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  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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The most addictive game! Knock players off the stage with your bumper. Eat ice cream to become bigger and stronger! You must be the last on the map to win!

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  • Review 4/5

    By gymnasticskid24682)492963
    I love this game so much and it is really addicting I just have one problem. When ever I win a round it says something like Abby has imposed himself but I am a girl not a boy. So, I would them to not think that everyone who plays their game is a boy.
  • Best yet 5/5

    By 808starboy
    So so addicting
  • Okay 2/5

    By shyansjsi
    I like it but it won’t let me get any skins and I’m master rank
  • Good idea but too many adds 3/5

    By 🧐🤔🤫🤗
    I like this game but I’m watching an add more than I’m playing the game!
  • Skin issue 4/5

    By Sp0tz_12
    I got master rank before skins came out but I don’t have any skins please fix this
  • Okay Game 3/5

    By sarah van houten
    Solid time killer, pretty addicting. Love the different arenas! Definitely not fond of being referred to as a man every time I win, though. What’s up with that subtle sexism?
  • 😴 1/5

    By kpoo204
    Too many ads
  • Good game 4/5

    By bob da guicci builder
    This game is a very fun game but it has a lot of ads but the other thing is that it needs some bug fixes and to get more tanks cuz I played for like fifty minutes and I already got to master 1 (highest level) and now I have nothing to do but honestly it’s a pretty good game
  • I can’t pick skin 5/5

    By Cheeseburger258v2
    Personally I’m master 1 the max rank and I can’t pick any skin and I’m stuck with default skin plz help
  • I’m mad tho 1/5

    By queendejazz
    I’m at master rank 1 and I have no skins whyyyyy🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Skins 3/5

    By Earnie88
    I can’t for change my skin for some reason and I’m a master 1 level. Addicting game would give a 4 or 5 but I can’t even change my skin.
  • I’m already master 4/5

    By TheRealJaxsonJewell
    Sooo... I am master 1 and I don’t have any of the new skins. Bumper.io, explain.
  • Ranked up but no skins? 4/5

    By Boooo..!!!!
    Please fix this bug. I completed all the stages many times. Including after the skins were available, but It did not unlock any skins. My rank is Master 1
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By Reviewer Ellahi
    This game is so fun because you just push people off and it gives you nice comments if you win. You can get new skins which is so cool, but I think you should add a Egyptian pharaoh skin please. I’d like to note that there’s a bug that if you push a player off the map it’s impossible to win the game and you can’t get the kill for it. Add a barrier please. But I’m proud to say Voodo games are amazing. I’m a big fan so if you have time creators, Please add a Egyptian skin. Keep up your good work!
  • Me 1/5

    By 808r's
    Fuk this
  • I would recommend this game! 4/5

    By dhejvxgjd
    This is a very fun game! If you’re wondering what this game is about, you try and knock other players off of the edge of the area you’re playing on and the last person alive wins. It’s very similar to a lot of other games I’ve seen, but besides that it’s a good game. The only issue I have (besides ads which is in pretty much every game these days) is that it gets boring quickly for someone like me who doesn’t have much patience. I would recommend adding challenges or different game modes. Other than that I would say 👍 to the makers of this game. 🙂
  • Money hungry 1/5

    By Shandemia
    I have never seen a company more desperate for money in my life I mean there are adds during the game common stop being so pathetic
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By anna. rose
    After the update with skins, my ranking of master 1 didn’t transfer to my skins
  • Good game but 4/5

    By Fsw14d
    It’s good but it’s pretty repetitive, also I’m master 1 but I don’t have any skins.
  • Already a master one but no skins for me 3/5

    By nnk87
    I am a master one but they give me non of the skins I’d say that’s crap
  • Why No skins 3/5

    By reviee person
    I am master 1 and I have no skins except the first I am afraid that I will have to delete the app and start over just to get the skins please fix this.
  • why can’t I get skins 4/5

    By Pandalover3342
    I was at the highest rank possible before the recent update and it won’t let me change skins for some reason
  • Skins? 4/5

    By bling bling justice
    Soooo about the new skins,I’m at the master rank lll so I tap on the master rank and it doesn’t change my skin?! It should tell you how to get skins! So can you,(developer), please respond to this and help me change my skin? 😖☹️☹️👌 please and thank you 🙏
  • Victory 5/5

    By maddie💋💍
    I love this is game because it is so fun and Ray 😭🤪
  • this game is pretty addictive 4/5

