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The BuzzFeed News app brings you the most important and most interesting stories from around the world, hand-picked by our editors. With the BuzzFeed News app for iOS, you’ll quickly catch up on what’s going on around the world. We make the news easy to follow. Whether it’s a tweet or a Vine, a BuzzFeed News exclusive or a compelling piece of reporting from elsewhere, our editors will make sure you don’t miss out on what people are talking about. We make the news easy to understand. Our editors know that when something happens, the who, why, when, and how matter just as much as the what. We’ll make sure you’ve got context and background to major news events as they happen. We make the news easy to manage. Need to know when something big is happening in the world of technology, politics, or entertainment? Need the latest updates on major breaking news? Passionate about sports or LGBT issues? We’ve got you covered with customizable notifications. We make the news easy to share. Read something in the app that moves you? Share it with a friend or colleague, straight from the app.

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BuzzFeed News app reviews

  • Atrocious 1/5

    By unkown missing
    Basically Hollywood tmz garbage style articles, waste
  • Dark mode! 1/5

    By mikey_dubbs
    Please add dark mode!
  • Old news 2/5

    By Onehanddrumming
    This app is a great source for ‘news’ that’s 18 to 24 hours old, or older. Kind of a unique niche these days.
  • Used to love this app years ago 1/5

    By Leeps216
    This app seems like there is one journalist writing stories due to how little there are new news stories. I’ve had the app for a 4-5 days and the exact same stories have been on it every time i open it. It used to not be this way and they had so many types of stories i was reading for hours. Had to delete out of boredom

    By Photo deluxe
    For Reddit
  • GoT Spoilers 1/5

    By Scyle
    They allowed one of their article authors to put massive spoilers for the GoT finale in his title. Definitely done to upset people and drive more clicks and discussion about his terrible “article” which was really just a few personal statements about the episode. Maybe it doesn’t matter for most people but I’m uninstalling this app which I used to like but can’t support an organization with such low integrity.
  • Strange content sloppy design 1/5

    By Benfura
    Being from Samoa I’m not very political. However the design of the app just seems lackluster and the content seems to be very unbalanced. Was hoping for edgy vice style news, got well something else.
  • 6th letter in the alphabet, 22,3,11 1/5

    By Doug McJonesy
    You all at Buzzfeed.
  • Misinformation and complete bias 1/5

    By Ashes527
    It was good before, but now there is no reason that people should ever get this app or visit this site. All of the articles are completely biased and full of hate speech against others.
  • U want a war we give u one 1/5

    By MinnieMac99999
    For Reddit comrades
  • Forgot about this one 1/5

    By noobreddit69
    Even more inferior than the most inferior app ever
  • reddit good 1/5

    By downwithbuzzfeed
    buzzfeed bad, reddit good
  • No 1/5

    By Anonymous pizza lover
    Buzzfeed bad Reddit good
  • So Rude 1/5

    By ~(>~<)~
    I use to like buzzfeed but then they started to make rude videos and news reports.I can’t believe I use to want to work there...
  • I’m doing my part! 1/5

    By RealJyrone
    I’m doing my part Reddit!
  • Reddit Revolution 1/5

    By Dogeiskewl
    On behalf of the Reddit community r/GoCommitDie
  • reddit wins 1/5

    By karabeara02
  • Biased 1/5

    By CTqt169
    These guys are a joke
  • Cyka 1/5

    By stalin good
    Buzzfeed bad. Reddit good
  • Obviously biased 1/5

    By SoCalSuperSteve
    Will distort stories to fit narratives.
  • Leftist insanity 1/5

    By RedditWins
    Holy cow they have gone off the deep end. Just no, seriously no. I wanted it to be good but it was soooooo bad. #notmynews
  • Begone fake news! 1/5

    By Jiiinnnnn
    Begone thots Begone thotEWS Begone FAKE NEWS
  • Because 1/5

    By twixboy808
    BuzzFeed bad Reddit good
  • I didn’t like it 1/5

    By BoSox2121
    Overall bad experience.
  • Buzzfeed bad 1/5

    By tpors03
    Reddit good
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By r/dankmemes soldier
    This app is human trash that needs to be irradiated.
  • If you want to stay informed, stay away 1/5

    By kawaakawaakawaa
    Buzzfeed news is perhaps one of the worst news sites I have ever come across. It’s one thing to draw differing opinions from a set of facts, but through the regular use of misleading headlines and the practice of burying vital information of stories into the depths of their articles, buzzfeed deliberately misleads and misinforms whole swathes of the population. Buzzfeed needs to go.
  • Buzzfeed is inane garbage 1/5

    By Murasama23
    Don’t download this trash. It’s a complete waste of time.
  • I am from r/dankmemes 1/5

    By Johnny8907
    Buzzfeed is a terrible app. They spit lies and SJW propaganda. If you are on Buzzfeed you are probably going to see something you don’t agree with but are forced to accept because it is ‘politically correct.’ They have waged war with Reddit and now they must perish.
  • Made my phone run like a potato. 1/5

    By Fredrigez
    Downloaded the app to get some fresh news and hot headlines. What I got was a constant barrage of biased and click bait titled articles force fed to my notifications. This, what I could only call harassment, continued even after disabling notifications and turing of cell data for the app (only to get 300+ “10 reasons...” pings when in WiFi range, making my phone instantly crash.
  • Clickbait news 1/5

    By Mike DiGiovanni
    Why say “Chris Evans shows up to childrens hospital dressed as Captain America” when you can say “What Chris Evans did in front of these children will SHOCK you!” Its bad enough its garbage gossip “news”, its not even good garbage news.
  • Great news and features at a glance and in-depth 5/5

