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BunnyBuns App

Welcome to BunnyBuns! A magical pastry shop where I use my MYSTICAL BUNNY BAKING POWERS to mix feelings with fillings to create the most delicious pastries EVER!!! Sure your standard HAPPY, strawberry cake always sounds appealing at first... but sometimes it's humpday (...hey Mike, am I right?!) and a sad, BLUEBERRY pastry is what really hits the spot. Tears with tart... YUMMM!!! We've got the most interesting clients! I WONDER where they all come from?! I would ask but I'm just a shy little bunny. One of them appears to be on FIRE! (o.o) Sometimes, if I give my clients EXACTLY what they want, they get REALLY happy and leave me FUN surprises! I'm still learning EVERY day and I hope to unlock ALL the recipes so I can keep growing my special little bakery. I HOPE you can help me. I would be FOREVER grateful. I may even let you sample some of my most EXQUISITE desserts! BUN APPETIT! This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13. Privacy Policy: https://hyperbeard.com/privacy/

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  • Fun, but lots of glitches. 3/5

    By Oof Beans
    This is a really fun game and I really enjoy it, but I can’t play it anymore because the glitch I’m getting makes it impossible to play. *cough* The customers don’t even show up, nor what they want to order. The spot where the customers usually show up is just blank. I’d give five stars if this gets fixed ^_^
  • Maybe add a little more? 5/5

    By Nickname (lazy lol)
    5 star bc it’s a simple game I liked. Rarely any glitches but they get fixed after updates. Sometimes share with my little cousins who enjoy it💞. Add a behind the scene kitchen or like let the person playing use an oven, mixing, cooking on the stove or help “decorate” (saw some photo online that said, what BunnyBuns could of been but never was or something). Keep items to be bought low, so far I really like that part of the game bc a person who has it for a bit doesn’t HAVE to pay to play and eventually they do get new items or recipes. Maybe allow the bunny to interact with the customers more. Oh and have Tsuki be able to visit like an Easter egg haha (for both apps not just one)! So far so good. 👍 Edit: (sorry if I’ve send this a lot I thought it would appear w/ other reviews, new to this) But also the little dough bunny, by well Bunny have it interact bc it’s so cute!!!!!!! Like a pet. :)
  • Okay 1/5

    By VConstante
    I find this game awesome and I haven’t had much problems until now. My only problem is that like there’s this constant glitch where the clothes from my bunny keeps changing to unlocked clothes. I’m not complaining that I get to have clothes that I really didn’t unlock yet but they don’t really match each other nor the mat that I like to use (the galaxy one, my favorite) so I would like it to just be able to unlock them on my on and mix and match. Thanks! P. S. : there’s also some minor glitches with the orders but that like less relevant. Thanks again! Much appreciated!
  • Everything is great but one problem 5/5

    By Osobonita33
    So I love everything about the game the cute design the characters etc but one problem is that my customers are asking for a strange shaped pasty (that may be something I haven’t unlocked yet) but this really bothers me because I’m saving up for the new kitchen and getting to 1000 is hard because of the timer for sleep but I’m getting the new kitchen soon because I’m at 1750+ at least that’s what I think but I think everything else in the game is amazing it’s great to play when I’m in a car plane or anywhere without internet so that’s the only problem anyways thanks for making the game itself! I think it could use I bit more creativity but my overall score on this game is five stars!
  • Good game but glitches 4/5

    By PastelPlush
    Great game, but ever since I updated I keep getting the same problem. Whenever a customer asks for something hexagon shaped, no matter what I give them they act like I’m giving them the wrong thing :/

    By californitea
    This game is so cute and calming, art style is beyond adorable!!! Hope that you guys make new levels because this game is addictive and helps with my anxiety, I know a lot can relate 💞💞💞 I have like 2 games from this guys and I’m inlove!!!!
  • Too many glitches 1/5

    By WifeSteezy
    Feels like the game was rushed. Too many glitches. Not enough fixes. They keep putting new items/features into the game but they’re not focusing on fixing all the problems with it. Every tile I collect never gets added to my current collection. The wait time is completely pointless. Why would I wait over an hour+ to make 5 different pastries just to earn less than 10 coins and then wait even longer to make the same amount? Cute graphics, but poorly thought through. Waste of time and space on your phone. Wish I could give 0 stars honestly.
  • This update has messed up the app severely! 4/5

