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Buy, sell, and save with eBay. Explore offers on your favorite brands and save money on your online shopping today. Love eBay? Then you’ll love the eBay app! Use your camera to search for items, scan barcodes for easy and fast listing, and manage your account on the go. Simple. Top 3 eBay Features: 1. Buy and sell with ease 2. Access savings and daily deals 3. Earn cash on new or pre-owned items Whether you’re selling your car, looking for a quick fashion fix, or simply browsing, the eBay app is a shopping must-have. Download now to get started! BEST-SELLING TECH • Upgrade your cellphone to the latest model - browse deals on Apple and Samsung • Get your hands on the hottest deals for computers, smart watches, game consoles, TVs and more NEW-SEASON FASHION • Update your wardrobe with jeans, jackets, dresses, tops, shoes and accessories • Shop your favorite fashion brands at the best prices HOME & GARDEN • Access savings on furniture, home decor, and kitchen appliances • Shop DIY tools, craft supplies, and gardening tools AUTOMOTIVE • Sell your car in just a few steps • Shop vehicles, auto parts, accessories, and more Take eBay with you wherever you are. Just download now! KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at www.ebay.com/iOS.

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  • “For Parts or Not Working” Condition Option is Just Gone!!? 1/5

    By enohpblack
    I have been using ebay since 2003 and my favorite part about the site is being able to search for things that are “broken” and then repairing them. Essential for being able to do this is by selecting “for parts or not working” in the item condition field while searching. Well today I tried to search for something to repair and to my suprise now the only condition options available to select are “new” and “used”. Thought it was a glitch so tried a different search and NOPE same thing happened. TL;DR: After 17 years of the site working fine the “For parts or not working” search filter no longer exists (options are now either “new” or “used”) and unless this change is reverted I have no need for the ebay app. The saying goes If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. But it’s certainly broken now!
  • VERY Poor seller protection!!!! 1/5

    By weng Gail
    If you want to resale, go to places like Mercari Poshmark it Kidizen, do no go to Ebay cuz they basically has no seller protection. There are huge amounts of scammers on eBay, and if a buyer filed a case with seller, eBay will close the case on buyer’s favor just based on buyers words, no pictures or evidence required from buyer at all! And when you call eBay, they always say you can file a appeal, BUT, their APPEAL option never works, once you go to eBay resolution center, it doesn’t gives you an option to file it, there is no “appeal” button for you to click, or it will send you to PayPal resolution page, which tells you file an appeal from eBay. There is no way to file it from eBay website at all, it is purposely designed this way. So seller, if you are interested in resale, DO NOT GO TO EBAY!
  • I can’t buy nothing 1/5

    By jesus12364
    I don’t like this app because I can’t buy nothing
  • updates that are killing me 1/5

    By spacexgrl
    how is ebay going to charge me for listings that DONT sell?? i have 19 listings i’ve been waiting to go out but the traction has been low. i’m not there to spend money needlessly. i’m deleting the app and my account because this is absurd.
  • Ebay is the best!! 5/5

    By djeter1128
    I shop on eBay al the time.I absolutely trust it and I use it all the time!!
  • EBay 5/5

    By 123brigit321
    I love it!
  • eBay is a wonderland. 5/5

    By lonelyburg
    If you ever wonder about things.....look them up on eBay. You will be amazed how some items you never thought existed actually do. And those items can be acquired. eBay is amazing. I just wish EBay had a 1 800 # when customers get ripped off. EBay is no where to be seen when that happens.
  • Stopped working on my older iPad for no good reason 1/5

    By Mister Ron
    Been using the eBay app for years on my iPad 4, which does not go beyond iOS 10. Well, I guess I'll stick with using a browser.
  • Very good experience 5/5

    By Darruel
    Good everything convenient
  • Can filter place of origin 4/5

    By KaiiDeniese
    One of the only platforms that’s transparent in products’ place of origin. But there’s ways sellers are getting around that somehow. I can clearly see on PayPal who I’m really sending my money to. But kudos for at least having a filter to search products based on US only, North America and worldwide allowing consumers to directly stimulate their own economies first.
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By Imajewell
    Everything I have ordered has been spot on good.
  • App help 5/5

    By Becky m r
    When clicking on lowest price. App doesn’t show the lowest price first App needs work
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By stanmen
    I just got back to listing on EBay & it’s so much Easier then ever Thank You EBay
  • Never ever accepts my payment method 1/5

    By Beatles<3 746
    It literally won’t let me pay no matter how many times I put in my card!!
  • Pleased To Have An Ebay 5/5

