British Airways for iPad

British Airways for iPad

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  • Current Version: 2.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: British Airways Plc
  • Compatibility: Android
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British Airways for iPad App

Discover our new iPad app Our new iPad app offers a quicker and simpler way of booking flights with us. We’ve completely redesigned the app to make it as easy-to-use as possible. Flight searches are now much speedier, with flight and cabin information clear and straightforward. Find flights quickly Discover all of our flight options at just the tap of a button. Simple search results Effortlessly scan through flight information with our brand-new design. Made with accessibility in mind Clear and concise voiceover support across the app. Pay with Avios Executive Club members can pay for flights with Avios. This is just the beginning – we’re rolling out a series of new updates for the app in coming months. In the meantime, please rate the app and share your feedback with us. Please refer to the 'Application Licence Agreement' to view the terms of use of this application. By downloading the British Airways application, you agree to the terms of the Application Licence Agreement.

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British Airways for iPad app reviews

  • Useless! 1/5

    By The Upset
    Pointless app!
  • useless 1/5

    By berniewren
    The app is absolutely useless, seemingly only allowing booking
  • Totally useless app 1/5

    By 0 stars?
    There are a lot of easier ways to book a flight. What I want an app to do is show status, account information, upcoming flightd, check-in status, seat assignments, and more. This app does none of that.
  • Useless App - Will Waste Your Time 1/5

    By crw41
    This app does nothing useful after wasting 30 seconds of your time with bizarre advertising.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Peter Faversham-Barre
    I downloaded the iPhone app on the iPad to manage an existing booking and it told me there was an iPad version. Great, I thought. I’ll use that. I deleted the iPhone version whilst the iPad version installed. Imagine my surprise when presented with a one liner asking me where I want to go - and absolutely nothing else, even when clicking around. What a waste of time!
  • What is the purpose of this app? 1/5

    By WorldAppCritic
    Please look at ANY airline iPad app for inspiration… the two that standout are Delta & United
  • Only for booking? 1/5

    By Luckylyn
    I have a flight on BA booked and downloaded this app so that I could keep tabs on my upcoming flight (changes, etc.). What a worthless app! Only for booking??? Really? I don’t need an app to book, I need it to monitor my existing booking, checkin when the time comes, etc. I’ll try the version for phone to see if that works, but if so, I don’t see the point of having different versions. I use my iPad rather than iPhone whenever possible (easier to see / use / type on a larger device). But apparently, British Airways thinks that the only reason someone would use an iPad is to book but not to do anything else related to flying BA? I’m uninstalling this app immediately. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
  • Appears to be useless 1/5

    By Disappointing for sure!!
    Either this app is the least intuitive app I’ve ever used or it’s only good for booking a flight. Certainly wasn’t able to see anything about existing bookings.
  • What is the point of this app?? 1/5

    By CatttLoverrr
    As a former programmer with BA (admittedly in the dinosaur age), I am embarrassed about not only this app (seeing previous comments too) but also the website. Please check out some other comparable airlines to get some tips on make searching for, & booking, flights much simpler.
  • Poor website 2/5

    By Jpej
    Very cumbersome. Check out Delts’s
  • Unusable 1/5

    By TagalongK
    Can’t get past trying to sell me a flight in order to get the boarding pass for the flight I already have.
  • Is this a joke? 1/5

    By nic apple review
    What’s the point of a BA app where you can’t access any of your current flights? At least call it a Beta or something. Just wasted 10mins of my life installing this and uninstalling it again.
  • Useless 1/5

    By RAD Houston
    Can’t do anything except book a flight- doesn’t event show any of your upcoming flight details. Why bother with this app
  • Has no info, is only for booking 1/5

    By 20WJ
    Can’t see my flights, can’t see my seats, can’t check in…. can’t see anything except Find A (new) Flight. Unless I’m missing something?
  • Style over substance 1/5

    By Agebous
    Must hire proper UX designers at BA.
  • Absolutely Useless 1/5

    By Spikesmbrides
    I can’t imagine an Airline App that Only lets you book a flight? Can you imagine, can’t see your trips, can’t see your account, can’t manage a booking, this is absolutely useless. Ill stick to my iphone app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By nflnut
    Dear BA, If your objective is to waste my time by making me look for my currently booked trip, and other non-existent - yet obvious functions, then objective achieved! This is an insult to your customers. You should be ashamed to ship this.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Billzebub51
    The only thing you can do with this app is book flights. You’re better off downloading and using the iPhone app
  • Totally Agree: 0 stars and should be removed from the App Store 1/5

    By DavidP 4200
    What an utterly useless app. When other air carriers are delivering useful apps to their customers, BA seems either clueless or simply doesn’t care. Actually led me to looking for other airlines to patronize.
  • Useless for iPad - a blank screen 1/5

    By Maggiefarmer
    I can’t perform any functions related to my booking from the iPad version of the app! I sign in to a “Welcome, (My Name!)” page which is otherwise nothing but blank, with absolutely no place to enter my booking code or bring up anything about my reservation! 100% useless. (The iPhone version works fine)
  • Useless except for search 1/5

