Calculator Pro+ for iPad

Calculator Pro+ for iPad

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  • