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  • Current Version: 3.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Android
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방탄소년단 공식 응원봉 BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK의 모바일 앱입니다. 본 앱은 아미밤V3와 아미밤SE 버전을 모두 지원합니다. [주요 기능 안내, MAIN FEATURES] 1. 공연모드 티켓 좌석 정보 등록 후 응원봉과 연동하면, 공연 중 다양한 응원봉의 무대 연출을 즐기실 수 있습니다. 공연이 있을 때만 사용 가능한 메뉴입니다. 2. 스마트폰 블루투스 연결 응원봉의 스위치를 아래로 내려 블루투스 모드로 맞춰주세요. 스마트폰의 블루투스 기능을 켜고 응원봉을 스마트폰 화면에 가까이하면, 응원봉과 스마트폰이 연동됩니다. 일부 스마트폰에서는 GPS를 켜야 블루투스 연결이 가능합니다. 블루투스 연결이 되지 않는 분들은 GPS 기능을 켜주시길 바랍니다. 3. 셀프모드 스마트폰과 블루투스 모드로 연결 후, 스마트폰 화면에서 직접 원하는 컬러를 선택하시면 응원봉의 컬러가 변경됩니다. 4. 배터리 잔량체크 "셀프모드" 상태에서 하단 버튼을 클릭하면 응원봉의 배터리 잔량 확인이 가능합니다. 배터리 교체가 필요한지 확인해 주세요. [공연 관람 전 주의사항] - 공연 관람 전, 본인의 티켓 좌석 정보를 확인하여 응원봉에 좌석 정보를 입력해 주세요. - 응원봉의 무선 연출이 제대로 작동하지 않는 경우, 응원봉을 페어링 하지 않았거나 페어링 과정을 완료하지 않은 것이 원인일 수 있습니다. 앱을 통해 응원봉과 좌석 페어링을 완료해 주세요. - 반드시 응원봉에 등록한 좌석 정보와 같은 좌석에서 공연을 관람해 주시길 바랍니다. 임의로 다른 좌석으로 이동하게 되면 응원봉 무대 연출이 달라질 수 있으니 주의해 주세요. - 공연 도중 응원봉의 전원이 꺼지지 않도록, 공연 전 배터리 체크를 해주세요. - 응원봉의 무대 연출을 위해, 공연 관람 시에는 반드시 좌석 정보 등록이 완료된 응원봉의 스위치를 위로 올려 “공연모드”로 설정해 주셔야 합니다. - 공연장에서는 페어링 부스를 운영할 예정이오니, 응원봉에 좌석 정보 입력이 어려우신 경우 페어링 부스를 방문해 주세요. - BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK의 공연 연출은 전 세계의 공연에서도 진행 예정입니다. [앱 이용을 위한 필수 접근 권한 안내] 앱과 응원봉의 원활한 이용을 위하여 아래 권한을 필요로 합니다. 안내 팝업이 뜨면 [허용] 해주세요. - 저장 공간: QR/바코드 및 공연정보 위해 사용 - 전화: 기기의 인증 상태를 유지하기 위해 사용 - 카메라: QR/바코드 인식을 위해 사용 - 블루투스: 응원도구 연결을 위해 사용 - 위치: 블루투스 연결을 위해 사용 This is the mobile App for the BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK. This app supports both ARMY BOMB V3 and ARMY BOMB SE versions. 1. CONCERT MODE Enter your concert ticket information and pair your light stick. You can enjoy various stage effects during the concert This menu will be enabled several days prior to a concert. 2. CONNECTING WITH BLUETOOTH ON YOUR SMARTPHONE Move the switch down on the light stick to set it to “BLUETOOTH MODE”.. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone and hold your smartphone close to connect them. Some smartphones require you to turn on GPS to enable Bluetooth connectivity. If you can not connect to Bluetooth, please turn on the GPS function. 3. SELF MODE After connecting with your smartphone with Bluetooth, touch a color you want on the screen. The light stick color will change accordingly. 4. BATTERY CHECK While in “SELF MODE”, select the button on the bottom of the screen to check the battery level of your light stick. Check if you need to replace the battery. [NOTICE] - Check your seat information on your ticket before the concert and enter it on the light stick in advance. - If the light stick does not work properly, the cause may be due to not pairing your light stick or not completing the pairing process. Please complete the pairing of the light stick and the seat through the app. - Please be seated in the same seat where you registered for the light stick. Moving to a different seat may cause different stage appearance. - Check the light stick battery in advance to prevent turning off during the concert. - To take part in the light stick production, be sure to register your light stick via the mobile App and set the light stick switch to “CONCERT MODE”. - There will be Paring Booths located in the concert venue. If you need help registering your seat information, please visit a Paring Booth. - Stage production integrating the BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK will be featured in shows throughout the world, including the United States and Europe. [Required access permission] To use the app and the light stick, the following permissions are required: - Device Storage: save QR code/ seat info etc. - Phone: read phone status and identity - Camera: take pictures of QR/barcode - BLE: connect light stick - GPS: connect BLE



