CA Lottery Official App

CA Lottery Official App

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  • Current Version: 3.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: California Lottery
  • Compatibility: Android
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CA Lottery Official App App

Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED official California Lottery app with a new look, more features and improved menu! Follow your favorite CA Lottery games in the palm of your hand. With Check-A-Ticket you can quickly scan any ticket sold by a CA Lottery retailer to see if you are a winner! Not a winner? Simply toggle over to 2nd Chance and scan eligible game codes into a 2nd Chance drawing. More convenient than ever to get winning numbers, view jackpot amounts or find your nearest retailer, anytime, anywhere. App Features: • Check-A-Ticket allows you to see if your ticket is a winner! • Auto Sign-In • Hot-Spot draw results available every 4 minutes • Enter 2nd Chance drawings! (Scratchers, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5) • Track your 2nd Chance submissions • Winning numbers for Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5, Hot Spot and all Daily games • Jackpot amounts • Interactive retailer locator map • Local office locations for prize claims of $600 or more Other Features: • See the number of California winners and amounts paid for each prize level for Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5, and all Daily games • The app allows you to find Lucky Retailers and Hot Spot play locations near you • Current CA Lottery promotions The Lottery provides supplemental funding for California Public Schools. Please play responsibly. You must 18 or older to play. Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information in the CA Lottery Mobile App, mistakes can occur. Please be sure to refresh your screen and look for the draw date when viewing winning numbers. In the event of any discrepancies, California state law and California Lottery regulations prevail. Complete game information and prize claiming instructions are available at and all California Lottery Retailers.

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CA Lottery Official App app reviews

  • User Friendly 5/5

    By Mr. Catty
    The ease of use is Amazing!!!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Bobbbbbbbbbby0078
    Lately, the app freezes a lot.
  • No “Results and Winners” section 4/5

    By Abc737486
    The only thing bad about this app is that it doesn’t show you the results and winners of the second chance entries like the website does.
  • Thank 1/5

    By morenoampm
    Not many winners
  • Okay but Needs a Few Tweaks 4/5

    By Twister J
    I want to love this app but there are some SERIOUS drawbacks. First, I keep losing. That’s no fun. Come California Lottery, just let me win occasionally, enough to keep my hopes and dreams afloat. Second, some might call this a perk but it just depresses me. The app is lightening fast when it scans my ticket and tells me I am not a winner. Come on already. At least take a few seconds to think about what you are about to tell me. Heartbreak. Every time. Instantly. Here are some ideas for improvement: 1) Stop being so darn speedy. Like have an hourglass that flips around a few times or some bars that flash across the screen and imply that you are actually thinking about my ticket. I mean, I need a few final moments to dream about the house I am going to build. Stop dashing my hopes so rapidly. 2) It’s not fun. I want noises or music or something. Like a drumroll or some suspenseful music. Then, when I lose, (like ALWAYS do) I want to hear sad sounds like “wa-wa-waaaa” followed by maybe a hopeful prompt to buy again with hopeful sounds. Come on California Lottery. I know I have a greater chance of getting struck by actual lightning than I do of winning the lottery so make the experience worth my $2. I’ve spent actual decades planning how I’m going to blow all that money. Add some flourish already to augment my dreams. Thank you from a semi-faithful ticket buyer and always optimistic lottery life planner-outer.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By grayfox723
    Unable to use this app. Keep getting error message saying that system is down
  • Unable to scan tickets 1/5

    By do6237
    It’s been a week now and I can not scan my tickets to see if I won. Was hoping it was a just a minor glitch but so far it’s been going on for a week. Hopefully you can update your app to flic that issue real soon.
  • Won't let me update on IPad 1/5

    By Soooo fun!! Fun, fun!!
    I keep trying But it just freezes. I uninstall and reinstall but still no update. Sad face
  • Not loading 1/5

    By Cesar701
    Ca lottery mobile app ( iPhone) is not loading . Please fix it.
  • 2nd chance 2/5

