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BriovaRx App

BriovaRx is more than a specialty pharmacy. We're an educational resource for our patients. A 24/7 support system. A trusted advisor to every member for their care team. For more than 15 years, we've worked hard to ensure every patient gets the expert, personalized support they need to manage their complex conditions and prescribed medications.

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  • Don’t even bother 1/5

    By Bri1983anc
    Over a period of 4 months I was successful at refilling my prescription through this app one time. All other attempts ended in errors or dead links on submit request button. Page layout and navigation are atrocious. Whoever designed this app should be ashamed because there is nothing good about it.
  • . 2/5

    By chaitear
    could have a better interface that runs smoothly
  • So much easier than phone reordering! 4/5

    By lisa2799
    This app has worked perfectly for me. I love being able to avoid the lengthy phone reordering that I had to do before this app. I would give it 5 stars if it allowed for multiple patients/other family members to use it simultaneously.
  • Very simple to use 5/5

    By BeringChrome
    I usually phone in my refills on the 1-800 number. The representatives are always nice and helpful, though I do feel like the calls take a long time. I decided to use Briovarx app this refill. It was quick and easy to set up my profile and get my refill requested. It was definitely faster than calling it in. I’ll continue to use the app for refills now.
  • Might as well use the website 1/5

    By russjr08
    I couldn’t get past the loading spinner screen.
  • Needs update 3/5

    By HalSox33
    Sign in process is tedious without Touch/Face ID. No reason an app in 2019 that requires sign in doesn’t offer this option. Three stars since I was able to complete my order once signed in. UI is not very intuitive, kind of clunky, seems like it’s just based on the website. Please make an actual app.
  • No help at all 1/5

    By Laura D R
    Entered all of my information, including prescription number and it found NOTHING! Had to call anyway - Useless!
  • Not yet...use the phone 1/5

    By Nsystems
    I deleted it for months then tried again. Worked the first time, seems the order went through. Tried to login to check the order and I get a blank screen.
  • Password 3/5

    By DebWayLacey
    In logging into site, I forgot my password. So I clicked on forgot password. It goes to a blank screen and just sits there. Unable to log in to reorder script! Must sit thru a 30 minute phone call to reorder! Frustrating!
  • It just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Daniel's iPod Acount
    Pulls up a blank white screen when requesting refills. App is incomplete.
  • App won’t even open up. This just started. 1/5

    By Catswalkjpgr
    Terrible app when it opens.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By AHunta2
    I was able to download the app, sign on and complete my order with no problems. The only issue I had was when I had inadvertently skipped a question and tried to continue with my order. It just looked like it wasn't working, as it just didn't give an error or do anything. I had to scroll up to see that there was red text where the skipped question was with no message telling me it was skipped. It was just in red font. I figured it out and was able to continue, but it would have been easier and nicer if there was something to point out what the error was.
  • bad news 1/5

    By invecchiamai
    Not an app, but a clunky dumbed-down miniature of the website. Even the app icon logo is low resolution. Ugly.
  • Just starting 5/5

    By patiprincess
    When I found out through my insurance that there were a pharmacy named BriovaRx for my new medication I called and they registered me and I was all set up very simple and no time wasted great!!!
  • Awful experience 1/5

    By Alejandro-San Ramon
    You can’t even sign up to this app to place an order because it requires you to enter a valid prescription number... except that is the point of wanting to sign up: to place my first order on a new prescription! Tried calling the number listed for help... after going through 7 minutes of prompts and responses - I get no help with the app itself. Worthless download. Goes to the trash right away.
  • Super easy to use 5/5

    By Dontupdate27
    I don’t want to naysay everyone else’s experience; maybe they’ve fixed the app since all the bad reviews? Anyway, I downloaded the app while I was waiting for someone on the phone to refill my Rx. Then I read the reviews while it was downloading, but figured I’d try it out to see just how bad it was before I deleted it.... There was a “Patients-Request Refill” button on the screen. It then had a screen to login, or register if you didn’t already have an ID. I couldn’t remember so I clicked register and entered a few lines of info. It told me I was already registered so I requested a new password. When I logged in, there was my med, and it showed the pending order I’d just made on the phone. Easy-peasy! Now I wish my other med was with BriovaRx lol
  • This is not an app! 1/5

    By Chrluc
    This “app” doesn’t offer anything more than the company website. The worst part is the company website is complete garbage.
  • No stars 1/5