    By This Review Doesn't Matter
    Even before the update, I was having trouble with the game. I have met all the characters, yet the tortoise character is still a silhouette in my photo album so I can't collect puzzle pieces. Speaking of which, I haven't been able to complete any pictures because whenever I tap a puzzle piece to collect it, it just goes to the image with the bunny baker and all his friends! In the update, whenever you tap the screen to combine ingredients, the ingredients don't disappear in the cloud like they used to; instead, they remain there, and it's really annoying and just makes it look sloppy. Whenever I make a recipe correctly they'll tell me I made it wrong, which has never happened before and is super strange. Also, could we maybe earn more coins for the job we do? The new kitchen costs 6000 coins and I'm only getting 2 coins per pastry, so that will take a while to stockpile so much money. I still love the game and I love Hyperbeard; I just hope these will get fixed because they're ruining what could be my favorite game!
  • I’m outraged 4/5

    By ivbjb
    Nice game but I got the 3.99 pack 4 times and still did not receive my coins
  • Glitches with stitches 5/5

    By #catsareawesome
    This game is so so so so so CUTE! Though there are some glitches. The mini game (The one with the little ball)keeps on restarting and it’s annoying.Other than that this game is AWESOME 😎🧝🏼‍♀️p.s. the elf is me
  • Bugs 5/5

    There’s lots of bugs please fix them ASAP
  • It’s a great game but... 4/5

    By Ms. Puggo :3
    I honestly think that it is a great game. But when you make the wrong bun it doesn’t let you throw it in the trash. That is the only thing I would change. Other than that it’s great
  • Time Gates 1/5

    By Vunia
    This developer always uses a completely unnecessary ploy to get you to play ads. For this one it is the wait for your cute little bunny to sleep between shop days... that just gets longer and longer. Instead of just using an energy system like all the other cash grab apps. Good job.
  • Pay to play but amplified. 1/5

    By CoriAmazon
    Cute game, typical diner type game. The time you have to wait in between playing each level exceeds the time you’re even playing. Pay to play apps are for if you want to blast through getting coins so you can get the rare gear, they’re not literally supposed to make you pay to play. If you want to insure people spend money on your game just put a price on the actual app and not lie about it being free.
  • Fun Then Boring Then Not Worth Visiting 4/5

    By Snacoon (snake racoon) 🐍🦝
    This game starts off interesting and new, but over time, you get a little bored. I like that you can unlock cookbooks and customers, but I don’t like the idea that every coin is the same and the amount paid is always random. I think there should be more than just the one coin, and that higher-level recipes cost more. It’s always a gamble with the price, and I don’t like that. Plus it’s a little hard to do because the bunny always takes oddly timed “power naps” and then is like,” okay, let’s go, let’s bake some more boring recipes!!” And I don’t like this because the game resends it if I don’t get there in 5 minutes. And of course, I need to talk about the dream game. It’s SOOO hard to keep that stupid ball in the air! And it’s annoyingly hard to get the points!! And when you collect a coin, I think it should be extra points, because those are especially hard to get. And the upgrades. I like that you can upgrade the bunny with clothes and mats for the ordering shelf and all that, but in the mat pictures that show you what it would like in the shop, it has little cute tomatoes tap dancing on it, and I want those tomatoes! The game shows them to me and I think I’ll get them, so when I go buy the mat I look for my tomato buddies, and they’re not there!! That is technically considered FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! Also, I think the Food Inspector (P.S. who is a worm), should pay extra or more, because he orders three dishes, and pays me two coins for it. It’s also a bit hard to earn money just by baking and not watching the adds offered. Which is why I think there should be a tip jar or something, because then you could have your earned money, but also some extra cash. Finally, I think the bakery should upgrade. The bunny could travel the world, meet new people, make new recipes, and do things she can’t do in her same old bakery. Plus, the repeating quotes from the customers gets annoying. There’s almost never a new quote or line of dialogue. AND, to add on to my many OTHER complaints, the bunny needs employees. Imagine how much faster it could be if it wasn’t just the bunny working in the same shop every day all by herself. She needs someone to help her on occasion. And why aren’t there any cooking competitions or anything? I mean, the Food Inspector IS a world-renowned food plate, isn’t he? So why can’t he give the bunny a special invitation or something asking her to go bake in a contest? I mean, honestly! It gets boring and old and carelessness is creeping in. I think this should give you something to think about, HyperBeard. Good luck trying to fix this.
  • Cute adorable game 5/5

    By colercat
    Okay to start with this game is awesome amazing adorable cute. Sooo I’m going to give you 5 stars because this is the best game ever. Just one question for you could you like make like the time longer when you’re cooking? Ok so I already have 4 recipes and the food just looks adorable I wish it was real like real life. There is so many things that I could say about this game but I would run out of room or the review would end but I just want you to know that I LOVE THIS GAME.
  • By-Josie 5/5