    By UFO21075
    You’re not selling any product that cost you money. As far as growing food making gasoline. Make it more fun. You can make more winners with a second chance. Movie tickets gift cards to restaurants.
  • Worked great till upgrade 1/5

    By Irish1115
    Application worked great till the recent upgrade. Now I always get “There is a problem with our system” error. It doesn’t go away after reinstall and it is consistent across multiple devices. Can’t scan tickets anymore. App is almost useless.
  • Lotto app 1/5

    By hdjdjjtjxjdjfjjz
    What a scam they make you jump through one hoop after another I can buy lotto live in California but not play the game cause I’m a dual resident even though my is shows my california address I was still denied and told my drivers license was altered second chance is a scam
  • What happened 2/5

    By Br13ll3 B0t
    This app upgraded some great updates (scam second chance, scan to see how much you won), but NOW every time I go to scan a ticket it will boot me off the app and close it and I have to manually enter the codes. Please fix this issue ASAP or I’m deleting it!
  • Sorry there’s an error with our system 2/5

    By Chris94062
    When isn’t there?
  • Love the Ca. Lottery 5/5

    By bettyhoneytoo!
    Can’t wait to win 😊😊😊😊!
  • Download failed 1/5

    By Stpalligrl
    Really? I mean please.....come on......
  • So simple to use! 5/5

    By Deedlets
    But I sure wish I could win, one of these days! I’ve been submitting for about a year and a half, and haven’t won a thing! How do they actually choose the winners? Well? I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Alan Joseph
    The whole lottery website should be revamped with the intention to inform players of winnings. We shouldn’t have to do an archaic search through winners tabs to see if we’ve won. It sort of makes the players like they’re being cheated thus monetizing the industry for selfish reasons. The app should be able to notify players of second chance winnings and dates when being drawn. Never ever submit your personal info.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jo cow
    Can’t even log in. Customer support was completely useless. Try playing PCH instead! At least IT works! 😒
  • Ms Miller 1/5

    By Studiolrm
    Omg, what a pain! I wanted to use the second chance bar code. After trying several times to create an account and password it kept failing. I deleted before using. Zero stars.
  • I agree with Ms. Whitney 2/5

    By Rickbobbie
    Same issues except it keeps giving me address errors .. can verify since they don’t really send out that needed email to verify your account ..
  • App is not working 1/5

    By MagNag
    I changed my password several time in attempt to log on to the app. I was able to log on - on my loptop but not to the app. Called customer service and talked to a rude rep who insisted on giving me instructions to fix a problem I did not have. When I told her I don’t have a problem with my computer and it’s the app that glitches , she put me on a forever hold - basically hang up on me which she had threaten to do if I don’t listen to her gibberish about how to fix my email account which was not the issue I was having .
  • Bad !! 1/5

    By i_AmYGB
    Not working good!!
  • Very good 5/5

    By binh hot
    Very good
  • Hnjasmine 1/5

    By hnjasmine
    It’s a joke. How many times do I have to change my password and sign in? I still can not find the check the enter a ticket. I keep going back and fort, no result.
  • Playing lottery is fun and exciting. 4/5

    By Daybets
    I have spent much on this but I’ll keep on playing because it is fun & exciting, hoping that I will win someday.
  • Dreams come true 5/5

    By devine7
    Totally awesome.!! Great to play with much anticipation. Recommend a must have for you never know when it’s your lucky day. Thanks
  • Logins do not work...... 1/5

    By Tmobile used
    The login does not work Support bad or none existence Interface needs a lot work Scan is nice —- star
  • 2 chance scratcher 4/5

    By allthenametaken
    I enter for the second chance how to I tell if I win?
  • Love! 5/5

    By Queenishaj
    I love this App. As many 2nd chances I enter you’d think I’d win by now! I’ll continue to enter the draws lol
  • Love every minute of it 5/5

    By osalu812
    Love playing every minute it’s rewarding
  • CaLottery App 5/5

    By Masterplan Jan
    Easy interface and controls. App works much better than earlier versions. Superb app for 2nd Chance drawing submissions. App also includes check-a-ticket which is very useful, instead of checking tickets in-store, you have it all in the power of your mobile phone!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Chulablue
    This is a helpful & easy to use app!
  • HOPE 5/5