  • Concert date lists 4/5

    By jen_chimmy
    I only see 11/27 and 11/28. What about 12/01 and 12/02? Please help. Thanks!
  • I LOVE YOU BTS💜💜💜 5/5

    By ARMY💕💕💕💕
    Every time I want to select concert mode I need BLE access and I can’t go to the concert bc my parents won’t let me and mt parents won’t buy me a AMRY Light stick so have fun army’s 💜💜💜🥲🥲🥲🥲
  • Ver 3 is not connecting to iPhone 2/5

    By jennyd071
    I bought my Army Bomb ver 3 in 2019 and it was working up until late 2020. I am trying to prepare it for PTD in LA but it’s not working. I changed the batteries, updated the app, updated my iPhone software. But it is still not working :( Is it the app? I will have to go to a pairing booth at the concert but I really wished it could work so I can pair it easily before I head to the concert.
  • please update the app 3/5

    By omgpostthereviewalready
    we need the PTD LA concert dates 😟 the last update gave us nothing even though it supposedly added “concert lists” it’s still not there? 🤨
  • still not working 1/5

    By Alexcchii
    Yeah this app is still broken, mine is an official lightstick from rose bowl stadium and it hasnt been working. I tried everything like changing the batteries. It worked at the concert because obviously it's an official lightstick if I got it at the concert and I rarely ever touch it so my lightstick isnt broken or something. i hope they fix this before the concert dates because at this point it's not whether it's official or not..the app js just broken.
  • Won’t connect! 3/5

    By ceceariii
    I purchased my army bomb from Weverse and decided to get it ready for the LA concert…I have my Bluetooth on and changed the batteries but it still won’t connect to my phone 😭 I’m really stressed out now.
  • Ver 3 for iPhone is still not working 2/5

    By Fireflylbeep
    My Bomb is official (purchased off Weverse) and has been able to sync to the app in the past, but about a year ago, it stopped syncing and even after the most recent update still won’t sync. Please fix this before the PTD concert!!
  • LA PTD 4/5

    By triciacedars
    Is the app going to be updated for the PTD concerts in LA?
  • App not working 1/5

    By Angel_Raider29
    I have two Army bombs (one purchased on Weply and the other @ Rose Bowl D2) and THEY BOTH do not work with the app. Like others, I’ve tried reinstalling the app but nothing works. It just blinks blue as the app puts me in a loop of trying to sync. I really hope they update the app because I miss being able to use the app with my army bomb!!!
  • Malak basil 5/5

    By al obaede
    Ilove it
  • App not working 4/5

    By curly0223
    It worked great for a while but now the app won’t load at all. Any one else having this problem?
  • GREAT I love it ! 4/5

    By Nataliepato
    It is great but it would sometimes not work and change all the time. I still love it tho so I would recommend it

    By bts_army5856
    Guys do not buy army bombs off Amazon or off other sites. They will scam you . If your army Bomb doesn’t connect I’m 99% sure it’s fake. Buy army bombs at concerts or off the weverse shops. Those are the best and most reliable because they come straight from BigHit

    By lightningtcg
    my army bomb is official (i bought it at the metlife concert it’s ver3) and since october of 2020 it hasn’t connected to bluetooth on this app and on weverse. it used to work in 2019 perfectly but now it doesn’t after the recent updates. im worried because i don’t know if this means the bluetooth feature won’t work at concerts or if this is just an app problem but this is clearly a common issue among many armys. i don’t know what to do cause ive restarted the app, restarted my phone, changed the batteries to the army bomb, literally everything and it’s still not working in 2021. kinda sad because they keep updating and adding new features to the app but my bluetooth won’t connect, it just keeps flashing blue. even when i try connecting on weverse it says “disconnected official lightstick” which makes me believe this is an app issue and not my army bomb. unsure if the people running this app are aware of this issue but THE BLUETOOTH DOES NOT WORK ! it’s aggravating seeing the updates to the app but no fixes for the army bombs that won’t connect 😒 please to the people running this app fix the problem for people who have official lightsticks that won’t connect !!!!!!!! my army bomb does work by itself with the regular lights though

    By heinsvska meme
    Hey army this app works completely fine hahah Lol anyways love your self and stream butter😖💜 Get it let it roll! Tiktok : mafiakook Instagram: 2.vpc Lol Borahae!
  • Ver 3 won’t connect to Bluetooth 1/5

