brightwheel: Child Care App

brightwheel: Child Care App

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  • Current Version: 3.13.5
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  • Developer: DSSV, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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brightwheel: Child Care App App

Brightwheel is the #1 software solution for preschools, child care providers, camps, and after school programs. Brightwheel is the only app that integrates everything you need: sign in/out, messaging, learning assessments, daily sheet reports, photos, videos, calendars, scheduling, attendance, online bill pay for parents, and much more. Brightwheel lets you manage your center, streamline workflows, and engage with parents, so you can save time and money, make life easier for your staff, and improvement satisfaction for your parents. Join tens of thousands of preschools, child care centers, and daycare programs across the globe that have fallen in love with brightwheel! PRESCHOOLS / CHILD CARE / DAYCARE / CAMPS: Manage your students and classrooms, track attendance, schedule, and room ratios, share photos and videos, assess learning milestones, communicate with parents, send paperless invoices and payments, review daily sheets, and manage staff. Brightwheel is your all-in-one preschool and child care management app! PARENTS: Engage in your child’s day with a real-time feed of photos, videos, schedules, reminders, and updates. Use brightwheel’s digital check-in to securely sign in and out, pay tuition online, and even invite grandparents, nannies, and friends to join in the fun! Features include: • Central Database: Store everything related to kids and families in one secure place. • Student Check-In: Multiple digital check-in options available including digital signatures, 4 digit check-in codes, and a kiosk mode - all aligned with child care licensing requirements. • Staff Check-In & Ratios: Make administrative tasks easier by managing staff check-in to see your ratios across all your rooms in real time. • Attendance: Easily log attendance and absences for your school-age students, infants, and toddlers. Use our attendance tracking system to keep track of your toddlers. • Photo and video sharing: Snap photos, record videos and tag students with one click. Automatically saved to your account and shared with parents (with no extra work!). • Daily Sheet Reports & Schedules: Log naps, meals, bathroom, and other activities. Parents get a feed and daily summary. Daily sheet reports are a breeze with brightwheel. • Assessment & Observations: Make note of progress, achievements, and activities with pre-loaded state standards and a DRDP tool. Share with parents or privately amongst teachers. • Student Feed: Parents get a personalized feed throughout the day. Save time – no more paper tracking sheets or sending individual photos. • Parent Communication: Manage parent communication from one central hub (notices, calls, texts, etc.). • Calendar: Share schedules, events, holidays, and important dates with both families and staff. • Paperless Billing: Seamless electronic billing and payments for tuition and fees. Use brightwheel for all your child care accounting needs. • Reporting: Detailed reports of every brightwheel feature for billing and licensing requirements. • Seamless Sync: Brightwheel stays up to date across all phones and tablets – so teachers can use their own device or a school device. • Web Portal: Easy management and great functionality available on the web, too. • Affordable. Both free and premium plans available to fit your needs. And... much more coming! Brightwheel is the #1 early education platform for preschools, child care providers, and daycares, and we’re always committed to innovation with frequent improvements and new features.

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brightwheel: Child Care App app reviews

  • Does a lot, but not well. Time consuming. 2/5

    By 5 pets too many
    I am a teacher. My preschool switched to brightwheel this fall. Initially I was optimistic about having everything in one app instead of having a separate messaging app, a photo app, etc. Using brightwheel is not intuitive. The message symbol has to be tapped twice—once at the bottom left and then again on the top right—before actually being able to compose a message. I figured out how to post a photo (it has to be an activity and is tagged as a student photo whether it is or isn’t ) but it was made more challenging because the instructions were not using the terms I saw in the app and when I finally posted the photo there was no “sent” message so I couldn’t really know that it’d been sent without checking by opening the class and then an independent student. The help department did get back to me on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday but even those directions did not reflect the actual terms used in the app. Update: I found a way to post a note without tagging a child but it means even more steps and still doesn’t say “sent” so not a great option. Please add a way to know that something has been sent. Integrating “messages” and “activities” into one chronological stream would be extremely helpful. After taking first day of school pics and sending them to parents as “activities” I realized how many steps were involved in the process and it took longer than my usual app. I’ve also realized that the messaging portion not only won’t allow me to send photos to parents but they can’t send photos to me. No photos can be sent to me by parents for a special event, new sibling, new pet, special activity when Curious George is visiting, etc. I find that very sad and I will miss that contact with families. I think this app may make administrators lives easier but it does not help make my day as a teacher any easier. It requires more time to send messages and photos than the apps I was previously using. I can’t have messages and my screenshot messages in the same message stream. I worry that parents may not respond as quickly because the messages I send are only in the brightwheel app and not appearing as texts. There are also no badges on the brightwheel app symbol to let any of us know there’s a new message. Adding badges would be a huge plus. Brightwheel seems to have a lot of features but the features I need as a teacher are time consuming to use and I really can’t do it during the preschool day. It takes too much time away from the kids.
  • crashes out without loading 1/5

