BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3

BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3

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  • Current Version: 1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fanlight Co.,ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3 App

방탄소년단 공식 응원봉 BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK ver.3의 모바일 앱입니다. [주요기능안내] 1. 공연모드 티켓 좌석정보 등록 후 공연모드로 선택하면, 공연 중 응원봉을 통한 다양한 무대 연출이 가능합니다. 2. 스마트폰 블루투스 연결 응원봉의 스위치를 아래로 내려 블루투스 모드로 맞춰주세요. 스마트폰의 블루투스 기능을 켜고 응원봉을 스마트폰 화면에 가까이하면, 응원봉과 스마트폰이 연동됩니다. 3. 셀프모드 스마트폰과 블루투스 모드로 연결 후, 스마트폰 화면에서 직접 원하는 컬러를 선택하시면 응원봉의 컬러가 변경됩니다. 4. 배터리 잔량 체크 "셀프모드" 상태에서 우측상단 아이콘을 클릭하면 응원봉의 배터리 잔량 확인이 가능합니다. 배터리 교체가 필요한지 확인해주세요. [공연 관람 전 주의사항] - 공연 관람 전, 본인의 티켓 좌석 정보를 확인하여 응원봉에 좌석정보를 입력해주세요. - 반드시 응원봉에 등록한 좌석 정보와 같은 좌석에서 공연을 관람해주시길 바랍니다. 임의로 다른 좌석으로 이동하게 되면 응원봉 무대연출이 달라질 수 있으니 주의해주세요. - 공연 도중 응원봉의 전원이 꺼지지 않도록, 공연 전 배터리 체크를 해주세요. - 응원봉의 무대연출을 위해, 공연 관람 시에는 반드시 좌석 정보 등록이 완료된 응원봉의 스위치를 “공연모드”로 설정해주셔야 합니다. - 공연장에서는 HELP DESK를 운영할 예정이오니, 응원봉에 좌석정보 입력이 어려우신 경우 HELP DESK를 방문해 주세요. - BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3의 공연연출은 미국, 유럽을 포함한 다른 투어 공연에서도 진행 예정입니다. ※ 접근 권한 안내 [필수 접근 권한] -카메라:QR 코드 인식을 위해 사용 -BLE: 응원도구 연결 위해 사용 This is mobile App for BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3 [MAIN FEATURES] 1. CONCERT MODE Select CONCERT MODE after completing registration of your ticket information on the App. You can enjoy various stage production through light sticks. 2. CONNECTING WITH BLUETOOTH ON YOUR SMARTPHONE Turn the switch down on the light stick to set it to Bluetooth mode. Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and place your smartphone close to connect them. 3. SELF MODE After connecting with your smartphone with Bluetooth, touch a color you want on the screen. The light stick color will change accordingly. 4. BEATTERY CHECK While on “SELF MODE”, select “SETTING” on the top right of the screen to check the battery condition of your light stick. Check if you need to replace the battery. [CONCERT GUIDELINES] - Check your seat information on your ticket before the concert and enter it on the light stick in advance. - Please be seated in the same seat where you registered for the light stick. Moving to a different seat may cause different stage appearance. - Check the light stick battery in advance to prevent turning off during the concert. - For light stick stage production, be sure to have the light stick that is registered via mobile App and set the light stick switch on “CONCERT MODE”. - There will be HELP DESKS around the concert hall. If you need help registering your seat information, please ask for HELP DESKS. - Stage production using BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3 will also be performed on other tour shows, including United States and Europe.

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BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3 app reviews

  • HELP 1/5

    By dtxyooxgi
    It won’t let me redownload the app
  • Just a question 5/5

    By Joonie ly
    What does the “the final” mean does it mean that we can connect are army bomb with the app when we go see the movie or is it just the final update till they have their comeback and they might add something to the app?

