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BuzzFeed has it all: the stories and quizzes trending on social, the news you want now, and the recipes and life tips you didn’t know you needed. FEATURES: • Never be bored again with the best mix of News, Videos, Quizzes, and Lists • Watch your favorite BuzzFeed shows like Tasty, Nifty, Goodful, Try Guys, Violet, and Ladylike • Use the Explore tab to dive into your favorite topics like Food, Celebrity, Animals, DIY, LGBT, and more • Use the Trending section to see what stories are about to go viral • One tap to share stories with Email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more • Share individual images and videos from within stories. Just tap the image for options! • Bookmark posts you want to come back to and sync them with all your devices • Get push notifications for trending stories so you’re always in the loop • Comment on a post or click the reaction button to share your opinion If you have any trouble with your app please email us at [email protected] so we can help! And don’t forget to check out when you’re on your laptop! Note: Our properties may also feature Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which may contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Nielsen's software may collect your choices with regards to it.

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BuzzFeed app reviews

  • Update didnt work 2/21 1/5

    By JuliaMarie0814
    Update didnt fix anything and made the app worse. I can’t get past the white intro screen with the logo in the middle
  • Good app 5/5

    By @elGuardDuck
    I mean there’s nothing bad about it it’s a quiz taking app and it also has articles at least now u don’t have to be on google to take the quizzes
  • The worst. 1/5

    By Bfgtx621
    Most obnoxiously talentless publication I’ve come across in my life.
  • Can’t ever log in 3/5

    By jlfsthm
    Love the articles but cannot log in with an email in the app. It is only letting me create an account with Facebook which I don’t want for privacy reasons. I’ve upgraded the software and same issue. Please help.
  • I’d it with it 4/5

    By pandas22!🐼
    It is a fun app
  • Gets stuck 2/5

    By LaLaLola
    You’ll scroll through an article and it’ll just...stick. You can’t hit back, you can’t keep scrolling. It’s just stuck. And it happens all the time. So I force close the app and go back in and boom. Again. Super frustrating.
  • Left leaning, highly biased, unbalanced reporting and story placement 1/5

    By RjE50
    Judge for yourself. ‘Nuff said.
  • Variety 5/5

    By Geryldee
    Great variety of special interest articles!
  • BUZZFEED 5/5

    By Chana Dal
    Love it you should get it when your bored.. These quizzes are super fun when your bored Even though they are not very accurate it’s still fun!
  • Almost Went with One Star 2/5

    By thelryan
    Basically just a catalogue for products on Amazon. Quizzes only load one question at a time usually, and you can’t go back to change or fix an answer (even in a poll). Titles on user-sourced lists are basically clickbait since none of the submitters (at least those selected) actually seem to be addressing the prompt.
  • Ok 3/5

    By JillTeller20
    I read things from this app daily. But my problem is that in the middle of reading an article, all of a sudden the app will freeze and kick me out and when I come back I can’t even find the article. It seems you guys refresh your app articles frequently. Maybe too frequently because I shouldn’t be kicked out of a story just cuz you are rotating the order of today’s articles. Please fix this it’s making me just want to stop using the app altogether
  • Why do you need To connect to my account? 1/5

    By Joer138
    Some of your stories are pretty good. I would like to share them, But I can’t unless I give some weird permission to read my feed and more. Strange. I’d rather delete
  • Not disability friendly 1/5

    By _IantoJones
    I love BuzzFeed content. The app keeps getting worse for anyone who needs text to navigate! Now there aren’t even titles on most of the icons for articles! I use the site in Safari instead. I recommend BF. I recommend AGAINST this app.
  • i love buzzfeed 5/5

    By emma😚😚
    your the best😏😏
  • Buzzfeed 5/5

    By pigbrainsheepheart
    My go to location to catch up on anything and everything after a long day at work.
  • Good content, but one flaw 3/5

    By Magis5
    I love the articles and quizzes on this app. It’s a great way to kill the time. There is one issue. There is a young community on this app who are spreading the “post this on 5 other articles or your crush won’t kiss you tomorrow” and other foolish things like this. It would be nice if there was a way to report this spam, which is getting quite annoying.
  • Disappointed by app update 5/5

    By Fan O'Dango
    I can't get current feed unless connected to WiFi.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Godspill
    Post my God’s Pill-Communion Pills-Matzo bread and wine powder in gel Capsule on buzz’s news page
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Cmwords1
    I love reading buzzfeed news more than mainstream news... much more entertaining!
  • The BEST app 5/5

    By Xocute_blonde97xo
    This app has a variety of material they offer to their users. It’s is something I like to use to keep my self occupied when traveling, update myself with the current news, take some quizzes on my free time and “learn” more about myself, and much much more. Has a little bit of something for everyone !
  • Great app 5/5

    By Greatest KID
    I love y’all and I love yalls quizzes
  • Same stories and bad navigation 1/5

    By vnx999
    The app has gotten progressively worse in terms of content, as it consistently repeats same stories for months at a time. It’s also tough to navigate, as the content is extremely limited on the app. The desktop or mobile sites are a lot better.
  • Confusion 3/5

    By EmmaBateman
    Why are the videos not loading at the top of the home page? They haven’t refreshed since Thursday or Friday I think..
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Pratim1983
    So diversified , so enjoying , so educational !!
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By Chilly Willy Billy
    I used to enjoy the fun articles buzzfeed had. Now they seem to churn out more ads, very one-sided “articles”( that are really just an attack on anyone who disagrees), and celebrity worship. Create more interesting content again and stop obsessing over the same ten celebrities that are already plastered everywhere. Might want to work on the algorithm you have for “for you” content since 95% of it is irrelevant to my interests.
  • The app has potential 3/5

