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British Airways App

To Fly. To Serve. The British Airways app makes booking, boarding and accessing everything about your flights easier than ever before. Personalised to you, the app gives you instant access to the information you need, when you need it. Features: - Personalised home screen Your home screen is your personal gateway into the BA app. Themed around your next destination, it will give you easy access to important information surrounding your flight, including your mobile boarding pass. You will also have quick access to flights you track, your most recent search and our best return fares to our most popular destinations. - Book flights Booking a flight with British Airways has never been easier. Browse our cheapest fares or quickly access your recent flight searches made from any device, and book a flight from over 130 countries. - Manage your flights Access and purchase upgrade offers from your phone, book seats in advance, add flights to your calendar or send them via email and get up-to-date arrival and departure times for all of your flights. Additionally, lounge users can access the British Airways Lounge Wi-Fi password. - Apple Watch The British Airways app on Apple Watch provides easy access to the most important flight information while you’re on the move. You can quickly view the flight number, route, departure time, flight status, a countdown to the departure time and the weather at your destination. - Flight status and schedules Search and track all British Airways flights for the latest arrival and departure times. - Exclusive features for Executive Club Members If you’re an Executive Club Member, you can check your Avios and Tier Points as well as view your full transaction history on your iPhone. Anyone can join the Executive Club for free on - Siri Shortcuts Add Siri Shortcuts to quickly check your next flight and Avios points Please refer to the 'Application Licence Agreement', linked on this page, to view the terms of use of this application and use of mobile boarding passes. By downloading the BA application, you agree to the terms of the Application Licence Agreement. British Airways Plc Web Site British Airways Support Application Licence Agreement.

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British Airways app reviews

  • Fast n’ easy 5/5

    By Biowulff
    Works just fine. Gets the job done.
  • Difficult to add loyalty number 3/5

    By jortorres
    Hard to add loyalty number in the process of checking in. I have to call customer service each time. Everything else Really good.
  • Good, but.. 3/5

    By KC1974
    1. Could do with a way to book award flights using Avios. 2. Desperately needs an option to add the Executive Club card to Passbook. BA employees at lounges usually can’t scan the barcode off the small card that displays in the app because either a) the barcode doesn’t show or b) when it does show, it’s grainy. 3. The “retain (insert BAEC tier here)” never matches the website. Apparently to retain silver, I need 230 more tier points and 0 of 4 flights have been completed. The “or” says 3 of 50 eligible flights have been completed. The website correctly states I need 230 more tier points and 1 more flight (it shows 3 of 4 flights have been completed). 4. Progress to the next tier could be a nice addition to the app along with what I need to retain the BAEC tier I’m in. 5. Getting to the seat selection page is a ballache. You click select seats and it takes you to the manage booking page, click select seats there and it’ll take you back to the same page. You have to select the flight within manage my booking to find select seats in the drop down under a particular flight (even though you already did that in the app under a particular flight before it sent you to the browser), and then choose them there. All the while, the top of the screen above the mini browser says “select seats”... I could be adding my passport number or selecting a meal in that and it’ll still say “select seats” up the top...
  • Cannot book flight 2/5

    By j355ga
    Useless app. Cannot book a flight. Booking page displays flights but cannot select any nor can I continue to the return flight.
  • No Terminal Info 1/5

    By georetown
    Poor clarity on departure terminal at London Heathrow. Less than 1.5hrs before departure boarding pass shows no terminal info. Went to terminal 5 and, only after seeing 3 different BA reps, I was told my flight was out of Terminal 3. Cost me more than 1hr!!
  • Lots of Lag 2/5

    By Boinko273
    Way too long to pull up information. Has the makings of a good app but needs works.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By rhgeeigfsgk
    Trying to check into my flight, it gets stuck in a loop telling me there is a problem with Passbook. I had to delete and reinstall the app. Further, there are screens where it asks me to download the app, while I’m in the app. Sometimes it gives me instructions to use the mobile app, even tho I’m already on the mobile app.
  • Not suitable for iPad 2/5

    By Its Joan
    This really ought to be optimized for iPads by now.
  • Dinosaur app (good luck changing seats!) 2/5

    By hellostash
    BA, turning 100 is great but don’t be a dinosaur. I’m not dumb and after searching online for instructions on how to change seats for my flight to Tokyo (that I’ve checked in for) I gave up after 10 minutes and write this instead.
  • So many logins 2/5

    By em jay 78
    Why do I have to login multiple times EVERY time I want to search for awards? Can’t you make it single login? Or integrate the functionality into the app rather than switching me to an HTML search? Terrible.
  • Comments on BA Online App 5/5

    By Mihera memo
    Excellent service from online app
  • Mobile App Check in 1/5

    By BernardJr1980
    Cannot check into my flight on BA app.
  • Passport info 4/5

    By Bomub
    Passport info not getting saved so every time I have to input when I do online check in
  • Ba Gold guy 2/5