    By tpico93
    I’m assuming that one of Apple’s updates is interfering, but I tried connecting my bomb ver 3 today via weverse and the army bomb app and it won’t even show up. The lightstick doesn’t even pop up on my Bluetooth menu! It’s very upsetting and concerning this is happening and I see people have left reviews for months regarding this issue that still hasn’t been resolved. Could someone please provide a solution for this? I’d hate for there to be a virtual show soon and I can’t get it to connect!
  • works amazing 5/5

    By bogoshipaaa
    there i was, 14 year old me, standing outside the rose bowl stadium, pasadena. it was may 5th 2019, a beautiful sunny day with only a hint of rain, and i was at my very first concert. i was super nervous but all the fellow armies were so nice (someone even gave me a box of cookies🥺). right after i purchased my army bomb, jin pic, and t-shirt, i immediately opened this app and right away, concert mode popped up and i excitedly pressed on it and after that moment, my newly bought light stick was never the same.
  • great app, but.. 4/5

    By Carolinecookies
    u got an army bomb to go to the mots tour, (which was postponed by covid) and the app worked fine for a while. i used it on self mode for fun but now all of the sudden it just won’t connect. i’ve tried everything and my lightstick is official, but it stopped working
  • Please update the app 2/5

    By Afsara101
    The army bomb hasn’t connected after the ios upgrades, please update it so we can continue using it
  • Doesnt work 5/5

    By pourquoi lorsqu'il y a race
    My army bomb never connects
  • Won't connect 1/5

    By NekoNekoニャンニャン
    I just got mine for Christmas, and I was so excited. However, when I tried the app, it wouldn't connect. I bought mine from BTS's official website, so it's mist definitely not fake. I tried connecting it at least five times before giving up. Please update the app, I'm very disappointed and sad.
  • I 5/5

    By skjswjjsjsd
    I got a fake one today for Christmas I SWEAR WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FAKE SELLERS
  • Custom Color Won’t Last 3/5

    By DiannelleL
    I got my ARMY Bomb Ver. 4 today (the MOTS Special Edition) and it works great! I can connect it to Weverse and also use it manually. However; when I try to change the color using the app, the color only lasts 2-3 seconds tops and then it starts blinking again. I have tried restarting my lightstick and also deleting the app but nothing changes.
  • Issue since update 2/5

    By ArcFerr
    I have a version 3 official light stick that was purchased at the concert. I have an iPhone. I used to be able to connect to self mode, but now it no longer connects. It is flashing the blue light. I also can’t connect to Weverse mv. I used to be able to connect previous to last update. I’ve heard different stories: you have to have a 4G phone and support to iPhones has been discontinued. What’s the issue? Will you roll out another update that connects iPhones? I’m not buying a SE light stick if it’s only useable at concerts after going to the connection booth. Please address this issue.
  • love the new update 5/5

    By _.nadii
    i like the new update with the app you can do blackout mode and you can save colors and change the brightness it’s very fun :).
  • (version 3) connection issues !! 2/5

    By janekitamoto
    so i have a version 3 army bomb and i bought it at the rose bowl stadium and it connected just fine there. and afterwards, the self mode also worked great and i could change my army bomb to all the colors but all of the sudden it won’t let me connect to my phone or ipad anymore. i do in fact have storage and my bluetooth works fine, so i’m not sure if the problem is the lightstick or my devices. the same problem occurs with other apps like weverse too ;(
  • Not connecting 4/5

    By andreaaaaa475
    My army bomb used to connect before but not anymore. This started after I updated to iOS14. Please update your app :)
  • Connection not working 3/5

    By blaine and kurt
    It won’t let me connect my army bomb and before the last update I used to be able to connect my army bomb all the time
  • Trouble connecting light stick 5/5

    By Izuku Midoriya Deku
    I love BTS but I can’t get my lights tick to connect! I have the real thing and my Bluetooth is on but my light stick won’t connect
  • BROKE 2/5

    Ummm I find this app every un useful because I don’t have a light stick🤕
  • Not connecting with new IOS 14 2/5

    By army0329
    Please update the app so it connects to the new Apple IOS 14 system! New IOS updates doesn’t support the army bomb app
  • No 5/5

    By viminyy
    Mine does not connect at all. And it is real. I really don’t know why it’s doing this. Please help.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jeffery dahmer lives on
    I love it especially with the color wheel my army bomb connects fine to the app and with Weverse can’t wait to go to a concert ✌️
  • New Update 4/5

