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Brilliant Distinctions®

  • Category: Medical
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  • Current Version: 4.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Allergan, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Brilliant Distinctions® App

Brilliant Distinctions® is a consumer loyalty program that rewards its members with savings for purchasing qualifying Allergan treatments and products. Rewards can be redeemed for savings on future treatments and products with any participating Brilliant Distinctions® Provider. You’ll also receive access to special offers and promotions just for being a member! And with membership tiers, the more you earn, the more you save.

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Brilliant Distinctions® app reviews

  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Cvmac22
    I tried to claim my points today at the doctors office and they had to reset the code about 10 times and it never worked so I couldn’t use my points and I had $20 towards a service
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kayson9
    I love this program and wish the app would work. However, it will not allow me to log in and even though I know my username and password is correct, I’ll select “forgot password” just to see if changing it would give me access to the app. It then says my email is not even registered for an account. Like I said before, my information is correct as I can log onto the website. Can you fix this?
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By remcobear3
    Worthless app never works. Please fix or shut down.
  • Can’t see it is worth space in memory 1/5

    By Ashlarah
    I was promised points worth $10 if I downloaded and signed in to this app. That has yet to materialize. The online site is easier to use.
  • Extremely disappointing. 1/5

    By Tinman2621
    The app, much like their “support” (if you wanna call a phone number that goes unanswered “support”) is among the worst. I thought BD might be a good way to encourage people to continue sticking with Botox, but it definitely isn’t for us, as we now avoid places that team up with BD. Just terrible.
  • horrible 1/5

    By rockopotomous
    logged me out to force me to update. now i cant even log in! total bs! y change it if it works fine!
  • Runs slow and shuts down 1/5

    By Srunner23
    I cant ever even log in, it continues to run slow, close, and not let me login to check my rewards. Really wish they’d fix it by now.
  • Terrible terrible terrible! 1/5

    By JJL1243
    Worst, most useless app ever..... seriously stop telling ppl to download it bc it’s not even worth and the “$10 dollars off” and isn’t worth as much as it gives you a headache!!!!! Never got the 10 dollar rewards... my Botox appt/visit didn’t even load.... $810 dollars later and it still tells me I haven’t accrued anything. Can’t even find my Med spa on here; when I search for my provider it literally searches for 30 mins and yields nothing!!!!! Get it together, Allergan! Very disappointed.
  • What a joke! 1/5

    By Gestado1947
    Plain useless!!!!
  • Doesn’t work - Total crap 1/5

    By Brumbie1
    Can’t get out of the screen that asks me to update my phone number. I re enter my phone number then it tells me my phone number is already being used. Yes! Dummy, it’s being used by me. I don’t need to update my number because it’s already linked to my account in your system. No way to get out of that screen. I’m just stuck. Very frustrating!!!!!!
  • Beware 2/5

    By mgiuffre
    It works for some things. Promotions are not linked. Even if you try to sign up for promotions online it doesn’t work. Bait and switch? Can’t get the promotion but here are 200 “goodwill” points. Seriously?
  • No longer usable 1/5

    By 6missbehavin6
    I used to be able to use this app just fine. Since they did some update and prompt you to enter your phone number to get a code, I never get the code. I called them and they put in a ticket. I called again and the automated system said it’s not an error with their app and we need to call out phone carrier.
  • Log in 1/5

    By Dbe14527
    Says I’m already registered but won’t let me update a password or log in.
  • No bonus points! 1/5

    By HK3456
    Downloaded the app to get the bonus points and never received them. Doc office said they downloaded as well and couldn’t figure out how to get the bonus points
  • Bad app 1/5

    By A19991999
    This app does not work. It would not even let me login. I was interested in getting the 100 bonus points on my account,but wasn’t able to successfully login. Please fix.
  • Where is the brilliant distinctions mall? 2/5

    By peeps815
    Can no longer access brilliant distinctions mall... if I was a new member and didn’t already know about the mall, there would be know indication that there even is a brilliant distinctions mall. Also, you can’t even review your full history through the app anymore. Link back the mall to the app and improve how we can track our history and you’ll have better reviews/ratings.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Slimwooly
    I try to sign up and it tells me my email address is already registered. Ok that’s weird, so I try to log in and say “forgot my password” and it tells me “there is no such account registered to retrieve a password for”. Screw you. Either there is or there isn’t. Which is it? So basically I can’t use the app no matter what and there’s no work around. Terrible job Allergan. Just terrible. Why put out a product, incentivize people to use it and then make it unusable?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Libdoydel
    Since they’ve updated the app, they want you to enter a verification code that is supposed to be texted to you. I’ve requested it like 20 times and have never received it. They say to contact customer service if you are having issues, but if you click on the hyperlink, nothing happens. I can access any of my rewards!
  • Brilliant Distraction 1/5

    By nc jsl
    Wow! Might want to test your app before launching to anyone.... especially before sending e mail to loyal customers asking me to download the “newly redesigned app”. Your stupid app won’t work on iPhone 7 can’t get past 2-step authentication— app freeze. Don’t waste your time with this....
  • Arrrghhhh 1/5

    By vangenius
    Please- just hire some real developers. This app continues to frustrate. Now it’s just an error code factory. Please do not relaunch until you have ironed out these issues. It’s super frustrating and annoying to your everyday customers who just want to have a seamless log-in experience and keep track of points. It’s awful for business. Go dark and send out an apology email.
  • Crashes and hangs 2/5

