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  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cafe Rio, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cafe Rio App

Well done Amigo, you found us! Welcome to the new age of Cafe Rio Loyalty. Downloading our app will ensure you no longer have to hunt for those pesky stamp cards, everything is at your fingertips. Earn free meals, special offers, and the bragging rights that go along with being a Cafe Rio cool kid! In addition to earning points for free meals, Cafe Rio Rewards app gives you fast and easy access to our menu, location information, special offers, and so much more. The National App roll out is currently under way. All restaurants will be participating by the end of summer. Look for the Cafe Rio app in a restaurant near you soon. Member Benefits: • 1 point for every $1 you spend. Reach 100 points and unlock $10 toward a free meal • Refer a friend and receive 20 points…BOOM! • Access to VIP only rewards, special restaurant nights, free food, and bragging rights • So many more perks, we can’t possibly list them all! App Features: • Rewards: Sign up for our rewards program and get free stuff! Track your rewards and see how close you are to getting your “Free Meal” • One click reviews • Get Social: Link your Facebook or Twitter account. Refer a friend, share your experiences and check-in at any Cafe Rio for added bonuses. • Location Finder: Easily find Cafe Rio Mexican Grills locations with turn-by-turn directions or call us with “one touch” dialing. • Menu: Check out our entire menu complete with pictures and product information. You can even order your favorite meals right from your app, and they’ll be ready when you are. Mark items as “favorites” for easy one click ordering. • Exclusive Offers: Enjoy special offers only available through our mobile app and share them with your friends through Facebook, and Twitter, and earn even more rewards.


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Cafe Rio app reviews

  • Love the food, app needs some help 3/5

    By Sbh2870
    First of all, it’s easy to manage your reward points through the app. Nicely done. cards. There is no way to delete gift cards off the app once they hit a zero balance. Makes it very difficult to manage after a while as the expired gift cards pile up. I won’t add any more gift card numbers to app until this is fixed.
  • All my info gone. 1/5

    By cocacola84
    I updated the app with my Facebook info and now all my rewards points are gone!
  • Crappy app, great food 1/5

    By Ninja_Poop_1134
    I’ve given this app many tries and have been disappointed each time. This app does not save your online ordering credentials so you have to sign in after you’ve made your order and take a chance with the app deleting your order if something doesn’t go right. Save the hassle and frustration and just use the guest ordering option. Additionally, if you switch between apps, say you get a text or what not, when you go back into this app your entire order will be gone... start your order all over. 😡 This app was not designed very well and needs a new team to revamp it.
  • I love the app!! 4/5

    By Tommy_meagher
    The app is amazing to me!! I get to earn my points and it’s FREE. I can’t complain about anything but I have one suggestion. If you scan your QR code there; I think we should get an uploaded receipt so we can go paperless and not worry about losing our receipt.
  • Wth 1/5

    By Lavelle95
    Half the time it can’t connect to a server. Pointless
  • App constantly forces me to restart an order 1/5

    By JeremySample
    I’ve started to order at least five different times and whenever I end up modifying anything in the order, the app will return to the main screen.
  • Order’s Lost 1/5

    By Coacho22
    I enter in the store, select my items and through that process alone, my order is lost 3 times. Once because I stood up and the orientation of my phone changed, so the application took me back to the “select your store” page. Once because my baby cried and my phone screen locked, and when I opened my phone again, all progress was lost and again I was back to the “select your store” page. The third time, I intentionally double checked my husband’s order by going to my text messages from the application. When I re-opened up the application, you guessed it, back to the “select your store” page. And then once more, I got all the way through the ordering process, to inputting my credit card information. The page crashed when hitting next and lost everything. And all this was within the application! The application itself didn’t crash, so this doesn’t seem to be an issue with my phone. I have now other issues with applications. Just this one. And this app is supposed to make things easier! And truth is, I never review things AND I have a newborn. This experience was SO frustrating it drove me to find time to review this!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By nansnneks
    App never works now!!
  • Cheated out of points 3/5

    By Nancylisa
    Very long line 45mins! Ordered 3 salads for $30ish total. We told cashier what we ordered she only rang up 2 then did a second transaction for the one forgotten salad. I looked at my point to make sure I got my triple points when I got home. We only got points for the two salad because the order had to be all together. This isn’t the first time there was an issue with my points, when I’ve asked question at the they say they don’t know anything about the app...WHAT! It’s your company app!!
  • Constantly crashes!!! 1/5

    By Pugnkidzmom
    Super frustrating! Tried to order on app for carry-out. App requires login after ordering, but it constantly kicked me back to home screen every time. After 3 attempts at logging in (both before and after putting item in shopping cart) and getting booted back to square one I gave up.
  • Need to be optimized 3/5

