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British Airways App

To Fly. To Serve. The British Airways app makes booking, boarding and accessing everything about your flights easier than ever before. Personalised to you, the app gives you instant access to the information you need, when you need it. Features: - Personalised home screen Your home screen is your personal gateway into the BA app. Themed around your next destination, it will give you easy access to important information surrounding your flight, including your mobile boarding pass. You will also have quick access to flights you track, your most recent search and our best return fares to our most popular destinations. - Book flights Booking a flight with British Airways has never been easier. Browse our cheapest fares or quickly access your recent flight searches made from any device, and book a flight from over 130 countries. - Manage your flights Access and purchase upgrade offers from your phone, book seats in advance, add flights to your calendar or send them via email and get up-to-date arrival and departure times for all of your flights. Additionally, lounge users can access the British Airways Lounge Wi-Fi password. - Apple Watch The British Airways app on Apple Watch provides easy access to the most important flight information while you’re on the move. You can quickly view the flight number, route, departure time, flight status, a countdown to the departure time and the weather at your destination. - Flight status and schedules Search and track all British Airways flights for the latest arrival and departure times. - Exclusive features for Executive Club Members If you’re an Executive Club Member, you can check your Avios and Tier Points as well as view your full transaction history on your iPhone. Anyone can join the Executive Club for free on Please refer to the 'Application Licence Agreement', linked on this page, to view the terms of use of this application and use of mobile boarding passes. By downloading the BA application, you agree to the terms of the Application Licence Agreement. British Airways Plc Web Site British Airways Support Application Licence Agreement.


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British Airways app reviews

  • Buggy app 1/5

    By KC1974
    It’s been enhanced over the years, but this app (just like the mobile and full BA websites) is a buggy mess. I go to book a flight and lately all I ever get is a white screen. It doesn’t even look like it’s attempting to search, it just goes straight to a white screen. Ended up booking a BA flight via the American Airlines site and I’ll hope for the best when it comes to the Avios and tier points.. Not app related, but regarding the Avios - I have no clue why I have them. Sitting on 180,000 and have never been able to book an award flight except US domestic AA flights, or an book an upgrade with Avios award. BA really need to look at how American handle award flights - you can always book an award flight with them. How many points it takes is another matter - sometimes 37,500 for an off peak business seat one way, sometimes 110,000 if it’s not peak, but you can always book award flights and buy miles if you need more. BA = no availability. Always. It’s probably why I’m always at the silver tier because I always have to pay money to fly BA and so I always get tier points. Crazy.
  • Written by 15 year olds? 1/5

    By JRC92024
    Ok, maybe an insult to 15 year olds. Worthless UI, endless circular references. By FAR the worst app on my iPhone. I H8 BA
  • Doesn’t allow for mobile boarding pass 1/5

    By DragonB1811
    Downloaded this just to get the mobile boarding pass and get the exact same message telling me to download the app to get the boarding pass as I do on the mobile website. Deleting ASAP. Might as well just use the mobile website.
  • Apple wallet for member card 1/5

    By James1a2b
    Please make it possible to download member card to Apple Wallet
  • Bookings not appearing 2/5

    By Mdrob86
    The app worked fine about a month ago and now my bookings will not load at all.
  • Technology gap=a bad sign for the company 2/5

    By ISF run
    It’s sometime hard to separate the corporations from the computing presence they project with their apps. I’ve lived and worked in Silicon Valley CA for over 30 years and there we have a consensus among our friends that it’s possible to forecast a company’s future by the quality of its Internet presence. This does not bode well for BA as this iOS app projects a backward stagnation. Unfortunately I find it frustrating to write these reviews as the people who read the feedback cannot present it to those in charge since their culture is usually the cause of the technology gap and they just can’t bridge it.
  • This app and this airline is crap! 1/5

    By RichIL76
    The app is slow to load and offers minimal functionality. The airline downgraded my purchased seat to economy due to an aircraft change to a smaller plane resulting in them overbooking the flight and only informing you of this during the airport check-in process. This app kept giving me error messages whenever I tried checking in the day prior. British airways will never have any of my business ever!
  • Gets better and better 5/5

    By flyiboy
    British Airways App keeps on getting better and better.. Easy to navigate through the App.. Easy check-in .. Overall 9/10
  • App is very buggy and infuriating 1/5