    By Dyenamicva
    Can’t pick a provider, app just hangs after I click on my doctor. Crashes randomly and doesn’t load pages.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BLUES14
    It was ok until they started the two step authentication. You have to use your cell phone number to get a code. It’s the only way to make the app work. I used it today for the first time and started getting calls from random numbers outside of the US. If they need two step authentication, then give the option of using an email address and not a phone number.
  • It says someone else has my account , I’ve been using same password and email for at least 10 years 1/5

    By vdellon
    Idk what is going on I can’t sign in
  • Where are the points for download? 2/5

    By trisalu
    The BD website and promotional emails clearly state that downloading this app will result in 100 bonus points. I just downloaded the app and logged in as instructed, but did not receive the points? What gives? It should be automatic at login.
  • The new app works great! 5/5

    By A.w.0
    It looks sleek and the functionality is much improved.
  • 1 Star too many 1/5

    By Beli1964
    I haven’t used the app in about 4 months so I don’t know how many updates have happened since then. What I do know is that I can hardly read ANYTHING on the app anymore. The font is way too small and if you insist on using gray against a white background then use a darker shade is gray!! This app is completely useless.
  • Bd mall points 2/5

    By Christine7731
    I had 6 pending transactions on bd mall! Now I cannot access it at all. Hope I'm still credited my points!
  • Where are my 100pts for downloading the app? 2/5

    By xohazeleyez
    It’s convenient and pretty much straight to the point for easy access, but it says instantly earn 100 pts just for downloading the app and I don’t see any of that! That’s missing out on $10.
  • Silly-lilly-g 1/5

    By silly_lilly_g
    This app shuts down and doesn’t let the user log in
  • Downloaded and signed in and no point added 1/5

    By saaarcarva
    No $10 for downloading
  • This app is so glitchy 1/5

    By pratthe
    I was just a few points from a diamond member and my account reset all the way as if I’d just signed up. I’ve had two procedures since and lost out on all the extra points because of it. Also you can only redeem $20 increments at a time. I have a random overage about that I can redeem because it’s less than $20. I also can’t get to the Brilliant Distinction Mall anymore from the app. It’s hard to find anything in app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Rocket Mom 9
    Downloaded the app and signed in expecting receive a discount on the first order. App does NOT work! Able to login and then it stops.
  • Great Program Terrible Support 1/5

    By Augiejrstude
    I love the program. The app and the website have zero support! No support links or contact us button. The site and app just refer you to useless FAQ videos that are no help. I can no longer even get to or shop from the brilliant distinction mall anymore. The link and option just disappeared. I had over 1000 pending points. Using the support or missing points page on the shopping mall was even more of a joke. You won’t receive a response until months later or just no response. I been a brilliant distinction reward member for a long time and a diamond member. You think they be more accommodating to someone who spends allot of money on the services.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By pab131
    I’ve tried all the methods asked for and none will open the app. I’d like to be able to claim the reward offered.
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By Beast Mode Divine
    Continues to shut down her I go to the “HOW TO” screen and when I go to “help”. Basically bad designed app!
  • No rewards for downloading app 1/5

    By Gypsy camper
    It states on website that if I get the app that I'll get rewards. I didn't receive any rewards for taking the time to download and install this app. Deleting.....
  • Reward 2/5

    By mmmmmmmkkkkkkkknnnnnnn
    When downloading and signing it to the app it is supposed to give 100 points (10$ reward). This does not happen. Not sure even how to contact anyone
  • Where’s my $10 off??? 2/5

    By mary101010
    I downloaded the app and don’t see a $10 off coupon ???
  • No rewards 1/5

    By Nurse Tamara
    Don't count on the 100 points for downloading the app. At least it didn't work for me.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By kkkkcast
    Also won’t adjust to my ipad, screen is sideways
  • Did not work 2/5

    By Taytaylene
    I downloaded the ap to earn reward points, which is recommended by the website. I also referred a friend to earn reward points. Neither showed up in my account.
  • This app has never worked 1/5

    By Kikalucanico
    Every version, every time I’ve downloaded this app - it has failed. I’m always forced to delete it and go back to using the website. I think this company should stop putting money towards this failed effort and find a developer that can build a functional app.
  • Bogus 1/5

    By JoanneT33
    Downloaded this app only so I could get the 100bonus points n didn’t even get them after signing in. That messed up.
  • No rewards 1/5

    By shuddabeen
    Don’t waste your time or phone storage space.
  • No offer 1/5

    By Monstermalone
    I downloaded the app for the $10/100 points offer and did not receive it. Based on all the reviews it seems as so no one has received it either and the developers just don't care to respond.
  • Make this app better 1/5

    By BigMama317
    I downloaded this app to get my $10 off but it’s no where to be found!! Where is this coupon and how do I access it? I plan on getting some treatments from my cosmetic doctor and would like to collect points. Im afraid this app isn’t going to work properly.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Grichy61
    Unable to login. Would like my $10 for downloading the app!
  • Doesn’t work, no rewards. 1/5

    By StinkyFishwater
    I’ve had Kybella, Natrelle implants and 6 rounds of Botox. No rewards on their website. The app always says there is an error, to come back later. I can’t even sign in on the app. Their customer service isn’t helpful either.
  • The promised $10 coupon takes 12 hrs 1/5

    By durhmm
    When viewing this app in the App Store, the first preview picture says “ Receive $10 Off your next treatment when you download and sign in”. I downloaded and signed in, but there is no $10 off coupon. It appeared 12 hours later in my email. This means you cannot use this coupon if you download the app at their medi spa.

Brilliant Distinctions® app comments

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