BUBU - Meet New People Nearby

BUBU - Meet New People Nearby

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BUBU - Meet New People Nearby App

BUBU is your number one app to find and meet new people nearby! Create your profile, add your social media accounts and start connecting with others. You can pass entertaining quizzes about your preferences and personality to help us find the best match for you! BUBU has so much to offer! You will never feel bored or lonely again! Simply download and enjoy meeting new people!

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BUBU - Meet New People Nearby app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By sexyyness
    Very easy n fun
  • Cool 4/5

    By Leonitus762
    Pretty Cherreh so far
  • Hello 4/5

    By StNick22
    So far I’m enjoying the App
  • App is no good 1/5

    By yf52170
    This app just takes your money. Do not buy… it takes random people to make fake profiles of BOTS.
  • Don’t be lying 5/5

    By Moneybagg Carlos
    I’m just now getting to see all the matches and girls cause you lied and said the app was free which it is not! Not that I am really tripping everything in this life has a price just wish I would of known! Other than that I hope I meet some pretty nice girls, some naughty sexy women, and a couple of cougars!!!!
  • Review 5/5

    By bay chef chango
    Love this
  • A scam 1/5

    By e on d rudbeod
    You literally have to pay for everything you can’t even review the people
  • Trash 1/5

    By Conklin92
    Over 40 women liked me over the last 5hrs. Not one of them have been able to match. Waste of money! Dont spend your money! You cant even send messages being an elite member. You literally have to hope their profile pops up on the match tab. Ive liked over 3k profiles and still not one match its rigged to get your money. If youve spent money on this app do yourself a favor and file for a refund asap! This app is trash!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By redneck442
  • SCAM! IT’S A SCAM! 1/5

    By Jefferson133113
    Yes, it is a scam, after getting their deal thingy for gold or whatever its called I literally liked every single person including the people “liked” me back, and there is no way to chat with them or communicate on this app. Please oh PLEASE waste your money elsewhere, or throw it in the garbage that would be better than this. Also if you dont believe me read the other reviews.
  • I don’t understand 3/5

    By steve o reeves
    What does the flirt option do? It seems to do nothing. And after getting your not free site which is what the add says, for over 100 dollars you do not include any of these supposed flirts! Why can I show interest in the option of flirting. Because there is nothing to do now with the site. I don’t think your product is legitimate. Things are more expensive then ever, you should provide a service if you are to charge money. I will let people know that this site doesn’t make sense and is probably as scam in the process. Shameful to play with peoples heart and loins. Not cool. This site does not provide any real women to talk to! It should be be taken off the market because they are offering no services what so ever! At least in the sense of what they are advertising, which is to meet and possibly date other people. Which it clearly does not do! I want my money back. Your rip off and a scan and should be sued.
  • Kinda fake 1/5

    By molotov453
    Says I’ve been liked by others but I can’t chat or like them back. flirt tab is useless but to tell you that you have likes but you can’t like to match with them. honestly not worth the money right now.
  • Lots of spinning 3/5

    By ark7825
    Not at all sure where this is going. Very entertaining but … not meeting anyone as yet !!!
  • Waste 1/5

    By ardenpyow
    Waste of money n waste of an app n waste of time
  • Honest review about this app 3/5

    By peace sells.. who's buying
    I am a new user on this app. And so far my true thoughts are I’ve been in some live streams and the girls don’t say a word to their people in their lives… but they sure want their gifts from us.. why should we gift the streamer that’s live doesn’t even appreciate us.. Sorry I had to say something and advocate for the person that can’t stand up for themselves!!
  • BUBU 1/5

    By jerodwatts
    Not free like you advertised
  • SMH 3/5

    By biginger34
    Wish I could actually talk to people
  • Great 5/5

    By zxcvvbmhxd
    Well manage
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By AJE0181620
    I was skeptical to start and rightly so. The app itself is nicely set up. The lay out and game piece is nice. It tracks your stats and “rewards” you for likes, spins, matches, messages sent etc. After one week I had 100+ flirts, liked over 500 profiles, and 30 matches. None of those matches came from swiping, but from the flirt feature. Sent 30 messages, one to each match, and received 0 responses. Profiles are obviously fake and app generated. Some of the profile names are recycled and just non existent in America. What kind of name is Drestar for a white blonde girl in the Midwest….All profiles shown to me are magically all within 10-15miles away. The app is nice, but full of fake profiles and no real connections.
  • Good People 5/5

