brightwheel: Child Care App

brightwheel: Child Care App

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 3.23.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DSSV, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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brightwheel: Child Care App App

Brightwheel is the #1 software solution for preschools, child care providers, camps, and after school programs. Brightwheel is the only app that integrates everything you need: sign in/out, messaging, learning assessments, daily sheet reports, photos, videos, calendars, scheduling, attendance, online bill pay for parents, and much more. Brightwheel lets you manage your center, streamline workflows, and engage with parents, so you can save time and money, make life easier for your staff, and improvement satisfaction for your parents. Join tens of thousands of preschools, child care centers, and daycare programs across the globe that have fallen in love with brightwheel! PRESCHOOLS / CHILD CARE / DAYCARE / CAMPS: Manage your students and classrooms, track attendance, schedule, and room ratios, share photos and videos, assess learning milestones, communicate with parents, send paperless invoices and payments, review daily sheets, and manage staff. Brightwheel is your all-in-one preschool and child care management app! PARENTS: Engage in your child’s day with a real-time feed of photos, videos, schedules, reminders, and updates. Use brightwheel’s digital check-in to securely sign in and out, pay tuition online, and even invite grandparents, nannies, and friends to join in the fun! Features include: • Central Database: Store everything related to kids and families in one secure place. • Student Check-In: Multiple digital check-in options available including digital signatures, 4 digit check-in codes, and a kiosk mode - all aligned with child care licensing requirements. • Staff Check-In & Ratios: Make administrative tasks easier by managing staff check-in to see your ratios across all your rooms in real time. • Attendance: Easily log attendance and absences for your school-age students, infants, and toddlers. Use our attendance tracking system to keep track of your toddlers. • Photo and video sharing: Snap photos, record videos and tag students with one click. Automatically saved to your account and shared with parents (with no extra work!). • Daily Sheet Reports & Schedules: Log naps, meals, bathroom, and other activities. Parents get a feed and daily summary. Daily sheet reports are a breeze with brightwheel. • Assessment & Observations: Make note of progress, achievements, and activities with pre-loaded state standards and a DRDP tool. Share with parents or privately amongst teachers. • Student Feed: Parents get a personalized feed throughout the day. Save time – no more paper tracking sheets or sending individual photos. • Parent Communication: Manage parent communication from one central hub (notices, calls, texts, etc.). • Calendar: Share schedules, events, holidays, and important dates with both families and staff. • Paperless Billing: Seamless electronic billing and payments for tuition and fees. Use brightwheel for all your child care accounting needs. • Reporting: Detailed reports of every brightwheel feature for billing and licensing requirements. • Seamless Sync: Brightwheel stays up to date across all phones and tablets – so teachers can use their own device or a school device. • Web Portal: Easy management and great functionality available on the web, too. • Affordable. Both free and premium plans available to fit your needs. And... much more coming! Brightwheel is the #1 early education platform for preschools, child care providers, and daycares, and we’re always committed to innovation with frequent improvements and new features.

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brightwheel: Child Care App app reviews

  • Home screen change 3/5

    By Deac1981
    The new update included a change to the home screen which makes the option for choosing the child smaller than before. Please change back so the”My Children” portion is bigger!
  • Best Ap ever 5/5

    By honor mclaughlin
    This is best ap EVER .I wish it was in all public schools as well . I feel very safe when my children are not with us because of this ap . 5 star review always . I recently met one of your employees, Brandon McKenna and I expressed my feelings and he stated what a great company you are to work for and how proud of the company he is as well . What a great thing for an employee to say !! Congratulations on being one the best in world where no one cares a lot hear days .
  • Better preschool communication 5/5

    By Music_for_the_road
    This app has improved our communication with our kids’ preschool by combining messaging, photos, billing, and more. Really glad they moved to Brightwheel.
  • Too many alerts 3/5

    By Stacey8619
    I wish there was an option to turn certain types of alerts off and on instead of all or nothing. I don’t need 10 alerts a day about diaper changes but I would like an alert when the teacher messages me.
  • Use to be good 2/5

    By muka71
    Ever since they updated the app, it is glitchy and slow
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Zaiyah glam ma
    I love this app
  • Login password reset 2/5

    By BLTui
    Your app has been a nuisance loggin on and staying logged on. It literally has been the most annoying and time consuming part of dropping and picking up our kid from his school. My password is not recognized every time I log in to check my son in or out. It’s not the internet connection because my other apps are working fine. Is it because too many people are on the app at one time? If so, didn’t you anticipate this as a possible issue in the development of the app? I hope this message can be used to improve the quality of your app. Love everything else..
  • Very good 5/5

    By jpm6000
    I was a little surprised. As a parent of other young kids, dealing with all the apps required for schools now is getting really tiring and overwhelming, but Brightwheel is refreshingly easy and conveys the info needed in a straightforward way.
  • Please make this available for dog daycares ❤️ 5/5

    By dogs q
    I love your app! I own a dog daycare and would love this for my pups ❤️
  • Teacher/parent 3/5