    By jonathan.
    This is what I wanted. News at a glance. Not all politics. Yes this app can lean a little left in my opinion but every app has a bias. Otherwise if you keep an objective mind it does a good job at telling you what’s happening across categories like nature science politics etc.
  • Not a reliable news source 1/5

    By Scott Schmidhauser
    A LOT of bad reporting and gimmicky emoji filled “articles” that are not reliable
  • Too buggy to use 1/5

    By hcvjyfhjgdcgfhkhdaj
    Gets stuck on pages even after restarting, links up articles to wrong ones. Tried using it for a few days, but now I'm giving up. It just doesn't work. Deleting.
  • Buzzfeed news 5/5

    By indict him
    Good, concise update on the news affecting the political scene. Washington and it’s seemingly unending nightmare gets top coverage.
  • Nothing special 1/5

    By High-grades
    Always late and reports fake stories to create views... news app that’s already on the phone is better.
  • Too Bias 1/5

    By What up yo
    Too left-leaning to be called news, more political entertainment. The reporting is condemned by its own sources.
  • Inaccurate and untrustworthy 1/5

    By nik siz
    BuzzFeed is the poster child for biased liberal hysteria that isn’t grounded in reality.
  • Unsubstantiated bs 1/5

    By CMLHT
    Nothing short of tabloid.
  • Sick 1/5

    By imridht
    Why waste your time on fake news
  • Would be 5 stars if no advertising! 4/5

    By JohnD7778
    Great app, however there should be a way to pay your way out of the advertising bombardment! Great news service still with an A+ rating in my opinion!
  • Often the first to break big news 5/5

    By Julia Carol
    ‘Nuff said. I appreciate the investigative journalism.
  • Update promotes endless scrolling 😠 2/5

    By zephyrhills, FL
    The Buzzfeed News app has been the *only* news app on my phone for months now. On the whole, I genuinely enjoy the balance between updates from both political and cultural perspectives (though I do wish there were a way of disabling inclusions on any of the Kardashians — there are some stories you cannot possibly induce me to read, let alone convince me they’re news with sharing!). As an American living abroad, I also appreciate the more US-focused bent, since I want a one-stop shop for finding out what’s happening back home, and the Buzzfeed News app lets me do that. So, on the whole, I give it 4 stars (too many pointless celebrities for my taste!). HOWEVER, as of the latest update, my use of the app has dropped dramatically. There used to be an indicator of how many new stories had bubbles up since you last opened the app. That feature is gone. No longer does the color of a headline you’ve seen change from black to gray, either — now they’re permanently black, to suggest that all the content is new. I can’t figure out for the life of me why they decided to implement these changes. Now, instead of eagerly scrolling through all the latest developments, I get frustrated after scrolling through 4 or 5 - are there 2 more after this? 12? I can’t be bothered to care. I’ll hit one story that strikes me as a waste of time (today it was the instagram picture of an egg beating kylie jenner’s picture for most likes - oh please, WHO CARES), and instead of having the incentive of “at least I can see there are 5 more new stories after this; maybe one will grab me”, my reaction was to quit the app. “Well, if this is the kind of content they’re sharing today, I might as well quit now.” This is compounded by the way the articles are structured. The app is ordered such that breaking stories are followed by the 1-2 stories that Buzzfeed had previously published on the subject. That helpfully allows readers to see the latest news, and be able to read up on all of the background reporting easily - I think this is a very good feature! However, with the new update not telling you how many new stories await, you may end up seeing a new headline - scrolling and seeing 2 (supplementary) old headlines below it - and think “Well, I’ve seen this before; there’s nothing new for me” and X out of the app. The only thing I can think that lead to this decision is that twitter and facebook - you know, uncredited social media sites - promote endless scrolling, so the execs at Buzzfeed thought their NEWS app should follow the same brainless format. *Tell* me what’s new! That’s the *point* of a news app! 🤦‍♀️ The experience is so much less rewarding that I might give up on the app.
  • Difficult to read copy. Too busy. 3/5

    By FrisbyPhiTau
    I do not like the pictures behind the copy. Difficult to read.
  • Clickbait story headlines and terrible iPad display 2/5

    By ReportThis505
    I like how Buzzfeed took the step to separate its news from its quizzes and memes. I also really like how they’re making waves in deep investigative reporting, especially the story about the sexual harassment that took place 30 years ago in an orphanage. However, the use of emojis and clickbait-like headlines creates a disparity between the sometimes excellent reporting and the buffoonery of text message conversations. Also, as someone who reads their news on an iPad, the display is too narrow and doesn’t fill the whole screen. The iPhone version of the app is fine, but the iPad does not make reading news on this app enjoyable.
  • Good way to catch up 4/5

    By BibleMHM
    Every now and then - this is the best way to catch up and be entertained
  • Love it!💕 5/5

    By Sunnygirl_mia
    Waiting for me every morning it’s now my definitive way to begin the day!😁🙏🏼💕
  • Respect accessibility 1/5

    By Anna the Wacky Banana
    I want to like this app, but... it doesn’t use iOS accessibility settings (dynamic type) for text sizes. And I can’t find a way to change the text size in the app. So, it literally hurts my eyes to use this. It’s shameful, really — it’s not particularly difficult to implement this. Please respect folks with visual accessibility issues (i.e. pretty much everyone over the age of 40 🙄)
  • Visual accessibility needed 2/5

    By JGB-DC
    Some of us with visual limits could really use the ability to adjust the type size so we can read the articles on our iPhones and iPads. This is fairly basic tech. HuffPost can. CNN can. The Guardian can. Step it up BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed News app comments

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