Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

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  • Current Version: 7.0.32
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Busch Gardens App

Your Busch Gardens App is the must-have in-park companion for your entire Busch Gardens experience. It’s free and easy to use. GUIDE • Plan your day in the park! • Discover park amenities including, Animal Experiences, Shows, Rides, Events and Dining • View ride wait times and upcoming showtimes so you can plan your next move • Upgrade your in-park experience with a Quick Queue®, All Day Dining Deal or Reserved Seating for shows • Switch locations when traveling to other parks • View park hours for the day MY VISIT • Turn your phone into your ticket! • Access your Annual Passes and barcodes to use your discount in the park • Access your Pass Member benefits and information • View your purchases and barcodes for easy redemption • Purchase in-park add-ons and upgrades to optimize your day MAPS • Find your happy place, faster! • Explore our new interactive maps to see your location and attractions nearby • Find your way in the park with directions to nearby points of interest • Filter points of interest by type, including Animal Experiences, Shows and Rides • Locate the closest restroom, including family restrooms • Search the name of an attraction or point of interest to find exactly what you are looking for

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Busch Gardens app reviews

  • Good app overall. 4/5

    By Votebert
    Tedious that a lot of the content just links to the website. While the website keeps telling me to try the app.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By kmk1&2 mom
    The Busch Gardens APP is so quick and easy to use! My annual passes are on there making access to the park quick and easy! I can purchase food passes the night before and they are accessible by the APP when I need them! There is an awesome map of the park showing what attractions are open and what the wait time is and the quickest route to them! Love this APP!!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Rory Sp
    Helps you find coasters.
  • Bush Gardens App 5/5

    By Nesha_Rocky
    It is the best for you so you don’t have to have a ticket you can just use your phone, and another one is you can use the map on your phone instead of the park maps so people don’t have to be crowded around all the maps around the park so people can find where they need to go they can just use the ones on there phones.
  • Busch Gardens app 4/5

    By Troytheking
    This is a good app but the only thing was that the wait times may not be accurate. Overall very good app though.
  • Park Hours Calendar Needed 3/5

    By "Right Guard" Ian
    Overall the new version of this app is descent, however the removal of the Park Hours Calendar is a huge setback. Please bring it back in an update soon! It was immensely helpful in planning a day at the parks!
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Talizessi
    Ride times are not correct. The flume ride said 30 min. It’s been an hour and we’ve probably got at least 20 min more!!
  • Lies and deception (Tampa) 1/5

    By merjive
    This app is seemingly completely disassociated with fact. (Tampa). Wait times? Total fiction. Double them AT LEAST. What’s open or closed? Flip a coin. Directions? It’ll take you the long way…because pathways are closed and not marked so on the map. It’s as if they disconnected the app from the database, or maybe set several several features to default minimums to hide that they are running a skeleton crew at this park. It’s a mess. Don’t go, don’t download, and save your money.
  • Not bad overall, needs Apple Wallet integration 4/5

    By filletbuster
    Please add integration with Apple Wallet so our passes, upgrades, etc. can be saved to our phones. Right now, the app keeps a full history of all passes, tickets, purchases, etc. which can be quite confusing.
  • Passes aren’t showing 1/5

    By BobbyQuinnFromOldsmar
    Come on guys. How much revenue do you need to make to get a functional app? It’s painful. We’re annual pass members. The app doesn’t show our annual passes. We have to call every time to get our passes emailed to us unless we carry our physical cards. As a startup founder with less resources than you make in a few hours, I’d be horrified if our app was as buggy. The person who is responsible for building your app should be using it every few days and contacting those who use it often. This feels like an outsourced app dev team that lacks guidance from an onshore team who cares enough to build a quality app. Just make it work. It’s goddamn embarrassing for y’all.
  • Not working 1/5

    By 1Rooker
    Why isn’t the app working on my iPhone? Keeps making me change my password, called for help and emailed them. I have annual pass.
  • Delayed app 3/5

