Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.3.9
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Buffalo Wild Wings App

One app with everything you need from Buffalo Wild Wings; rewards, online ordering, free-to-play sports gaming, and more. Download it today. Here’s what you can do in the app: - Enroll into the Blazin’ Rewards program - Order food for pick-up, or delivery (where available) - Customize and reorder your favorites - Earn points from dine-in and online orders - Activate offers and redeem rewards with points - Participate in exclusive games and promotions - Check-in each day for an extra 10 points - Update your interests for personalized offers - Find your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings - Track your points and rewards activity

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Buffalo Wild Wings app reviews

  • Constantly logs you out, wont let you back in 2/5

    By Hannernann
    The app ALWAYS logs you out, so then you try to log in, your password is wrong. Then you reset the password, can’t log in “our system can’t verify your login”. Try to create a new account, “an account already exists”. So you sit and wait. Come back 4 hours later, magically you’re logged in. Trash app.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Bkonacat
    Been trying daily for over a week to log in. Keep getting message that “system is unavailable & to try again”. Can’t reset password. Can’t create new account! I’m ordering from Wingstop instead.
  • Just never works for me! I always end up calling in my order. 2/5

    By lg2690
    Doesn’t give many options to customize wings. Also I can never sign in no matter how many times I change my password. Makes it difficult to see points and rewards.
  • Can’t sign in after password reset 1/5

    By Sylux01
    Can’t sign in after password reset. Reset password five times. Still not letting me in. Can’t even sign into regular website.
  • Can’t sign in to Blazin Rewards 1/5

    By dwee9
    After the new app update I am unable to sign into my Blazin rewards. I have changed my password multiple times and yet still get an error saying my password is wrong
  • Not Compatible 3/5

    By CBS ripoff
    This app is not compatible with iOS 16 no access to rewards details, or offers.
  • Triva 1/5

    By Lex_Owens
    Every time i plau triva i never get my points. I earned quite a bit the last couple of days and i haven't received them and im pretty upset about it. And i had to wait a week before i could even play triva because it would never come up on the app. Also my fiance and i use this app on the daily we are here daily and he gets all the points and 3x the points and i never get anything like that! Whats the issue!! You all owe me quite a bit of points!!
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By sleepy-bob
    Password recovery system is bad.
  • New update wont open 1/5

    By JRay___
    Updated to latest version and can’t open the app on iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Wish it would work 1/5

    By bdubsad
    It never does. Always “experiencing technical difficulties, try again later” I always have to use the main website or call it in. 🤷‍♂️
  • Lost my rewards points 1/5

    By Chuckaaj
    After the app updated, I lost 2,490 rewards points, how do I get them back?
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By Mahaler
    Fix the app!
  • Updated 1/5

    By BillyBobJoethesecondoverone
    They just updated the app. And though it looks good, I’ve been booted out of my account and can’t log back in. Reset the password 5 times and nothing. Now we can’t use the earned points. App was great until the poor update.
  • Logged me out 1/5

    By ToniO1661
    I have had the app for a while now & I switched phones and logged me out no matter how many times I’ve tried to log back in it won’t let me log back in otherwise it’s a good app but I have a lot of points on there that I would prefer to get back
  • Worst version ever 1/5

    By Shannon.k434
    This is the worst version of this app ever. There is no way to check in manually. The Trivia doesn’t register your points at all. The whole menu is not shown under the redeem points section. This app was already clunky how did you make it worse? Do you have an 11 year old building your app? Is the same person in charge that allowed the racist trivia answer from months ago? Do you ever use the app before before making customers download the new version? Do better
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Ryanleehdz
    Ever since the last update I can’t log in or reset password
  • Not working 1/5

    By 2002Brody
    I have tried multiple times to login to my account. Reset the password several times. I cannot login to my account. I’ve gone through the app and I’ve gone online. I cannot get into my account.
  • Get new employees 1/5

    By layreenx
    App looks cheap and doesn’t work. Probably because of the money struggles can’t even hire good employees for the app development. I will not be using or buying anything until you decide to change up your company and to fix the app. Do better or just close your doors permanently.
  • Forgets Login info 1/5

    By 1nick6name96taken
    Tried multiple times to login, each time it always says that they cannot access my account and to either reset password or create a new account. Tried resetting password a couple of times and it says the same thing. Starting to think BDUBs doesn’t want me to use my rewards.
  • Trivia 1/5

    By SLM111
    It’s not even registering my points I play in trivia. Since I have updated the app I now have to sign is as a guest and doesn’t give me points. Wish I didn’t update. I played trivia all the time now it’s pointless if it won’t give me points
  • Sign issues 2/5

    By Bengals15
    The new update looks good but I changed my password a few times and I still can’t get into my account. Even tried the website and I couldn’t sign in. Please fix it.
  • The worst customer service 1/5

    By bzy777
    I ordered wings earlier this month and used a triple point offer. I waited about a week only to find they never gave me triple points for my order. I contacted support twice by email with no response. Once a week after the order and once three weeks after the order. They just don’t care. I called the support number and currently over 12 minutes on hold and counting. Such a trash company!
  • Best wings ever BWW 5/5

    By Gangsta AtempT
    Buffalo Wild Wings better than wing stop
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Some dude that loves it
    Even after you sign in if you go to the play page it still thinks you are a guest so you cannot do the trivia or the parlay. It will ask you to sign in again and then when you do it still will think you are a guest.
  • Never remembers you 1/5

