Bushnell Golf Legacy Products

Bushnell Golf Legacy Products

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  • Current Version: 2.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: L1 Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bushnell Golf Legacy Products App

Bushnell Golf Legacy Products Mobile App Free app for Bushnell Golf GPS device users. Provides wireless updates for compatible devices using a smartphone Bluetooth connection. Compatible Devices include: Phantom, EXCEL, ION2, ION GPS devices and Hybrid Laser Rangefinder For all other Bushnell Golf products, please download/use the “Bushnell Golf Mobile App.” Use your phone for GPS Distances and 3D flyovers at over 38,000 golf courses, Score Tracking, Swing Pro, Pedometer and Fitness modes to help track and train your way to a better golf game. My Device Wirelessly update golf courses on your compatible GPS devices (Phantom, EXCEL, ION2, ION GPS devices and Hybrid ) through a Bluetooth connection on your phone. Quickly and easily change settings on your watch from the Bushnell Mobile Application. Play Golf Provides access to over 38,000 professionally mapped golf courses worldwide. Front, center, back, custom points and 3D graphic representations of each hole along with shot distance and Scorecard Tracking. Swing Pro Analyze your swing speed and tempo using the Swing Pro feature on your Bushnell Excel GPS Golf Watch. Pedometer Provides daily syncing of steps from your Bushnell Excel GPS Golf Watch to your mobile phone allowing daily progress tracking. Fitness Sync your runs or bike rides using the fitness data function on your Bushnell Excel GPS Golf Watch to closely evaluate average speed, pace and distance. Golf Scores Track your round scores and putts easily in the Bushnell Mobile App.

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Bushnell Golf Legacy Products app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By shdifir
    Very disappointed in this app. Purchased a wingman but with the app not working it’s just a speaker. App will not let you make an account. Once u close the app your email is not recognized. Can not get passed the screen to pair the remote. Customer service has been zero help
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Grover46
    The course layout and yardages were very accurate. The speaker is pretty cool. It has a solid magnet and good sound. The biggest thing I would change after 1 round is the ability to turn the voice volume up. It was very quiet compared to the music even when I had the speaker volume cranked and the volume on my phone turned down.
  • Modify app to enter names of of other players. 2/5

    By BBMom0726
    Modify app to enter names of more players. Most times we play with others. It makes a more enjoyable round.
  • Won’t connect 2/5

    By dcastro44
    I just bought the wingman and I have trouble registering my device to the app even though it is already connected through Bluetooth. Do I have to return the device or can y’all fix this?
  • Paired with iON2 4/5

    By rikkroto
    Great companion ti iON2. Please add data storage with auto-save for each round. This will take this app from good to great.
  • Can’t get wingman registered 1/5

    By Kody N.
    Tried everything under the sun to get past the pairing phase of the registration with no luck, so all it amounts to is a Bluetooth speaker. Not really what I bought it for. You would think Bushnell could come up with something better than this app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Golfing for money
    This speaker and app work awesome! Get one now, you’ll love it! Easy to use, the gps feature is effortless.
  • Works well with Wingman but has some issues 3/5

    By FunHouseGolf
    Just like everyone else has stated, not being able to go back and review the scorecard data is a big minus. Also, it would be nice to have a separate volume control for the yardage and custom sounds. At least have something in the settings to balance the music and the yardage. Lastly it would be real nice if the custom messages could be actual voice recordings and not just set computer voices to read what you type. Other than that, the speaker sounds great and is still a blast to use.
  • Doesn’t keep rounds 2/5

    By B D C
    Why doesn’t it keep your previous rounds. Makes me want to not use it at all. Guess I’ll go back to another app.
  • We’d a lot of updates 1/5

    By Tiger what to be
    Yardage volume voice is way lower then music volume. Only bad thing about speaker. App needs a few updates. Like keeping multiplayer scores and saving past rounds!! Simple fixes, please get on it!!
  • Trouble creating account 1/5

    By its just me 1111111
    I bought the golf wingman. Downloaded the app but can’t finish creating my account. I fill out my info then when I get to pairing it says to hot continue and nothing happens. Seems like the app may need an update. Don’t have any trouble with any other app on my phone.
  • Won’t even let me log in 1/5

    By dnickols
    I have a bushnell golf account but the app won’t recognize my login. Pretty pointless app if you can’t even get in to it.
  • Not bad but behind other apps that do GPS. 3/5

