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Brightspace Pulse

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 1.2209.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: D2L Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Brightspace Pulse App

Help instructors and learners stay connected anytime, anywhere, with the Brightspace Pulse App. The app allows you to visualize upcoming activities, manage your time, and stay on top of coursework. - See all important dates and deadlines for each of your courses, plus add your own - Stay up to date about course-related updates such as Announcements, Activity Feed, Grades, Quizzes, and Assignments, all through push notifications - Review course content off-line without a data connection, including video and audio content - Participate in Activity Feed discussions -Seamlessly log in to D2L Brightspace via browser to complete additional tasks -Supports Apple Continuity for login from iPhone to iPad or Mac NOTE: iPad, iPhone and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

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Brightspace Pulse app reviews

  • A great app for school! 5/5

    By Marvelous Ming
    I can check out all my school stuff on my iPad and iPhone. I always can get notifications from instructors. It reminds me the due dates to assignments and quizzes so I won’t miss any of them.
  • Was nice, now it’s not good. 2/5

    By Cake arty girl
    I cannot get the app to be the same size as the iPad screen. It’s a tiny window in the center of the screen and it’s challenging to use.
  • New update 1/5

    By Jodine
    The new update won’t allow me to login on the app. The login page appears but I can’t get the keyboard to show up at all. I’ve tried displaying as website and still nothing. I literally cannot do anything without logging in.
  • Hasn’t worked this semester 1/5

    By 13hkrs
    This has worked for me in the past, but so far this semester I have had nothing but problems. I constantly get the “something went wrong” error message and can’t do anything on the app.
  • Used to be stable but now requires constant relogging 1/5

    By Apple Incorporation
    I have to log out and log back in almost every time I open the app just to check announcements or my calendar.
  • Loading error 1/5

    By youtube8766$
    Worked fine until recently. Keep getting an error message that says it wasn’t able to fetch the latest information. I can’t even use it now. It shouldn’t take days to fix problems with an app that’s constantly used/needed.
  • App is not working like it used to 1/5

    By GustavoD
    I’ve been using this app for about 6 years, within the last few weeks there must have been some kind of update or glitch. I have to sign in every time I open the app & once logged in the platform is on safari instead of the actual app like it used to be. I don’t get notifications anymore and its really pointless and inconvenient now. Please fix it.
  • Lots of issues 1/5

    By Neptorius
    I’m just a lowly student. I have regular issues accessing my D2L workspace without getting a “Something went wrong” error. Not sure if it’s the app or my school, but it’s frustrating.
  • Current update causes app to not work!!! 3/5

    By Avgguy81
    Since the update of the app, it doesn’t show current updates for classes. Gives a try again error. Hope they see this and fix it, but they probably won’t so this is a waste of time leaving this review!!
  • Pulse not loading 3/5

    By sczvd
    Constant error messages, unable to load information.
  • Re-writing review 5/5

    By burru53
    I wrote a review about my problem with lonestar and it was fixed so no I am obligated to re-write a better review to appreciate how amazing this app is for students.. do download it is a great help
  • This would’ve been worth 5 stars if it wasn’t for the recent update 1/5

    By Student#0302838
    When I was told about this app by a friend of mine before this update had happened, I was really in love with the app. I didn’t have to sign in every time I opened it and work was much easier to manage. Then one day when I opened the app, and I was very disappointed to learn that the update just made you sign into the homepage of your college website. Many of us did not like the new update you’ve given out and we are hoping you will listen to our cries and return the app to its old form. Right now I’m looking for a new app because of this update…
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By coolmomhandy4
    App use to work perfectly was able to keep up with grades and assignments and now it doesn’t work at all please fix

    By SanrioLover_321
    I cannot sign in and use it for my classes. It used to be so easy and convenient, now its just a waste of space on my phone. They better fix it.
  • No longer usable 1/5

    By KJX WMW
    There is no connectivity anymore. My experience was severed and has continued to diminish.
  • Used to work great… 2/5

    By Rcb707
    Last year pulse worked wonders for me! Now I can’t get into my schools site. Very disappointing
  • Got worse 1/5

    By sirjacob2u
    Pulse has gotten so much worse than last year. Every time i open the app i’m either signed out or i need to sign out and back in for any of the features to work. Good luck opening a PDF in the app it will just go to a blank screen that you can’t exit out of. If the developer had done nothing for the last year the app would be better than it is now.
  • It was fine all through the summer 1/5

    By Somtin Lite
    It literally always logs you out and never signs in.
  • Please fix app 2/5

    By Joneybunny
    Whatever the update was… it has to go! I have to keep deleting the app and restarting it. Last year was great 5 stars now I’m not so happy. I used to use this app to keep me up to date but when it glitches I lose track. Please fix this!
  • Update Made App Useless 1/5

    By Jesse Brewster
    After updating this app, it lost the functionality to add any assignments or events, so I can’t use it as a planner anymore. Also, every time I open the app it prompts me to re-sign in to my school account and it takes like 5 minutes to even get into the app.
  • Amazing when it worked 3/5

    By lil pupper
    App was a life saver but it no longer works with E-Learning. Please fix.
  • Removed capabilities 1/5

