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BuzzFeed has it all: the stories and quizzes trending on social, the news you want now, and the recipes and life tips you didn’t know you needed. FEATURES: • Never be bored again with the best mix of News, Videos, Quizzes, and Lists • Watch your favorite BuzzFeed shows like Tasty, Nifty, Goodful, Try Guys, Violet, and Ladylike • Use the Explore tab to dive into your favorite topics like Food, Celebrity, Animals, DIY, LGBT, and more • Use the Trending section to see what stories are about to go viral • One tap to share stories with Email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more • Share individual images and videos from within stories. Just tap the image for options! • Bookmark posts you want to come back to and sync them with all your devices • Get push notifications for trending stories so you’re always in the loop • Comment on a post or click the reaction button to share your opinion If you have any trouble with your app please email us at [email protected] so we can help! And don’t forget to check out when you’re on your laptop! Note: Our properties may also feature Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which may contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Nielsen's software may collect your choices with regards to it.

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  • Annoying ads 1/5

    By Paige Duprey
    Why are there ads throughout the post now? It is distracting from the content and makes me not want to finish scrolling through the whole post. I hate ads. The pop up ads are WORST. The content is going downhill. Deleted after last update.
  • Buzz feed awesome 5/5

    By buzzsome
    There’s is great quizzes and I hope more people play this game!it is awesome I play it every day!
  • Bad 1/5

    By 😐🙃😐
  • Love it 5/5

    By Moltim
    I loved buzzfeed the moment I got it. First I was all in to the quizzes and the articles. Then I found ladylike and As/Is I love the positive vibes both shows give. It seems that all there shows make me laugh when I am feeling down. Someday I hope to give women equal rights to men and Ladylike and As/Is has showed me that’s possible. Along with their videos I love the sim hundred baby challenge. Kelsey is so hysterical. I can’t wait for her videos to come out every Sunday. I love Chelsy and the kids. For ladylike I give a shoutout to because you helped me release that the world is not the world without me and you and us making a impact. You girls are amazing I someday I hope to meet you. Sorry this is so long but I have so many good things to say about buzzfeed and their amazing staff. So the next people and groups below are the ones the need to be Wreckonize for their amazingness: Ladylike Devan Kristin Fred Chantel and Jen As/is Tasty Multiplayer Kasly impeach a K Mike ladylike producer The going 0 waste And everyone at buzzfeed Love you guys and girls
  • Annoying Ad! 1/5

    By Bleh18363812
    I will be happily scrolling through Buzzfeed when all of a sudden an ad will open up in Safari. The ad’s on Buzzfeed are so big they are sometimes unavoidable when scrolling! I don’t like being forced to “accidentally” tap on an ad so that they can make money. It happens way too often to be unintentional.
  • Goofy fun reading 5/5

    By lovingnz
    Love love love reading the quirky fun things instead of the serious depressing articles on other formats. Plus love finding new products I didn't know I needed lol.
  • Bug to be fixed. 4/5

    By poodleu
    Love the app. Love the content. Wish it didn't log me out every few days. I use the app almost every day, so it's a tad inconvenient that it does that.
  • Log In Buggy 3/5

    By Kitty2847281
    Like using this app a lot but seriously tired of how often it logs me out and now I can’t even log back in because my information is in the “wrong data format” when I’m just typing in my username and pass
  • GoT spoilers 5/5

    By wisbfxufiians
    Got the app just for the quizzes! Buzzfeed quizzes are the best. Just thought I’d point out that the picture used to preview on the appstore shows a spoiler for Game of Thrones season 7.
  • Can't create an account 2/5

    By LadySpaulding
    I tried creating an account, after I clicked the link in my email it said that there was information missing. When I tried to look up the solution online (because support never got back to me), it said it might be because it believes I'm a bot. So I tried making another account using my professional email and a username with my name in it and the same issue occurred. A big part of an app like this is to communicate with other users, and I can't do that if I can't create an account.
  • Why buzzfeed needs to go 1/5

    By Axepicker79
    If only we could yeetus deletus this app out of existence. Reddit on the other hand is fantastic. BuzzFeed = Garbage.
  • Articles are good to read but... 1/5

