Caffeine: Live Streaming

Caffeine: Live Streaming

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Caffeine Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
2,597 Ratings
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Caffeine: Live Streaming App

Watch and react to the best live events on Caffeine. Enjoy free access to premium live events and daily live streams about everything from battle rap to street dance to sneaker giveaways. Discover exclusive live, interactive content from Ultimate Rap League, Red Bull Dance Your Style, Tommy the Clown’s T Squad, BattleFest, TURFinc, and more — all for free on desktop and mobile devices. Instantly share your live reaction or start your own live show from the app. Host a battle rap pre-show, react to a sneaker drop, stream an album listening party, and more. WATCH THE BEST LIVE BATTLE RAP, STREET DANCE, AND SNEAKER CONTENT + The Best of Battle Rap - Welcome to the premier source for live battle rap content from Ultimate Rap League and Queen of the Ring. Hosted by Smack, sponsored by Drake. + Never Miss a Classic - Tune into the biggest battle rap events: NOME, Summer Madness, Double Impact, Kings vs. Queens, and more. + Meet the MCs - Get up close and personal with top battle rap personalities like Jay Blac and Brooklyn Babs, and MCs including DNA, Goodz, O’fficial, Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, and 40 BARRS. + The Biggest Dance Communities - Get to know Tommy the Clown’s clowning crew, BattleFest League’s extreme street dancers, and more. + Don’t Just Watch, Dance - Watch and learn from the best in street dance culture. Follow weekly tournaments, talk shows, showcases, and instructional live streams featuring Ayo & Teo, Hot Girlz, Arsenal, and more. HOST YOUR OWN SHOW, LIVE FROM YOUR PHONE OR BROWSER + Start Streaming Instantly - Go live in less than 2 minutes with our seamless mobile broadcasting experience.. + Stream Anything, Anytime - Talk shows, daily vlogs, dance offs. Create the show that you want! + Get Paid to Stream - Join our Cyan partnership program, and we’ll work with you to develop your show concept, and grow your fan following. + Want to Stream Games? - We offer additional software to support popular games such as: Minecraft, NBA2K, Among Us, Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more.

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Caffeine: Live Streaming app reviews

  • only downloaded this for BATB12 finals 1/5

    By hxcukvviivvi
    slow buggy and trash
  • Trash app, can’t search for anything 1/5

    By MendozaChi
    Get back on YouTube and just charge ppl
  • weird, clunky interface that doesn’t let you see a channels vids older than 2 weeks 2/5

    By Squidward925
    for whatever reason this app doesn’t let you see a channels videos if they’re older than 2 weeks. the interface feels really packed and cheap
  • Great streaming 5/5

    By unoatar
    Came here for the event and it all good
  • the caffeine app should be removed atp 1/5

    By 📝🤝
    this app has been havin problems literally since it became an app ….
  • Url needs to drop caffeine 1/5

    By hawaiianboy205
    Url needs to do better. Caffeine stay messing up lagging, bugging and slowing down on live feed. They cant handle big events and high traffic. As long as url has been with caffeine the content only works probably 15 percent of the time. Thats well over a 100 battles and only 5 clean cards. I will no longer support this or the url app for that matter if this is there way to promote the app. There are other ways to watch the battles next day and cleaner and clear quality than in real time
  • I Deleted Caffeine App cause of URLTV !!! 1/5

    By i wash legends
    Terrible platform. Even without the fighting, it encourages black on black violence instead of unity. Threats and insults formed into an art ? Every single event that URLTV has thrown on caffeine is falsely advertised and has started extremely late. They manipulate for views. Deleted caffeine and the URLTV app. Get it together Smack 😴
  • Can’t use app 1/5

    By Supergreatdupersuper
    It’s telling me I need to upgrade my phones software to use the app but I don’t want to upgrade my phone software cuz it’ll slow my phone down too much. Can you make a version of the caffeine app that is compatible with older iOS software. I have iOS 13.5.1 and the current one is 15. It’s not that far a part .
  • App stopped letting me sign into IPad 2/5

    By ReeGriffin
    I can no longer log in using my IPad I can only watch on my phone. I deleted the app and reinstalled and still not working.

