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BunnyBuns App

Welcome to BunnyBuns! A magical pastry shop where I use my MYSTICAL BUNNY BAKING POWERS to mix feelings with fillings to create the most delicious pastries EVER!!! Sure your standard HAPPY, strawberry cake always sounds appealing at first... but sometimes it's humpday (...hey Mike, am I right?!) and a sad, BLUEBERRY pastry is what really hits the spot. Tears with tart... YUMMM!!! We've got the most interesting clients! I WONDER where they all come from?! I would ask but I'm just a shy little bunny. One of them appears to be on FIRE! (o.o) Sometimes, if I give my clients EXACTLY what they want, they get REALLY happy and leave me FUN surprises! I'm still learning EVERY day and I hope to unlock ALL the recipes so I can keep growing my special little bakery. I HOPE you can help me. I would be FOREVER grateful. I may even let you sample some of my most EXQUISITE desserts! BUN APPETIT!

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  • Want to play, so many glitches 3/5

    By slwils
    Cute characters, good variety. But tons of glitches. Bunny won’t keep his updated apron between sessions, puzzle pieces don’t appear properly when you earn them, bunny waits for more customers but no one comes in, critic now is unhappy with 2 of 3 correctly made items. Will wait for the next update and try once more.
  • Can you guys fix this? 5/5

    By Jellybean.Adeleybean
    Ok so the game is super cute and I love it, but I think the new update did something weird. You know how the bunny chef usually falls asleep after a while? Well mine won’t do that. I bought the third page of recipes, and then served one more customer ( idk if that matters or not) , and it looked like the bunny was about to fall asleep, but then the dog walking in again and the bunny popped back up. I always tell myself when playing this game “oh I’ll just play until the bunny falls asleep” but the bunny won’t fall asleep?!?!?! So I don’t know what’s going on, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s just a little strange not having to wait. I don’t know if it’s just a new animation you added every once in a while, I personally don’t think it is. It might be my connection, but when this happened it said my WiFi connection was strong. It feels like I’ve been playing for way to long. I have a couple of other games by you guys, and I’ve never experienced any problems with them, or any before now on this one. Overall, I love your games and I think they are adorable, and it would make me very happy to see this ( what I believe is a glitch ) fixed.
  • Great game...but 4/5

    By Mule2112
    So, I really like this game, and I find it really fun. I like all the different recipes, and all the fun characters. Today I noticed that instead of the little bunny man falling asleep it showed that animation, but the he just woke back up again and never rested. Although this may not be bad for me, as I can get more money and stuff, I just wanted to say something. Thank you for reading this review, I tend to type a lot...
  • Really great but still have glitches 4/5

    By Fjjjjf
    I love this game, it’s absolutely so cute and fun to play. However I’m still experiencing the glitches were the animals are giving me wrong puzzle pieces and for different pictures. I had one entire puzzle shown to me from this glitch where I hadn’t had any of the pieces previously. Also when I am getting a gift after filling the heart meter is just shows a different puzzle. Another glitch is that I spent 1000 coins to get new clothes only for nothing to be given to me:( this is a really great and adorable game but it needs a few bug fixes.
  • nice game! but wait time 4/5

    By badatgames.101
    this game is really cute and i love it. i've only experienced a couple glitches which is not too unreasonable. the suuuuper long wait times were very, very annoying however, especially because of how simple this game really is. people are talking about their wait time glitches, but i'm currently experiencing the opposite: i have no wait time. while i am fully aware that this is a bug that will likely soon be fixed, the game is a lot more enjoyable with no wait time. i understand that the devs think you would go through the game too quickly with no wait, but this isn't the case, since you really only get 2-5 coins at a time, and the recipies increase in price VERY sharply. playing for only a few minutes then waiting for 20-50 feels unfair. i think everyone would be very happy if you made my bug of no wait time intended.
  • It’s a great game!! (devs pls read, bug report! 5/5

    By MoonDragon1701
    this game is so cute and fun! i find it easy and relaxing! love unlocking stuff! it is a new game so of course theres going to be glitches and bugs. patience is a virtue, everyone! with this new update, the dog lady customer will give puzzle pieces, but they will open on the bunny chef’s photo and not hers. when i go to it, theres no added pieces! i appreciate all the work yall do to fix stuff like this, so thank you so much!!!
  • I like it but a glitch 4/5