    By Josietheboo
  • The pinnacle of gaming 5/5

    By Ojdiditforsure
    Fair and balanced meta. One of the few games where you get paid to win rather than the other way around. Will for sure be used as a standard of quality for future game developers.
  • Really fun 4/5

    By TyLa'Jha
    This game is 100% free, doesn’t require WiFi, and is really fun. The only problem was a glitch that I recently ran into. I don’t know if it was a problem with my phone or the app but it was very strange. I had served a customer in the game but they didn’t leave after I had served them. I tried remaking the item and serving them again but that wouldn’t work. I reloaded my phone and everything went back to normal but I was still a bit worried. It was just kind of creepy how they were just standing there smiling. Overall this game is pretty great and I would still recommend it.
  • I'm bored. 4/5

    By Tree_Frogs
    I honestly don't see what's so interesting about this game. I have had it for a while now and really all I've done is tap my phone screen, wait 20-15, then tap the screen some more. Yes, there is the little mini game that your play while the bunny is sleeping, but after awhile it gets pretty boring. Also, if you make the wrong pastery it never actually goes away once it has been put on the shelf.
  • ADORABLE!!! 😍😍😍Needs work still... 4/5

    By Evacakes
    Soooo, I absolutely adore this game! It’s cute characters and desserts are so loveable. It’s a fun game to pass time and it helps with my anxiety. But, like any good, fun game. It can always improve here and there. First, minor bug fixes need to happen. One of my characters (the turtle lady) will not show up on my customer list; I’ve served her multiple times and have even gotten an item from her, but her picture icon for her puzzle won’t budge to show up. Also, my alligator will refuse to give me any puzzle pieces 😂. Lastly, sometimes when I’m playing a character won’t even show up to be served, and I’ll have to exit the game and start the work day over again. That’s really all though, some small issues. Of course I’m looking forward for future updates though! Nevertheless, great game.
  • Amazing interesting 5/5

    By Live peeps
    This game is amazing I love it the bunny is so cute and how he makes the buns makes me want to have some you have to get this game it is beyond the best
  • Very calming 5/5

    By Two Lesbians in a Trench coat
    I love it! So many games have a timer or pressure to play them all the time but not this one! It helps with my anxiety so much.
  • I love it but a couple things 5/5

    By Yandere The Killer Chan
    I love this game so much but there is a couple things I would like to change. I hate that everyone ur done baking for the customers I have to wait longer. I just wanna play the game not really wait. I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of patience ;-; also it would be awesome if u guys made more baking goods like shapes and stuff. Over all I love this game. The graphics are so cute and kawaii and the customers are really uniquely animated. I love it.
  • The worst thing ever 5/5

    By 𝒯𝒶𝓎
  • Cute and Awesome! 5/5

    By CatShoon
    This game is so fun and ads don’t pop up unless you agree to the ad, for example: the ad only popped up because I wanted coins. Also, they don’t ask for money every two seconds. Yay! This game is really fun and coot. I hope you download. One. Very. Very. Very. Small problem. It’s a glitch. So, when it’s closed and there’s the spot where it says: 150, (that’s how many coins you need to wake up) I press that, but it gives me an ad instead. It doesn’t bother me, and I’m not asking for you to fix it, I honestly appreciate the glitch, but I wanted you to be aware. Other than that, this game is perfect.
  • Cute but boring 1/5

    By SukoshiWakarimasu
    This might actually be the most boring game I have ever played. I keep waiting for it to get interesting but after several days there’s been no progression. You literally just pick a shape and a color and tap the screen tediously, and repeat a few times until the baker bunny goes to sleep and you either have to pay or wait an increasingly high amount of time to play again. I think the bunny needs a nap because this game is so effing dull, she just can’t do it. A kindergartner might enjoy this game, but it’s not for adults. The animation of the characters is nice, and it’s very kawaii, but that’s the only thing it’s got going for it. Deleting it now...
  • Good! 5/5

    By Dustbunny🐰
    Though we could have more ingredients, I love it!
  • Favorite 5/5

    By roBo MagGoT
    I love this game because it has bunny’s my fav animal and I willingly definitely be playing this game for the next years
  • Okay Game? 3/5

    By peachyypanda
    At first this game is very interesting and fun, but later on it gets super boring and repetitive. I can see this game being played when you have absolutely nothing to do. The waiting times are too long. Especially when you’re only receiving a couple of customers. The long waiting times make this game something I won’t tap on unless I’m so bored. I only don’t see the point in this game? There isn’t really a plot and it’s not that interesting. The game mechanics are nice and the artwork is cute, but the interesting factor is not there.
  • Really Cute 5/5

    By Bonanza1966
    It’s such a cute concept! It’s got that fun of a cooking game but not as stressful. The only down point is the waiting time in between levels. Other than that I really like it!
  • The time wait is rigged, and glitched 4/5