    By xue m h
    Would be better if it didn't crash out immediately upon starting it on my iPhone x.
  • Routine and consistency are so important along with learning adventures and La Petite is the best! 5/5

    By Rileys Nan-nan
    I’m so thankful we decided to try them and they had room for us. The staff are so good with Riley. He looks forward to going to his school every morning. They instill self confidence and independence. I absolutely love getting updates about his day. It makes being away from him much easier. And the photos of their activities are a bonus! I really appreciate them taking the time to share their activities with us.
  • Lack of Notifications 3/5

    By ECE teach/parent
    I am so over this app not having badge notifications. I’ve missed some important information from my provider, because there are only banner notifications. I’ve emailed customer support twice, about 6 months apart, and they say they will ‘pass on’ the request. I feel like badge notifications is app writing 101. If you can auto debit my credit card to pay tuition, you can surely figure out how to put a number in a red circle. Other than that, the app is great.
  • Love it BUT... 3/5

    By ChildCareProvider315
    The fact that long time customers still don’t have updated invoicing and accounting options is extremely disappointing. I have never seen an app or program that lets the most faithful among their customers be the last to receive upgrades. Sad.
  • Bad customer service total waste of money 1/5

    By hunny1229
    Bad customer service. No phone to talk. Online massage take hrs to be answered. Took money from my account 2 time for the services which we never received. Hold money for 15 day no answer. You go on loop of no answer
  • Not divorce family friendly 1/5

    By Gorillabreeder
    I wish our preschool did NOT use this app. It’s lacks security and privacy for divorced families. I can currently change mine and my ex’s profile photos. Another user should not be able to make changes to my profile. It would also be helpful to create an owner and approved add-on’s, instead of allowing all “parents” full access to make changes to the child’s profile. Again, in a divorce situation this can be extremely difficult to manage. Lastly, the payment method is also not set up for a set of divorced parents. I would encourage the owner of this app to consider making this app user secure.
  • Be aware of HIDDEN fee, parents! 1/5

    By pm.thanh
    If you use their Autopay, there is a HIDDEN processing fee. They will refuse to address any payment issues and just point the finger to the school.
  • No Customer Support whatsoever 2/5

    By KrazyCooter
    The app is great until something goes wrong and you can’t log in to drop off of pick up your child. Password reset doesn’t work on phone number and if your school didn’t input an email address for you, you have no way of logging in. Then you attempt to contact customer support but that doesn’t exist either.
  • Excellent APP 5/5

    By Jimmykapila
    Love this app
  • Problem 5/5

    By mawmaw Jackson
    I had to get the code resent several times. I’m the grandmother. Please leave the code posted more that 2 seconds.
  • Notifications 3/5

    By kiisten
    This app needs badge notifications! I keep missing important messages because there’s no badge notification.
  • Can’t imagine a better app !! 5/5

    By Chichi2605
    It’s an incredibly well designed app for preschools/daycares ! Everything is so cool about ! Information of check-ins and check-outs, real-time pictures of your kiddo !! I’m simply grateful to those who created this app which makes my child’s daycare preschool experience so much more exciting !!
  • Awesome app for new parents. 5/5

    By _courtrose
    I have two kids and my youngest (6mo) just started at a daycare that uses the brightwheel app and I LOVE IT. It’s an easy way for the daycare to communicate with parents about their kids. I’m switching daycares for my other child to this one that uses the brightwheel app because it gives me a sense of security and reassurance. Definitely a must for any daycare!
  • Double view 3/5