    By lokareo studieos
    So I love this app BUT there is a glitch ok so this started happening a few days ago every thing was fine but when my bunny went to sleep it was a single fram of them sleeping and just started to bake again it keeps happening and I’m worried about my bun buns sleep :( but besides that I love the app and it is so cutes!! :3
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By bunnybuns3926
    Before the game came out I was extremely excited but once it was released that excitement faded... The concept is very simple so it’s more of a children’s game in my opinion. Also the wait times are extremely long and annoying. After just a few rounds the wait times get as long as 30 minutes and continue to get larger. Plus there’s only 4-6 customers per round so you only play for 1 minute and wait for 30+ minutes. This game would be great if the wait times were a minute or two EVERY round. If this happened I believe I would love this game.
  • Glitches? 4/5

    By anny_o
    The gold dig is still giving me puzzle pieces that don’t work and the worm and pig both get disappointed half the time when i give them what they want
  • I love dis game 5/5

    By That kid who reviews stuff
    This game is very cute and its graphics are amazing and I love how u can buy new stuff
  • it’s a great game :) 5/5

    By Xsfggasdf
    i really like this game and enjoy playing it, but after the recent update, it changed a lot of things? there is no more break time in between the whole thing and customers just keep on coming. i spent 700 coins for new clothes, but it didn’t give me the clothes. it still took the coins. the code “yaybunny” also doesn’t work for me.
  • Good but glitches 4/5

    By SavageWorgen
    Every time a finish a day it glitches and makes me do it again but with different pastries 🥮

    By Nickname 10.000000000
    Get this app NOW! If you are reading this... PLZ GET IT!!! I just got it and i am having so much fun. The only things is that you have like 5 customers a day right when you start and you have to wait like 238 seconds after your second time opening the shop. Over all... HYPER BEARD GAMES ARE AMAZE!!! I HAVE ALMOST ALL OF THEM!! PLZ GET IT, PLZ!
  • It’s really good! Some problems though... 5/5

    By H1pm0nn
    Some customers have asked for pastries that i haven’t unlocked yet, but i’ve noticed that the bakery continuously opens? I don’t know if that’s intentional from the update or just a glitch? but i honestly love this game and it’s sooooooo cute!
  • so cute 5/5

    By Karopy25
    this game is soooooo cute is loving it. just started playing it for a few minutes and now i’m ADDICTED. you should really take this game in consideration for when you are bored. this game is amazing.
  • I love this game 4/5

    By akshakak
    This is so much fun to play the art is amazing and the simple gameplay is really fun and cute it’s so creative and even the mini game is fun! But recently when I play the game after I serve all the customers the bakery closes but immediately reopens, I’m not using the clock or watching an ad it just flashes the doors over the screen and starts a new baking day
  • Cute but boring, glitchy 2/5

    By andiecakes
    This game is cute but the tasks are mundane and repetitive and the game is extremely glitchy. Even after the update with major fixes, the game is still very glitchy. Often times I will get a puzzle piece from a character but when it will display as a different character or reveal a piece I already have... I also saved up enough money to buy clothes for my bunny but the game just took my coins and didn’t give me anything... uninstalled the game because the grind for coins is slow and long and I got frustrated that it bugged on me after spending hours saving up...
  • Buggy 3/5

    By liz-geeni
    Graphics are cute and the game is a nice idle play like a lot of hyperbeard games but there are some glitches. Most notably, I tried to buy some clothes but nothing happened, just out 700 coins. Bought a mat and that unlocked without issue. Haven’t tried to buy a hat yet.
  • Fun but... 4/5

    By not gonna tell you my name2
    This game is so cute and a lot of fun. But, my game is glitching a lot. I’m not getting any resting time. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but overall good game!
  • Super cute 10/10 5/5

    By Bloo_J4y
    This game is super cute and has great pacing! I really enjoy playing it to waste time or just when I’m bored!
  • Great but 4/5

    By Diamonds568
    When I get puzzle pieces they glitch out and don’t give me them so I think there is something wrong with the game
  • Clothing Issue 4/5

    By SabertoothRoar
    Love the Game!!! Super cute and amazing! When I close the app, my clothing returns to the white original apron. The clothing screens says it the apron I bought. I have to unequip and equip it again for it to show. Hopefully you can fix this in the next update! Thanks!
  • It keeps going 5/5

    By 2v2 mode
    Every time when I finish all my customers they come back and load them back in again I’m trying to play the minigame for coins but it won’t let me it just keeps rebooting the customers back in please read this this is a bug and a problem
  • Baking and magic? Yes please! 4/5

    By Buildingacountry
    I really like this game! The art is adorable, and the magic baking is exactly my niche! However, there are some issues. The french bulldog and the bull's reward(?) descriptions are flipped. As well as that, the sleeping/sleeping minigame have completely disappeared. I will finish a day and then a new one will instantly start. Im also a little disappointed that you cant mix recipe cards, and make like a bunny shaped cotton candy thing. Finally, the fulfillment registers are weird. I can fill a star or heart all the way and will not get it. All in all, it is a great game that just needs a little adjusting in order to reach a sweet perfection!
  • Good game 5/5