    By Missy Panda Girl
    I am sure this isn’t fake because it worked at the concert and I got it at a stand at the concert. But, I recently got a new phone and had to re-download the app. But since it was raining at the concert, I threw out the manual and the box because it got wet. But now I have it on my lap right now and I tried connecting it but it won’t connect. It says “BLE is unavailable: Turn on BLE” so someone please explain what the heck BLE is so I can turn it on and play with all the colors on the app once again!!! :(
  • Colors aren’t working 3/5

    By jvmvrrv
    My friend bought me this lightstick at the concert in LA sometime in May. She sent it to me and I opened it to use the self mode just to see what it looked like and pink, red and yellow doesn’t work. It only gives me just different shades of blue AND green. My friend told me that when she used it at the concert she was also having the same problem even when it was connected during the concert 😕😕 tbh idek what to do with it now
  • Great 5/5

    By 브린나
    I love playing with the lights just for fun. Also y’all shouldn’t buy it from anywhere else but at the concerts or Weply (OFFICIAL app that bighit uses to sell merchandise from their groups) just in case it wouldn’t work. I know that the lightstick are always sold out but I suggest you wait and buy it at the official places so you won’t get ripped off and you can save money. Also if the price of the Ligjtstick is low like $10 or something it’s probably a fake or if the price his high like $70 it’s probably fake. Usually the lightsticks are around $50 just be careful not to get ripped off!!
  • A great app but a recommendation... 4/5

    By mia owo
    This is a useful app for syncing up your light stick for concerts or to sync it up even when you're not in a concert (aka. self mode) but it would be cool if you guys could sync up a certain BTS song and the light stick in self mode would change colors. For instance, I played IDOL and then the light stick would change colors on its own. It would be nice to add this option, but I'm not pushing the creators to add this and I know there's a color pad on Self Mode, but it would be cool if the light stick would change colors on its own if you play a certain song. Anyways, thanks for reading my recommendation!! :)
  • Concert Mode 5/5

    By moonchild.247
    Hi Army! Just a reminder to all to follow the steps to pair your Army Bomb during concert. Once successfully paired, you will need to push the button all the way up. i made the mistake of not doing this during the concert and was wondering why my Army Bomb wasnt synced the rest. Once i pushed the button up that issue was sorted. There will be Army Bomb pairing booth at the venue as well to help you!
  • Advice 5/5

    By BTS_yeet
    If u are going to a concert and connecting it with the app Do all the steps as normal And them put it on normal mode(which is the switch all the way up) The bomb won’t change colors based on the concert if u leave the switch in Bluetooth
  • So great!!! 5/5

    By GachaLifePlayer
    I love BTS, like a lot. I went to their New Jersey concert a few weeks ago. It was so amazing, I cried!😂 I think that I am a fan girl. My bias is Jimin, just because of his vocals, amazing dances, and of his cuteness. The app is really amazing!!! I love it! Thank you bighit for making BTS possible. I will die without them. - Rowan
  • Suddenly stopped working 3/5

    By bhav g.
    Bought my lightstick at the Rose Bowl concert and both the concert and self mode worked fine there. Once I got home self mode stopped working for me. It keeps telling me to retry when I try connecting it. I tried connecting it to my friends phone and self mode worked on hers, but for some reason it won’t work on my phone.
  • It’s perfect🌸✨ 5/5

    By pau_0906
    fairly easy to use, quite complete and useful
  • Ble 5/5

    By angel_leepjm
    How do we turn on the “BLE” because apparently my ble is turned off
  • I love it 5/5

    By itzel💜
    It works like a diamond I love it. I love you bts!!!
  • WORKS GREAT! 5/5

    I bought an ARMY Bomb on amazon for almost $70. The ratings said it was fake and the other half of the ratings said it was real. The box finally came in in may (which amazon said it would come in June 😊) but the box was damaged. I was really worried. I tried to pair it and it didn’t work. I really freaked out. I realized I put the battery thing in wrong because the point thing isn’t suppose to be sticking out. So if you have an ARMY Bomb that won’t pair, you might just be doing it wrong. Always check the instructions on the paper, app, and online. If nothing works then it might be fake! But i’m super happy with this app and with my ARMY Bomb!
  • works flawlessly !! 5/5

    By caroline loves hoseok
    when i went to bts' concert at metlife, the army bomb paired in like 2 seconds despite thousands of people doing it at the same time! hope i can use the app again next tour! stan bts! stream boy with luv!