    By gdinwiddie
    It always gives me an error when I checkin, though it does check me in. Today it wouldn't let me choose my seat when I checked in. And there's no help except voice phone lines. This is useless when you're traveling where you have no voice service.
  • Frustrating and worthless 1/5

    By F. Russ Trated
    Deleting app after I write this. Downloaded this in an effort to do Early Check-In. Entered my information and it brought up my resy no problem. Clicked “Online Check-in” and it asked me to “add passport”. Clicked on that and it had me fill in some personal info and instead of taking me to next step (or even an error page) it instead took me back to the start. Tried 5 times and remained stuck in an endless loop. Very frustrating!!!!!
  • Not as capable as American Airlines app 2/5

    By HearMonster
    Unable to manage multiple bookings/flights simultaneously (you have to sign out of one booking to manage another) Not really a comprehensive app. It appears to provide summary information. Any real management (check-in, change seats etc.) appears to just forward you into the BA website. Unable to change seats after check-in (other airlines such as American Airlines enables you to do this) On the plus side, it provides basic capabilities such as wallet support and the “Timeline” which is certainly pretty (but to be frank doesn’t really provide any more serious information than the boarding card info)
  • So slow 1/5

    By Javi1r
    Terrible app, very complex it takes you too different screens and you have to wait on every screen a long time. Main screen foes not give you the info you need. Checkin process is very slow and a bunch of pop up messages that do not makes sense
  • Flight booking spotty 2/5

    By Eurofrosty
    Flight booking barely works in the app, and reward flight booking doesn’t work at all. For most functions it’s just a web view and it seems they can’t keep the user state in sync across their APIs. Nice to have for a backup copy of your boarding pass but for anything else just use the website... and if possible not on your mobile device. I actually quite like BA and I’m a frequent flyer with them, but the app is mostly a waste of time.
  • Oh God 1/5

    By hipeopleoftheworld
    This is absolutely the most glitchy app I’ve ever encountered. Kicks me out...errors with loading...just so many things that I deleted it in the span of 10 minutes; I’m not even joking. Rather just go on my computer.
  • Can’t believe it 1/5

    By mark_bread
    Can’t believe how bad this app is
  • Worst UX 1/5

    By therickaustin
    Worst user experience ever for a major airline. Slow, confusing and cannot download boarding pass (fails every time). Suggest removing from App Store until serious improvements are made.
  • Luggage not delivered 3/5

    By E. Sarkis
    Just arrived to Abu Dhabi on 20 March 2018 early morning at 00:35 from London Heathrow by BA 73. Unfortunately, I discovered that my luggage is still in Heathrow after been waiting for an hour? The funny things that I was in transit at Heathrow for almost 3 hours!!
  • Can I trust it? 2/5

    By T./
    The app does not refresh. It is showing me double-booked on return flights via 2 different, nearly simultaneous, routes (the information is correct on the BA website). This tells me I can’t rely on information in the app. It’s not completely unusable, I just have to keep remembering which flights are accurate.... Think I’ll use the website instead. Not as convenient, but more accurate.
  • Glitchy A F 1/5

    By BBrooke308
    I checked in using the mobile app because I figured it would be more convenient to have a boarding pass on my mobile. Upon doing so it would allow me to check in but not change seats nor download my mobile boarding pass. Screen after screen kept telling me that my reservation number was invalid or that the session timed out and I need to start over. When logging in online it said I already was checked in therefore could not change seats any longer but if I wanted to download my boarding pass on my mobile I need to use the app. If this app actually worked all of that would make sense but since it does it doesn’t I am left frustrated and without. This will be my first time playing on British Airways and so far I’m not impressed.
  • Inaccurate! 2/5

    By Szamrdygryd
    The departure and gate status cannot be trusted. Plane was already cruising for take off and app still shows “Final boarding” - gate open...
  • 5.38 update not loading 1/5

    By Singing.Bird
    I am getting messages from tge BA app to update to 5.38, but the link doesn’t work and going direct to Apple’s App Store doesn’t give me the option either. I am using previous version and now BA app is unworkable. Please fix asap!!
  • Flights are Cheap - Services are terrible 1/5

