Caesars® Casino: Vegas Slots

Caesars® Casino: Vegas Slots

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  • Current Version: 3.57.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Playtika LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Caesars® Casino: Vegas Slots App

** The Best Free Slot Machines Vegas has to Offer! ** From Las Vegas casinos, straight to you: experience the thrill of slot machines directly from the Strip’s most renowned slots casinos. • 100 free spins when you start playing! • FREE daily coin bonuses • HOURLY extra bonuses! And so much more. Experience all the best casino slot machines in Caesar’s Palace! ** The NEW Legend of the 4 Kingdoms Album! ** The players have voted and The Legend of the 4 Kingdoms is back by popular demand! Isabelle needs your help to restore the crown jewels from her evil sister Tayanna! Do so by finding Gryphixes to help defeat the guardian and successfully unlock all four kingdoms! Be sure to collect items along the way! ** Official Slot Games from Caesar Casino - And More! ** Enjoy all the thrills of Vegas’ casino floors in one official app! Be instantly transported thanks to the look and feel of actual Caesar Casino slot machines! • Over 100 slot machines, including popular casino games from the likes of Harrahs Casino, Ballys Casino, Horseshoe Casino, Planet Hollywood Casino and Flamingo Casino! • Even MORE casino games added with every update! • Enjoy fun Legacy Rewards - spin the bonus wheel, guess the Vegas trivia and win big bonuses! • Earn Playtika Rewards for playing each Playtika 777 casino slots (including Slotomania Casino) and casino game (House of Fun and more)! ** Play Free Slots in a Luxurious Free Casino Experience ** • Play the highly popular AZTEC JUNGLE slots game with endless JACKPOTS! • Be enchanted with BIG WINS on the Vegas casino Cleopatra slots game. • Howl for the win in WILD HOWL, the slots that keeps on giving. • Claim the casino slots throne with endless wilds on the KING’S THRONE slot machine! • More than just casino slots! Play the new Pachinko Machine - Ultra Zone! ** Make Your Slots Game Social with Caesar Slots! ** Follow Caesar Free Slots & casino games on Facebook & Twitter for free offers and exclusive coin packages Facebook: Twitter: *Contact us whenever you want, about whatever need. Playtika has an award winning support team, available to help you hit the Vegas 777 jackpot and WIN BIG! This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling’ or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice at social gaming does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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Caesars® Casino: Vegas Slots app reviews

  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Autumn Roses
    Excellent game! Love it! Just very frustrating when the slots start to skip and speed up to prevent a win. Do very well with this game until a “switch is flipped” and lose everything. So it seems.
  • Fun, but Some Glitches 4/5

    By dave tibbals
    I have been playing this as stress relief for some time now. My most recent issue was winning a 2.1 billion jackpot that did not pay out. The game uses quite a bit of energy and it chose just that moment to freeze. D
  • Bull crap winning odds 1/5

    By Fritter71
    Worst site for slots. You can just about predict when you’re going to lose and it’s a shame because the individual slot games are a lot of fun. However, the crappy odds of winning make it no fun in the end. If there was a lower rating of 1 Star I would have given it. Do not pay to play!!!
  • Not so fun anymore 1/5

    By anicannie
    Used to be fun until the daily bonus round was eliminated - option to watch ads and win points. Not fun anymore.
  • losing losing losing 1/5

    By Sdelp
    Doesn’t seem like you can ever win, on Blackjack I get 20 and the dealer gets 21 way to many times, it seems rigged !!! and as far as the daily free chips they are way to chinsey, I usually win 50k or 65k time after time.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Chovae
    I hope big win today
  • Credits 1/5

    By Joeman7
    Why did all credits disappear
  • Purchased coins 5/5

    By Trueblue460
    I’m very disappointed , after purchasing coins and starting game!! It automatically maxed bet during play and I didn’t catch in time !! It gave no warning that it maxed bet on its own !! Designer flaw!!!
  • Caesars Slots 5/5