    By Michelle4927
    stop with the updates please, i couldn’t connect the army bomb at the concert because it was obligating me to update the app but i couldn’t use my data for that....
  • Great app.. BUT!! 4/5

    By Ok gymnastics is cool
    This app works perfectly with my army bomb, and when I went to their concert everything worked how it was supposed to. BUT!! I didn’t see anything that said I had to flip it on to “self mode” or “normal mode” (whatever it’s called) after I put it on Bluetooth mood. I was frantically trying to figure out what was going on and I ended up trying to reconnect it over five times because I didn’t know. The instructions didn’t say anything about it either. I had given up and was just going to put it on regular mode and then once I did everything was working perfectly. Maybe I’m just duMb but I thought I would share this.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Terrym1
    I went to the MetLife concert and it was great! The army bomb made it a better experience! The app worked fine, both concert and self mode! Absolutely love it and will use it if I go back! But if you guys are new to going to a concert, don’t turn on your army bomb before the concert, it drains the battery and may turn off during the concert.
  • “Concert mode” broke! 1/5

    By Syara.
    The concert mode doesn't works! I tryed to connect it when I was in the concert, actually the app don’t let me put my concert information (seat, row, etc.) when I try to use the concert mode it only appears in the screen “preparing the concert” and thats all! the app only works in “the self mode” and I try to do it in another phone and It’s the same problem! fix it please! 😵 PS: My LigthStick is original.
  • Army bomb doesn’t change certain colors 4/5

    By Tay24.5
    I don’t know what’s wrong with my army bomb I just recently went to BTS concert at MetLife stadium and bought my army bomb wither batteries for $57 but for some reason in the concert my army bomb wouldn’t change certain colors and I thought oh they might be having some technical issues so I didn’t think much of it but when I got back to the hotel and went on self mode I noticed that my army bomb doesn’t change certain colors like red, pink, or yellow if anyone knows what’s wrong with my army bomb it would greatly be appreciated if you could help me figure it out
  • AMAZING 4/5

    By Purplestar1122
    So I bought this army bomb on amazon about a week before the concert, (I’m going may 19) and it works very well on self mode, it connects immediately! I rated it 4 stars because I haven’t gone to the concert yet to see how it connects when the members control it. But so far it’s amazing!
  • It won’t connect 1/5

    By thelastmyg
    I’m trying to connect it to my army bomb for the MetLife concerts but it keeps saying BLC something like that time out.
  • My Army bomb isn’t connecting 1/5

    By SadPotato;)
    My ARMY bomb is just not connecting. It keeps making me retry when I have my ARMY bomb right next to the screen. I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong or not but I can’t get this to work properly.
  • App wouldn’t work for me 1/5

    By _jimin_bts_bae
    I tried connecting my ARMY bomb at the Chicago Concert on Saturday. I’d get to the part where it would say: “is your army bomb flashing the colors on the screen” when I’d go to say yes: it wouldn’t let me! I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I was disappointed mine wouldn’t change colors during the concert.

    By aleahpaleya
    If you can’t connect with the app for concert mode it’s probably because your Army bomb is fake. I had an army bomb as a gift from my sister, but she bought it online and it costed a whole $70+. When I tried going on concert mode on the app it wouldn’t let me press yes. It could still do self mode but concert mode would not work. So I waited and thought it would pair at the pairing both they have at the concerts. So when I got to the concert and went to pair the army bomb, the one my sister bought me, the guy asked tried to pair it but it wouldn’t work. He asked if it was bought online and I said yes, then he said it was a fake because it wouldn’t pair. So I had to buy a whole new one for $57 at this booth selling them. TO SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME JUST BUY ONE ONLINE OR AT THE CONCERT! And trust me, if you go to buy one at the concert you will get one. Go early, they sell SO many army bombs! HOPE THIS HELPS!
  • Watch out for fake light sticks online! 5/5

    By FanningHard
    I bought light sticks online that would sync with the blue tooth but when it comes to registering in concert mode, it won’t allow you to complete registration. You are better off buying light sticks at the event!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Tasanee02
    Every time I go to connect the lightstick to the app, it says retry right after I click connect. My Bluetooth is on every time and I do not know why it isn’t working.
  • Suggestion 2/5

    By Cloud_Selena
    Sadly this year (2019) I wasn’t able sync my army bomb to the app, because to use the app I had to be connected to a wifi network which I didn’t have access to in the concert. If this could be an app that can be used without needing wifi, then it would work amazingly for those who can’t connect to a network

    By jonejjsjsjsjd
    I was so excited when I went to the concert, and we were running late so I didn’t go to the pairing booth. I decided to use the app. It found my army bomb but when the yes or no options came up, I COULDN'T PRESS YES! I was so sad and mad because Epiphany is one of my favorite songs and it was played (I’m a Yoongi bias) I could become a part of the army ocean. Next time I’m going to the pairing booth.
  • Not working!! 1/5