    By SugarTruk
    Where is the integration with my SERIES 6 (they been out for a minute) watch? I’d say that’s the big opportunity missed, good news is the watch is here to stay. I’d also like more stat tracking. I’m new to the app so I haven’t been able to immediately explore my past rounds and handicap. Great product, could integrate an automatic shot tracking with watch integration or turn the clicker into one that does it. Looking forward to future updates here so I can move from 3 to 5 stars.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By blueknt
    App does nothing need to be able to input more info and retrieve past rounds. Speaker is fine need to separate music volume from yardage volume.. need to get with the times
  • No Score History?? 3/5

    By jkells73
    I just used the Wingman for the first time and was happy with the performance of the Wingman. I do with the volume of the voice would increase when giving yardages, but otherwise happy with that. The App on the other hand does not keep past scores, and I can’t fathom why a golf app would be released without this capability. I am now forced to have 2 apps open on my phone to play golf. Is this getting fixed?
  • Additions 3/5

    By kgvut
    Would be great if it had a club tracker that you entered then it would recommend a club to use based on past play.
  • New version is horrible 1/5

    By frankieshortdog
    Go back to old version it actually worked. You can no longer find the distances on targets. Switched over to 18 birdies app.
  • What?!? 1/5

    By Matt Qualman
    How do you make a golf app that doesn’t keep your scores? Once you complete the round, the score and your stats are gone. Ridiculous Bushnell, you should be ashamed to not have that feature. Make that easy improvement and you’ll sell more hardware.
  • Tour V3 5/5

    By Greattigerlions
    No service for Tour V3? I can’t find out Tour V3 from your list.
  • Non reliable 1/5

    By upside down 1106
    The speaker works great as a speaker but fails miserably as a gps. The app is also a failure, whenever I turn it on I get a default message. The instructions say nothing on to navigate and fix a default message. When I called the company to talk with a person, he didn’t know what I was talking about. Then I received an email from the customer advocate who sent several links and photos to try and help me. None worked I kept getting a default message from the app. Never had an opportunity to use this product for what it was advertised for. Totally disappointed in this product.
  • Like the device but... 2/5

    By jaomdx
    I wish it also showed up on my Apple Watch
  • Junk! 1/5

    By mckevin88
    Could not get this app to recognize my Wingman. Deleted the app and returned the Wingman. JUNK!!!
  • Doesn’t save scorecard 2/5

    By ChimDiddy
    Go through all the trouble of making a scorecard feature where you can record fairways and putts just to have the app completely wipe everything after you end round. Completely useless
  • Great concept, poor execution 1/5

    By 1/;!'
    I am currently on my second Wingman. The first one was returned because it would not except a charge. The second one cannot be linked to to my email. I have been dealing with this for over three months now. No one seems to be able to help me.
  • Needs more basic features 2/5

    By Slay5
    So great for distance and overview. The problem is you can’t add other players to scorecard. Cannot track anything other then putts. Like penalties or sand shots. Does not keep the scores or stats once the round is over. Can’t look at them again. These are basic features that are missing. Especially adding people to the scorecard.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Thmack1
    I bought the ion 2 gps watch created an account in the website. The app I can not log on using the same info???? And I can’t create an account the res arrow to go to next page is broken. This thing is junk the review are spot on or should be lower fix it please!!!!
  • Disappointing! 1/5

    By heocps
    I played a round today. GPS was great, and the score keeping was okay, just a bit cumbersome. Now that I am home and want to review my score, I cannot find any scores and there are no helpful instructions.
  • Volume control for caddy 4/5

    By skad701
    I wish app could have two volumes when in use for the wingman. I like having the volume just low enough to enjoy the music, but not to loud where I can’t hear my passenger or disturb other golfers. But when I come up to the tee box or press the button for distance, I would like it louder without having to adjust it.
  • Score keeping /tracking is poorly thought out 1/5

    By 92Wedge
    At first glance, it’s cool. When paired with the Wingman, the app presents beautiful course maps, accurate yardages, etc. you are given options to track drive accuracy, putt stats, etc...but it’s a facade. Once you put your score in, put in the putt numbers, hazard numbers, YOU CANNOT REVIEW THEM AFTER YOUR GAME! It’s the equivalent of writing your score on a scorecard, then throwing it in the trashcan by the cart return. Bushnell needs to update this app. There are FREE golf apps that provide great maps AND track your scoring stats. 5 stars for the wingman speaker 5 stars for the golf course maps 0 stars for score keeping functionality
  • Issues Galore 1/5

    By Rik Bates
    This seemed to look like a flawless connection set up. But it’s nothing more than a glorified speaker thanks to this terrible app. You cannot get past the registration period due to remote connectivity issues. The instructions for troubleshooting do not work. You cannot speak to a human to go over the connection process. This is the most frustrating and poorly designed process to use a device I have ever seen. I’d rather lick barbed wire for 19 hours then attempt to connect a device through this poor attempt at an app.
  • App will not move past Registration! 1/5

