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Breitbart App

Breitbart News Network's iPhone app delivers quick, free and easy access to the largest source of breaking news and analysis, insightful commentary and original reporting, curated and written specifically for the new generation of independent and conservative thinkers. News, politics, culture or sports, the Breitbart News iPhone app will keep you updated, informed and entertained. You deserve the truth…no matter where you are.

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  • I like the app, but… 2/5

    By bdm19
    Something Hass to be done about the “there was an error loading this article“ issue. Many of the articles I click on to read show this message instead of loading the content. This should be an easy thing to fix and I don’t see that behavior with any other apps… Please fix!
  • Support link not working. 5/5

    By Capnskip
    Why does app keep crashing?
  • Fabulous News Site 5/5

    By Furia62
    This site is built well and will give you news when others clearly won’t. I now have this one to my big 4. That way I’m not only well rounded but well informed! A must have if you need the other side of a story.
  • Censorship is high must be run by a bunch of pajama boys 🐓 1/5

    By jpjsthree
    Breitbart has real high on PC they will banned you they are worse than Facebook 🤮
  • Yay...real fact based news!!! 5/5

    By bandit788
    Love the facts and examples used by real journalist at Breitbart. You actually know when they are giving a subjective view, unlike the majority of mass media that has become propaganda. Maybe they will save journalism after all.
  • Great source but crashes too often 4/5

    By TLAWhite
    Nearly everyday this app shuts off while going between articles. Very frustrating. Also difficult to load the comments (get “reload?” Msg) so have to switch to the browser view to read comments. Otherwise, faithful Breitbart reader.
  • Good 5/5

    By Juliet22010
    Good news!
  • Breibart hoax 1/5

    By 03bnerd
    SOMEBODY is tampering with this app. It’s unreliable and crashes. What’s going on???
  • All apps should work this well! 5/5

    By Alvysyngr
    All apps should work this well!
  • Trump 2020 5/5

    By My boii Trump
  • Say “No” to privacy invasions 1/5

    By Sanford87
    Launched app and the first thing that popped up was permissions to send notifications NO THANK YOU!!! #backoffbigtech
  • Constant bugs. Love Breitbart, but hate the app. 1/5

    By Ginger1035
    Articles fail to load on a daily basis. What news I do get depends on how well the app is working that day. Also, the app crashes on me every once in a while.
  • extremely accurate news source 5/5

    By Notamorningperson1011
    Brett art provides accurate, meaningful incite and information on our world events and national interests. Fresh breath of air from the legacy media all parroting the same message in unison with Hollywood and Democrat politicians. With the mainstream media propagating rumors, lies, unverified sources.. providing a platform for Democrats to lie about evidence connecting our POTUS to Russia, lie to the public about our Nations interests and pushing the lies calling our president a traitor, Russian asset and worse. Brett art is clean and free of that destructive nonsense and has earned my respect to report truth, give the entire story and to not mislead readers in either direction on an issue.
  • Almost perfect. 4/5

    By daylight1980
    I love the content and writing. The comments sometimes never load, so I took away 1 star. I read the comments to get other people’s perspective. It’s refreshing to know there are logical, common sense people out there.
  • When you want Real News 5/5

    By BuckWinthrop
    It’s funny how there are only limited reviews for this awesome website app seen by millions daily. Millions. And for good reason. It’s for those of us who dare not to have a radical left viewpoint. I’ll keep logging on daily and I’ll continue staying informed.
  • There was an error loading this article 3/5

    By 1764278
    About 1/4 of the stories I open up to read says “there was an error loading this article”. The other 3/4 of the stories are great.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Loki6793
    The best news source. Better than fake CNN and MSNBC. Real news, real stories.
  • Very nice and truth telling.. 5/5

    By Truth Seeker...
    Really enjoying this news app, well put together, great source for truth and objective news.
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 5/5

    By Jimboooo23451
    News you can trust
  • Stories not loading 5/5

    By Dnha14
    There was an error loading the article. This has been showing up wayyyyy too much recently.
  • Underrated App 5/5

    By Ernie McErns
    Great app. Refreshing to read the news from a pro American source. This app would have way more than 196 ratings if counter actually adjusted when you gave it 5 stars btw. Fix it Apple.
  • Why No Widget? 5/5

    By Arebias
    Why am I unable to add a Breitbart widget on the iPhone. Did you not include that feature? Other than that, I don’t know why Breitbart is classified as ‘conservative’ news in the App Store when there are plenty of articles listed daily that have a left slanted take to them. I read them every now and then to remind myself of the mental health issues we are facing.
  • Amazing - Obviously Censored On App Store 5/5