    By Eagleboy7
    These guys are polite and respectful about there business and I really appreciate them thanks
  • Very surprised 5/5

    By boyhasnoname
    Great experience. Just joined and lots to take advantage of for free. Highly considering the subscription. Lots of beautiful women!
  • I’m having fun 3/5

    By flarican352787
    Very new very interesting very catchy we’ll see how it works out
  • Yeeeee haawwwww 5/5

    By ghettomarvrl
    Just like that I love it
  • Hey 5/5

    By greggoo9922
    Fun app
  • Buena app for everybody 5/5

    By Jaluna1229
    Buena app for everybody
  • review 5/5

    By Martin🤪🤪
    Like it easy to use
  • Just ok 3/5

    By murphyj1012
    I have sent out several likes. And when I get a notification that someone likes me. And I try to reply. It’s telling me that I have to match with them. Which is kind of odd considering that if they like you first and you like them back. That should be considered a match.
  • I hate this site 1/5

    By hhfghjbffg
    I didn’t mean to click on the payment page and it automatically just took my money write after I write them tell them itvwas accidentally because 108 I did not want to spend. I thought it was 8$ for a trail. No I got charged 108 dollars out of my bank account and you won’t reverse the charge
  • Not free 2/5

    By Kevin27DE
    Not free
  • Fake profiles 2/5

    By damfamrly
    There are a lot of fake profiles
  • Good so far (20 min into app) 5/5

    By timmyboi6969
    I like the spins game, kinda adds a fun touch to the app, don’t like the constant trying to make me buy elite, if I have success with the app and like it it will make me want to buy it, don’t be so pushy with making me spend money in the first 20 minutes. Other then that it looks good so far.
  • BUBU 5/5

    It kool
  • Thumbs up 3/5

    By bbcman24
    I just started and it’s easy to move around on there as far as convenience
  • Fun 5/5

    By cammsscott
    It kills the time that’s for sure
  • New 5/5

    By jaygreg2004
    Enjoy using. Very easy to navigate.
  • Not fully happy 2/5

    By Daniel Messenger
    I’m not happy that when we match we can not message each other without your premium. That’s just stupid. It’s cool how you can level up every day though and gain thing. Why can you level up and gained messages
  • Great site 5/5

    No action though. Good luck
  • Love this site they help you fine your soulmate they find people in your area 5/5

    By mrsupermanbrown12
    Sign up now for your dream girl or guy thanks
  • Scam 1/5

    By Wahid9332
    It is not free and all the matches are fake profiles.
  • Trash 1/5

    By DroneStar123
    You have to pay for anything you do
  • Easy on the ad for elite 4/5

    By jgggvxsf
    Give frequent taste (free) for elite features, age should also be included in profiles on swiping
  • Review 5/5

    By mom mo yonu
    Still waiting to figure out how to use it
  • this app is a SCAM!!!!! please read 1/5

    By Logan Rhodes
    i bought this app thinking i was gonna meet a ton of new people. i paid for the elite membership for 1 month and still was bombarded by ads telling me to buy it the second i hopped on the app again. on top of that, the match section of the app doesnt even show anything but a blank screen. worst app ever bro bro fix yo app. i want a refund asap. such a waste of time and money.
  • BUBU what happened 1/5

    By kingjamescutsit
    It was nice while it worked…. Once I got achievements from being in app it started acting up, would like to use it yet won’t go through headache of reaching out to support, I’ve emailed them a few times and gotten no response.
  • Good 5/5

    By buttercup17251
    Good app
  • To BUBU 1/5

    By bigninja23
    I don’t like how you guys make people pay just so they can see who likes them I think that is kinda messed up because its free for us to swipe and look for people but not free to see the ones that like us back
  • Great app 5/5

    By 1shq127((
    Great app
  • Not bad 4/5

    By The Mack 69er
    They have a variety of options on this app
  • Not happy 2/5

    By Chadhart76
    Well it is that you say it’s free but yet another one that cost money not sure where the people are from
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