    By biggusmaximus
    i am a big fan of this game. i would like to have more levels and maybe a count of how many wins and kills you have.
  • Ads 1/5

    By sdfgtthuhhfdrgg
    That 1 star will be a 5 as soon as there isnt an ad after every 1 minute round,
  • Max level but don’t have skins? 5/5

    By povessey
    I played this game when it came out and I absolutely love it. I’m hooked and I got max level within a few days which is Master Rank 1 and I got on the game today to see that there are new skins that you unlock by rank but I am Master Rank 1 and I do not have any skins unlocked except the default and no matter how many times I win I can’t unlock any of them. Can I get some help on this from the creators or developers or something?
  • 🤬 1/5

    By imp938392&2
    I hate it.
  • Help 3/5

    By xxslasherslayes
    I was on master ranking before they brought skins to the game and its telling me that i need to make it to the first level to get skins
  • Skins 2/5

    By where my skins
    I have the master 1 rank but only the beginning skin
  • Really Fun! 5/5

    By Fun Is #1
    This game is really addicting and it’s easy to learn how to bump other players off! I recommend this game to anyone.
  • I thought I had all of them 4/5

    By icestabsz
    So when I updated the game and I was on the master rank so I looked at the skins but I had none I was so confused about what happened please fix this bug or glitch
  • Great game but I’m having some problems 4/5

    By Electa Mckelvey
    I really like this game but I just updated it and I’m on master 1 and I can’t get skins. It’s telling me that I have to earn them but I’m already on the highest level.
  • Very Awful game do not download 1/5

    By bumper io is terrible
    This is the most terrible game I have ever played not to mention the adds every 15 seconds which is rediculous. Easy 1 star for me😡.
  • yikes 3/5

    By hoehoehoejolly
    it’s fun. but. it keeps saying i’m at the same rank every single time. and i can’t unlock those new skills i literally win almost every game.
  • Ads 3/5

    By Leelite
    Less ads will Make it a 5
  • Fix plz 4/5

    By HaylFrayl
    I’m master rank 1 and it’s not letting me use the new skins?
  • Good 5/5

    By meridac
    It’s fun and hard but,I like a challenge so I give this game a 4 star!
  • Thx 5/5

    By BrettE18
    Awesome scarily addictive game. I know it’s how you make money but maybe like 20% less ads?
  • ❤️ 4/5

    By Soroush_Sa2
    The game really interesting, but i think it would be more attractive if we play with real players, add the rank mode
  • Trash 1/5

    By boricua137
    Demaciado de mucho anuncio. Jugar y tener anuncios cada 20 segundo no sirve.
  • Adds 1/5

    By Cafe coffe
    This game is horrible on adds in the middle of your game when you are trying to win an add pops up this is a horrible game I’m not trying to hate but they need to fix it.
  • Gender 3/5

    By Time and challenges
    Instead of writing “so and so’s mom is proud of HIM” when you win, maybe just write you. For example Julie’s mom is proud of you, because girls play this game too! Don’t assume we don’t play this game.
  • Stupid game 1/5

    By to man ads
    This game is pretty fun. Then I realized they try and make you think you are playing against people online by giving the other players stupid names and country flags next to those names when in reality you are playing against computers. It is still fun but I deleted the app once I figured this out. If they didn’t try and make me think I was playing against people and not computers I would’ve kept the game but they tried to trick mean I said see ya
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Fortnite gamer11
    This game can be super fun and super addicting, when oh are naturally good at the game.
  • No. Just no. Stop the bugs! 3/5

    By cncowj is
    I played the game for a long time till one day I just froze. I couldn’t move or anything. I have some everything to fix it. The game was really great before that.
  • Addictive 3/5

    By Boston-stay strong
    A fun experience, easy to learn and hard to put down. I had a lot of fun with this game but i was disappointed when i realized most of my competition were bots. For my first 10-15 games i thought i by chance i was being put into games with same players occasionally from previous games because we were at a particular level, i soon realized i kept seeing the same names because most (or all) of my competition were robots. Fun game but i would like more real competition, battling all bots or mostly bots is no fun.
  • Good! But online? 3/5

    By Nacholix
    The game is just cpu, i need online
  • Lagging 1/5

    By Rhiannon2118
    This game is very very laggy. I can barley even play it because every time I get on it the game lags so bad causing me to knock myself into the water.

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