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BTN+ App

BTN+ is a direct-to-consumer video streaming subscription service offered by the Big Ten Network -- the only network dedicated to in-depth coverage of America's most storied collegiate conference, the Big Ten Conference. With a BTN+ subscription, you get access to the following Big Ten content: 1. LIVE STREAMING NON-TELEVISED GAMES BTN+ subscriptions include access to live streaming of more than 1,400 extra non-televised Big Ten games and events produced by the Big Ten Network in partnership with the member schools of the Big Ten Conference. Look for games and events featuring the BTN+ designation on the BTN+ schedule to watch live and stream on-demand. You do not need a TV Provider to subscribe to BTN+. (A Note on Televised Games: Fox Sports has replaced BTN’s former TV Everywhere service called BTN2Go. In order to watch live streaming of televised games airing on BTN, FOX, or FS1 -- such as Big Ten Football games -- please visit or download the Fox Sports app. You will be required to authenticate with separate TV Provider credentials.) 2. NEXT DAY, ON-DEMAND GAME ARCHIVES BTN+ subscriptions include access to next day, on-demand archives of all games and events produced by BTN+, as well as games and events produced and televised by BTN and the rest of the major Big Ten Conference television partners, including FOX, FS1, ABC, ESPN, & CBS. Missed yesterday’s B1G game? No problem with a BTN+ subscription. 3. PREVIOUS SEASON BIG TEN CLASSICS AND ORIGINALS BTN+ subscriptions include access to on-demand archives from BTN’s library of Big Ten Classic Football games, Big Ten Classic Basketball games, and other Big Ten Classic games. Re-live your favorite school's most incredible games anytime, anywhere! BTN+ subscriptions also include access to on-demand previous seasons of BTN's Originals, such as The Journey, Big Ten Elite, and Big Ten Treasure Hunter. BTN+ subscriptions are available on an annual or monthly basis, and can be purchased to access content for all fourteen schools in the Big Ten Conference, or just your favorite school: Illinois Fighting Illini Indiana Hoosiers Iowa Hawkeyes Maryland Terrapins Michigan Wolverines Michigan State Spartans Minnesota Golden Gophers Nebraska Cornhuskers Northwestern Wildcats Ohio State Buckeyes Penn State Nittany Lions Purdue Boilermakers Rutgers Scarlet Knights Wisconsin Badgers Please note: At this time, BTN+ streaming subscription service is available only in the United States, Canada and select Caribbean Islands. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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BTN+ app reviews

  • Useless app 1/5

    By Hellokittyninja
    Compared to the Pac-12 network, this app is horrible. Gotta pay for anything and everything.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By RJHoldsworth
    BTN+ is awful. I have paid for it for several years and they do not cover nearly enough sports for it being an additional coverage network. Then, when they do show coverage it usually does not show up in a timely manner. Like right now I am having to follow stats for a match that is set to play. It is 23 minutes in. Says your event will start soon. I’ve waited all afternoon for this and I’m paying $15 per month for it. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Classless money grubbers 1/5

    By upyoursb1g
    I hope BTN takes a look at the horrible rating here and realize the huge mistake they made. Why should we pay for service to get the channel and then be charged more to watch content here? I can't think of another app that is like that. Let's put the consumer last, great business model. Unbelievable how greedy and selfish this is, already taking in millions and sticking it to the people that stretch themselves thin as it is just to be able to see their teams, now we have to pay more on top of it.
  • BTN+ 1/5

    By Greg from Minneapolis
    I joined BTN + so I could watch Gopher volleyball. So I was told it was blocked out in my area. How can a game played away from home in Illinois be blacked out? Time to cancel I guess.
  • It’s just bad. 1/5

    By Buckeye dude 10
    I’m not sure what this app is good for. There are plenty of reviews that explain why this app stinks and they are all correct. Not worth getting.... maybe the developer will read all the feedback and do something to improve the app... go back to BTN 2 Go app format.
  • 😂 1/5

    By First Apple Review Ever
    This has to be the worst subscription/app out there! Thought it was free through my cable but turns out they want to charge you $16 a month for games you can watch free elsewhere. Who's idea was this?
  • BTN to Go 1/5

    By Andyj1120
    Big swing and a miss with this app. You took my favorite sports app and made it the worst. Don’t send us to the fox sports app, that is an extremely inferior product. Let me watch the replays of stuff aired on BTN or its partners. Now I just have to use my cable app and will never be on your app. Very successful at driving people away, that seems like a great business model.
  • Don’t waste your time or money. 1/5

    By marykand mike
    Tried to cancel but the app doesn’t have a cancel subscription option in menu. Husband couldn’t watch his game live. Very difficult to use. Don’t waste your time.
  • Worthless without the full subscription 1/5

    By gg2849
    Not only have they changed the game and insist I subscribe to watch streamed events, they won’t even tell me the score of completed events. Don’t waste your time here unless you are planning to pay big bucks to subscribe.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By ColoradoBookie
  • Unable to beam to chromecast 1/5