    By ballroombrawler
    This trash app deserves zero stars. The stream constantly goes out during URL events. The comment section is a joke. Literally NOBODY likes this app.
  • Trash but Cool when it works 1/5

    By Treasuresee
    Gotta call it how it is 95%of the time this app is trash but the 5% that it works it’s great to see the content when it’s not choppy. Hopeful this update helps the bugs
  • App crashing 1/5

    By fix it the battle on
    I can’t sign in keep saying error I’m missing a battle I can’t watch keep saying my password wrong I change it now it freezes wth man
  • Updated app works but still buggy 3/5

    By Gabe Clean
    Previously, it kept on closing after opening. I updated the app to the current version and it worked. But it’s still buggy. I can’t see what I type to leave comments. Sometimes it won’t allow me to leave comments.
  • Still buggy, and it’s getting frustrating 2/5

    By Afrocentric Ari
    If I airplay a video I’m watching from the app, for some reason, the audio from whatever video on the home page of the app, automatically plays in the background. Basically EVERYTIME and there’s really no way to stop it. That is extremely annoying and makes it almost impossible to enjoy the app. Also, if I’m on my android, there’s no way to screencast or even watch it full screen on your phone. I have the most recent update and it’s still the same problem. First it had the extra audio in the background, now every time I get to the video I want to watch, it shuts down the app. Literally as soon as I click it.
  • Keeps shutting OFF! 2/5

    Just downloaded to watch All Def Roast Me. Used only once. Tried to use it again but it just automatically shuts off and goes to my Home Screen 🤦🏾‍♂️ all I can say is, do better
  • Keeps Closing 1/5

    By Eat2Live2Love
    App continues to close. Re downloaded app several times. Problem continues to exist. Updated phone software as well. Not sure what issue is. Please fix . Thanks and Best Regards
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By aiyanab78
    If I could I would give this app a 0. Cause it’s not even letting me open the app. I literally made a account for it not to work at all 💀
  • The update 2/5

    By shondreona
    The new update isn’t working
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By ❌jake❌
    When you try to add your birthday it says that your birthday is invalid
  • Great energy here! 5/5

    By 러브모모
    Best entertaining streaming service so far! Easy to use and navigate 😀
  • Very simple yet useless 1/5

    By Kwadwo0077
    Got this app cuz of battle rap buh naaaaa this app jus useless Spend enough time on the app and u jus wont know the purpose of it
  • Worth it 5/5

    By Profound Madman
    It’s a great alternative to all of the other overrated, overused apps. This is new and fresh and easy to use. Just wish you could stream it from devices or link it to smart TV’s.
  • Limited to device 1/5

    By primodope
    There should be an Apple TV app. Why limit this to phones or tablets. Also should have calendar notifications for future events. Come on man!
  • Trash 1/5

    By blah blah blah no
    Ima keep real. This app is so trash. They always have server problems and watching anything is impossible. I only use i for URL. But even then it makes it so difficult. I hope whoever made this app offs themselves. Respectfully
  • the berrics 5/5

    By A170383
    pov: u only downloading to watch BATB 12 finals
  • fix this laggy app pls!! 1/5

    By nyaandmaryalife
    it makes everybody look long , it’s laggy all the time,quality is just not it ,it keeps skipping likee im be so mad if y’all don’t fix this app in time for battle zone ! okay now nice day 😁.
  • This app is bad 1/5

    By Icewaterwill
    Watching a live back is too much struggle. This app does not cooperate at all
  • Yikes 1/5

    By ChoMpers_75
  • Ugh 2/5

    By minute-rice
    How can we see any rap battles guys
  • Great phone app. Geechi the goat 4/5

    By Sponduli
    Can y’all please make a Apple TV version 🙏🙏🙏
  • Tried to watch west coast vs trouble team 1/5

    By cheeky0129
    WORSE APP I EVER TRIED TO USE… Literally couldn’t watch the game live on here it was to laggy so i had to wait for the highlights on YouTube so i can actually watch some of the game… Uninstalled immediately 👎🏼
  • Laggy 1/5

    By Pumputup
    Streams are laggy and even trying to watch back the old streams buffer and do not work. Dont download!
  • Ahh Yeeeeeah 1/5

    By JM2889
    Way too much lagging going on. Couldn’t watch an event that streamed on this app. Either fix it or discontinue it.
  • Trash!!! 1/5

    By MySoulToTake210
    Just tried watching the ballislife game, and it was nothing but lag!!!!! This app is trash!!!!! 😡😡
  • Trash app 1/5

    By 1 battle rap fan
    Worst battle rap app ever
  • Best 5/5

    By iuthcu
    Best streaming service besides twitch
  • Comment Section bugging out… 2/5

    By Lilwill_32
    Love the app, easy to use, navigate, etc… my only problem is, when i am watching things live, EVERYTIME i attempt to leave a comment, when pressing “send” the entire comment secrion DISAPPEARS & I’m not able to see any more comments unless i close and re-open the app… Even after closing and re-opening, if i choose to comment, the EXACT same thing will happen AGAIN… please release a patch update to fix this, i have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and i have deleted and installed the app multiple times. My account is also verified by email…
  • I can’t go live from the get go 1/5