    By Cberg67
    I really like some of the articles on Buzzfeed but it is impossible to set up an account on here. No matter what I do it says something has gone wrong, please try again later. It gets really old.
  • Love this app. :) 5/5

    By Karom Inc
    Simply love it!
  • Funny content but horribly designed 2/5

    By StimpyCat
    I get some good laughs and shopping tips from BuzzFeed but their app lately had caused so much frustration. With so many stories if you open them a tiny bit of the story will load but then the rest hangs. I believe it's related to how they link to Instagram content. If you select to open the story in Safari you can get the story to load and read the text. This happens to me all the time and makes me not want to use the app.
  • Gross application 1/5

    By Zoomeon
    Just a bunch of political libtards
  • Account verification. 2/5

    By Liltravia
    Trying to verify my account but I never got the email sent to my inbox. I want to interact more with Buzzfeed but it’s hard when I can’t comment or save or even log in because my email isn’t verified. If someone could help me with this, that’d be great and I’d give five stars.
  • Fix dark mode 2/5

    By AisZG32
    Dark mode needs to be fixed, on most articles, the background will just be black and you won't be able to see any words. And in those articles, if there's a Twitter or Instagram link/screenshot, they don't show up or they show up black like previously mentioned. Also, on some quizzes, i can read the question but the answers are always basically blending into the background to where i can barely read it. I know it's a dark mode issue because when i switch it back to white, everything works fine
  • What’s with the ads 1/5

    By YouHadMeAtMerlot
    Stop the music randomly playing as part of ads. They keep playing even when my phones on silent- so messed up!!
  • Read below 3/5

    By i neede robux
    A good idea for buzzfeed would be to have a setting on what news you want to hear, like celebrities or something. It’s all one sided in politics.
  • Horrible 5/5

    By no potty words
    I hate this app
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By thatcjkid
    It signs me out and when I click the links in an article and come back, it’s exited the article and starts me over from the top.
  • Stupid false opinions 1/5

    By Miarenee91
    None of their information comes from fact but false opinion. I use to enjoy some of their articles but now I am done. You ruined it when you had to talk about how “makeup artist” make too much money. The program to get your license for that is expensive and It is a skill someone deserves to make money off of. You shove your opinions I’m over it.
  • Reddit good buzzfeed bad 1/5

    By ThePinaeappleGod556
    Why is this app existing
  • Refreshes every time you multitask 1/5

    By QueenBxxxx
    It is so annoying that this app restarts every. single. time. you go out and come back in. Reading an article and get a text, better not check it or you may never find the article again. Every other app is able to run in the background without refreshing, why the hell can’t Buzzfeed?
  • Buzzfeed bad 1/5

    By BulbaBro18
    Reddit good
  • Wow!!!! With a few problems 😃😃😕 4/5

    By OmgKats!!$$$!!!
    Ok I’ve had this for 2 months. and I love it butttt I hate that there are so many ads that pop up and I hate that you can like rate the quizzes that you take cause some of them are pretty bad.
  • Buzzfeed is bad nonono 1/5

    By redditwillrebel
    First off, this will probably get removed because of the bots they have running to remove certain reviews, so thanks for wasting 2 minutes and 38 seconds of my life buzzfeed. In conclusion reddit good buzzfeed bad. Thank you.
  • Buzzfeed bad 1/5

    By inpolitically correct reviewer
    Reddit good
  • Wish i could give 0 stars 1/5

    By Brandonred9
    BuzzFeed is just a bunch of SJW trash that’s worse than FOX news, go get reddit or something
  • Buzzfeed is a bad, unreliable, and biased source 1/5

    By Ashes527
    Everything is in the title. Would give 0 stars if possible.
  • Luv it 5/5

    By Jennifer Fidler💜
    I’m only here for the quizzes and they are dope
  • buzzfeed bad Reddit good 1/5