    By Causal game player
    I am both a staff member who uses this app as well as a parent of a child who uses the app. As I parent I like it. My son’s teacher is able to communicate with me and share stuff going on. As a staff member I hate that certain features are “premium only” especially the message feature. It doesn’t make sense that as a parent I can message in but as a staff member I can’t answer back on the same screen. Also would love the ability to tag certain pictures into categories to make finding them for NAEYC portfolio easier.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Anatigger
    As a Nanny I adore this app! I have been using it for years now and my newest family it made the Dad cry to be able to work and still be connected to his son. I’m going to share this app with my followers on my Nanny Vlog!
  • Badges do not work 1/5

    By Foxy3ls
    I've had multiple conversations with the developers and they have "taken feedback" and yet no one had addressed the badge issue. "That's the way it works" unfortunately does not work for users of this application. In case developers need clarification: "The iPhone uses badges to indicate that a new message, email, push notification, or voicemail is waiting. Each app with new unread information has a white number with a red background in the upper right hand corner of the appicon. This is a badge." This IS NOT how Brightwheel (looking more like ReinventingWheel) works.. The technicians say that the push notifications on lock screen are the only notification you get and that's the way it is. Once this app comes into some recent century and starts using badges correctly this app would be amazing. But for now it just sits unused and not letting me know about my child so it's a waste of funding and developers time.
  • Bad Software 2/5

    By Nico Foxx
    The video feature (which is why I paid for the app) wasn’t posting the videos I recorded. After minimal effort on their behalf of trying to solve my problem they stated that technology wasn’t certain and they can’t fix my problem. My videos weren’t posting to the children’s timelines so the purpose of having the app was gone because no one wanted to solve my problem. Taking my business elsewhere.
  • The most unsafe daycare app 1/5

    By mommyfacts
    As a 1st time parent staying connected to my phone all to get an alert on my child sounded perfect. Until the childcare provider abused the picture to photograph my child and filter it through another social media app called Snapchat and then upload that photo to brightwheel more than once. This app does not monitor the safety of our children against social media pictures. They have no rules against safe photo uploading guidelines! They do not make posting photos safe. I asked for my child’s unauthorized pictures to be removed because I terminated my contract w/ the daycare which in return terminated my contract with this app. I contacted brightwheel and they denied my request to protect my child’s unauthorized uploaded pictures on this app and denial of closing my account. Any app you make a profile on you should be able to delete. I asked who uploaded the photos on the brightwheel app and got a response that made no sense. Which means they don’t even fully interpret the complaints of parents. From my experience they do not care about child safety only the business from the Daycare’s to keep everything looking “bright”. This app is unsafe and the staff is highly careless when it comes to “protecting the child’s best interest”!. DO NOT SIGN UP because THEY WILL NOT DELETE the account and treat you very nasty!
  • Times missing 3/5

    By earin3
    Please put the times back on check in and out in the feed, as well as times on the name to face in the feed. We need to be able to see these times so we can accurately fo a name to face every 30 mins and show proof of that, as well as see when they were checked in and change them within the 2 hours.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By kirav
    Daycare uses app. I never get check inn/checkouts have contact developers numerous times. They email me that they will look into to it but then I don’t hear from them until I write them again .
  • Problems with britewheel 1/5

    By Juju103058
    I uploaded the Britewheel app and it won’t allow me to get into the app . After putting in my email And password. It’s says try again or cancel Help me!!!!! Last time I used it , it worked great
  • Best app for Childcare! 5/5

    By Cute.Witch
    We aren’t currently using the app, only because my daughter isn’t in daycare at the moment. When she is in daycare again, we’re only choosing somewhere that uses this app! I can’t say enough good things about this. It made me feel so secure trusting a daycare with her. Getting cute little photos of her that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise was so wonderful. I loved that I could talk with her age group caregiver and send them notifications when I wasn’t feeling like I got enough updates on her. Just knowing that she’s eating and being notified how much made me feel so good. We just started potty training her at the time too so knowing when she went and when she got a diaper changed instead helped start up conversations.
  • Love it so far except for pictures downloading 4/5

