Browser and Documents Manager

Browser and Documents Manager

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  • Current Version: 2.6
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Browser and Documents Manager App

Download and browse files and documents on your iPhone, iPod or iPad like on your computer. No limits on storage or downloads! √ Full-featured Download Manager Auto-correct file name, fast speed, safe pause and resume downloads. Background modes support. √ Web-browser like Safari with bookmarks Tap and hold to start download, or simply click the link. Private browsing by default. Multiple tabs. Custom search engine and user-agent. Favourites grid. √ File Manager Edit files, organize files in folders. Extract zip archives. Work with doc xls pdf ppt txt html rtf and 100+ formats. √ iCloud, Camera Roll and iTunes file sharing support. √ Open In files in other apps! ** WARNING: This app does not include any audio or video download feature or any related functionality. The downloadable content must be NON-audiovisual which includes pdfs, docs, xlsxs etc.

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Browser and Documents Manager app reviews

  • Adds garbage 1/5

    By Power of the Tongue
    Immediately upon opening app, a game opened with no way to close game except deleting app... with phrase ‘dude, you have to play this game’. Nope.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By futureman123
    Every 1 minute another ad pops up! I tried to put up with it but it became too much trouble. DELETE
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By idiotisaiah
    I use it a lot for YouTube and it works but the ads are terrible and are the only reason why they don’t have 5 stars
  • Great at first 2/5

    By outrakou
    It was great at first but then they updated it and now there’s an ad almost every two minutes
  • music download to be played offline 5/5

    By clarktangent
    what happened to this feature?? before I can download music video so I can play it offline but now I cant
  • Can’t download from YouTube ? 2/5

    By ShayLover12345
    Ummmm what’s going on here ...
  • i can’t download 5/5

    By aaallhhheee
    please make a new update i can’t download anything
  • Too much advertisement while downloading 1/5

    By 🦋!
    Too much advertisement while downloading.
  • ad every 2 seconds 1/5

    By eth98810
    cannot connect to local storage
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gfmcihanfugfhksv
    This app lets you download music for free off of YouTube and free audiobooks if you find them on YouTube or sites like tokybook.
  • Paid for premium 4/5

    By JCBXXX9419
    I’m very disappointed with this app as of late because i paid for premium and everything was fine at first. But now I constantly get adds. This is very frustrating because I have to keep my phone in airplain mode to even go through my files It makes me wish I never purchased it in the first place.
  • Update 1/5

    By Voice)))
    Of those who like to download then watch later this is the best app so far. Ads are bother some !! Update: No download anymore !!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By ebwgwjerjrihwvqdwvdjfkj
    I love this app it's free and it even has a vpn
  • disappointed 1/5

    By xahria
    this apps i used it for 3years i can download musics and now 1 week ago i change my phone and trying to download again this apps to get a free music but i can’t i dont know what happen to this apps i hope i can use it again to download musoc for free so i can listen without internet..please some changes
  • Browser 1/5

    By jehehdbdh
    Very good app but way too many ads🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Shoves full screen undismissable ads in your face the instant you open it 1/5

    By dhdufhfbfhrcjdhftughvtjfbfhgfh
  • Waste a time 2/5

    By just here to be honest
    Not what it seems it allowed me to download nothing it didn’t even give me the option.
  • Ate up with advertisements 1/5

    By Dinkabus
    30 seconds into using the browser.... 3 different ads popped up forcing a 30 second mandatory wait to proceed. I proceeded alright....... proceeded to DELETE THIS WORTHLESS MONEY GRUBBING APP
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JeanLMcC
    Can’t even get past the ads to get to the app
  • Does not work when trying to download from y2mate 3/5

    By bbbhcccw
    Tried to download a video from y2mate but not working
  • So I can’t download music anymore?!?!? 4/5

    By gamerpal89
    I had to delete this app to get the new update for my phone and the moment I went to download music, the download option doesn’t show at all. To make things worse, there is no pop up saying if I want to download a certain type of song. Can you please fix this to where I can download music again?
  • ADDS 1/5

    By Do k47
  • Adds 5/5

    By Budman0888
    I understand the need for adds but way too excessive. Is there a paid version so we don't have these stupid adds?
  • Uh uh 1/5

    By LaniB214
    Completely pointless. Doesn’t work at all
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Ttd9901
    I can’t download off YouTube anymore and the support email does not work. This makes no sense.
  • Too Many Ads. Trash app. 1/5

    By A Helpful Guy!
    You have to watch 850 ads to download one thing and it spams you the whole time. This might actually piss me off more than the Comcast app.
  • Nicename 5/5

    By bjdidjs
  • Didn’t get the download button 1/5

    By yair14566
    After Install the app I didn’t get the download buttoon while I open the youtube website any solutions?
  • Won’t let me download anything 1/5

    By LocX4
    Won’t let me download anything doesn’t even give me the download option
  • Download issue 2/5

    By roghanikhan
    Cant download files anymore please check up on this issue thanks.
  • Difficult to add files relentless full page ads 1/5

    By hiketrails
    So far haven’t been able to figure out how to move/add files unless in the camera roll. Ad after ad popping up and doesn’t seem to be way to escape. Completely totally worthless app. Every ad has one option...Install now. Good luck on figuring out how to continue using without installing the advertised app.
  • Too many pop ups 1/5

    By Natesujey
    I’ve been using the app for a few months now and recently noticed I get a pop up ad every few seconds. I can’t even click a button without getting a ad I’m deleting this thing.
  • Can’t download anything 1/5

    By Princess👸🏽👑
    I use to love this app when I first downloaded it about a year ago now I can’t download anything anymore
  • Greedy annoying app ever 1/5

    By MuradSahibzada
    every 30sec Ad come on full screen. most annoying and greedy app i ever used. i downloaded and deleted with in 5 mins . thanks for ads
  • Cast Music 5/5

    By EBanksjr
    I would like to cast my audio downloads to my google home, please and thank you
  • Does not download music/MP3 1/5

    By Robairsoft
    When ever I download a music file it just says "sorry download from **** is restricted by copyright when I in fact downloaded an non copyright music, I don't know if this is a bug or this is just a way not to get removed from the App Store and I'm currently looking for an my media alternatives because the app doesn't support iOS 10 anymore please fix this issue
  • Bug 3/5

    By JaCk0601261010
    This app has been great and I have been using it forever but recently, as of around September 28th I can't download videos anymore. I can't even find the subscriptions tab when I go to YouTube. I have to manually put in the link and I still can't download. Plz fix
  • Can’t download! 1/5

    By pandamo nium
    Before I could download videos from YouTube but now since I updated this apps I can’t download anything anymore. Thats disappoint me bc I’Ve been using this apps for 3 years.
  • Ruined 1/5

    By I lost a rare Mutant
    The newest update practically ruined the app for me. The entire reason I downloaded this app was to download youtube videos so that I can watch them when I head out. The new update no longer allows you to download from youtube, making the app useless to me. Usually, when you opened a youtube video on the browser, it would give an option to download. Now, it shows absolutely nothing. Hopefully this is just a bug for me, and if so, hopefully, it gets fixed.

    By Vica4
    I paid for this APP in good faith and can’t download anything!! I reached out to the developer and received nothing, no email, nothing!!!! I want a refund!!
  • Annoying ads, don’t update! 2/5

    By Nacho227
    Version 2.0.1 was much more pleasant to use👌! Please cut out this 30 seconds adds 😬😬
  • Cannot download YouTube music 1/5

    By im_Blackiee
    I’m on the iPhone 10xR and for some reason whenever I click on the video the little alert that should pop up asking me to download the music doesn’t pop up
  • How? 1/5

    By rrrrosaye
    How do I use this app? when I go to YouTube, how do I download a video? no instructions given. when this changes I will rate five stars.
  • dumb app 1/5

    By odizskwlalabwjskndsllwnxh
    it won’t let me download music so this app is dumb i say don’t download it bc it stupid
  • 😶 1/5

    By mlhadem
    The new version socks I used to use the app for 2 years to download from youtube, musics, files or else now it dosnt work attall I removed it and find some other app 😒
  • Can’t download videos 4/5

    By veilsska
    I use to be able to download videos and images and other things but now it doesn’t work
  • It’s useless now 3/5

    By Erica jewel
    Used to let me download things! Now it won’t 😤
  • new update problem 5/5

    By Akash NiL
    iphone any model can't downloaded any file..something is wrong..please check and bug fixed it.its really good wait for new update and please kindly fixed all problems.thank you.
  • The download not a best last time 1/5

    By dubai_boy1971
    I can't carry (download ) any audio file on it. I don't know why. A while ago, it was a very excellent program and audio files are downloaded, but the last period can't give him only one star.

Browser and Documents Manager app comments

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