    By big stonks
  • What is happening to buzzfeed 3/5

    By jinglebells0518
    Why can't you comment on any of the articles anymore?! Also the stories are only good about 50% of the time now I used to come to buzzfeed for all things tabloid and news but the articles just aren't that good anymore. I don't care about most of the topics. When they try to interview people, many of the articles are followed with "XYZ did not return request for comment" and there aren't any comments anymore. You post news articles addressing a situation and no one can even state their opinion which was half the fun of reading buzzfeed articles
  • Excessive advertising 1/5

    By mb1379318
    Advertisements will play audio at random times while you are scrolling through an article. You can’t stop them though, and if you are playing music it will drop the music.
  • I love Buzzfeed but... 2/5

    By valsburger
    I can’t login since I deactivated my Facebook. I’ve tried logging in with my Google account, my email, starting a new account (which I can’t do since my email is already affiliated with my old account), recovering my password (the password reset email never comes through) and therefor I can’t save articles and interact with posts like I’d like to. I see links to email technical support but no page ever loads so I haven’t been able to address this with a human that can help me and the FAQ are not helpful, or, as in the technical support situation, appear to be dead links. It’s been months of this. Highly disappointing.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Madithehatter
    Listen I love buzzfeed and I think this app is a much better interface than the web version but I’ve been getting a glitch where every day I have to log back into my account. That may not be an issue for a lot of features but it makes it really hard for me to bookmark and comment on things. Other than that, I like this app.
  • the quizzes/news 😂 5/5

    By Charlize sosa
    i think it’s fun and funny to have news and quizzes for us people although i’d give you 5 stars but i just can’t sign in because it won’t let me but that won’t let me get in the way of giving YOU 5 STARS ⭐️❤️🤘🏻
  • Used to love but.... 1/5

    By Barbi2423
    I used to love the buzzfeed app but now all the articles pop up when opened the go away with the loading circle... just frustrating to be drawn in with a headline to not be able to read it....
  • Too bad... 1/5

    By Jaci Smithee
    I use buzzfeed every day. I love it. It’s fun and the breaking articles are really well written. Unfortunately, it’s turned into a giant advertisement. I can’t see most of the screen when an ad scrolls up. So disappointing that making money is that important to them. I’ll be uninstalling. I just can’t adjust to it.
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By Laurasn
    The news is totally biased and the “shows” are just awful
  • overall good app 5/5

    By xxjenelle
    great app if you’re bored. i’d suggest the quizzes as they’re super fun
  • Buzzfeed 5/5

    By ATB you know me
    Buzzfeed in general is the most coordinated app I have ever had and is always entertaining I feel like it has everything for everyone no matter how big or how small what age or what condition it always has your back
  • articles won’t load 1/5

    By ktalanna
    i used to like buzzfeed, but lately i can’t read any articles! about half of the article will load and the rest of it won’t. it’s very frustrating. i also can’t log into my account. i’ve tried putting in my username and password and i’ve tried logging in through facebook and neither one works. please fix this
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jeffery Dorsey
    One of the best apps their quizzes are so entertaining and so much fun to take
  • Stop with all the Ads!! 1/5

    By maemalade
    It cannot scroll down this app without accident hitting multiple different ads that pop me out of the app. Now there are also pop-up ads that jump up on the screen mid scroll so you end up accidentally touching it again being popped out of the app for some ad. It's ridiculous and frustrating. I cannot believe that Buzzfeed is so desperate for money that they needed this sort of ad set up for their mobile app.
  • Buzzfeed 5/5

    By weinysar93
    I love buzzfeed and it notifies me on what news I didn’t here. The most fun thing about it is having the quizzes!
  • Buzzfeed quiz needs fixing 1/5

    By Jami's daughter
    I am just a little 13 year old but I’m mad I LOVE doing buzzfeed quizzes but if there’s a trivia on the app like how I did the friends trivia quiz I pressed the right button and it said it was wrong then it brought up the answer and it was the SAME THING I PRESSED! You guys need to work on this app 🙄🙄
  • Always something of interest 5/5

    By Doslitke
    I enjoy this app a lot. I usually check it out before I go to sleep. Always something smile worthy. I’ve gotten recipes, clothing ideas,etc.
  • Great and funny content 5/5

    By Taraesq
    I check buzzfeed everyday!

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