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Broadcastify Pro

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  • Current Version: 1.44
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 2.99

Broadcastify Pro App

Broadcastify is world's largest source of scanner radio communication streams. Features include: - Full access to the Broadcastify network of over 6,500+ police, fire/EMS, aviation, rail, weather, marine and amateur radio streams - No ads or pop-ups - full uninterrupted listening - Search by name and location - Show feeds nearby your location - Favorites list - Push notifications for major incidents - Real time updated statistics for all streams - Listings for feeds with alerts, new feeds, and top 25 feeds

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Broadcastify Pro app reviews

  • Broadcastify Pro app not working for pro features 3/5

    By cloverseven
    This used to be free. Archives is a paid subscription of If you paid for it already why is the app making you pay add’l $2.99. And when you log in it does not recognize you. And the pro features will not work. Purchased this app and it still does not recognize the log in on the phone app. Only on the laptop it will let me log in. Please fix this.
  • Not working 1/5

    By buzzroll161
    Paid for app - no longer works.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By wlid man
    Hope you get dam thing fix soon.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By chapo0024
    Doesn't even have anything on where i live
  • No good for North Las Vegas 1/5

    By hinchr
    I don’t know how this app works for other areas of the country, but in North Las Vegas all you get is a little broken up bits of conversation. Useless.
  • No good 1/5

    By dhissch
    Trying every which way to cancel but will not allow me to. Serious lag.
  • Horrible garbled 1/5

    By dammit who cares!!
    Garbled most the time and I paid $ for this app. What the heck?
  • If only... 3/5

    By BoardUpDan
    When it works, it works pretty well...until it doesn’t work. I have gotten more than 600 minutes (10 hours) of good, audible, quality listening out of it - when it works. And I’ve had it drop out/disconnect/fail within five minutes or less. That’s fairly unpredictable and quite inconsistent Then, there’s the ‘signing back on’, after the disconnect, or when I turn it back on. Almost invariably, when I hit the ‘Play’ arrow - nothing happens. Well, maybe nothing. But then, maybe, a few pregnant moments later, huzzah! It starts. But you never know. Sometimes I have to hit-and-wait a few times before something happens; sometimes, after ‘waking it up’/opening it EUREKA! It turns on all by itself. Sometimes, when I’m frustrated with it, I’ll hit the start button a half-dozen or more times in rapid succession and it might, or might not agree to open. Sometimes, particularly when I do the ‘rapid-tap’ on the Play button, it will start playing redundantly - with the equivalent of an echo, with two or three repetitions of the same information milliseconds apart. And sometimes I just give up and double-tap the Home button, then dump the app to close it completely, and start all over again. I always/never know when it’s working unless I hear information (a dispatch or traffic) on it, or don’t. If I’m REALLY paying attention, I might notice that a call drops off incomplete; most of the time, the deafening silence of nothing going on for too long causes me to check to see what the status is - and it’s usually disconnected. Oh, and it hasn’t attempted to reconnect - until I open it to check and it attempts then. And we’re back to the crapshoot of whether it’s going to connect or not. Great when it works. Totally inconsistent and frustrating as to whether it will. If it was as good as it can be, it would be GREAT. But, alas, at this point, it’s not.
  • Why is my county in Florida not listed 1/5

    By 3a tow operator
    No way of checking before purchase, what a scam, save your money has to be something better in the App Store
  • Waste of money - 1/5

    By Cjp203
    Indistinguishable from the free app. Very misleading. I should have spent my $2.99 on a coffee instead.
  • Needs a major update 1/5

    By Kevin88445566
    Don’t think spending the money on the pro version is gonna help with the bugs. Feeds constantly disconnect, if you can get them to start at all. Automatic reconnect does not work.
  • Feed won’t play 3/4 of the time 1/5

    By sheperdcooley
    3/4 of the time I attempt to use this, the feed won’t start playing, or if it does it stops and then won’t come back. Also purchased the pro version to be able to listen to the feed in the background which does not appear to work. Waste of money frustrating and unreliable app.
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By Ssheera
    It is stuck on “stopped/play and the arrow to play won’t respond
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By bafranksbro
    It just doesn’t work, got it to play some static and now it won’t play anything less than a minute later.
  • Broadcastify App has Problems 3/5

    By Treype
    I’ve been a long time user of the Broadcastify Pro IOS app but unfortunately had to switch to a more stable scanner app. First, the Broadcastify Pro IOS app was a great and stable scanner app, but now after the latest update, the app gets out of sync. I hear two voices like an echo. The app keeps on playing even when I tap stop. The app gets out of sync with the listening time counter. I have to reboot my iPhone to make the app stop playing. By the time my iPhone reboots the transmition is over. So, I have switched to a different scanner app instead. Broadcastify is still installed on my iPhone but I do not use the Broadcastify app any more. The app is quirky and needs a major overhaul.
  • Feed provider 5/5