    By Dallas doordash scam
    I have to log in every time. There is no Face ID or way to remember you and I’m over changing my password to log in. Also, the $1 fee to order? Haha
  • Very good app 5/5

    By bobitybobbobbob
    Very good app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By UMKC-Deb
    App doesn’t work since the last update 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Ang2244
    Can’t log in even after changing the password. Website does not work either for a login. Fix this so I can used my points.
  • Problems with the app and wild wings won’t help 1/5

    By Buss3/11
    Said someone tried using my points, account got locked wild wings won’t help, what a joke
  • Kids love those wings- 5/5

    By Phoenix doublet
    My kids love the food here. It’s a starter job restaurant but the management is solid. There is a lot of effort and politeness with the staff, I appreciate that and it’s another reason the family keeps coming back. Also the take out not to bad, a little skimpy on the fries which the large wing orders but 🤷‍♂️ there are better things to complain about.
  • Requires you to enable marketing emails to make account 3/5

    By creepperklr2
    The app seems decent and responsive overall with no bugs or anything! The only thing I have an issue with is while making an account, it WILL NOT let you sign up without also checking the “Yes! I want marketing emails sent to me!” box. What’s the point of adding a checkbox if it’s not a dang option? That pisses me off way more than just including a disclaimer saying “by signing up, you agree to blah blah blah”. Don’t make it look like a choice when it’s not. Whoever made that decision deserves a kick in the pants just for that stunt. Other than that, pleasant experience!
  • Junk now 1/5

    By trichardson621608
    Website isn’t working either
  • Enable face recognition 3/5

    By taseyteebz
    Every single time I go to use the app, I have been logged out for security purposes. My password never works and I have to reset it after entering it twice. The process is annoying and tedious for no reason.
  • I feel bad for the devs 2/5

    By Ljb2x
    App was fine before the redesign that came with the iOS release. Since the update, it’s been awful. No longer auto-checks you in meaning you need to login each time, each checkin prompts to change location even if you haven’t been to a different one, and telling it yes/no gives a prompt saying that’s not been implemented! Did they release a dev branch by mistake?
  • Play games are not working!! 2/5

    By luvukcats
    After the update, the games are not working. I don’t see the trivia game on the app. The pick props will not select when I tap the area. When I am at the restaurant I can see the trivia on the tv. Please get the games working.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By MRWilson74
    I have been a BWW customer for over a decade. I constantly have problems with this app telling me suspicious activity and then they suspend my account. First time they released the account after a week of waiting. This time I get no response and appear to have lost all my rewards. Tried a new account, and it doesn’t work. They really need to work the bugs out of this app
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By MDK00
    Hard to review an app that won’t let me use it. I got to use it about four times last month, and now I am locked out of it. I enter my email and password, it doesn’t recognize them. I request a password reset link, nothing gets emailed to me, spam folder or otherwise. I try and create a new account, it says my email is already in use. Crazy how difficult it is to get ahold of anyone about it and they have no one doing quality control responding to all of the similar reviews of people being locked out of their accounts. This is literally costing them money because I have gone to make orders and I can’t, and I have now given up. It’s also costing me money since I have rewards that I can’t use now. What a joke that a company this big is allowing this disaster to happen. Losing lots of customers by the day.
  • App never lets me sign in 1/5

    By tonedef75
    I constantly have to reset my password and no matter what I do I am not able to of in. It’s completely useless. I’d give it zero stars if it would let me.
  • Can’t enter delivery location 1/5

    By charrans97
    This app for some reason prevents you from entering delivery location. Every time I try, it greys out the cells I need to enter info in.
  • Do not update!! 1/5

    By RobbieNomi
    The new and “improved” app is terrible! Won’t let you log into your account even after making you change your password multiple times. Please fix this mess of an upgrade!
  • New Update Problems 1/5

    By Snl0415
    Updated my app and it asked me to sign in but says it’s wrong. I’ve reset it twice and still says it’s wrong (on the app & online). Can’t get to my points now because if this.
  • Unable to login 5/5

    By Routemanjeff
    Tried to login to app today. Doesn’t seem to be set for mobile and won’t let me login. Reset password to current email address, says successful yet can’t identify account! Need help asap!
  • Garbage. Update ruined the app. 1/5

    By badappgetsbadreview
    All points gone, can not log in despite resetting the password. Now I’m blocked for using the password I changed it to. Good job, BWW corporate. Nice to know your have no quality control or testing measures in your business. Makes me wonder what else you don’t do.
  • Where’s my points?? 1/5

    By Slowwwwwwweweew
    I recently placed an order a few days ago & still haven’t gotten my points. It’s annoying that I have to keep signing in. Fix the app or I’m never using again.
  • Is it ios16 or the new app? 1/5

    By evanjamesroskos
    I can’t login to the app or the website despite resetting my password multiple times. I’ve reinstalled the app as well. The fact that I can’t get into the website suggests there’s an issue on BWW’s authorization of login credentials. Until this is fixed I can’t earn points or order easily. Boo!
  • Self tipping app. 1/5

    By Bestkamil
    Don’t use the app, it absolutely garbage. Not only do the cost that appear come out differently then they acutely are. The app did a double order and charged me for it. Go to the website or call!
  • App always logs out 1/5

    By SumDuud
    App logs out all of the time. This time I have reset my own 3 times and it won’t hasn’t worked after any of them.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By JMAC09
    Can’t login anymore, reset password 100s of times and still no dice. Can’t use my reward points.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SamHOFF13
    App is super buggy and only works about half the time
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