    By ZYDK2015
    It has all the great functions to stay in “touch” with my little one while he is in the daycare but I wish there is a button that allows batch downloading of pictures and videos of the day, at least.
  • Needs App Notification Badges 1/5

    By nsenigma82
    Needs App Notification Badges. Sometimes I don’t open the notifications right away and I forget there are messages posted in the app because there are no notification badges on the app icon. I have badges turned on within notifications settings for the app but it doesn’t work.
  • Hopeful 3/5

    By Chookchooks
    I’m hoping with the current update notifications start working again. In the past there was no issues but for the last few months, if I don’t check the app, I’m not getting notifications.
  • Wow 5/5

    By cavied
    This app is simply amazing. Brings such peace of mind when I was choosing my child’s preschool. Updates on her day while I’m at work etc are priceless. Thank you for such a well thought out application!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By hacker_hale
    This app is so great! I love that I can see what my child is doing during the day, especially the photos! I do want to suggest that the added feature of commenting on photos would be fabulous!
  • Notification Badges Not Working 1/5

    By ndc3653
    Tried to notify developer, but Support is terrible. Update 1/10/19: Developer says badges are a “feature” that they decided not to use in the app 🙄. Support says they are “working diligently on a fix”. I actually tend to believe support over the developer at this point, since badges were functional prior to iOS 13, and users have the ability to turn them off on all apps. So I take back my original comment about support being terrible. It’s more of a company trait. Support response below: Thank you for contacting brightwheel! My name is Kristy and I'd be happy to help you today. We currently do not have a timeline for the notification fix. However, our engineers are aware and are working on diligently on resolving the issue. Thank you for providing your account and mobile information. The more examples we have the better and faster we can create the fix. We appreciate your assistance and patience during this time. Thank you, Kristy M. brightwheel Support
  • Baby Girl 5/5

    By LoMav#13
    Getting updates of my little girl through out the day are is pretty neat.
  • Terrible, doesn’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Andyuriza
    The app doesn’t work, after I sign in it just gets stuck on try again and then it doesn’t do anything else, and it’s not a problem on my account, it works perfectly on the desktop app, please fix this. I need this app to work.
  • Genius App! 5/5

    By Victoriasaesthetica
    This app is pure genius. My toddlers daycare recently started using it and I feel so much more connected to her. I know what she has had to eat and how much, her nap schedule, and any “incidents” that may have occurred. I can message her teachers to check in or ask questions anytime and they always get right back to me and this app also allows daycare payments to be automatically debited from my account. This app has made my busy Mom life just a little bit easier and that means so so much to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Great program 5/5

    By DisforDaycare
    Program is easy to use and affordable. Questions were answered in a timely manner. We used it for over 2 years. Helps with payroll, attendance, medical records, and so much more. Highly recommend!
  • Default payment isn’t a default payment 1/5

    By Wrawr!!
    If my daughter’s school didn’t require I use this app for payments, I wouldn’t. I had a temporary payment method set up when I first enrolled her. When I was able to set my actual bank account, I set it as the default method. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong. It kept charging my back up for three consecutive weeks. What the app does when this happens is it will “pay” her school automatically and I have to go in and pay them in cash or cashiers check PLUS an additional $20. I even tried deleting the secondary account myself but the app doesn’t allow me to. I had to have someone from the brightwheel app do it for me. Oh, and the whole “we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes thing... it took almost an hour and half for them to get back to me. So on top of the $2/month I pay in service fees, I’ve paid an additional $60 this month all because the app doesn’t actually acknowledge a default payment method as just that AND the fees my back up payment institution charged me for bouncing payments. So unfortunately, because I love my daughters teachers and school, I am forced to continue giving this company my money every month. Never mind how embarrassing it is to constantly have your payments bounce even though you have the money to cover it. I would give zero stars if I could.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By ashleyliliana
    It’s really annoying how long it takes to upload a picture or a video. Most times it never does upload
  • Great until recently 3/5

    By BH216
    I have been using Brightwheel for my in home daycare since the very beginning when it first premiered on Shark Tank. It has always been a useful tool for me, and my daycare parents have enjoyed it too. Recently, however, the app itself has been extremely, painfully sluggish, making check-in very inconvenient for parents and activity updates throughout the day very burdensome for me. I emailed customer service about the issue and have received no response, which has added to my frustration. I hope this can be remedied so I can get back to loving this app as much as I used to!
  • Daycare now unable to accommodate schedule due to brightwheel 1/5