    By abmulli
    Doesn’t provide real-time updates of ride times and closures. Sat in line for a ride that ended up closing, forcing the line to exit. The app didn’t update for 30 more minutes…continuing to advertise a 25 minute wait time. Separate from the app- Busch gardens Tampa was not worth the money given how many rides were closed for the day, plus rides opening and closing throughout the day due to technical issues. One positive- the app’s map feature was helpful in locating rides/vendors.
  • Great but Missing One Thing 5/5

    By RToroX
    this app is great and very useful when at the park. The one thing it could use is the ability to add your annual pass or fun card to Apple Wallet for quicker access.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Ezekielswheels
    I want to see my tickets in here. Useless with out that ability
  • An idea to add 4/5

    By Deadsilence27
    The Busch Gardens app is very good, slim, sleek, easy to read and everything can be accessed quickly and easily however one feature that I believe should be introduced is a full calendar, currently the only way to see the hours for a particular day is to go on to BG’s website. Please fix this feature
  • Ok but needs work 4/5

    By Lilmann2013
    This version of the SW and BG parks app is miles better than the last but i have two complaints. 1) The wait times. They are so all over the place and not reliable, it is so frustrating to not be able to count on the app to provide accurate or timely updated data to show how long waits are in the park. The app says one thing and then when you get to the ride it’s another. Please please please get this corrected. 2) Old tickets not being removed. So this might be a personal issue but I went to guest services and was told my old expired passes would drop off and they have yet to do so. In order to use my pass through the app i have to scroll through my purchase history and find my AP purchase that way instead of on the My visit tab. It is super annoying because every park purchase that requires separate tickets + my old expired passes are all there. How can i fix this so only my current pass is on the app and not the old expired ones connected to my account?
  • Good start needs work 2/5

    By wahoosalty
    I love the idea of this app but it still needs lots of work (iPhone 12) - can’t favorite rides - can’t make list of things to do - event notifications don’t work - many restaurants and beer stands missing - not updated for monthly events (e.g., hallowscreem)
  • Great trip 5/5

    By wewa cheer cat girl
    My family loves your park and app, the wait lines are really on point and has amazing thrills, I can’t wait to go ride your new wide Serengeti fliers I think is what it’s call. Now let’s talk about the app, this app is great my family and me just went and the app saved us at the park with telling us the wait times and where to eat it also helped us get around. Adventure island- great water park the rides are great and it’s my favorite lazy river ever. Me and my family can’t wait to go to Seaworld to see if it’s as good as Busch gardens. Overall Busch gardens is my theme park home. Well goodbye
  • Won’t stay logged in 3/5

    By Christina in St Pete
    Having to log on anytime you need to do anything—being diverted from the app to the website—is counterproductive and makes the app not useful.
  • Useless except as a map 2/5

    By Xallanthia
    Other parks have wait times, ride downtimes, dining hours, etc listed. This does none of that, which makes it pretty useless unless you just need help finding your way around. And even then, it doesn’t give any of the special event locations.
  • Purchases don’t sync 1/5

    By Lava3
    After spending $600+, I’m forced to carry the paper version of the skip the line passes because it won’t sync to the app. App has no place to enter vouchers or scan bar codes. Customer service said we had to carry the paper copies of our tickets all day. So no water rides
  • App is ok at best 2/5

    By sanchoucd
    Went to Busch Gardens today and downloaded the app in the park when we arrived. Some concerns I have: 1) not everything in the park is listed in the guide or on the map. This includes Josephine’s, an ice cream shop in New France 2) doesn’t tell you when the rides open. While the park opened at 10 am, rides and shops opened later (as late as noon). This made it hard to plan our day 3) if you look at dining options on the guide it would give you a menu for some places. That is not an option if you looked up a restaurant on the map. So you have to switch back and forth between the guide and the map. 4) locations in the guide are listed alphabetically. It would be nice to be able to sort by region.
  • Best place ever 5/5

    Great food and rids
  • Ride times out of date 4/5

    By travishasmanors
    Would be nice if the ride times updated every 10 minutes instead of every hours.
  • Love it 5/5