    By Jts hvac
    This app isn’t easy to use when the parent is also a teacher that uses the app, Please fix!
  • Makes it easier for places to be shady 2/5

    By Candice Yocum
    Charging people for services not received is wrong no matter how you spin it
  • Hard to switch schools 1/5

    By TN8578653
    When my son changed schools it became near impossible to change my account over! How hard can it be to log out of one school and on to another as an approved parent?! NOT user friendly on the administrative side.
  • “Seen” or “Read” indicator 4/5

    By cdhtown
    This would be so helpful!
  • Processing fee: $12.84 2/5

    By ftorres21
    Why is the processing fee that high? Isn't life expensive already? It's just a mega inconvenience to have to pay in cash if you don't feel like paying almost $13 for a payment. If the app isn't working for the people or making life easier for us Parents. You shouldn't be in the App Store. I rather use some other company whos fees are way lower..
  • Simple 5/5

    By momof2boyski
    I like everything except the fact that I have to pay fees on top of the large sum of money I pay for my child care and this was the only option given for payment when I used to pay with check.
  • It’s a great easy to use app but 4/5

    I have a feature request - I wish there was an easy and fast way to enter drop off notes, ie woke time, food, naps if any, etc. our last daycare used Tadpoles and their drop off note feature is super simple and convenient. With Brightwheel, we have a note in the cloud that we update every morning which then we copy/paste it into the messages. A fine workaround but not as convenient.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By merebear1234
    So easy and a great communication tool
  • Love the app! But want to leave comments under photos and videos! 4/5

    By Aiya Sat
    Hi Brightwheel team, we love the app, it’s awesome! But we would love to leave comments when teachers post photos and videos of the kids! Thank you!
  • Lags severely 2/5

    By njhchung
    It works well when it decides to work. However, when it doesn’t, it’s incredibly frustrating. Several parents, my coworkers, and I have encountered issues with the app freezing, lagging, and forced logouts. When you restart the app after force quitting, it gets stuck on the loading page with the Brightwheel logo. It’s really disappointing because when it works, it’s fantastic and is a great way to streamline communication with the families of children in our care. But when it doesn’t work, it’s like being thrown back 20 years back technologically speaking.
  • Love that my daughters day care uses this app 5/5

    By J3ssy12
    From checking in & out, to daily updates, to pictures the app is amazing. Also communicating with staff has never been easier. Wish all day cares & schools used it.
  • App 5/5

    By tdelo7634
    Love this app!!! Simple. Able to quickly go on app and see pics etc. very easy to use and communicate with daycare.
  • Needs Password Protection!! 4/5

    By JessYam
    I have a couple other apps that require you to sign in with Touch ID before you can access anything in the app. I really think this app needs that feature - a lot of sensitive info is stored here!
  • Checking In/Out 2/5

    By CBrownSig
    I’ve been advised by our daycare provider that Brightwheel no longer allows staff to check children in and out, only parents. The problem is, my dad drops my daughter off and isn’t tech savvy, so he’s not able to. I like to know when my daughter has been dropped off and picked up with the convenience of the app. He takes her because of my working hours, so calling him isn’t always convenient (or safe if he’s on the road). ***Also, this is an extra check during the summer months when children are left in hot cars accidentally. Why not make this feature available for providers and thwart any accidental occurrences? If a dad is used to seeing those notifications at work and doesn’t get one, he can text mom and a crisis can possibly be avoided early… just because of a simple check in notification. It also helps the daycare providers keep tabs on everyone. Please reconsider including this feature again!
  • thumbs down button 3/5

    By H713tx
    Need at thumbs down button, or dislike button
  • I miss you, Brightwheel. 5/5

    By KK4484
    Please, please, please make a deal with the Learning Care Group to get them to come back to you. This new app they developed on their own is horrible, and we miss you terribly.
  • Recent changes - boooooo 3/5

    By klarastan
    Recently - within the last week or so - Brightwheel eliminated the check in and check out notifications in this app. We have been using this app with our daycare for nearly four years and have LOVED IT, but this particular change drops it from 5 stars to 3 stars. As my husband and I sometimes have to trade off drop off and pick up at the last minute, having that drop off/pick up notification really gave us both peace of mind that the kids were safe and where they were supposed to be. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK.
  • What a dumpster fire of an app. 1/5

    By nme2003
    I can never get it to work. Thought it was my phone so I purchased a new phone. Couldn’t even log in. Says network error all the time.
  • Nice app butttttt 3/5

    By sarai o
    Definitely room for improvement. As a mom obsessed with my kid I demand 1. Bulk-save option for parents to download photos at least on the web ( currently we have to download each picture everyday or you may forget a day and lose those precious memories) 2. Downloading photo from app should be easier 3. Your most recent update should have always existed because it doesn’t the entire daycare doesn’t need to know about conversations you have with directors and admins regarding your child’s development or account/billing
  • Not Great 5/5