    By ChalleBrown
    The app crashes often, also cheaper to book BA on third party sites
  • Error adding bookings 2/5

    By Goodgame9463;$4
    The app does not show my bookings. When I go to add a booking with the booking code, I receive an error saying sorry there’s an error. The app is pretty useless to me if I can’t see or manage my upcoming flights
  • Great app unfriendly agents 5/5

    By OGGuaruja
    I’m waiting to board a flight with BA to LHR and connect with BA 247 to Sao Paulo. The lady that did my checkin was very unfriendly and had the wrong attitude to be in contact with customers (and she is working in the “Business Class” desk! - I think we (customers) should be able to evaluate airport agents instantly upon completion of checkin as we do after calls, after using your app etc. Maybe this would help “shaping” a seemless excellent customer service at BA! Certainly with the high unemployment affecting France, BA could do a better job at recruitment and selection for airport jobs.
  • Poor service, old plane, impolite staff... 1/5

    By Nice Guy I Am
    Disappointed in this airline. Taking care of customers clearly isn’t their priority like it used to be in years past. Paid $3500 for a one way premium economy seat on a long haul flight from London to Phoenix after an injury I had overseas. Staff refused to help me load my carryon bag in the overhead container, were impatient with me when I walked slow to use the lavatory, told me I couldn’t have a cup of green tea unless I paid for a First Class ticket. Plane was old, had poor quality infotainment, smelled musty.
  • The app keep crashing 2/5

    By Bu Osama
    It’s been a while now since the app keep crashing and becoming useless
  • Keeps crashing and logging out 2/5

    By Chevla13
    Used to be nice and stable, now on every time I access my account, it logs me out and requires a number of hoops to be jumped through before it will let me back in
  • Logs me out constantly 2/5

    By Pillhuhn
    Should be a good app but logs me out of my account constantly. They charge money for everything from checking bags to chosing window or aisle seats but cannot make a decent app. I hope this can be corrected.
  • Meh 2/5

    By MikeBizTraveller
    I waited a few months to write this review to give BA the benefit of the doubt... It looks pretty but lacks functionality compared to other major airline apps. It crashes and boots you off constantly. Any minor change (eg seats) it prompts to take you to the .com site which is the antithesis of a mobile app.
  • BA app keeps logging me out. 2/5

    By Baltimore Brit Boy
    Very frustrating as it took me 4 attempts to download the mobile boarding pass. Then crashed again so I couldn't see any updates of the schedule. Started happening last week in China and Japan.
  • Kicks me off at flight search. 1/5

    By Seamus619
    Constant glitches loop. Kicks me off. Sign in. Search flight. Kicks me off. Over and over. Amazing airline company and the app aside from this new glitch that needs to be fixed is amazing. But yeah, can’t use the app until it is addressed.
  • update 2/5

    By Ahmed_١٢٣
    when i search for fight its crashed???
  • BA experience 5/5

    By seethams
    Elegant, simple, and superb customer service including on the phone. They are charitable minded with a program of small envelope donations on each leg. Cheers Subbarao Seethamsetty
  • Uses battery in background 3/5

    By doogsh
    App is my biggest battery user in the background even when I kill the app
  • Membership to wallet 4/5

    By pashmoreUSA
    Love the app, but since 5.40 (8months ago) how long till the membership adding to wallet going to take.
  • Close to flawless 5/5

    By Silcky Johnson
    I’ve used this all twice now on international flights pretty streamline like how everything is pretty user friendly. The overall British Airways experience was awesome.
  • Club 5/5

    By Tinaze1
    Flight delayed 2.5 hours, leaving 1:00 am. British Airways keeping club open for us until flight leaves. Awesome. Great service.
  • French version? 5/5

    By EveTj
    Why mine is in French? Could anyone help me to change this app from French to English? Thanks!
  • Loop error 1/5

    By BooneInDC
    When I check in, it will dump me to a page that requests passport information, I click that and it says it’s complete. Then I click check in again and it dumps me back to the original screen. Happens on both the app and web browser. Boo.
  • Mrs 5/5

    By Gjgggggg
    Love the App!
  • This is a rip off 1/5

    By Abu Kareem min Vancouver
    Rip off pure and simple. Never flying with BA again. Never again!!!
  • Please remember my details 5/5

    By chrrdllophyrccss
    Good app. Wish it could remember my details and not require me to have to add my mobile, email and passport info every time I check-in.
  • Works but needs improvement 2/5

    By rulerofthemoon
    Passport details need to be entered too often. Too many clicks and waiting.
  • Shame on you British Airways 1/5