    By GeneralEH
    Please optimize the app to support the iPhone X
  • Horrible for ordering 1/5

    By d21287
    I tried to order through the app but it was AWFUL. Any time I toggled between apps it logged me out. When I logged back in my cart was empty. It kept kicking me back to the login screen mid order. I had to keep entering my email and password even though I checked the box that said to remember my login. And every single time it made me pick which location I was ordering from. What a pain. I finally gave up and ordered at the restaurant. Don’t bother with the app.
  • Gift Cards Anyone? 2/5

    By Sayex
    If you add a gift card to your account you can’t EVER remove it. Also you can’t reload gift cards you physically have. So just to get this right you buy a physical gift card, you add it to your account. You then can’t remove it or add money to it through the app, it just stays there. I currently have 20 gift cards I can’t do anything with in the app. Crazy......
  • Really Needs Improvement 1/5

    By rainband
    This app is definitely the most frustrating app on my phone. Too many popups and you can’t even view the menu without going through the steps for placing an order. I’d rather use the mobile website.
  • Not updated for iPhone X 1/5

    By sean0122
    The app looks ugly for iPhone X it been 6 months
  • Online Ordering.... HA! 2/5

    By UtahBuck02
    It does track points, and I was even able to cash them in. But you can’t really order online. It spins, chugs and then tells you it timed out. Multiple days, multiple places.
  • Nice rewards program, but... 2/5

    By JC_SaltLaker
    Online ordering is totally broken: 1) Dialog box for entering username and password vanishes before you can complete entry. 2) your cart auto-deletes suddenly, forcing you to re-enter order This is super basic app functionality and I actually feel embarrassed that a company this size can’t manage App Development 101, Chapter One “Account Credentials”
  • Update 2/5

    By nicknack pattywack2
    Before the update this app had a very sensitive scanner to scan your receipts. It caught the code before you even had it set and then registered it to your points. Now it shows a red line scanning up and down your barcode and never gets it read. You have to enter the code manually. Please fix this!
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Agraul
    The biggest problem is that there is no way to delete empty gift cards. We have several unusable, empty cards on there. Better yet, all gift cards should just combine on the app into one card so you can see and use total balance.
  • Service 1/5

    By amynagra
    Very bad customer Service Tracy was so rude with guest and employees
  • awful 1/5

    By starseedjenny
    unacceptable. placing a large family order, navigated away from the payment page for less than ten seconds (to reference a debit number saved in my phone), came back to finish placing the order and the whole thing was entirely reset. deleted the app immediately
  • What a waste of time 1/5

    By Annoyedx1000
    I tried placing an order through the app. When I went to my email to obtain the rewards code and went back to the app it deleted my order. The next time it told me the code was not valid and I went to double check the code and it deleted my order again. By the 4th try it was 30 minutes later for me to pickup my order. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. Update this so reward code works, keep the checkout open longer than 10 seconds and how about adding a regular order so you can just come back and order what you have previously. Other restaurants figured this simple formula out.
  • Push notifications for dumb reasons 1/5

    By This freakin guy!
    Good food, crap app. They always push notifications for the weirdest dumbest things so I deleted the app and go to Costa vida instead. The food is better there anyway.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Anon467348
    The app is no different than ordering through the website. Horrible experience. Constantly crashes.
  • So slow 1/5

    By crtnyduong
    this app is so slow, they try to implement all these features but the basic food ordering section is faulty by itself. They need to reformat it so badly
  • Wrong again! 1/5

    By 1001000001
    Called in my order- when I went to pick them up the Salads were made wrong. We asked for certain Toppings be left off. They made it with everything on it,when I told them that they were wrong she took them to the back counter and right in front of me she scooped off the stuff with tongs that we didn’t want on it and threw it in the garbage, she then took what was left of salads back to the counter and put new lettuce and chips on top and boxed them up again and gave them to me. When I got home to eat them there was still stuff that we had not ordered left on the salads. We are very disappointed! The last three times we’ve had problems with her order. I was so surprise tonight because they actually answer the phone because I haven’t been able to place a phone order in three months. So sad because this was one of our most favorite places to eat. But it will be a while before we go back now, just too many problems.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Kbud0511
    Always been easy to use and ready at anytime I need it. Also, the perks are great as well!
  • Terrible Online Ordering 1/5

    By Azpurpledaisy
    This app is the worst! It clears your cart for online ordering anytime you switch apps within your phone, or look at a different area within the app. I had to start my online order over again five times. So annoying. All of this occurred while I was signed into the app with my account. And inexplicably, the app also makes you create a whole new account for online ordering. It can’t be the same account as your Rewards account.
  • Snowy Christmas shopping 5/5