    By avid player951
    Love playing the slots but don’t need all the extra games. Takes billions of coins to get through all the levels.....don’t need them! What happened to the video bonuses?
  • 🤬 2/5

    By Asswork
    Ack o no play. Wast of money 😫time to delete you for another 6 months
  • Loosen up 3/5

    By Shrk tooth
    Very stingy
  • Fix it 5/5

    By ger#"+
    Don’t see why after 6 days my reward level goes back to start if I haven’t reach the next level. Fix that or I will delete the game.
  • 1st day and you took $4,000,000 to restart 1/5

    By 1.5hours wasted
    I worked up to level 47 and the game froze up and restarted with 30,000+. I was betting $25k and having fun. What would you rate this with? Disappointed :(
  • Daily free spins 3/5

    By dwrightmomof4
    I love this game!! But what has happened to the daily free spins?? I haven’t been able to do this for the last few days. That is how I get to play as often as I do, because the payouts aren’t very good.
  • Jesús A juarez 3/5

    By yunta55
  • Most Irritation for Your Buck 1/5

    By Domine65
    First off, like every app of this type, you must understand it’s a total scam and fraud. In this specific case, it’s not even the real Vegas Caesar’s. If you look on Facebook it’s “Caesar’s Casino based in Israel”. Oy. And gameplay it’s the usual obvious rigged format all these crooks develop that exist only to try to bilk you out of your life savings by stupidly using your real money to buy fake money that has no value whatsoever. NEVER be that dumb. Where this app is without question the champion of all others is in its greed, persistence and useless time wasting. Expect the any time you move from one screen to another within the app that you will get buried alive in a nearly unending avalanche of pop up windows that are all trying to get you to pay for more fake money and, extra shady points for offers that are better or worse values all going on simultaneously and some only visible if you know what you’re looking for. So, while you’re getting robbed buying their fake money you’re probably getting robbed a 2nd time by paying for one ‘deal’ when there’s another one there that would give you twice as much fraud bucks as that one. Additionally you will suffer the most aggravating useless bells and whistles on Earth. There’s the constant mini window that pops up all the time with an animated dragon telling you idiotic things like “I miss you” and “WOW you’re such a pathetic loser” (kidding on that one) as you play and in a level of genius design it covers your points and other info until you either wait for Dork the Tragic Dragon to either you away on it’s own or you win a real jackpot of managing to touch the microscopic close window button that will only reopen in a few seconds anyhow. Also after only 30 minutes of this phone sized hell I was ready to jump out my window if I had to sit through another viewing of the “Mega Win” blowing kiss animation. Just kill me please. Spare yourself. You’re more likely to kill your savings and sanity that you will time with this latest loser scam. Don’t bother.
  • Oh what fun 5/5

    By TLemonis
    Great fun
  • Nice 5/5

    By crs1n
  • Get this crappy Pop-up” stuff OUT OF MY WAY!! 1/5

    By St Nick 123
    Stop all of these interruptions to playing. Makes me mad when I am trying to play and the pop-ups get in my way ever third spin. That is why I don’t play Caesar’s anymore!
  • Lost my progress, can’t get any help 1/5

    By Unitech1
    I have attempted 3 times to contact support through the app and have received no feedback whatsoever, I have lots of money on this game and had Platinum status and it has all gone away , there are specific customer service directions for this exact issue which I have followed contacting through there portal and have not received a response, first attempt was 4 days ago 2nd last night .I really did enjoy this game and the sad thing about is that they are still sending me emails to get minimum free coins for my now empty profile fix this please
  • Terrible 1/5

    By funnyicantfindanickname
    No rewards for money spent. Good bye
  • A lot of fuN. Deanna 5/5

    By little dink
    little dink
  • Took away daily spins 1/5

    By caesar slot player
    They took some of the free spin features away again. The new games are basically recycled old games with a slight twist
  • Getting less candies for the dragon 2/5