    By Raggedye Annye
    I’m usually so astonished and remarkably surprised with most all shipments I receive from EBAY!!! And if there has ever been a problem it has been handled quickly and efficiently!!! Keep up the good work EBAY 👍!!!
  • eBay is great! 5/5

    By ophircargo
    eBay is great! The best platform to sell your new and old things and buy new and old things. I just wish every seller was a trustworthy person and buyers actually read descriptions. Thank you eBay for providing this platform for those who have been financially affected by Covid-19. There’s no other way than eBay!
  • Serious technical issues, untrained suppor 3/5

    By cameleon.live
    One of accounts was set up with a credit card for months, working without issues. One time, after an unusual transaction (charge and refund or similar) the card was declined. We added a different card, same result. eBay support keeps saying that it’s the banks fault (as if we couldn’t ask the bank if they are seeing the attempt). It is very obvious to us that some security trigger rendered our account to reject all credit cards and only accept PayPal however, eBay support would never admit such thing, it’s easier to blame the bank. We tried, nice, begging, etc. no luck. This happened in February and our spending is well over 20k, still no fix. Sad :( I hope this will get past someone’s pacing threshold. The account is celebrity.boutique. I am fully aware that the account, the (saved, default) credit card and the issue can be identified based on account name so if someone gets back with “need more info”, it’s just ... Sad :( On the side note, eBay is protecting sellers who’re selling fake items (even very expensive collectibles) meaning, you could buy fake gold, fake watches, fake vintage with high price and eBay may protect the seller even after presenting proof. I am not against this practice anymore, if this is what eBay users want. May be a risky practice for long-term but I understand that eBay must generate profits with all costs. This is something very concerning but I guess, who understands it, can avoid until a certain extent. The app is great, I’d give 5 Stars, really well done and the new facelift is fantastic! ;)
  • It’s been great but now it doesn’t work 3/5

    By Flippigan
    I try to submit a refund request when a seller sent me a bad part, they did not respond so I try to go through ebays “money back guarantee” so I type up my message and try to upload a photo of the defective part, app just goes blank. So I try to login on my computer, I put in email and password, 2 factor auth pops up telling me I should see a notification on my phone, this used to work now nothing pops up ever.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    Works great and opens the market wide for better deals all across the globe. Love it!!!
  • iPad 1/5

    By bmwr90s
    Why stop supporting older iPads?
  • About to cancel my account 1/5

    By jcl730_
    I have order alot of stuff on this site sometimes it won’t even arrive and ebay won’t let there users give a feedback about the seller? So they sell you the items you paid and don’t receive nothing and as a consumer you just have to keep your mouth quite? Not happening with me!
  • Great Platform 5/5

    By Doninfj
    I’ve been on eBay for over ten years. I’ve enjoyed it very much. Improvements have made it easier to search for items, as well as make it easy to prepare items for sale.
  • Maravilloso 5/5

    By ren-torr
    Excelente app
  • Update 1/5

    By Bobas71
    Latest update crashes down constantly on mobile!!!! Horror black and white! No choice for white only.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Yeetzer
  • Clienta 5/5

    By Patria lantigua
    Todo me llega a tiempo , y son muy responsable con el dinero del cliente,y para mi es muy buen servicio, no tengo dudas , soy cliente desde el 2013 y no me arrepiento
  • The best app for shopping online 5/5

    By Leonzo951
    They are the best in confort and support! Im really happy buying with they!
  • Outstanding App 5/5

    By Fidel1988
    Love the design and navigation of the app. It’s very easy and straightforward to use.
  • Technical difficulties 2/5

    By Anonymously1975
    The app has been wonderful right up until I needed to update my personal email and preferences. Every time I would go into the settings and then into the sign in tab, it immediately kicked me out. Seeing that this is where security features are it is a huge problem. I am using the iPhone app. My phone and all settings are up to date. Guess I’ll try it on my Android and see if it’s acting up as well. Yup worked on the android app.
  • Yep I love EBay 5/5

    By mistiben
    Thank goodness .. I love yard sales and thrift shops and Covid has taken the privilege so I’ve discovered the biggest thrifty store I enjoy looking for thing I don’t really need but yet get what I’m looking for and out of 12 items only 2 have been not what they said they where and though they weren’t what they said .. I still enjoy shopping and was able to make them gifts 🙌😇🙌
  • Does not let me pay with gift card again 1/5