    By coldntired
    It's great to end your shopping with delicious food
  • Veterans 3/5

    By George201
    We were told that the Orem cafe rio no longer values veterans and no longer gives veterans discounts.
  • I love cafe rio 5/5

    By Thanbd739hsh#*~
    Always great food. App is awesome.
  • App is disappointing! 1/5

    By Filbert1234
    This app does not allow you to multi-task and is disappointing! This week, I was attempting to place an order for four using the app. While using the app, and had already entered two parts of my order, I get a text. I check the text and return to the app to find I am at the start screen of the app and my order save d to cart is gone! Start again, get a text, which was my daughter’s order, and it erases again. Finally, all four orders in. I go to check out, but my password doesn’t work. Click on forgot password, I automatically leave the app to fill in the forgot password form, and sure enough, I come back to the start page of the app... my ENTIRE ORDER is lost. Decide to try once more, this time as a guest, and it worked. This was incredibly inconvenient and annoying. This app has to be fixed. I was also disappointed in my customer service at the store when I brought this up. No help whatsoever! Until the app is fixed, and i can get reassurance that the service is better, Cafe Rio has lost my business! Too bad too, because the food is excellent!
  • Points You Earn Expire 1/5

    By 123luckydog123
    I used to really like the idea of this app. I recently earned $10 from this app and assumed that it wouldn’t expire since I earned it. Warning: it expires. What a greedy selfish company.
  • Decent 2/5

    By j1h2
    Please add the ability to delete or hide gift cards. Also, please stop asking me to enable in store notifications every time I open the app!
  • Useless 1/5

    By CJPenn
    Doesn’t work
  • Mmmmmm yummy 5/5

    By coyotewes
    Get in my belly!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Mrsslick
    The app works great and I love knowing about promotions and getting extra points!
  • App confusing 2/5

    By Blahblahpenfifteen
    Unclear if I'm earning points. If I redeem a coupon do I get points? Doesn't say. Cashier doesn't know what I'm taking about either when I ask.
  • Tasty 5/5

    By ArtIndigo
    Works well for me. Really like the ease of using this app to earn rewards and redeem them for great food 🤗
  • #1 favorite place to eat!! 5/5

    By Abbimommy
    We love the fast quality food and always a clean dining experience. RIO ROCKS!!
  • Good Start 3/5

    By Mark May
    I love being able to order on my phone then pick it up. However this app does not make ordering easy. The format is poor and does not allow for specific instructions. The other issue is regarding the double login. Overall the app is worth it. I would order through it more If I could put “light rice and beans.” Cafe Rio should look at the Starbucks app, it’s perfect.
  • Love the food hate most of the app 1/5

    By FoxUSA
    Very impressed with the food quality. But the app..... For starters the app doesn’t recognize your account when ordering food. It doesn’t remember orders or saved unfinished orders if you have to get out of the app. Then when you’ve finally finished and go to pay or send the order it asked for your name and info... hello I’m on a password protected app!!! You should know me! It doesn’t recognize daily specials like taco Tuesday for ordering tacos unless you go into a specific daily special place. It should also alert you when your order is ready because often times they prepare the online order 10 minutes early and then you’re left with soggy tacos. I suffer through the app hoping it will get better while keeping track of points for the occasional deal or reward... I’m still waiting for it to be better.
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By Vfef
    I like enjoy Cafe Rio, but the app is glitchy at best. It's useful for rewards and the rare coupon. However, the earliest you can order ahead is 45 min and any time I have ordered ahead they never receive the order to the line. It's always there but never printed out, and then it takes any convenience out of ordering ahead.
  • Works fine for my needs 5/5

    By Toolman61
    Works fine for my needs
  • App is pretty basic 4/5

    By DVMK2006
    Not much for bells and whistles but it gets the job done
  • Free food 5/5

    By Alim6494
    Love earning points!
  • Easy to Use 4/5

    By ASYoungblood
    This app is easy to use and I love the freebies and notifications
  • Terrible order experience 1/5

    By Scott Wiersdorf
    This app is fine for tracking rewards—it’s great if that’s all you use it for. But for ordering, at least in my area, it’s way faster to just call in. The app crashes, spins, or takes *minutes* to load and then loses the order as often as not.
  • Good app, good food 5/5

    By Derek Englis
    Good app, good food
  • Love the Rio 5/5

    By Engelken
    The Cafe Rio App helps us to keep track of our free meals at The Rio. We used to have get the little card stamped, and it was kind of a pain. Now, we just scan our receipt. Easy. And the House Dressing just keeps flowing like a river....

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