    By Chimmy.mochi.kook
    I hate to wait for this gane but its cute and fun 😋
  • Pretty fun but glitchy 4/5

    By mr.muffin162
    The game is so cute and fun but there is this glitch where a customer asks for something I don’t have and when I complete all the memories they don’t show up on the big picture.overall amazing game but please fix some bugs.thanks!
  • Ok but could use some tlc 3/5

    By dinger_soll
    This game is fun and cute but lots of frustrating glitches continue to happen even with the recent updates. I wouldn’t get frustrated if the rounds weren’t so long a wait (anywhere from 35-50 mins of waiting after finishing a round to be able to play again) but when you have multiple glitches per round and you have to wait nearly an hour before trying again it gets a little old feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere in the game.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Bfdkdksnsmdm
    I love all games that hyper beard makes, they’re all great, but the game currently is filled with a lot of glitches. a) whenever the dog character drops a puzzle piece it never goes toward anything it just does nothing. b) sometimes the characters hearts will fill all the way up and nothing happens after,(usually you get an item) c) and this one is game breaking at the moment for me, the bunny won’t fall asleep after they are done with all the customers right now, they keep waking up instantly which also causes the worm guy to never show up, which means I’m stuck ;(
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By AnyaReddy
    This game is so cute and so fun! It might have been designed for babies but omg it’s seriously so fun!!! I’ve shared it with some of my friends
  • Breaks are too boring!! 4/5

    By -Cookie_Dough-
    Every time I am done with a shift I have to wait for a longer period of time.I just kinda wish that there was more mini games to play instead of the “ball toss game” so it would make my time worth while.Anything else is amazing!
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By pdRydia
    Still a bit glitchy but the kinks are getting worked out. I'm really enjoying this relaxing, cute-looking game. But what's going on kn the Color Kingdom?
  • Great game but 4/5

    By Wolfstar5922
    I love this game. It’s cute and fun but I come across two issues with it. The first being you never seem to get enough coins. The second is how buggy it is. I bought one of the fast forward clocks and my game crashed and I still lost the coins. I got the last piece of the puzzle for the dog character but it loops me to the first puzzle and doesn’t finish it. Like I said before I love this game but it’s still got work to do. Edit:April 19 I still am playing the game and I do enjoy it. The new patch did not fix the puzzle error but the other errors were fixed.
  • Glitches 4/5

    Hello!! I love your game!! But I have been having recent glitches were multiple characters ask for treats I didn’t unlock yet! And I was really confused! I love your game! I hope you fix this soon!
  • BunnyBuns súper fan! 5/5

    By EmiBear2.5
    I love the way they it’s so cute!You did a good job making this game!I love anime and it’s just so cute!!!!!EEKKKK
  • Please read!! Bunnybuns is so cute!! 4/5

    By lax 15#
    I love your game because you can make pastries and it has my favorite animal rabbits!! Also I love the quotes they say or ask for a specific kind of pastry the only thing I don’t like about it is that it goes to sleep after baking and you have to come back later. Also I have a suggestion could you maybe make it so that we can reply to what bunnybuns customers are saying? If you put my suggestion into the game I would really appreciate it and I would rate it five stars!! Thank you to those who toke the time to ready my review bye!
  • Non Stop Ordering 5/5

    By Wolfwood04
    Today I just discovered that my customers have been ordering non stop. When the bakery closes it opens in a blink of an eye.
  • great but there are lots of bugs 3/5

    By Kiwi-Saurus Rexx
    absolutely adorable game, but i seem to be running into various bugs within the game. I've unlocked all the puzzle pieces for one character but for some reason it never lets the last puzzle piece place to finish, whenever i unlock a friend to show in my postcard they disappear once i get another friend or the next time i check it. another big problem is that the first pastry i make after sleeping half the time won't let me make it, and even if i do make what the customer wants and give it to them, they don't like it! I've figured out that if i make their desired item second then they like it but that leaves me with an extra pastry and i just have to hope that someone else wants it. it might also be beneficial to make the recipes after the third one still cost more and more rather than stay at 1,000, but that's just an idea.
  • Glitches 4/5

    By FeatheredDream
    I adore this game it’s cute and something new, I’m used to waiting to play the game but when I do finally get to play there are some glitches; I will talk to customers and receive a puzzle piece but not actually have the new piece in the customers puzzle (usually happens with the dog in the beret) the big picture where your customers appear with you, the customers don’t actually stay in the picture; and when waiting for the timer to finish the mini game you can play doesn’t always show up This game is really fun but I would love if these glitches could be resolved, I love your games I have a bunch installed
  • Adorable game! 5/5