    By SuperBrickz
    This app is absolutely amazing, but I think that Apple has rigged the search system for this application because whenever someone searches for “Breitbart News,” a huge New York Times ad shows up on the screen. I also feel like there should be a lot more reviews for this app because 190 seems a little meager considering that Breitbart has a listener base of more than 400k people. To conclude this review, I believe that the app is great and easy to use! However, it’s a shame that this network is obviously being suppressed by Apple on the App Store.
  • Prefer older presentation. Deleted app. 1/5

    By Gjh0000001
    Hate the newest release. Too many pictures. Not enough description.
  • Funny to read reviews sighting censorship 1/5

    By Peelage
    This app is an ‘entertainment’ app, with stories you’d find in places like the Star or National Enquire. To list this under the category of ‘news’ is completely inaccurate. I find it amusing that people actually are upset there aren’t more reviews and apple is censoring them. Hey, at least you got your bogus app listed under the ‘news’ section.
  • Dark Age Developers 2/5

    By barista brian
    An news app that doesn’t let you swipe between articles? In 2019? The should be ashamed. Embarrassed. One star, except for the great content.
  • Your counter isn’t changing. 5/5

    By aleimi
    How come my review didn’t change the counter?
  • Best news source 5/5

    By BB1000007
    You can not rely on CNN, NY Times, ABC, PBN or MSNBC because they skew the facts and mislead the lazy mainstream viewers. I encourage intelligent people to read news daily from this app before looking at any other news to see how your world is being manipulated by left wing Democratic propaganda. It will change your life.
  • Fast loading nice layout 5/5

    By Mahaprabhu ki jaya
    Only thing I wish for is tabs. The tiles are a nice layout. Would love to see iPad version of the Breitbart/Drudge/ZeroHedge app for iPhone 👍😊👌
  • Hypocrites 1/5

    By MarineGrunt81
  • A 5/5

    By Gunked-Up
    I iI’m sure as long y
  • Old format loaded much quicker with fewer errors 4/5

    By Lv4texas
    Bring back the old format.
  • No answers 1/5

    By Midasman1
    Started to post a comment and BB said I was banned. I tried to get answers to no avail. 1st amendment seems to not be welcome there. Too bad.
  • Great app; great news! 5/5

    By Andrewlovesjenny
    If you want news that is not inherently anti-Trump, this is the app for you. Smooth and a joy to use. No complaints!
  • Error loading articles 2/5

    By RageCG24
    The errors loading articles are becoming more frequent. I’ll delete the app if it continues as the website doesn’t have the issue.
  • Update horrible 2/5

    By WhisperingOne
    I’ve gave the new update a few months now, hoping the bugs would be fixed. They haven’t. Some articles won’t load and produce “There was an error loading...” The headlines make it difficult to determine if the article is worth reading resulting in frustration and much less time spent on Breitbart. I’m disappointed 😒
  • Missing Content 1/5

    By amstadm
    App does not display full content. App shows about 1/3 or less of a story. You have to got to Safari to read the full story.
  • Layout 2/5

    By OldMGA
    This was one of my go to sites until they changed the format.
  • Good news source 5/5

    By Jason Laikam
    Mainstream news has become so liberal and biased that I needed something to balance i out. Breitbart is surprisingly not hard right, but more central in my opinion. I find it refreshing, with a clean presentation.
  • Still Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By -wBt-
    Videos do not load and play properly. Headlines are cut off in the home screen.
  • Exactly what I wanted 5/5

    By Not_TheDeeB11
    This app is perfect. I have been perusing conservative news apps for a while now and this is by far my favorite. It’s quick, no bugs and Breitbart is continuously publishing new stories on politics and other news throughout the day. Just what I wanted.
  • Best news around 5/5

    By IcePlate
    This app better not be blocked again, Apple.
  • Fix the Headlines 2/5

    By gallavantot
    Yet another “upgrade” that makes the app worse. I rely on this app every day to get real news, and now I can’t even read the entire headline without clickbait. Very simple: put the entire headline on the main page or I stop using this app.
  • Love Breitbart - hate the new format 1/5

    By Newtexican
    Keep the new sections but return to the simplicity of the former App. It's really terrible and confusing. The photos add nothing - and detract from the headlined content. It's a frustrating experience. Now I spend less time on BB and more time on the equally frustrating FoxNews app. Consider reverting to the old format!!!!
  • Headlines 2/5

    By johnsurfsuppers
    What good is more functionality if you can’t read the headline?
  • Comments will not load in app 1/5

    By Ace123459
    Developers, it’s so difficult to get conservative news sources, lately comments will not load when using app on IPad with latest IOS. They load fine in safari. Please address.
  • Comments not loading 3/5

    By Jackaljim
    No comments loading.
  • Can’t see the headlines!! 2/5

    By eglass68
    Fonts are so big, I can only read the first few words of each headline. I open the app and then think wth and close it.
  • Bronx Covfefe 3/5

    By Bronx Covfefe
    App crashes repeatedly and takes too Long to load Like the concept of Breitbart app needs some fixes to make it dependable

Breitbart app comments

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