    By ElianaTheCorgi
    When I go in To check the time wait, when it was 8 minutes left, it turned Into 55 minutes!!! What!? And when I come back 30 minutes, it says 20 minutes left, but then I come back a 2 minutes later, it turns to 33 minutes. I don’t get this I just want to play the game. It’s cute and all, but I can barely play this amazing game. FIX IT!!!
  • Great but boring 5/5

    By lil peachYYY
    Wow this is so fun...but it does get boring after a while like all you do is make the pastry I wouldn’t recommend it if you like a bunch of different things in your game
  • Good but timing... 5/5

    By i<3 puppyzz
    So, first off, I love your game except there’s one thing I don’t really like, but I can live with it. Waiting for him to finish his little nap. First I had to wait, like, 150 seconds, which is fine, but then I had to wait 6 MINUTES, so I get bored of that little ball game, which is really cute, but please can you make a shorter wait time? But remember, I LOVE YOUR GAME AND I GIVE IT A 1000000000000000/5!!! Thanks to all that are reading and to the developers!
  • Cute 4/5

    By A Concerned Pintrester
    Cute wholesome game to pass time
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ghulvgukvgykcg
    Parents should get this for there kids i got this for my self and i played it for a hour and how do i change the outfits? Well this is one of the best games i have it’s absolutely adorable i probably won’t delete it ever! P.S your apps are great! :D
  • You are going to pay to play 1/5

    By Mandy2291
    This game is what is wrong with games right now this is forcing you to pay or watch ads. You play for 30 seconds then forced to wait each round. Each new round you wait longer! after less then 5 rounds I was waiting 9 minutes I can watch a 1 minute ad or pay 150 coins and play oh wait I don’t have 150 coins only 130. Forced game you to pay coins. This game is marked to kid!!! kid aren’t going to to set for 1 to 9 minutes not playing or playing a stupid min game. They are going to get upset and will pay if mom and dads credit cards are in the phone. You should not buy this game and shame on apple for pushing game. (Developers make this app a app you buy and make each round around 1 min long in between rounds 1.5 minutes and 3 different min games for coins. Same game you get money not a pay to play)
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Human#1,000,001
    This is a really sweet addicting game, but when you have to wait for 10+ minutes for you to get to the next day, It can really get annoying. I usually exit the game, then get on YouTube to wait the time out. If the time was changed, to say, 1 - 2 minutes, it would of been better for me.
  • Has Some Problems But Ok Overall 3/5

    Overall, I like the gameplay of this and the graphics are cute but there are some parts that I find annoying. For the one and a half minutes of making food for customers, the wait time is a big problem. I have to wait almost 20 minutes when I barely get to play anything. Also, I bought a shirt for my character and was able to wear it during one session. Once I left and came back, the shirt changed back to the old one. This keeps on happening and I’m not able to just keep the new shirt on. Hopefully the developers can fix this problem. Thanks.
  • Little BunnyBuns 5/5

    By Mikø Nikø
    This is a 3 star place! And it’s kinda hard...😅
  • Amazing fun game 5/5

    By dndlneb
    It’s it the funnest game to consume time and be creative I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend
  • Cutest game ever! 5/5

    By its yazee
    This game is so cute! Everything about is adorable and memorable. If you want to play slow paced heart warming baking game,then this is for you! And I mean,who doesn’t love adorable bunnies and baked treats! 5 stars! This is one of the cutest games I’ve ever seen!
  • just for the money 2/5

    By GhostBloodDrops
    It’s 2 minutes of play and 15+ minutes of waiting or ads or pay in-game.
  • Addicting 5/5

    It’s very addicting I can’t wait to buy more clothes and stuff it’s kinda like other games I’ve played before but it’s more addicting if am honest than all of the other games I have played
  • It’s decent, could be better. 2/5

    By BlackTinsel
    It’s super boring. Not much to do. I like a game that can grab my attention, this one doesn’t do that.
  • Really cute 5/5

    By ihavetodothisforscience
    I really like this game. It makes me feel very little and that is good. They have you sleep at night for a couple minutes, but you can play a cute little mini game to get coins so it is not bad at all. Overall I love the game ☺️☺️
  • Boring 1/5

    The game was boring and stupid lol.
  • It’s good... 3/5

    By unicorn🦄lover❤️❤️2003
    Glitches naps take too long adorable bunny but fix it 3 stars
  • Beautiful game, but... 4/5

    By lxveletters
    This is an adorable game that is really fun, the only reason this isn’t a 5 star review is because after completing 3-5 orders the chef falls asleep for a few minutes. This means I can’t play for more than a minute or two at a time. 🥺

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