    By Obi-Jon Lebowski
    So, I have tickets, I’m logged in, and all I can see is a flight search screen - no way to view existing bookings, or anything else. Lame.
  • Horrible waste of time 1/5

    By TooTall123
    This “app” is utterly useless. What were they thinking?
  • Nearly useless 1/5

    By MarantzSux
    Seriously? An airlines app whose only functionality is the ability to book flights? Maybe go look at what other airline apps do and realize how terrible this app is.
  • It doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Mocaumber-$
    You’ll have use your phone app. Can’t get to bookings on this app rendering it useless.
  • Flight check in 1/5

    By @localboi
    How do I check in for my flight with this app? Not user friendly.
  • This is only a BA flight purchasing tool 1/5

    By pcancva
    This app does nothing else. What were you thinking, BA?! Clearly, you weren’t…
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By rnniebzzzzzzz
    How does this useless thing get pushed out to customers without a single person at BA raising their hand to say “pardon me, boss. This app is completely pointless and has no functionality and will only serve to frustrate our customers.” This should just be removed from the App Store.
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By Deaninsandiego
    Don’t bother. The iOS app for iPhone is mediocre. This is just rubbish. Clearly their developers did t know they could make the iPhone app compatible with the iPad. But when you outsource too much, you see the incompetence.
  • Is this a joke? 1/5

    By Abujilda
    This is garbage. BA should be ashamed to have such an app out. Fix it to make it like the website/phone app!
  • Not very useful 1/5

    By Crrrrack
    It appears that this is purely a booking app. I can’t see any other use for this. Not good.
  • Waste of an app 1/5

    By deb avon
    All you can do is book flights? What a total waste. Would give zero stars if I could.
  • App froze and won’t even download on my iPhone 13 Pro or iPad Pro 1/5

    By EmpressVMoney
    App is worthless and froze while trying to download on both my iPhone 13 Pro and my iPad Pro. This is why I try not to use British Airways to travel - if I had any other choice. All aspects of BA’s airline services has always been severely lacking.
  • Worse than garbage. 1/5

    By Trav-usa
    This has now become a useless app.hoping it was a larger format than the iPhone app but serves little to no purpose beyond shopping for flights.
  • The Worst App in the App Store 1/5

    By MarkChicagoIL
    This iPad app is so useless it should be removed from the store. It does nothing that a useful app should do. It would appear that it is only purpose is to research future bookings. It does not show current bookings, which therefore can’t be managed. It pales in comparison to its rivals such as AA.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ASTCThrGuy
    Downloaded, deleted and downloaded several times thinking that the complete uselessness of this app was a technical error. Nope. It just doesn’t do a thing. BA must have released this by mistake. iPhone app works fine on the iPad, so I’ll stick with that.
  • New iPad app 1/5

    By ClintOC
  • Booking only?1 1/5

    By Mozotom
    All you can do in this app is book a flight? How about checking in for one, or anything else?
  • British Airheads 1/5

    By iContribute
    Foolish app. Why even bother.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By KC1974
    Why? Make an iPad app for what exactly? To see my account? Tier Points? BAEC card? Existing bookings? No - it’s to book cash tickets and if you do, you’ll need the other app to view/manage them anyway…
  • A Big 0 Star! 1/5

    By CuznSue
    What the heck have you done? You’ve taken something user friendly & made it non functioning! Did anyone beta test this thing before you released it? People rely on this app. You need to fix this pronto! Horribly disappointed in you BA!
  • Less features than the iPhone app 1/5

    By Schafx
    Painfully terrible. Can’t even search award flights.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By FatIrishFace
    What is the point of this app? I thought I would be able to view and manage my flights thought this app, but it only lets me book flights. Why on earth they would not have functionality to manage existing bookings I will never know… Don’t even bother with it - save the memory on your iPad for some extra photos or whatever…
  • Useless app 1/5

    By ghostreporting
    This is a terrible app, what were they thinking? It does nothing.
  • I didn’t think an app could be this bad 1/5

    By unhappy customer 12345678987
    Weird interface and limited functionality. It’s unuasable.
  • Absolutely appalling app, I would happily give it zero stars. 1/5

    By 121 degrees east of GMT
    Absolutely appalling app, I would happily give it zero stars. BA has lost the plot. I can’t say anything positive about this.
  • Awful app! 1/5

    By Marc-TR
    This app is all about buy more, buy more, but doesn’t let you manage anything existing with your account, existing flights etc… truly a horrible experience! One use and I started looking at other airline apps for flights.
  • This app seems to be only only for booking a new flight 1/5

    By MarkJ1
    Can’t make Changes, can’t check current and upcoming bookings - can’t see history. Not sure what the point is unless they are coming up with another app that does what this one used to be capable of.
  • Why??? 1/5

    By Travelingal702
    I’m told to fill in a Locator Form before I can fly back to the USA. Where do I find it??? Certainly not on their poor excuse for a website!!
  • Very Disappointed - No Access to Booked Flights 1/5

    By ExpatScot2
    Really surprised and disappointed in the BA app for iPad. I wanted access to an existing booking, be able to change seats etc. This app only lets me book a new flight! I did have the iPhone app on my iPad but was prompted to install the iPad app instead… but it is useless if you already have a flight booked!