    By BobBirk
    Noticed my bill for daughters daycare service was more money then usual. So I contacted the manager at children’s first and was told through the new app she would be unable to accommodate my wife and myself’s work schedule . Some weeks we need only part Time care, and other weeks we full time care. I would always be sure to give daycare our schedule months In advance. (Knowing how they are running a business and trying to maximize profits) We were told from the manager the app was to blame and furthermore we can only keep our daughter enrolled and was forced to choose to be “full time” or “part-time” with very very short notice to do so. We are cash paying parents with a 2nd child coming soon. So if I could give bright wheel “0” stars I would.
  • Granddad’s comments 5/5

    By luckytonyperry
    What a wonderful app Love seeing what the kids Are doing!!!!
  • Great communication app 5/5

    By Trosa1025
    I love getting updates all day. As a parent it’s hard to leave your child but when you get photos and notes all day it puts your mind at ease. Plus it’s great to use the pictures with my son at night to go through his day and talk about all the things he did with his teachers and friends.
  • I could not imagine life without it 5/5

    By SirBryant
    My wife and I truly appreciate this app. It allows us to feel connected to our daughter throughout the day.
  • Review for Brightwheel 5/5

    By Lawson's B
    I love it! It allows me to see my grandson Lawson and the progress that he is making. It’s like being able to see the curriculum that is being taught to the children.
  • Love watching my grandson at daycare 5/5

    By Swmbo51
    So comforting watching him play & eat at daycare. He looks forward to seeing his friends & teachers each day. He runs in & somedays doesn’t want to leave. Sleeps well at school, so I knows he’s happy & comfortable there. Sleeps well at night too, after his busy day with friends & his teachers.
  • nice! 5/5

    By aigekh
    great app! love the updates and communication with providers. it would be nice if parents could comment on notes rather than sending messages. also, for parents to have capabilities for removing children on their accounts.
  • Love it. 4/5

    By Djinneration
    Love the app. We have used it for two different Montessori schools now. Wondering if there is a plan on making an app for the iwatch? It would be extremely helpful.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 5/5

    By Qkdbaldndnwlzbe
    I’m absolutely in love with this app!! When my little brother started to go to daycare I wish I could keep an eye on him but I didn’t want to call the daycare when they are busy, but this app has definitely been life changing. The staff at the daycare keep me updated on him by sending me notifications of him.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Human cannon fodder
    No way for the user to edit children when the school’s application doesn’t work. School tends to be unfamiliar with editing profiles. App needs a way to easily edit profiles. We’ve had to re-enter child codes multiple times and it’s easier to just re-add your child since there is no way to delete old profiles. Could be a decent app if it straight forward, otherwise, can’t give zero stars.

    By MsPrinny
    Brightwheel is so ridiculously easy to use & a great way to update & communicate with parents throughout the day about what’s going on with their little ones. For example the other day one of my little toddlers in my class had a couple of red marks on her cheek...she hadn’t gotten hurt or anything & I was concerned & messaged mom right away & sent her a picture. The parents love the fact that we’re able update them throughout the day & it makes it easier at pick up time to talk to them about how their child’s day had been.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By asmith7769
    We have had brightwheel for 3 months. They have undercharged customers 2 out of 3 months and then sent an apology email both times asking for us to please bear with them. A business can not pay its bills on apologies. They also misrepresented the features of the billing section of this app, one can not send out an invoice immediately or go back and add late charges or extra day charges to customers. They again asked us to bear with them as they fix this glitch and promised a discount until it’s discount. The customers get confused because we have to tell them that brightwheel is undercharging them for some reason that we can’t explain because brightwheel has yet to explain the problem to us. Also customer service is nonexistent after the 1st month. We are currently looking for better quality services and there are many that do the same things and hopefully better!!!
  • Deceiving 1/5

    By Peanut717
    When I downloaded the app I did not see you mention anywhere that it was not free. I’m very disappointed in this deception. Be more clear upfront and these issues won’t arise.

brightwheel: Child Care App app comments

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