    By Ben Ferg
    I paid for the app to watch a college football game that was listed on their app. Once I purchased the app and clicked on the game it sent me over to the Fox Sports app and then would only let me watch it on my phone and would not beam to chromecast. Other content on the app appears to beam, but not everything and most importantly the game I wanted to watch and paid for.
  • Purposely Deceiving 1/5

    By Lovekeg
    I recently got this app and purchased a team based subscription. On the website it listed the game that I wanted to watch with “BTN+” next to it. Then after I make the purchase it tells me that I’m in a blackout area for the game. When I contacted btn support, they told me that no football games were covered. And, because it’s such a difficult process to get my $10 back, they will probably get to keep it. Bs...
  • No point if can’t watch the games 1/5

    By uppersandusky
    You would think that buying BTN would give you access to the BT games you want to see. Nope! Over priced and you still have to go to Fox2. Waste of time & money.
  • Blackout 1/5

    By fshn1143
    I bought this app to watch my btn games I was missing because I couldn’t get them on the dish while they fight over price, but all the games of my team are blacked out. “Because they are on btn”.
  • Btn 1/5

    By jellogg
    I am a Big Ten fan and hoped to watch OSU last Sat. I went through the prescribed steps, paid for the service, but learned it didn’t work with Opticaltel in Zellwood, Fl.
  • Wow even Stadium sports is HD 60FPS 1/5

    By ehren88888
    Terrible video quality streams. They look like DVD 480p. Watching the Wisconsin Badgers soccer stream and there aren’t even any on-screen graphics. Quite the joke. 720p and 60 frames per second would be nice.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Bbbstunts
    Need to log into tv provider!!! I wasted my money and I should be refunded
  • Corporate greed at it's finest 1/5

    By wehaycox
    This app is the poster child for why people jail break fire sticks and rokus. Take $$ and give peanuts in return. If I'm paying $10 per month for my favorite team or $15 for the whole league how do you douché bags justify no live streaming for any reason? I have one cable provider available in my area and they're service and channel lineup is garbage unless I give them a car payment sized sum every month! Football and some college basketball is all I care to watch and you greedy bungholes restrict viewing to those who have money to burn! I hope your advertisers realize the revenue they're losing because you want everyone to give you obscene amounts of money to televise great athletes that perform for free!
  • Lame 1/5

    By JapanHusker
    Can’t watch live games. What’s the point?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mike l b
    Why pay for a subscription when I already pay for it on tv.
  • Disappointed at best 1/5

    By KsAWAS
    I bought the subscription because I love to watch my Huskers, VB, FB, BB. I have very active kids and live a very active lifestyle. In other words I don’t have time nor do I care to lounge around on my couch to see all the games. I don’t even have cable for this reason as well, I’m never home to watch t.v. BUT I love my Huskers!!! Imagine my excitement when I first got the BTN+ app. Here, now I can be on the go and not miss a game!!! SO, SO Wrong!!! Nebraska VB player Stanford this week, Number 1 & 2, it’s what I looked forward to ALL WEEK!! Do I get to watch it? NO!! I guess This app is ok if you have a crappy team... then you will get to watch them. 🙄
  • Deceitful! There is no football here. 1/5

    By Me-3.14159
    Read the descriptions carefully. You can not live stream college football with this. (And for anything else you'll be in a blackout area... so better to just forget it.)
  • Pay to watch replays? 1/5

    By bw2120
    The old version was much much better. I use to be able to watch a replay now I have to pay to? Crap and very disappointing. I also just chatted with someone fromBTN+ and they were no help. Absolutely no way fox or BTN to watch replays!! This is crap!!!!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By battery stinks
    The app used to enable one to watch volleyball games and now nothing. What’s the point? I also went to fox sports and there isn’t even a btn channel option. And I pay for this stupid service.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By closed app
    This used to be a good site. But now they changed it and you cannot watch or read anything without a subscription. I DELETED IT!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By closed app
    This used to be a good site. But now they changed it and you cannot watch or read anything without a subscription. I DELETED IT!
  • Crappy Website 1/5

    By You'all
    Just like review I just read unable to negotiate the Big Ten+ site
  • Doesn’t play advertised content 1/5

    By Kinganaki
    If you’re trying to watching anything streaming it will pass through to the Fox Sports App, but will not play live content as advertised on either of the apps. Try to get college football streaming elsewhere.
  • needs work 1/5

    By rkgw13
    very confusing interface. also seems like eastern time zone is the only option to view schedule - annoying that user can’t set time zone or auto to location. not very well thought out in general.
  • BTN disappointing 1/5

    By Clark6901
    First they want you to purchase a subscription to the BTN+. You don’t get to watch anything that is on the BTN because now they want to have a Fox Sports Subscription with a Valid TV provider. I thought the whole point of having the Big Ten Network was to see your favorite teams games regardless of TV provider. What is the point of having a BTN+ subscription if can’t actually watch a game that is on a Big Ten Network Station? I shouldn’t have to go to ABC, CBS, Fox or ESPN to watch a game if I have subscription to the BTN+. You really need to think if this Network is worth having if you aren’t going to actually show all of your favorite schools sports. Especially when you want people to pay for a subscription. I won’t be renewing my subscription at the end of the month.
  • Review of mn gopher vb 1/5

    By bpoot
    This is ridiculous. I paid $119 to watch the gopher vb games. Some times I can get in and most times they send us here and there and we still can’t find them. Last year was so MUCH BETTER. Such a disappointment!
  • Joe 1/5

    Couldn’t be more bummed. I pay my direct tv bill in the states, but live and work in Japan. For years I streamed Spartan and Illini sports with the BigTen2Go app that I grew to love. It’s replacement, the Fox Sports app, wont let me view anything due to my location. #whyyagottasellout??
  • Paid subscription to have college blackouts?? 1/5

    By Julz-with a Z
    I believe FOX bought this I've a paid subscription to BTN+ and STILL can't watch my cousins game because of blackouts. I'm in Oregon...the game is between Minnesota and South Carolina...IN Minnesota...WHY IS THAT BLACKED OUT??? WHAT AM I PAYING FOR????
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By The man147
    This is incredibly disappointing! Big Ten Network is screwing over the fans that make the network possible in the first place. If you can get past the fact that they’re now charging you for what was free, the constant lagging and crashing will be enough to get you to delete the app. Save yourself the headache and just don’t deal with this.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By C Parham
    Not paying twice for the same programming. Waste of money too bad I can’t rate this a 0
  • Frauds. This app should be pulled 1/5

    By town&countryandycohen
    They advertise content they simply do not own. Football is now owned by Fox. Everything else is blacked out or unusable.
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By Rileey of Gladden
    It is a great concept to be able to watch sporting events at my leisure after they have occurred. This is if this feature actually worked as intended. Well after the listed post time I receive messages that video is not available or that the content is blacked out. What trash for a pay app. Fix your app!!!!!
  • Dissappointed 1/5

    By MC4
    I found this app confusing and not useable compared to the old 2go version. Very frustrating to use. I deleted it.
  • Greed 1/5

    By Adam G23456
    I pay for the Big Ten Network as part of my cable service. I’m out of town for the weekend, to watch something on my iPad, I could normally watch at home for no fee, this app wants to charge me even more money. Are you serious? Do you enjoy pissing off your paying customers?
  • Rip off 1/5

    By glindvall
    You now need to pay for the app on top of paying your cable provider. Wish I was surprised.
  • Blackout 1/5

    By Blaylock5
    Would love to watch the Badgers, but it’s blacked out in my region. What’s the region.....their playing Central Michigan? HORRIBLE service!
  • Worthless! 1/5

    By Whit0720
    Signed up so we could watch UofM games in California. But so far each game has not been available live because we are in a “blacked out” area. WTH?! We live in California! How is that a black out area for the MichvArmy game?! Went with Hulu live instead. It’s more $$$, but at least we can actually watch the games live!
  • No Chromecast support in BTN2Go replacement app 1/5

    By adamadam09
    A complete step backwards
  • How do I get out of this thing! 1/5

    By Most Dissatisfied Fan
    I clicked on a link to BigTen+ and was invited to select my favorite team. Next I went to a page where I was asked to select the sports I wanted to see, at which time a dialog box informed me that I had missed a step in the process. After repeated attempts to find the darn thing, I decided I’d had enough. I tried to get back to the home page, but the site is impossible to navigate. So I decided I’d back out of BigTen+ and resume my use of plain old BigTen. But, alas, this was not to be. I couldn’t back out of or delete the BigTen+ version. And when I went to the App Store, BigTen+ was the only option given to me. So I guess I’m going to have to live without any access to information on my alma mater’s major sports. Thanks,BigTen+
  • Big Ten Network should be renamed Big Ten East Network 4/5

    By chession
    I have watched the BTN “ Big Show” for two nights after the week 1 conference games and you have the vast majority of air time on East division blow-outs against FCS weaklings over closer west division games vs much better teams. I can tolerate this but the BTN spends more air time on SEC teams than they do for west division teams and there is no excuse. I will be imitating a letter campaign to west division presidents requesting that the BTN production staff be replaced. if you love the SEC so much get a job with ESPN who is laughing at the BTN
  • Buffering makes game unwatchable 1/5

    By Ready2retiretoo
    Trying to watch Rutgers game via fire tv app, horrible buffering issues (every 15 to 30 seconds). Was fine Thursday, other apps work fine, internet speed good at 83Mbps download, 72 up. Not the first time this has happened.
  • Blocked games 1/5

    By mattc747
    I downloaded this app to watch my favorite college football team when the broadcasts were on BTN. It was only after paying the $15 monthly subscription that we learned they blocked the game for broadcast in our area. $15 down the drain.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jules1234567891011
    I paid $179 for this to watch “all the games on demand”. The app auto-directs me to the Fox app (which I had to download) and this keeps telling me that the game has ended or not available. When I go through the other Fox Sports app, it has the same re-direct. Useless. I will be getting a full refund for this garbage.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Mooosemann
    Spent $14.99 for a subscription to watch Michigan-middle Tennessee in a non-big10 market. Endless effort to access between BTN app, Fox sports app, cable provider. Never could watch the game. Attempted to contact BTN for resolution. Very unhelpful.

BTN+ app comments

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