    By vanessar5fan
    The last update that was applied for this app does not allow me to connect my army bomb anymore. When I went to the concert on May 4th, everything was perfectly fine. Also when I go to Weverse and try to connect it to go along with the music videos, it doesn’t work properly anymore. It connects and then says that the light stick is disconnected. It also worked fine when I connected it when the first Bang Bang Con was streamed. I honestly don’t want to buy another army bomb at the moment, but I may have to.
  • (Ver 3.5) wont stay connected on Self mode 4/5

    By addy815
    When I connect the bomb to the self mode it will connect but all for a short period of time. If I go through the different colors to fast or too slow it disconnects automatically. I just got it yesterday from online so I don’t know if this is happening because it might be fake (praying it’s not). So is this a normal thing that’s happening to everyone.
  • Amazinggg!💜 5/5

    By AlexAndJas88
  • SE Self-Mode Flawed Color Changing 3/5

    By juliaannem
    The bomb works perfectly when you turn on the white light, but when you connect it to the app and attempt to change the colors around in self mode, it automatically disconnects and returns to the blinking blue light after a short amount of time. I notice this problem both when attempting to connect to Weverse music videos with my SE, and also when trying to use the app with my SE. Very worried, saw other people had the same issue, hoping that it will not affect it’s performance in concert mode (when that time comes).
  • SE won’t stay connected 4/5

    By Dannyward
    It connects to the self mode but once you start changing the colors then it disconnects and goes back to the flashing blue light. I know we won’t be getting any concerts any time but I hope this doesn’t happen while in concert mode.
  • Battery status 5/5

    By The broke army🤧
    The app is great and all... but when I check my battery status the app says I will need to change the batteries even when I barely put new new batteries in my light stick
  • Won’t connect to concert mood 4/5

    By smolbeans1
    I bought my army bomb on Weverse and it won’t on self mode but not on concert mood. I hope nothing is wrong with it.
  • Map of the Soul SE 5/5

    By Kayikie
    I had ordered my Army Bomb on Weverse Shop, took way longer than expected but it came July 16th. This app works very well and the colors are so pretty! 🥺
  • Self Mode Color Change Issue 3/5

    By Lovemunchhh
    I have the same problem with the person who posted a very recent review. When I change the color of my Army Bomb, it stops or disconnects, then it flashes a blue light. I can only change it for a certain amount of time, sometimes it quickly disconnects. I wonder if this is some kind of issue or glitch. I sent an email to the developer, hopefully they get back to me soon.
  • SE won’t stay connected. 2/5

    By Fiskdgs
    Doesn’t stay connected with SE bomb. I have 3 SE bombs and they all connect at first but as soon as you start moving the controls it disconnects. And yes my Army Bombs are official. Works with v3 bomb ok.
  • 💜 5/5

    By on behalf of ARMY
    I tried doing concert mode and it just says “confirm” and goes away, idk if I need to wait longer but I hopefully my army bomb isn’t fake👁👄👁 I don’t think it would tho cuz I bought it from a shop that was on big hits Instagram story💀
  • Problems staying connected (v3.5) 4/5

    By Frogs are cute
    I have both Army bomb version 3 and 3.5 (Map of the Soul Special Edition). I recently got my SE army bomb (from Weverse, so it’s not fake), and I’m having problems with it staying connected to the self mode. It will work for a couple seconds, then suddenly disconnect. Interestingly, this does not occur with my v.3 Army Bomb. Similarly, my SE army bomb has no problem staying connected to the Weverse MVs (the ones that can connect to the army bomb, including daechwita and mic drop). I am assuming this is a bug within the app (and not my army bomb). Please fix this!
  • Self mode problem? 4/5

    By boobamwow
    I just got my army bomb 2 days ago and everything is fine with it except for when it connects to bluetooth for self mode. When it connects I can only change the color for some amount of time or very slowly and if I don't it goes back to bluetooth mode where it's blinking blue. But it's still able to stay on one color...It's just when I try to change colors ”quickly”. I know if it's the app or my army bomb. But if its my army bomb then nevermind. And sometimes when I try to look at the battery, it isn't there at times.
  • It’s a great app but 5/5

    By DaveEvans1988
    The app is great but my army bomb ver 3 won’t connect on my iPhone 11. It only connects on my iPhone 6
  • Not connecting at all 3/5

    By jimin1994
    My army bomb is recently new and I just bought it on the Weverse shop, so it’s 100% real. About two days later my army bomb wouldn’t connect to self mode at all. I’m afraid this was a waste of money. I’ve turned on Bluetooth and literally everything you can think of, it’s still not working.
  • So 5/5

    By Difficulty bug
    Umm, Idk have an army bomb but I’m assuming this app is pretty nice 👍