    By 25dee
    When the dragon extra game started, candies would be given for Big Wins and Mega Wins. The dragon pops up but no candies are given. Only 4 candies are given for a level up, and one gets candies for achieving goals in the badges and completing badges. The amounts are very small compared to how many candies it takes to advance the dragon progress.
  • Baby Dinosaur thing intrusive and annoying 1/5

    I used to love this game. Now I dread every morning going in to get my daily credits. It is a fight to get the daily store bonus and anything else for that matter because no matter what you try to do that baby dinosaur stuff keeps popping up in your way. I don’t like the dinosaur and refuse to play til it’s gone.
  • Stop with the feed your dragon and other extra nonsense 1/5

    By Jb23789
    Even though there are plenty of other casino games that offer more real type slots I would like to play your games. However, I can barely get past one spin without some side game popping up. It is so very annoying I am deleting your site.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By garbynkle
    Your birthday gift is most appreciated. I play these games more than any others. Win some, lose some.
  • Wizard of oz slots 4/5

    By Fairyjoye
    I love the pearl drop even though I don’t always get to do it
  • Why so much memory required? 5/5

    By jaebar
    Why do you keep taking away the food truck game? That’s the best bonus feature by far. The ones with the trunks are boring. It takes forever to achieve anything. Not fun.
  • Unhappy with prize dragon! 1/5

    By pruze dragon hater
    Would you please get rid of that pop up prize dragon? I quit playing because it us so distracting to have to deal with that in my face as I’m trying to maneuver the site!
  • Rate 3/5

    By sobbir
    To many pop ups I hate they not only are a pain but it hurts my eyes
  • Spin and win 3/5

    By gammmmers
    I have been playing Caesar’s slot for many years. Have always enjoyed it, but for some reason I am not getting the spin and win for the last week or so. Can anyone explain why?
  • 0 * 1/5

    By earthquakelily
    O ratings I bet high but was given 0 Unfair. Can’t even have fun even when paying $$$$$$$$$$
  • Too Many Spins Between Wins 1/5

    By Oliver1oliver1oliver1
    Unfortunately after two years of daily play I’m giving up. Taking away the opportunity to watch ads and earn some extra money has really hurt my game play. Additionally, I cant seem to win ever anymore. Like at all. Too bad bc the game itself is a blast. It seems that any time there is a “side game” such as the Columbus Ships, Etc, my money goes a lot quicker. I rarely never come close to max betting and sometimes go through hundreds of spins before winning anything substantial. Yes this is a game of chance but there is a point where statistics come in to play. To go HUNDREDS of spins without a bonus doesn’t seem fair. And three hours between collecting your money is a long time. I’ve been a daily player for almost a year now and I’m broke. And because I am at a higher level (1440) my minimum bet is also higher and as a result I get maybe 4 spins every three hours. I’m completely broke. I will not make any real purchases since I’d probably only get two minutes of play from my purchase. Time to look for a new slot game where I can actually accumulate money.
  • Slots 1/5

    By Cartbuddy
    I enjoy playing because I think you are best online. The only problem is I am not paying shot to play your game. I am level 1137 and they are trying to run me off. You are driving me to other sites. I am now at 1432 and you keep putting stupid games up to take points away. And I say points because it is not money. I have gone from 12 billion down to 1 billion in one night. Nothing is consistence with your games. I have no interest in prize dragon. Get rid of that game. Please recommend another game
  • Losing losing 2/5

    By foosboll
    I believe you changed odds on all games in order to make me buy coins. At one time I had 8 billion coins. I lost all of it on games I usually win on.
  • Unfair 1/5

    By how can u send
    Gifts are 200,000 but you need to bet at least 7 million! To play! What is wrong with this picture!!!!!! Thank you. Just a update! Now u need to bet 15 million to try to get items for the truck game! Now u need hundred million to try to get a piece of the contest?
  • Download speeds 1/5

    By drykski
    Love the dragon, however, it takes forever to download a game. Most of the time I just quit because the downloads stop working! Still working on a download. Almost a week. Still can’t play it. Gonna quit playing soon 🤭
  • Caesar’s slots 1/5