    By HoustonBronco
    Pulse removed the ability to add events to your schedule. Not sure why but its so annoying as not all assignments are on my schools page.
  • Great app 5/5

    By R lalas
    Excellent app
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By vka03711
    I keep having to uninstall and reinstall every other day because it always says “Something Went Wrong”. Even if I click “Try Again”, refresh the page, or fix my internet connection, the pop-up never goes away.
  • Doesn’t let you sign in 1/5

    By SpailsOfficial
    All that happens is it brings you to the webpage and keeps you logged out on the app.
  • No longer working 1/5

    By Linnylou26
    Please fix the app! I loved Pulse and I see other people are having the same issues I am. I was logged out of my university and now when I try to sign in it just continues on the internet and doesn’t actually connect. The app is pointless.
  • Error Message, App Unusable 1/5

    By Maddiezzzz
    I find this app very useful and is a great tool for online learning, however for the last week now anytime you attempt to do anything on the app it has a Error Message pop up! Extremely frustrating and I have not been able to use it in days! So annoying and disappointing, hope they fix this bug soon!
  • Logs you out every time 1/5

    By new update 😒
    So much for “keep up to date with assignments through notifications” when it logs you out almost every time you use the app. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to log in every time. I keep up with my assignments but it’s nice to receive notifications on your phone as a reminder, which doesn’t happen anymore because you get logged out on a daily basis.
  • Technical issues 1/5

    By heathykay
    This app has a lot of technical issues and is essentially useless about half of the time
  • Login Issues 1/5

    By ClashOfClansLover89
    The app logs me out every single time I re-open it. Extremely frustrating.
  • Can’t add assignments 1/5

    By brook51999
    Why can I no longer add work to do or events. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It no longer lets me
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By 12yyxyz
    Error and error
  • Can’t read posts 2/5

    By ghskfuc
    Part of my grade is reading posts. When I read a post using pulse it does not show as read. Same as readings.
  • Not sure what happened 1/5

    By claire6362272
    The app was great b it recently everytime i try to click on a notification it says there’s and error. Please fix soon!
  • Can’t download 3/5

    By XoXnothappyXoX
    I can no longer download what the teacher posts to my iPad.
  • Keeps me updated 5/5

    By spcjnr
    Love this app keeps me up to date with HW assignments and and notifications from teachers in addition I can complete simple assignments within the app which is an added bonus:)
  • Aggravating 1/5

    By Anji Z
    The app was working fine the first few days I had it, but for a month it’s been logging me out or not allowing me to click on something because of an “error.” It’s really annoying, and it’s pointless to have the app if it’s going to keep making me log back in every time I try to use it.
  • Version 1.0 1/5

    By amazin'gwapes
    Since updating the app I can no longer sign in or click the sign in blue prompt. I get notifications but cannot access any of my courses or updates.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By hurtcobain
    This semester I have been unable to access any of my classes through the mobile app. This app either logs me out every time I close it or will give me error messages when I’m trying to look at a class page. So inconvenient
  • Issues 3/5

    By balahareef
    It's not as consistent as it used to be It keeps shutting down and notifications are not accurate. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but still
  • This app was great until 1/5

    By Evo219
    This app was great until now every time I log on into the app, I have to reput all of my school information in. It’s like reregistering again and again my school information. Please fix this!
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By thedaniphantom
    Keeps logging me out and when I try to log in it states invalid password/username. When it is correct. When I log on online it works but this app I can’t even use it now
  • Useless 1/5

    By Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    You can’t export pdf to other apps. That’s a key feature an app like this must have.
  • Update issue 2/5

    By BeastRN
    Great app when it stays logged in. Was working fine until this semester and now everytime I get out of the app and get a notification I have to restart and find my institution and log back in. Very annoying.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SwaggaT28
    A bunch of bugs
  • I hate this app so much 1/5

    By iiluvsludge
    It’s constantly logging me out or bugging out, won’t show new notifications because of bugs and I can’t download anything I need for class from the app, it just makes it available offline within the app which is essentially useless. I don’t need it within the app, I need it on my device. Makes me miss Blackboard.
  • Never stays logged in. 1/5

    By dattman20 iphone7
    Every day I have to log in. It is slow and doesn't add any benefit to organization or keeping track of school items. Don’t waste your time.
  • Recent updates make the app nearly useless 2/5

    By SAVA_SP*RkŁĒš
    Please, PLEASE allow us to open links in browser. This was a very helpful feature as it allowed me to save documents from my classes on my phone. This semester I have not been able to access files outside of the pulse app. It really does cripple the practical use of the app and I think it was a mistake to remove this ability. I loved this app and it was extremely helpful for me to stay organized and get things done on my phone when in a rush. Now, I just don’t bother with it. There isn’t much of a point. Additionally, I have had to reconnect my school account three times in two weeks. The recent changes are counterintuitive for an app that is intended to make things easier and more efficient for students using mobile. You’ve taken the core benefits away from the program and I am so hoping that you guys can fix this. Thanks for the hard work.
  • If it stayed working it would be great 1/5

    By irritatedintexas
    This is the 3rd time in less than a month that I have had to uninstall and reinstall because it gives me an error saying something happened. It is an awesome app when it works but it has some serious glitches.