    By golfguy182
    The app will not move past the registration. It’s says to pair with Bluetooth and then come back to app to continue with the registration process. Even though it is paired and will play music, it will not move past the registration screen and allow the use of the gold app. Very frustrating and the support has been no help. Have only asked me to reset my phone, delete the app and then try to reinstall. I have done all those things and still the same result, will not move beyond the registration page.
  • App doesn’t work with new iOS 1/5

    By ExecPlatinumForever
    Update your app
  • Can’t Store Previous Rounds 1/5

    By GolfinGeorgeWashington
    The range finding portion of the app works just fine, no issues there. The other features are the problem. As many have mentioned WHY CANT YOU STORE PREVIOUS ROUNDS. Super irritating especially when many other free golf GPS apps have this feature along with statistic breakdowns. Bushnell could easily have an unrivaled app with a few upgrades to compliment their great equipment.
  • Install of app 1/5

    By Chubbs hand
    I continue to try and load the app to my phone. The app will not load/connect. You have to (according to customer service) follow an “exact sequence” to install. This is the hardest app to install... I still cant get it right. Bluetooth connects and will play music just fine, I dont know how I will get yardage without the app installed.... I play golf next week (02/26/21) and will continue to try and install the app until then. If I get it to work properly, I will give another review. Until then, this “speaker” is useless because I can just play music w/my phone without it...
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By jrhunter415
    Have exchanged original one three times now. Either the remote won’t pair or the speaker won’t pair with apple 12 phone. Spend your money elsewhere!
  • Scorecard Function 3/5

    By Tag8383
    As far as showing course map and sharing accurate distances it works great. The speaker is also very good. It would be awesome if they updated the app scorecard functionality. It would be really beneficial if you could keep score for more than one golfer and also save your score data once you round is done
  • Scorecard and stats not saved. 1/5

    By couchs
    I cannot find my scores that I entered after the round. It might save it or might not but I’ll never know because I cannot find it in the app so now when entering my handicap I have to try to remember what I had on each hole. Great speaker and concept but the scorecard part of the app needs work.
  • Couldn’t sign up 1/5

    By poopy noopy
    Couldn’t even set up an account with the app at the sign up page. SMH…
  • Round data not saved 4/5

    By Coach Grev
    Great product... great speaker, however I agree with prior post the app should save your data from your round to use in future.
  • Why can’t we save our scorecards stats? 1/5

    By 567scoobydo
    Otherwise it’s worthless as I have my range finder for everything else, but would be great to track where I’m saving or losing shots.
  • Nice but please add a couple features 3/5

    By Jonezzzzzzz
    Nice app but can you please add the ability keep score for multiple golfers and please add the ability to save your scores. It seems like it would be simple to add. Those 2 features ares really holding the app back from competing with other gps/ scoring apps. Thanks
  • Bushnell Hybrid 2/5

    By iWatch101
    I like it, but it doesn’t pair with the iWatch and you can’t save rounds. Need to update these features and it would be great.
  • Great, but scorecard function needs to be saved 3/5

    By yoshi109
    The app is pretty amazing, THE BIGGEST DRAWBACK is that your rounds/scores are not saved. Once you end the round, the data is gone. Lack of this function is a HUGE bummer. I have to go to another app for this. So close to perfect
  • Doesn’t save data- Bushnell123 4/5

    By bushnell 1234
    Liked the app and functionality. However, doesn’t save score, stats or calculate handicap. What is the point of logging all the data from each hole if it isn’t saved or used for the future? Bummer
  • Great sound, good visuals, missing key feature 3/5

    By BMo21
    I believe the wingman plays great sound quality for what it is. The app visuals and fly overs are great. The gps yardage seemed consistently within one yard of my garmin watch for golf, which is awesome. Absolutely must add the ability to save scorecards and stats though! No reason for why this feature is missing. I simply won’t add my gold data in the app any longer since I can’t see it at later times to update GHIN or fill in a physical scorecard.
  • Wingman app 1/5

    By jim 324
    Apparently does not work with new iPhone 12
  • Keep the scores 2/5

    By fixs it please
    Please on future updates allow the scores from rounds played to be kept somewhere so you can track yourself to see if your improvements
  • Great but missing features 2/5

    By t28ace
    Great for course information, the scorecard is very convenient during the round and gives you great data at the end of the round. the only issue is the scorecard doesn’t save after you hit end round, and you can’t add anybody else to your scorecard which would be nice for keeping track of your partners as well
  • Update needed 2/5

    By Red Buffalo2
    Our course in Fort Worth, TX was recently updated. I have used support site to request an update but have not received any response. This is an excellent product but it requires an update to be used to its full potential.