    By Kyndal.K
    The app is nice but personally I haven’t been able to sign in which has been ruining my experience
  • Eh, No Thanks 2/5

    By BeachBound13
    I liked this app to pass the time when awkwardly trying to look busy and avoid peopleing. However, the latest update is terrible. I can no longer see pictures when from an outside source like Tumbler, Instagram, or Twitter. I’m not clicking 25 links to see all the pictures in a story. I also have an ad embedded in the back that randomly plays. It is advertising “”. It only plays on Buzzfeed so I know it is linked to their app. It is loud and has sound only. It occurs randomly when I am using their app, even when my phone is on silent. I was already on the fence due to the obvious biases and poor editing. The inability to view content on the silly and fun lists and stories coupled with the random ad embedded sent me over the edge. No thanks, Buzzfeed.
  • Never works 2/5

    By Rblee
    Never loads the videos, it hasn’t worked for a long time. I have tried everything to fix it and it just doesn’t work anymore 👎🏻
  • Why are there so many old posts? 2/5

    By wkbozymow
    Honestly, the new algorithm is pretty irritating. I keep getting posts from 2016 popping up first on the home page, and the same 20 posts. Can we stop messing with chronological order already?
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Winchestersbros
    I love BuzzFeed!! When you get bored you can just go to BuzzFeed and find out facts, articles, fun quizzes, etc.
  • Garbage 😡 1/5

    By IhatePeople13
    I got annoyed by a bunch of whiny comments so I wanted to say something. I couldn’t even create an account on the site, so of course it led me to downloading this crap. I couldn’t comment after wasting my time and creating an account. You guys are trash.
  • Battery killer 1/5

    By Lafalot54
    I like buzzfeed’s youtube videos, and this is a fun app to play quizzes and see random news articles, but I hate using it because it will kill my battery in 5 mins or less, and my phone will get burning hot. My battery was at 48% and it went down to 13% in 6 mins which is ridiculous. Please fix this!!
  • Freezes constantly. Poor editing. 2/5

    By katieleigh422
    This review is supposed to be of the app itself, and while generally user-friendly, I can tell you this app freezes on me at least once a day, requiring a force quit and restart. The content itself, while entertaining, lacks the remotest attention to editing. The “serious” news and feature articles are the only bits of this site that get a single second eye on them. Even in the headlines, many of the articles often have easily fixable grammar and spelling mistakes, which would have been caught if a single person who made it through Journalism 101 would have taken a single glance at it before pressing the publish button. Buzzfeed, none of your journalism is EVER going to be taken seriously as long as it appears next to top ten lists with mistakes in the headlines and formatting issues in the article itself. You can do better.
  • Fake news at its worse. 1/5

    By magaman2019
    No facts here.
  • Very inappropriate 3/5

    By Droner73s
    This app has great quizzes, but many things are inappropriate.
  • Blue haired screech owls and soy boys! 1/5

    By Sybreed 82
    How this “news” app/outlet has a nearly 5 star rating is beyond me. Much like the leftist agenda, Buzzfeed is pure cancer.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By @laishavarela
    I have so much fun with this lol 💯
  • I want to love it but... 2/5

    By Ambam1388
    I always feel like they’re something wrong with this app. The latest is it seems like it’s been flooded with old articles from months ago instead of fresh content. I read something and go to comment and see the latest comment was from 45 weeks ago. What’s going on with that?
  • Fake news 1/5

    By High-grades
    In accurate new to the max...better to just use the news app that came with the phone unless you’re a 12 year old girl who enjoys pop culture.
  • Kool 5/5

    By tribe47
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Johnny Galligan
    To much fake news reported, get a grip on reality
  • Buzzfeed quizzes 4/5

    By Bryanlear
    I love to do the quizzes while I take a cr*p💩💩💩. They help me relax thus allowing the bodily waste products to flow smoothly out of my body.
  • Deleted app 1/5

    By Menclewicz
    How about sharing the truth and news that’s completely told instead of making up stories and trying to divide people more than we already are. But hey I understand getting ratings pay bills, right?
  • Buzz feed 4/5

    By kylee beckman
    This is a fun app! I love it so much. Although it’s fun ,and I love it so much some of the test aren’t accurate.Although I would be happy to rate a 4 star.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By WJohnson777
    Regardless of whose side your on. No one wants to read news that has not been checked, double checked, and confirmed to hold some bit of truth. Don’t waste your time. I deleted the app ASAP when articles where published but then proven to be false.
  • Sloppy work 1/5

    By mikej12477373738
    Crushed my hopes when Mueller came out and made it too easy for Trump
  • Biased beyond belief 1/5

    By Jb314856
    I used to enjoy the content but it’s become more and more biased. Nothing positive about conservatives, EVER. Articles written without facts on a regular basis. I’m no longer interested in BuzzFeed, it’s biased garbage.
  • More fake news 1/5

    By 5eriousListener
    Buzzfeed is the same as the Enquirer and OK! except it’s actively tearing Americans apart. It’s a tabloid publishing fake news to distract its readers from the truth. What a shame!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By clubrj&d
    None of these stories can be trusted!

BuzzFeed app comments

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