    By one cool pisces
    It sometimes seems in my life this is thee only hope I have. So, I look forward everyday to this time of day when I can check my numbers. Hope is everything in this world to me, it’s all I really have. When it feels like I can’t even go on much longer with my life the way it is,.... the hope this brings daily, the chance that I may win is what keeps me going. It is really thee only thing I have to look forward to, so it’s worth investing in, hope is everything to me & it is all I have. I guess I pay for the feeling of hope, the feeling hope brings to me is what really keeps me going. Basically , my health & well being is relying on me winning. But at least the hope is what keeps me going. Thank you for the hope it brings me. I use to play for fun since I was 18 but now that I am 53 I am really playing to stay alive. It surely has taught me so much bout hope, it’s everything to me, it is all I have left, it is all I have.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Hugo714
    Wishing Only I could win something:)
  • easy and quick 5/5

    By lani35
    love having this app so easy to manage
  • So cool. So easy! 5/5

    By OGCatman
    I was guilty of letting tickets linger unchecked for weeks at a time. No more! Fast and more convenient than a trip to a lottery retailer! Especially when most of your tickets get you big fat goose eggs and you become the poster child for the stupid tax!
  • Big Winner ! 1/5

    By Not enough down time
    So the app is not easy to navigate, it should allow to scan a loser ticket for second chance submissions. It takes way too long to type all the numbers in. It took me a while to create my account as the address line did not state must enter commas.
  • Lotto can do better 1/5

    By lottopleasebefair
    For the second chance lotto! The winner should get a text notification or alert on this app that they won instead of an email! It’s like the lotto wants you to take the chance that you don’t know you won so there is no pay out! Second the bar code should be a lot bigger to scan because every one who plans second chance knows the barcode is too small and it takes a lot of time to scan ticket! It’s like it’s intended that way to discourage you! Please, I’m calling you out lotto officials, take my suggestions and implement them! In God we trust..............
  • I really want to become a millionaire 5/5

    By Lalo3333
    I’m unemployed I have two kids and can’t even afford to pay my phone it got cut off I want to be able to help my wife and brother and sisters I’m desperate my rent is due in 2 days and i got a fortune cookie at panda that said good fortune is on your side I played mega millions today and didn’t win so I got two fantasy’s 5 better odds less money but I’ll be blessed to hit all 5 numbers god please help me win to help out others
  • Waiting!!! 5/5

    By Chum!!!
    Waiting for my chance to win a jackpot! I play every week! Chum!!!
  • Madonna - Gambler 5/5

    By JohnDaniel7
    I'm a gambler, and I will take you by surprise Gambler, I'll aim this straight between your eyes Gambler, yeah I know all the words to say 'Cause I'm a gambler, I only play the game my way, yeah
  • It keeps saying Error 1/5

    By uouyme
    It keeps saying Error
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Grandpa M.
    The addition of 5he bar code reader makes it soooo simple
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By Jim in Fresno
    About 50% of the time the app comes up with an error message saying it’s down. The CA lottery website is even worse. It’s poorly designed and hard to navigate. Other than political patronage I have no idea how the people “running” these things manage to stay employed.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Shredshred
    This app is terrible almost as bad as the website. Saw login problems, password entry problems and numerous small things that needed to be fixed that go to show you, like most developers, no one tested the site. Probably better off just going to the 7-11 as everyone has been doing forever.
  • Easy 5/5

    By lottery dream
    Super Easy App.
  • Wow(excited) 5/5

    By weinerdinnerchicken
    This is a really cool applicatioïn, I love how it makes life much easier when it comes to not knowing how to play one of the slightly difficult and Intricate game styles and if u might be a winning option er or not with the awesome option of scan a scratcher and if it looses u can scan the game for 2nd chance quite effortlessly with the scan 2nd chance option and voila!!
  • Fun time 5/5

    I enjoy this app and the chance to strike it big :)

CA Lottery Official App app comments

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