    By tech-rep
    I have tried all the other apps and this one is the most stable and the tags are very well synced. The time lag doesn’t bother me. If I find out something 40 secs later who cares. The convenience out weighs the lag.
  • Horrible Delay 2/5

    By SPD706
    I realize that there is a process going from a scanner to the internet and then to the phone app, but I just downloaded this app so I could listen to my department’s calls while on vacation (as the chief I like to know what’s going on during major events) and when I tested it with my actual fire department issued radio, there was over 2 minutes of delay from the time the radio traffic was actually said until it was heard on the app and this was while using 1gig WiFi. The technology should be there to make this much faster.
  • Crap 1/5

    By eduardo pagan
    Don’t waste your $
  • Won’t shut up! 3/5

    By Nancy McCaughey
    ios version Bought the Pro version. Worked great for months. Recently it loses my one Favorite. Now it keeps talking even after pushing the square stop button. Sometimes I get a second double voice out of synch like a quick echo. I have to delete the app to get it to stop. Then reload the app when the siren goes off. By the time I re-choose my Favorite the first notification is over.
  • Broken feed offline 1/5

    By IdoReviews!
    Fix been broken for a while with feed offline
  • Great app but recently went low res 2/5

    By Doc_Daddy
    I’ve been a paid user for some time but recently the app went into a low res, large blurry fonts mode on my iPhone 8. Makes it painful to use.
  • All this technology and we still don’t know what happened to neighbors. 3/5

    By Butdoctorihatepink
    Lights, fire trucks, sheriffs outside my door, going to my neighbors. Dog is freaked, I’m curious. Ah! I remember Broadcastify, does it still exist? I can’t get anything working on my phone, so download this for $2.99. By the time that’s done, everybody pulls away and I’m still listening to nothing. I thought the $2.99 was Pro and meant I got more but nope. Now I have to pay more money to hear the archives of what just happened. I ponied up $15.00 more bucks and finally listen to my neighborhood feed. I’m worried about my neighbors. Nothing. If they mention what was going on next door, I didn’t hear it. What I did hear seemed to be routine traffic stops. I don’t see fire, even though it’s on the page, maybe that’s the issue, although there was a sheriff car there. For the money, I should not only get access to previous broadcasts, but some kind of translation that tells me what happened. A list of what the numbers they are saying maybe? “On xyz street, a child has a seizure. On yxz street we have a robbery at Walmart. At zxy street we have domestic violence”. For $20.00, somebody can type this stuff out. You don’t need this version if you want to hear live and don’t want archives. Get the free one. You won’t get archives with this anyway, it’s another $30.00 a year. A lot to listen hopefully once.
  • VERY HAPPY ‼️ 5/5

    By TFD44
    Have only had this app for a couple of days. Very happy with it‼️I have some other scanner apps but this one has a much greater selection of audio feeds + the audio quality is quite good!
  • Waste of time and money! 1/5

    By Wildfleabag
    Paid $1.99 to download & find that you have to $30 to hear anything! Worthless!

    By Yomamma0u812
    Pro version should show tags especially since you own the system. Android version has tags why can’t IOS? Being able to run (without stopping) while simultaneously using a second scanner app. And auto restart stream after interruptions. (The “other” scanner app does this). OR.... Allow multiple simultaneous streams!!!!! PAID $20 for ScannerLive (your partners). Let me worry about data and battery life. NEED TAGS FOR THAT 5TH STAR. BTW. Recording would be nice. At least a minute or two.
  • Great on iOS but Compared to Android app... 5/5

    By RHankD
    The android app shows which town is broadcasting when they broadcast. Will the iOS app soon be showing that also? Other than that its a great app!
  • Waste 1/5

    By Nicknamecreatrdhereok
    Doesn’t work
  • Servers are down 1/5

    By Addictshjdjjsbhaywhehdjd
    I just paid to use this pos app to get updates on the Las Vegas shooter. Sorry but the servers are down. I want my money back
  • Not what it is made out to be 1/5

    By Conner Eberlin
    So I had the free one for about a month and decided to upgrade to the pro, not worth it. When you upgrade, it is nothing more than the free one. Don't waste your money, just get the free one.
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By Wanderoff23
    Does not work at all. Total garbage. Money back please.
  • Works!! Can't believe it! 5/5

    By Lilweezyone
    Wasted money on other apps. Couldn't get my area. Just found this. Listening to weather scanner!! Wunderground removed their weather radio streaming for some reason. Glad I found this! Thanks Broadcastify!!!!!