    By MysteriOus W0lf
    I bought a gift card and ordered something but when I tried to order again it did not let me :( I lost 68$ and can’t do anything about the money on the card eBay pls help me I want to order but it doesn’t let me
  • The app has been a GLITCH for 10+ years! 2/5

    By Dustysunday
    Aside from there never being a real-time fee calculator upon listing... it’d be nice if the app wouldn’t crash every other day. Poshmark is still fairly new to the game but runs so smooth. Come on EBay!
  • New update is trash 2/5

    By Collan Chavez
    EBay crashes and barcode is weaker and the app is much slower to use via mobile. This needs to be much faster. Time is money
  • iOS 11.4 FIXED 4/5

    By Moonrunes
    Unable to update...They dropped us from the list - mhm look into it because i can guarantee @amazon doesn't have this issue because they allow users to install older supported versions of their app for those who aren't on latest gen until that happens this post is staying at 1 star Dear Ebayios Team-leader you're only opening the door for third party clients -FIXED: after deleting the app a few days later I went to my purchased apps and search for eBay and I was able to download the older supported version of eBay it’s no longer telling me I need to update the app
  • Sick of the regressions 1/5

    By Aryxus
    eBay hasn’t improved or added a feature in the 5 years since I last used this app. Other than dark mode, that is. Now they take away the number of results from saved searches, replacing it with the words “saved search.” I know it’s a saved search. I saved the search. What does that do to improve the search experience? Nothing. But taking away the number of results is disastrous. I’ve no idea if I have one screen full or 80 or 300. This is typical of the experience on eBay. You can search your watch list on the app but not on the site. Why not? You can’t filter your purchases on “needs feedback.” Why not? Why do I get item ending notifications for items I’m not watching or bidding on? That’s useful for tricking me into thinking I was interested, is all. Do you really want to be the company that tries tricking us into purchasing something? You split notifications into “act now” and “other” but put shipping notifications into “act now.” Why? How am I supposed to act on that? The list goes on. Any useful feature they come up with eventually goes away. Do you even have a UX person on staff? Do you do A/B testing with these features? Do you just change things randomly to make it look like you’re doing something? Anyway, I think I’ll move on to Etsy or something for a bit.
  • No Customer Service 2/5

    By C Begley
    I have an issue right now that I need help with and NO support available. And this is crawling with scammers.
  • eBay is the best 5/5

    By Fleetline Fever
    I like eBay app because I can pretty find what I’m looking for and shop from home, its great
  • eBay 4/5

    By Malonter
    Think they keep wanting you to reset password to much
  • Pig mask covered in blood 1/5

    By Hotrhodium
    Was a great place to buy things but they have turned into pseudo wanna be mafia thugs. Be aware, using app could result in pig masks covered in blood being sent to your house and many other forms of threats and intimidation.
  • Tries but can’t 2/5

    By 1QTpa2T
    This app fails! Someone tried to make it intuitive but it makes changes to posts that can only be corrected by getting onto the desktop site. It will fill in what “it thinks” should be in your post, but when you try to fix incorrect information it automatically changes it back. The only advantage is the ease of taking pictures with your phone and moving them into your post.
  • I can’t find a better app to buy, This one make my life happy 5/5

    By Nevjoc
    I can’t find a better app to buy, This one make my life happy
  • On time delivery 5/5

    By charmicharm
    All my orders definitely comes in on time. I was very surprised and happy!!!
  • Only great for wishlist making 3/5

    By raeomg
    The app is only okay if ur purchasing. As a seller, filtering out spam is such a pain, questions from buyers get lost in the constant barrage of nothingness. Making filters and trying to contact sellers is equally frustrating.
  • Zero 1/5

    By Wes Stephan
    Whole bunch of people don’t ship what customers buy read about it didn’t think it was true finally happened to me and eBay not responding about I get situated with bank gonna delete
  • Not working...... 1/5

    By nursejoy530
    Been fond using Ebay for yearsss. Unfortunately, it’s no longer working on my phone. It wants me to update my IOS. :-/
  • Cluttered New Update 2/5

    By dumboldbird
    Please get rid of the sort/filter button cluttering up my search screen.
  • Pain in the ass 1/5

    By hjstvz
    This app is a pita! When I go to look at the eBay website this comes up instead. The app is pretty useless as the standard web serves as well or better without extra space taken up on my phone.
  • Barbara 5/5

    By sampler1900
    Great keeps me busy !!!!
  • Overall easy app 5/5

    By Gashny
    It’s very strait forward with the way you can buy and sell your stuff

eBay app comments

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