    By Hadley J
    Tried to book tickets today for our family of 5. We had been watching the prices on a trip from Boston to London for several months and had finally found a great round trip price that we could afford. When we pushed “pay” after entering in all of the information the website told us that they needed “verification information from our credit card company”. We called the credit card company immediately and they said that there were no restrictions on our card and that British Airways was not contacting them for more verification. We were frantic we would lose the great rate so we then frantically called British Airways and had both the credit card company and British Airways on the phone and were trying to complete the purchase. British Airways kept telling us to re enter our information, refresh the page and continued to “not understand why the website wasn’t allowing the purchase to go thru”. We got sent to 2 supervisors over the course of one hour on hold and on with British Airways employees. Suddenly, after being told to refresh the information for the 5th time, the great rate was gone. I was literally in tears by this time on the phone but thought for sure that the airline would do the right thing and honor the price but just help me book it over the phone rather than on the glitching website. I was completely shocked when they then told me “I’m sorry Miss, when the rate is gone, we can’t do anything about it”. I’m so ashamed of you British Airways. I did not except this of an airline of your caliber and vow to never fly BA again. This was Absolutely complete unethical behavior.
  • Problems when you are flying with american airlines 3/5

    By Chrome axe
    I tried to do a online check-in and it told that I had to be redirected
  • Online Check-in 1/5

    By Disgruntled Pax
    Used 24 hour check-in for family only to find that we have to go to the airport. Why offer something if you can’t deliver? Don’t use excuses of ‘overbooking’. If you can’t deliver, then don’t offer. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ll fly Virgin next time or any other airline. Much better service. Don’t waste time with British Airways.
  • Record locators 3/5

    By recordlocatoraaba
    If I book a flight marketed by another one world airline (in this case AA) that is operated by BA - the AA airline record locator is not recognized by BA. Further, the ONLY way I can find the equivalent (but distinctly different) BA locator is if I, bizarrely, go to the QANTAS Manage My Booking website, enter the AA locator, which then brings up the corresponding BA locator I can then use back on the BA Manager My Booking. Bizarre. Why can’t the BA App or website do what the QANTAS sites can do for a BA operated flight!!!!
  • Full fare first class purchase - and they changed my seat last minute 1/5

    By &$*%
    I purchased an expensive, full fare first class ticket from LAX-LHR-JNB. I chose my seats very carefully - window, and not in first or last rows. Go to check in today and guess what? Changed to an interior windowless seat on the first leg, and first row the second leg. Guess I need to find another airline to give my first class dollars.
  • Overall great app, but a miss on Watch 4/5

    By GaryCATX
    Overall, this is probably the very best airline app of the many I use. It’s simple to use, yet provides far more information and utility than any other I use. And it’s actually visually appealing. However, the Watch app doesn’t seem to work. Despite having a flight departing in five days, the Watch app says I don’t have any upcoming flights in the next seven days, even though I have two (both of which show in the app on my paired iPhone.) Having access to the app on the Watch is super useful while traveling, and the absence of this feature working correctly made me withhold a fifth star.
  • Worse then Brexit 1/5

    By JapaneseDeathBunny
    This app must have been programmed by three year old toddlers. Fails to progress through the checkin process effectively or tell you why you can’t check in. Had to go the the website to enter in passport details as the app kept saying all details were entered but the website showed they were not. So sad BA has come to this. Shame, truly a shame.
  • Change seats 1/5

    By Jacod77
    I am never able to change my seats😡
  • Needs significant improvement 1/5

    By Casey E. B.
    The app as a whole doesn’t function well from a technical perspective. The user interface, in theory, is pretty well thought out, but I can’t enjoy any of it because of the technical difficulties I’ve been having with the app. This is coming from what you would consider a power user - I’m not your grandma and using a smartphone for the first time. When it’s difficult for someone who thoroughly understands the inner workings of mobile applications (+3 of her tech-savvy friends), you have a problem. An example of a use case is earlier when I attempted to check in for my flight, got to the final step, and the app crashed. I then decided to check in via the web and the process showed several discrepancies. I also couldn’t get my mobile boarding pass unless I went back to the app and finished my check in process, which I couldn’t actually complete because of aforementioned difficulties. There really needs to be some significant technical adjustments to the app. For an airline that is highly sought after, your app is severely lacking. I’m happy to provide more detailed feedback if needed.
  • A front end for the website? 2/5

    By nwMarco
    This app appears to sends one to the website within a window rather than handling things natively. I tried to change my seat and at first it appeared to work, but my confirmation email has my old seat listed and the one I was trying to choose is no longer available.
  • Great website/ app 5/5

    By SJG58
    Easy to use check in app is great!
  • Love It 5/5

    By maria ARE
    This app is really easy to use. Thank you for such a user friendly app.
  • Poorly designed buggy mess 1/5

    By Oldmanratbin
    Buggy as you like. But beyond that some really poor design choices. For example, want to book a flight with avios? Sure thing. Here’s a list of days you can fly, without any details of how many avios are required, what the taxes/fees are or even what time the plane departs. Just that it goes on a particular day. If you’re trying to push back on people using avios then think again - bad customer service will eventually crush you in the marketplace. I’ve been living in the US for 5 years and the United app there makes this look like a college project.
  • Great Day 5/5

    By NanaVe218
    Nice and easy at the gate...staff really professional love BA

British Airways app comments

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