    By M.S.edup
    I have to use this company for my MS meds through my company insurance. I downloaded the app, hoping it would be an improvement on the web. It wasn't. It's the same except smaller. The app/Webb is highly confusing. You can't see what you've ordered. They never give you an order number. They don't offer any shipping info. You won't get a delivery confirm until after ups has left. If I order underwear from Victoria's Secret online, I can print an order confirmation sheet. It will have the line item I ordered, the cost of item, the date I ordered, an order tracking number, when it ships I will get a UPS track on number. I really don't understand why they even went through the the trouble of a website and now an app, both not really usable. I will continue to use as I have to. This company has never made me comfortable. Every order is a wish and a prayer.
  • Complete disaster 1/5

    By Z0731
    This app is a complete train wreck! I contacted support and they were unable to even get me signed in, they had to escalate to second level support. This is just to get registered to use this app, fiasco from the beginning!
  • Horrible App! 1/5

    By brikeraj
    This App is awful! Totally confusing.
  • Good Company, Poor App 1/5

    By Heimkev
    I really like using BriovaRX to fill my prescriptions, but this app is so substandard. I would love to rely on this for managing my account, however it’s just so bad. The interface is NOT friendly for mobile devices. Cascading menus you have to toggle open and close? No. Don’t. An app “home page” that really serves no useful purpose for customers? Yeah, they’ve got it. No modern login interface with support for TouchID in 2017? That’s not something anyone needs. Seriously BriovaRX, get your app game together. Make your app as pleasant of an experience as it is talking to one of the phone agents. They’re wonderful. Your app should be too.
  • This company is shady af 1/5

    By Snoeatr
    I have no idea how good this ap is - the only reason I downloaded it was to let others know about the company. Over 9 months ago November 2016 my ortho ordered ortho-visc shots for my knee. They ordered through the briova specialty rx. In a march or April this year (2017) I called back my ortho to see what was up with the shots - they called me back about a week later after finally getting a hold of the rx - and said that briova told them that they'd been calling me and leaving messages (they hadn't). I got briova' # from my dr and called them. Talked to a lady who said my prescription wasn't approved by my pharmacy benefits - I explained how last time it was through my medical benefits - I 'approved' for briova to see if it was covered by my med benifits and was told they would call me back. 2-3 weeks later in may - I called briova back to see what was up. They told me my prescription had been approved but I had to have my dr send a new prescription because the other one had expired! So I did that. I called and made sure they got the script at the very end of May and they said they had to recheck my benefits which should be fine cause it was approved before. In June I got a call from my Drs office saying I needed to call briova again to 'approve' them sending my med to their office! So in the third week of June I called briova again talked to someone who verified that I had a valid script, that was approved by my insurance and all I had to do was 'approve' to have them send it over to the office - I did. Was transferred and did it again. They told me it would be sent over and to call my dr for an appt. my Drs office waits til they get the med to schedule appts - so I waited. Now - my benefits are through my husbands work where he is a teacher - our benefits renew on July 1st. Which means all our copay and out of pocket started over. In June I had no copay - we had already paid all of our out of pocket costs for the year At the end of July - I called my Drs office to see what was up with my injections - the assistant called me back and told me they talked to briova and they needed me to call them to approve sending it to the office!! Wth!! I had already done this in June - the shots should have already been sent to the office! I called briova to see what was up - I was on hold for over half an hour - the lady came back on to tell me that they had to recheck benefits every month - and that they would have to recheck my benefits again, I get put on hold again. After anothe 10-15 mins she comes back in and tells me that they were approved by my insurance, I just had to 'approve' to have it sent to the Drs office and pay the copay of over $700. Ya - they had me jump through hoops for months, didn't do their job, and held off sending me the shots I needed for my knee (I have been limping around and not able to fully straighten my knee for about a year now because of grinding cartilage) so that they could collect more money. 😡😡 This pharmacy is shady af - don't do business with them!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By raidercake
    Can't log on or go past the first screen.
  • Lovely customer service 5/5

    I recently used Briova for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised at the care and time the service agent gave to me. She was able to enroll me into a program that would help cover 100% of my copay costs! This is going to save me $1800 a year! My copay is normally $150 a month, but this program she enrolled me into will cover it all. I was first annoyed that I would have to get my medication every 30 days instead of 90 days, but the advantage now is that I can maximize this manufacture offered coupon program. Thank you Briova for saving me all this money! I think I'll plan on going on an Alaskan cruise with the extra savings!!

BriovaRx app comments

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