    By lady056
    Too many updates. Update again
  • Confused 1/5

    By hollyrose11
    What happened? Yesterday I had at least 12+ games unlocked now I only have 6. I have to go and unlock some of my favorites again in order to play them? I do not like unnecessary changes, or changes made without my knowledge. Unless I missed something why are some of the games I used to play locked again? EDIT: deleting this app. The same games are still locked that I was able to play before, and now there is a new annoyance: this dragon quest thing. It keeps popping up and I cannot get rid of it! I only wanted to play slot games for fun, I did not download this app to ‘feed some dragon’. And seeing the other reviews on here, I am not the only one with this complaint. Until you get rid of the dragon feature and don’t lock people out of their games, I will be looking elsewhere for my slot game fix.
  • Where did the videos go 1/5

    By Casie1970
    I logged in over the weekend and noticed you can no longer watch videos for free coins. What happened to this. Honestly a lot of the time this is the only way I can keep playing. Now I have no chance at playing the challenges.
  • Caesar’s 1/5

    By Nitz17
    I enjoy spinning it 2 years ago but now no more I like Slotomania now , coz when you are spinning so many undesirable creatures popping out so how can you have fun ☹️ I’m sad that it’s not used to be beside not giving free spin , machines too tight more than the real casino slot . Make some make over so some players will go back & spin again & interesting, just a suggestion.
  • Slots 1/5

    By JB1871627
    This is a pay to play game!!! No chance of actually winning. They make it fun at first then it’s take, take, take. Really just a big scam to get you to purchase coins. Horrible!
  • Great games; terrible payouts 4/5

    By ctoria
    I’ve enjoyed playing this game for years. My only complaint is your payout system. I know these are games of chance, but the rewards are terrible. Examples: Leveling up (1,647) The amount of points required to level up are clearly not uniform. You can control this. A 50 million bet per spin should increase your level up points by more than 2%. When you finally do level up, the coin reward and points are very disappointing. After playing for over 10 years, I’m still at Gold. You’re requiring more at each level, the rewards should be have greater rewards as well. When I first started playing, having 1 million coins was a goal for me. Now, 1 billion coins isn’t enough to level up even one time. As for winning payouts, it’s bad enough that 50 mill coin spins can pay nothing, but paying 50K is insulting. Winning 10-15 free spins with 0 coins being won tells me, winning is not strictly chance. You can control how much we win, the same way you control the levels of difficulty between games.
  • Beautiful design! 2/5

    By armpit44
    Caesar’s is my favorite casino, always. I downloaded this app and was max betting 1250, but it’s aggravating that there are no low bet slots, until you climb 30 levels, and the max bet on any slot isn’t easily seen, & that can lead to betting everything you have, in one spin. That really pisses me off. If They fixed this issue, 4, maybe 5 stars.
  • Max bid 1/5

    By redz2410
    I play max bid and not receiving the correct chest to open up
  • Gypped Out of Moon Bonus Wins 2/5

    By Happyone1002
    All of my moon bonuses in wild howl deluxe tonight are not adding correctly resulting in at least $3 - $5 billion not being accredited to my wins. Very disappointed!!
  • No more dragons! 1/5

    By No more Dragon!
    3 times you have kicked me out of my game to start me over! I’m sooo ready to be done with this dragon!😡 There shouldn’t be a time limit on games. I’m Probably the only person who does NOT buy tokens to advance my games. I play the good, honest old fashion way of it. I EARN the coins/ points. I do Not BUY them!😊 Very frustrating! It takes 500 points to move from one obstacle to another within the same level!!! There is NO WAY! Anyone can do this without buying tokens. So guess what, I can NEVER get out of level 5 because I don’t buy tokens like most every one else does. It’s a ridiculous game! Please get rid of this dragon!!
  • Inconvenience 1/5

    By mle1205
    I am not allowed to purchase coins. Please fix

Caesars® Casino: Vegas Slots app comments

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