    By JJSKI79
    This Airline wants you to buy a ticket - take your seat, be quite & don’t ask for anything. On 3 occasions I wanted to upgrade my seat to first class. None were available at the time of purchase. Day of the flight, first class seats became available - no one would process the upgrade & take my card! Not customer service, the check in counter, no one = god forbid I have have flights delayed that interfere with obligations on the other end - they make no effort to help you out = has a flight to Chicago O’Hare delayed at Heathrow, then onto Denver with American Airlines on the same ticket. The plane at Heathrow breaks down - I asked them to put me onto a flight direct to Denver - plenty of seats availed = nope, not a chance. They don’t care that timing was of the essence. As long as you don’t need, ask for anything or make an inquiry, take your seat, be silent = everything will be great :) The only thing BA has going for them is cheap tickets to Europe from the US. Now the brand new update to this APP doesn’t work - can’t book flights cause the APP crashes, there is no way to co tact them except to blast them here - there not going to read this anyway.
  • Nice update 4/5

    By ♞MsDurex
    Nice update to support iPhone X screen. And finally shows the gates.
  • Frustrated traveler with BA 1/5

    By Ocreps
    Good luck with their app. It does not connect with reservations made via American Express even though technical support says it will. Spent hours on phone with BA and they can’t fix it. One of two reservations finally worked and the second one we never got connected.
  • Another FAIL for BA 1/5

    By Em's iTunes Account
    I flew BA for years UK citizen living in the US). Would only fly BA for years. Over the last 5/6 years the airline has gone downhill in all areas. Fares, surcharges, inflight service, baggage service, reward flight availability, etc, etc. The last App was ok. Not brilliant but it worked. This App is pathetic. I signed in (my Account is in the US, is my currency is $’s). All prices in £’s. No way to change it. Looked everywhere. Deleted app & reinstalled. Still £’s. Have weather in F’, and can change that to C if I want, but I can’t change currency to $’s !!??!! This App is FAR below the standards of Virgin, United, American, Qantas, Icelandair, Delta, even WOW & Norwegian!!! Get your act together BA! Get your IT department into the 21st century!
  • BA is a POS 1/5

    By A Carnaval
    Surprised the company still in business. Many times can't check in on line to be told at the airport my seat was given away....
  • BA systems are messed up 1/5

    By Sndpaev
    BA software(s) to handle/manage reservations are super messy! Our reservation was changed automatically without notifying us. Infant seating with baby cot selection was changed without notifying us. Yet the customer reps argue that it never happened and we did that deliberately! Hot hot hot mess!! NEVER flying with this airline again and will warn all my friends/family not to select this airline when there are AMAZING middle eastern airlines like Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar.
  • Can’t get boarding passes 2/5

    By tangerine7199
    This app is incredibly buggy and won’t let you get boarding passes if your party is greater than 1. Very frustrating!
  • Dysfunctional Check-In 1/5

    By musik cid
    Mobile check-in puts you in a loop
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By Contatc2
    I love this app, I can easily book flights, especially book rewards flights in a few clics, check my loyalty points, check-in, I get notifications in the airports.
  • Seem to be getting better 4/5

    By NovaH79
    Everything went quite well this trip. The app shows all my upcoming trips (including one next month) and checkins went well, including a handoff to AA. Good!
  • Mr. Paul Strivings 1/5

    By Pdstri
    We booked 2 tickets from British Airways to Turkey Sept. 9th for a January 16 flight. In October, Turkey began a series of changes in Visa requirements for US citizens wanting to travel to Turkey. I’ll skip all those details now since I’m reviewing British Airways but at each step of not being able to get into Turkey, we called British Airways to find our options (refund, voucher, etc.). Each time BA assured us that we’d get our visas and and to wait. They would only refund taxes and fees, about $990 (customer service wouldn’t say a monetary figure) out of $3500. We waited and tried monthly. Finally, after getting approved for an appointment for an in person visa interview with Turkey, the only available interview was in January, the day before our flight. Then there’s a two week approval window. So no visa and when we called about refund options, the refund offered now was $187. I believe since BA is government subsidized, there was a conscious delay process to permit the government to continue to collect time released taxes. I’d enjoyed multiple Economy Comfort step up seats and comfort and thought I’d found a comfortable way to travel. I’ll now take my business to another airline. I forgot to say, but when I calmly said to the BA customer service agent when offered $187, that I might as well hold onto my seat so BA could not resell the seat, she hung up on me. Fly US and suffer with the tight seating.
  • Absolute junk 1/5