    By karlee1998
    10/10 recommend. Love the app. Love the park. Great for wait times of ride and love the GPS feature to get around the park.
  • The best place on earth 5/5

    By JJ Nolis
    My happy place. - jj nolis. Singer/ Songwriter
  • Great 5/5

    By javi_71446
    Good app
  • Why 5/5

    By why why'd i die
  • Food 3/5

    By Thanks4Listening
    Prices are ridiculously high. We will picnic in the parking lot from now on!
  • Simply the worst app EVER developed 5/5

    By &)~%#NICKNAME#%\+{
    You would think this app would easily let you PULL UP YOUR #%*^ ANNUAL PASS! You know, like every freaking hotel, airline, gas station and fast food restaurant on the planet has figured out by now. Evidently I have am paying for admission to 11 different parks around the country (and they are great parks) - so long as I print out a piece of paper and take it with me everywhere I go without getting it wet or losing it.
  • Giraffes 5/5

    By lizzy pickles
    I had the time of my Life . Thank you !!! Will Be doing it again soon
  • Good app, but zero info. 1/5

    By mjnusic111234
    So overall this app very user friendly. But the app lacks a lot of info. For instance, only certain areas of the park are open at 10. You should put that on the app so families can plan accordingly. Here I am waiting in line a third time ( once to enter the park, once to get out of England, and now to get into Italy.) I’ve seen someone not be allowed to ride pantheon, after waiting an hour in line, because he was to tall. Why would you not put that info on the app? Again, app is very user friendly but it is lacking I. A lot of necessary info needed to actually plan out your trip to the park.
  • Glen Estrada 5/5

    By steeldust24
    My family has had a very enjoyable time at Busch Gardens
  • Information on show schedule. 3/5

    By slo turtle
    Can’t seem to get information on Friday 7/22?.
  • Good 😑 5/5

    By good 😔😔
    It’s pretty good but not all the times are right like it says a 70 min wait but it’s actually a 50 min wait
  • I’m not in Tampa! 1/5

    By g.starr
    I can’t seem to find away to get any information about the Williamsburg park. Ticket information is showing, but only Tampa attractions.
  • Wait times 3/5

    By carterisme10123
    This app has wait times for BGT but now for BGW
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By xElioenaix
    Best thing
  • Monke 5/5

    By monke niqqa
    Monke was monke
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By frankie🍄
    I love this it so helpful I think you should get it
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Antboy954
    Great app love it couldn't be more happy about it making my trip so easy
  • Busch gardens Tampa 4/5

    By Funky_Monke06
    The wait times for rides were pretty accurate but the navigation on the map would tell you to go through places that the park had closed off
  • Awesome 5/5

    By DNEP808
    This app is soo awesome
  • A great app 4/5

    By lisyentoyes
    Wait times need to be updated more often
  • How good Busch gardens is 5/5

    By Busch gardens lover 🥰
    It gives you all the information that you need when you go to Busch gardens the app is soooooooooo good .
  • Busch gardens 5/5

    By rugrat lex
    I love the app it has everything than the maps in the park
  • Just a map 1/5

    By GoBackToOriginal
    The better amusement park apps let you see what rides are open/closed. Filter by minimum rider height. Let you know what food options are open/closed. Ride wait times. The info for each ride seems to be all over the place. There’s no consistent format for displaying pertinent info. This is just a map with GPS. Unfortunately the day we went just about everything was closed, but you had to walk there to find out.
  • Disappointedl 4/5

    By BG visitors
    No times listed for when the restaurants were open. Particularly important when you have the dining plan. Would’ve been nice to have the ride wait times as well. Otherwise was good for navigating.
  • Not happy!!!! 2/5

    By najdheuxbelanxiwbx
    I have had this app for probably about 3 or more years now and I loved the app it made everything easier But u know what the company did to make it hard on us they updated the app it’s awful now and I used to be able to see wait times on all the rides and see which ones are closed for the day but the new update doesn’t let u see any of that what I don’t understand is why they would update the app and make it worse when it was perfect in the beginning