loaded comments initially (and sometimes crashed)...I have to click a few times to reload, with a fast connection and no other apps having a similar issue. But, now, the reply comments under any first comment are so far to the right, they are difficult to read. All of them! Not in an indented fashion first reply, further in subsequent replies... All but the first situate all the way on the right. Admittedly, I'm often more interested in what others have to say vs. the articles themselves; so, as it stands, the app is rather useless for me.
  • Crashes when sharing to FaceBook 4/5

    By atrobey
    The new update crashes when trying to share with FB, it shares fine with other apps.
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Mecal67
    I love the app but it keeps crashing
  • Most poorly executed app in news. 1/5

    By ma1776
    Constant crashes. Many pages won’t load. Horrible typos and spelling. This is inexcusable. They obviously don’t take pride in their organization or this app would not be so poorly executed.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Zandoren
    Give us an ad-free option (happy to pay for it), and you’ll get five stars. Until then, GFY.
  • Mods are losers 1/5

    By Oveerit
    Normal, rational, comments posted to site get you banned for no reason. Racist, bigoted garbage allowed to stay up and posters not banned... Strong conservative, but the site mods are ruining the movement. I’m done.
  • App won’t open 2/5

    By Wags 4 Evr
    All of a sudden app won’t populate. Get the circle of death. Only option is to use search bar to find and populate articles. This is after deleting and reinstalling app on our IPhone 7s. Hope the developers will enlighten us why it is doing this
  • Fairly good 3/5

    By bmtcat
    It’s bad to have articles then you click on them but will not open.
  • Hey Breitbart 1/5

    By bjjejj
    Why do you allow the tech overlords sabotage your app. You do know none off your stories load.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By TreeMack
    I’ve been using Breitbart for a couple years now and all of a sudden I can’t get the articles to load on my iPhone anymore?!?! Grrr. The Breitbart site is one of my go to for information. Deleted and reloaded. No change. What happened?
  • Fix the app 2/5

    By Ratelle19
    Great way to read Breitbart... WHEN IT WORKS! Fix it already
  • I like the app, but… 2/5

    By bdm19
    Something Hass to be done about the “there was an error loading this article“ issue. Many of the articles I click on to read show this message instead of loading the content. This should be an easy thing to fix and I don’t see that behavior with any other apps… Please fix!
  • Support link not working. 5/5

    By Capnskip
    Why does app keep crashing?
  • Fabulous News Site 5/5

    By Furia62
    This site is built well and will give you news when others clearly won’t. I now have this one to my big 4. That way I’m not only well rounded but well informed! A must have if you need the other side of a story.
  • Censorship is high must be run by a bunch of pajama boys 🐓 1/5

    By jpjsthree
    Breitbart has real high on PC they will banned you they are worse than Facebook 🤮
  • Yay...real fact based news!!! 5/5

    By bandit788
    Love the facts and examples used by real journalist at Breitbart. You actually know when they are giving a subjective view, unlike the majority of mass media that has become propaganda. Maybe they will save journalism after all.
  • Great source but crashes too often 4/5

    By TLAWhite
    Nearly everyday this app shuts off while going between articles. Very frustrating. Also difficult to load the comments (get “reload?” Msg) so have to switch to the browser view to read comments. Otherwise, faithful Breitbart reader.
  • Good 5/5

    By Juliet22010
    Good news!
  • Breibart hoax 1/5

    By 03bnerd
    SOMEBODY is tampering with this app. It’s unreliable and crashes. What’s going on???
  • All apps should work this well! 5/5

    By Alvysyngr
    All apps should work this well!
  • Trump 2020 5/5

    By My boii Trump
  • Say “No” to privacy invasions 1/5

    By Sanford87
    Launched app and the first thing that popped up was permissions to send notifications NO THANK YOU!!! #backoffbigtech

Breitbart app comments

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