    By lapetitemom
    Very glitchy, often doesn’t load. Doesn’t send alerts about check in or check out. No way to receive the daily summary in an email or message. The teachers don’t see notes until much later in the day. Also, weird use of third person pronouns that can’t be changed.
  • Very bad technical support 1/5

    By gabigab13
    This app is only good when you don’t need technical support. If you have a urgent need forget it. I needed to wait 3 days to be able to speak with someone to restore the issue I had and to be apple to use the app that I’m paying $20 per month to use it. I don’t recommend it!
  • Takes too long to check in/out. 3/5

    By Johnmcp
    The app has too many steps when checking in/out. Hopefully, this will be streamlined in a future release.
  • No messages on Apple Watch 4/5

    By Empdhd
    This is a fine app. Too bad I cant view messages on my apple watch. I get notifications but then have to go find my phone to see and respond.
  • Best TikTok Ad 5/5

    By Schisue
    I began using Brightwheel for my in-home daycare after seeing it on a TikTok ad by another provider. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but it has been life changing! Okay, okay, at least business changing. It is so easy to set up and use. The mobile app means I can keep track of what’s going on every minute of my very hectic day and keep families in the know. The families in my care love it too and that it gives them the ability to see pictures and updates all day long. I also love being able to utilize the messaging on the app because it keeps business with business instead of using regular texts which doesn’t seem (to me) as professional. Brightwheel has thought of everything you could want as an administrator (things I didn’t even think about, that I’m now implementing!). And their customer service? TOP NOTCH! There was an issue with my account and they caught it before I did and fixed it with a few simple questions. Brandon in payments - literally the best. I cannot rave about this app enough. Save yourself the hassle and download it today!
  • Newest update 2/5

    By earin3
    The update for check in is a waste of time. An extra step for us, when we don't have time to waste with full classes etc. Also it REALLY needs a "mark all as read" for messages.
  • No payment confirmation prompt!? 1/5

    By Gabriel T Rogers
    Every other app I’ve ever made a payment through has a confirmation prompt when you go to pay. This app just sends it through the moment you hit the button. I hit the “pay” button expecting a prompt that would let me add a new payment method. It just sent it through on the account I did NOT want to use. When I reached out to the school, they said this happens and there is nothing that they can do. So I reached out to brightwheel support. They were also not helpful.
  • My opinion 5/5

    By The Gucci One
    I love this app it always keeps me updated with what’s going on at my child’s daycare
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By pebblez&Bamm
    I WISH I CAN RECOMMEND A 100 It’s convenient and update on everything🥰
  • Excellent Application 5/5

    By Brohel
    It’s the best app to get every information about your child.
  • Edit 1/5

    By Qwertyuiop00769006542245578
    Please, PLEASE make there be a way to turn off two factor authentication. I have a teacher account and a parent account and having to two factor every few hours is INFURIATING.
  • Enjoying this app 5/5

    By Aaanderson1
    Update- I really like the app. Makes communication easier, and we enjoy the pics and updates. Thank you to their customer service for commenting and letting me know that you can edit which notifications you get by clicking edit profile.
  • Archaic, poorly designed 2/5

    By drsupport
    App is designed over 10 years ago. Looks web based. Customer support has difficulty accomplishing basic tasks of not double entry of our kids. We have two children but according to brightwheel, we have 5 haha. Schools need to move onto a competitor platform.
  • Would be perfect if… 4/5

    By Tanamwob
    Everything is wonderful, but videos won’t upload ever. Not a single one. Which means I have to text the parent to send them videos, which I feel defeats the purpose of the app 😓 if you have a patch for this, it would be perfect and 5stars
  • Nice 5/5

    By Rsk191919
    Good app to keep in touch with kids school teachers and get the pics and updates from school.
  • Brightwheel 5/5

    By Briizzzy
    Love this app ! Great way to stay connected with my daughters daycare !
  • A MUST HAVE!!!! 5/5

    By concernedpops
    I can’t say enough to explain how incredible this app is. You know exactly what’s going on and where you kid is at all times. You can send messages which makes it even better. Best app ever, makes my life so much easier. I’m sure it does the same for teachers and daycare providers. A MUST HAVE!!!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By kseniyab1985
    I am a parent, my child just started daycare and this app is wonderful tool to stay in touch and get updates on my little one. One issue that I am having is that, although all my notification settings are turned on - I do not see the nofifications on the app icon itself, so if for some reason I dont hear or see the badge pop up- I might miss a message from daycare which is not ideal.
  • Great app for keeping up with my child 5/5

    By NateRotella
    Awesome capabilities for a childcare app and much appreciated from a busy parent. feedback It would be awesome to be able to comment on photos.
  • Latest update is buggy 2/5

    By Chuugle
    The app was great and I have been using it for at least 2 years for my child’s daycare. But this week the app keeps timing out and is taking forever to successfully check my child in. Please fix the bugs!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By CarKnoll85
    App was awful. Impossible to register and get my son linked to my account. I got error message after error message. Then when I contacted Brightwheel I got no response from their customer service. Still don’t have access to my sons info, still waiting for help from these people.