    By MochiiMuncher
    The game is absolutely adorable, I have to say I don’t like how long you have to wait to continue to play the game. I do enjoy the little mini game when the bunny is asleep. It would be fun however if one were to just simply practice recipes while waiting. This is just my suggestion! I love the game overall. 💕
  • Eh 3/5

    By Chewygooeychacha
    Okay, I’m going to be real. The game is seriously really cute and it’s cool to create recipes but it gets crazy repetitive and the time for another customer is ridiculous in length. An hour after 5 animals?! It’s a better okay game in retrospect but nothing to see here that makes it really ‘special’
  • Glitches! 4/5

    By gg123456789012345
    I play the game like normal and finished the day, but right when the bakery closed it automatically opened again after less than a second and I didn’t have to wait? I thought it would go back to normal if I filled out everyone’s orders again, but right when the bakery closed it opened again, It is like an everlasting day!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By crskt
    I really love this game!! It's cute and simple, and there's some sort of progression that keeps you playing. :) But I think there's a bug? Whenever you reopen the game, the first pastry you make doesn't let you tap it, so you just have to wait it out. It's a bit inconvenient. I don't know if that's intentional or not, but I figured I'd mention it.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Nyanbunn_x3
    I’ve been waiting for this game to come out for a while after seeing it on the section where you can pre-order and stuff. The game overall is very cute and simple. I’m currently sick and this game is really calming and easy to play so I can still do something and not get a major headache.
  • Tracey. 5/5

    By tracey985
    The game is really fun and the coolest
  • Love this Game, but one glitch 4/5

    I love this game so much!!!!! Its really fun and the bunny chef is adorable. But the bunny chef isn't taking a break, and the bakery isn't closing. Ive been playing the game for thirty minutes and the bakery hasn't closed, and I'm a little sad because if the bakery doesnt close then a cant play that cute mini game! I really love this game and will continue to play it, but I would just like it of you foxed the glitch.
  • I love this game, but I’m experiencing problems 4/5

    By Potato duck
    This game is wonderful, and I wanna keep playing! There are some glitches that are making it a little difficult to enjoy though. I’ve been very close to finishing The little Scout Dog(one in the heart beret)’s picture, only one puzzle piece left! Every time she gives me a puzzle piece, it won’t show up on her picture! There also been some times where I’ll make a pastry correctly for the worm critic or another customer, but it registers as being incorrect somehow. Along with these problems is that for our picture where the customers will appear in, they don’t usually stay there when you go back to look at it. I love this game, but these problems are a little frustrating. I love this company with all my heart, and I understand you guys have been busy with new projects, but if you could fix these little glitches I would truly appreciate that. 💖🥐
  • Love it, but there have been a few bugs.. 5/5

    By 🍋_Lemon_Panda_🍋
    Not gonna lie, I’ve loved every single one of the apps that HyperBeard has released and this one is right at the top of my list! I’m actually so in love with this game it’s not even funny. The characters are amazingly cute and the desserts are so quirky and fun! I’ve already bought all of the recipes, so I’ve started working on the clothes and hats! (Hopeful for some new recipes in the future though!) I’m really happy that the new update fixed a lot of the bugs, but I’ve noticed now that even though I’m wearing a new outfit, when I first start up the game, I’m back in the original outfit. Then when I go to the clothes banner, it says that I’m already wearing the new outfit, so I have to click it twice in order to put it back on again. As far as bugs go, this one isn’t so bad, but I’m hopeful that by sharing it here that it can be addressed. Despite the kinks, I really do love this game and the developers are super quick to address any problems the game might be facing. There used to be a lot more bugs, especially regarding the memoir pieces, and I believe that pretty much all of the ones I’d been fighting got fixed already! If I could give this game a rating higher than 5 stars, I definitely would, it really deserves it. ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
  • So good! But! 4/5

    By KatieKoala123
    The game has gotten so much better with the time glitches I’d been having! However, now, there seems to be no waiting at all? I’ve only been playing for a few minutes, but when the bunny went to sleep, it reset right away. I honestly preferred the game to be a short experience every time you play, and having to wait half an hour or so was no problem. It’s paced like many of your other games, but now the bunny isn’t even going to sleep? Was this intentional?
  • I wish I could actually play it. 4/5

    By anickname153)$333
    When I first got the app, everything was fun! I enjoyed playing the game, and there wasn’t anything going wrong. Now, for some reason, every time I get on the app, it says 49 minutes remaining, or 50 minutes remaining, and it won’t go down. I literally haven’t played the game in 4 days and it’s been saying 49 minutes remaining every single time I try to play.

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