    By Luigirages2
    Please tell me why we have to… get our email check just give it for the start please update it so you can go live form the get go.
  • App needs to be on more platform 3/5

    By ingramjodan76
    I wanna be able to watch the battles on a tv with my friends not all of us tryna watch it off my phone and can barely hear lol
  • Buggy. Wrap text 3/5

    By Mreeves336
    I can’t upload a pic. No matter how nah times I force close it says my connection is bad SMH. I finally figured out how to like comments so so my app experience has gotten better but you need to add wrap text to your comments. I have an 11 Pro Max and I can never read an entire comment. This only happens on the URL stream. I have to read the first four or five words and guess what the rest says. It’s been a good year and you’ve done nothing to address this when comments are a pretty big part of caffeine.
  • Password reset issues 4/5

    By Rareirate
    Update: without having to drop my user name the issue was resolved by their tech support. I’ve updated my rating and this message to be fair to the caffeine team. Thanks for resolving the issue. The app and their database are a headache when trying to reset the password. Even after confirmation of your new password being accepted. You click the login button and nothing happens. Then you get a error message. I’ve sent screen shots to the support ticket with no response. I am getting the same error message as others that have written reviews. Invest some of that money into your technology or users will just stop coming. You post the same reply link the support ask. Why make it so easy for people to just stick with twitch? Are you competing to win? This topic will luckily be a subject on a few blogged YouTube videos to put pressure on developers. Hopefully then they will take it serious before the OVO cards sign up disappoint Drake.
  • Getting upset 3/5

    By Luxry17
    It's not been letting me log in, talking about I'm offline. And can't find this user. I'm trying to watch this UM4.
  • The caffeine platform and App has a lot potential 4/5

    By okrocky2000
    My name Rocky i am 21 year old I have been streaming on twitch for almost 2 years and YouTube for couple months and when I moved over here to caffeine as therealrocky almost at. 1.5k followers over 6 months ( took me 1 year to get to 500 on twitch) the experience was 4tar worthy Bc they got Url and they just got recently most of the dance battle community thanks to them I can’t stop watching fikshun 🥵🥰🤯 the real time interaction with your chat is so amazing community is not toxic has high standards help each other out welcoming but like every company they got there cons and issues 1 offset yn dosnt stream on here please get him back. 2 there was some stuff going on In the community I had Multiple friends who got wrongly punished by there discord staff resulting in them getting there castor badge removed it’ (castor status is like affiliate on twitch except you get by only need 5 cc viewers to get it and almost little to none brodcast hours and you don’t need to be monetized) 3I just wish they would get Rid of all the new pesky bugs like where chat won’t show up when you watch someone’s stream the only msgs up is yours some times it says user not found when go to someone’s stream 4 idk this for sure but what I’ve experienced on caffeine is why i think this this being that there marketing advertisement is non existing I see same people on caffeine at least I used to a lot of them just plain old disappeared if people from the community are busy and don’t come to streams then they lose viewers on their platform advertise ur god dam plat form
  • My age isn’t working 5/5

    By anonymous868658946
    I was born on may 12 2009 but it said I was to young so I had to use 2008 so my acc is coltonator don’t think I’m younger then I say I am so yeah
  • Their stars don’t even respect their platform 1/5

    By 1XxSupermanxX1
    Haha caffeine with the URL has seen the demise of battle rap, and now every event at least 1 of the rappers on the cards, tell you what terrible people you are! This won’t last long update: np! i’m not sorry, this disgrace of a Night of Main Events card will be the first URL event in 6years i haven’t watched! And i’m very happy and you should be happy for me too!
  • Fraud 1/5

    By TOTFG
    This app is destroying the dance world.... you can’t say someone is a creator of a dance that they never created! This is going to start street wars! Clown dancing is not krumping!
  • Sooooooo?? 1/5

    By Lamarkkk
    The URL stopped putting content on YouTube just so we can download this app and there’s no videos to watch ..... what’s the point smack stop letting these companies ruin yours .....
  • Too many notifications but not the right ones 1/5

    By Tiny Crow
    I keep getting notifications for things I am not following despite having the app set to only notify me when someone I follow goes live. Interestingly, I never get notified when someone I'm following goes live. I also kept getting emails constantly even though I unsubscribed every time I got one. I ended up having to change the email attached to my account because unsubscribing never worked.
  • URL 3/5

    By BigCats&Birds
    Progressively getting better