    By ih8tesnapchat
    My army bomb is not working. It keeps saying it’s searching for Bluetooth and refuses to pair with my phone. Help!
  • Didn’t completely work 5/5

    By moonbxby.tae
    Yesterday I went to the Rose Bowl Speak Yourself concert, and the app connected and everything and I registered my seats. But then, when it registered, the app wouldn’t let me press the ‘yes’ button and I wasn’t able to use the army bomb during the concert. Please fix this.
  • Not completely working 4/5

    By trinbeek
    I’m trying to connect it to concert mode because I have a concert today for BTS and as I try to press “yes” when it asks me if the colors correspond to the app (which it does) it doesn’t allow me to select the “yes” option so I’m not sure if that’s gonna affect if my army bomb gets registered to my seat.
  • It won’t connect 1/5

    By Jhopewrecksme
    It won’t connect to my army bomb but we got it on the official site I don’t understand why it won’t work.
  • Not completely working 5/5

    By SentimentalBunny0
    I just got my army bomb a few days ago and downloaded this app so that I can use it at the concert in two days. I’ve been trying it out and put in my seating info into the concert mode but when I connect my army bomb it says “Found your army bomb! Is its colors changing like it is on the screen?”. I can clearly see that the colors go exactly with the app but I can’t press ‘yes’ to confirm it. Will I not be able to use my army bomb correctly at the concert? I’m kinda concerned
  • Marcus told me to do it. 5/5

    By New Years, new possibilities
    I love this app! Go BTS! TOP GROUP and TOP SOCIAL ARTIST #BBMAs2018
  • Concert Mode 1/5

    By Popgoesthejay
    How do you get concert mode to work? Every time I click on it or to set seating info, it does not do anything or will not allow me to enter info.
  • Doesn’t work with my Bluetooth 3/5

    By best🤤🤤🤤🤤
    It won’t work with my Bluetooth when I try connecting it. Could I maybe doing it wrong in anyway or does it not work for some people??
  • Problems :( 1/5

    By Jeon Maaliyah
    I bought my ARMY Bomb from the official sight and every time I try to connect it to the app it never connects. I’m going to the Rosebowl concert and I’m not sure if I’m going to take it because I wouldn’t want to mess up the beautiful colors of the ARMY bombs :(
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By HawkeyeSky257
    Doesn’t connect to Bluetooth or give the option to enter concert information.
  • Doesn’t want to connect 1/5

    By Keishla123456
    I have Bluetooth connect and my lightstick Bluetooth connect too and it still doesn’t want to work. Just keeps telling me to retry and I tired it on another device and it still didn’t work. Hope you can help before the speak yourself tour comes....
  • I need help with this app 2/5

    By btsforever1289
    The reason why I need help is because when I try and connect to the Bluetooth it keeps on saying retry and then I do and it won’t let me pls change that
  • UGHHHHHH 1/5

    By SkittleNinja77
    It not fricken working!!
  • Official Lightstick 2/5

    By nekodiana
    I can’t connect it to self mode. I have my Bluetooth on and whenever I try to connect it, it just tells me to keep trying again and again. I don’t understand. Can someone help??
  • It won’t come 4/5

    By yeehawkunz
    I would put my army bomb close to the screen and have Bluetooth on but it still wouldn’t connect
  • Bluetooth 2/5

    By Keira6836
    The Bluetooth is still not working. It’s not connecting with the Lightstick.
  • Bluetooth 5/5

    By BTS A.R.M.Y. girl
    Doesn't work at all for my phone on self mode I would like that fixed please and I hope it works at the concert in Chicago I would just like it to work please
  • I guess 1/5

    By Idkmanimtoolazy
    Not letting me download it for some reason again because I deleted it the first time
  • Not connecting 1/5

    By JUNEALL129
    When i got my army bomb yesterday I turned on the Bluetooth and all of that but it won’t connect it keeps on saying ‘searching’. Then I removed the app and got it again but it still won’t work. Please please fix this problem cuz I want to use it for the concert.
  • Bluetooth 1/5

    By Crystal12344311
    The bomb is not connecting to the Bluetooth help pls

BTS Official Lightstick Ver.3 app comments

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