    By Clotbuster
    Doesn't work at all. The page where you retrieve your reservations doesn't work at all.
  • Crash within moments of opening 1/5

    By Happy User 7193
    1. Open app for first time 2. Enter booking number and last name 3. App crashes. IPhone 8 iOS 11.1.2 This is an absolute travesty. This is your CORE SCENARIO, the thing that you should expect the most ppl to be doing with your app, and it doesn’t work. USERS ARE NOT TESTERS. Test your app before you release it.
  • Worst airline app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By baculum
    This is shockingly bad. I rarely write reviews, but feel compelled to. Terrible unintuitive interface, “print boarding pass” is a dead link, email boarding pass is dead. Incredibly hard to find boarding passes of family members on my itinerary. Really a terribly lame effort for a major airline.
  • Gold member review 1/5

    By Neoboston
    I fly BA all the time, and I HATE this app. It is completely counterintuitive and dysfunctional. You can’t check in directly from your reservation without re-entering your confirm number, your name, emergency contact name and number. I have successfully moved through all the screens, which involves far too much data entry, only to be told the checkin can’t be processed at this time—no further explanation, but to try again later. To “try again” you have to re-enter all of the same information, including emergency contact info, confirm number etc. nothing is retained. This is the worst airline app I’ve used.
  • An unfortunate bug! 1/5

    By YourTintin
    You cannot book reward travel for another person. How strange! Developers continue to add features instead of resolving so many buggy issues. It’s not a native app but a portal to the BA website and just doesn’t flow easily. What a nightmare.
  • Terrible UI 1/5

    By JacksonVendetta
    I’ve used plenty of mobile apps for flying (AA, Alaska, Qatar, BA) and this is by far the worst app! It is confusing and unintuitive. With American and Alaska, you need only open the app, click on your flight, and the seat assignment/selector, check-in/boarding pass, and info options are right there. But with BA, you have to find the specific flight from your homepage, click through, select manage booking, scroll to select seat. These are also just small lines of text you’re looking for. Terrible!
  • Ok but unnecessary 2/5

    By SteveVonBerlin
    The app itself is ok. It has a ton of features (like public transit instructions to the airport) that I find annoying. The worst part is the only reason I use this app is to get the mobile boarding pass which is a joke. I have to take up space on my phone just so BA can advertise to me?
  • Easy Check In 5/5

    By Nycjoshua
    Great app, I needed to check in to grab a seat and it worked perfectly.
  • Good App. 5/5

    By iz am
    I find this app. useful and easy for users. Thank you so much.
  • Still needs work 3/5

    By acemanawc
    Great updates. However, you forgot about the new iPhone X. Please update app so that it takes advantage of the iPhone X screen. Right now there is a lot of wasted space with black bars on top and bottom. Thank you!
  • Need to check in twice 1/5

    By Kellybeans4
    I have a layover and need to check in twice instead of once. Meanwhile, I can’t seem to check in for my second flight, which means I now have to check in at the airport, making the app completely useless. Why can’t I check in once and receive both boarding passes to my final destination?
  • Endless loops 1/5

    By Jfg96
    2 flights today impossible to check-in with the app due to endless loop and both times checked in on the web (similar functions) successfully without loops. Awful.
  • GrandmaJo 5/5

    By Bethworth
    Great app. Easy & convenient! Didn't have to leave our fantastic hotel room to use the business center!
  • Easy as 123 5/5

    By goodtext
    By far the easier, most up to date, modern check in App. I love it!
  • Check-in review 4/5

    By JerseyGirl51
    I found the app easy and quick to use aside from the wordiness of the extra baggage info. This must be necessary, however, it could be revisited to keep it shorter. Overall though a positive check-in experience.
  • Not even needed 1/5

    By Carmelo labadi
    Apart from the dismal user experience, why do I have to download an app when there's a wallet or pass app already made to download a boarding pass? I had to download it on roams by charges just because I haven't an access to a printer. Well done BA
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Hasty53
    Easy to use. Friendly and functional.
  • How easy... 5/5

    By Rodney JNB
    I love the BA App - so easy and time efficient... thanks for making the journey such an effortless endeavor!

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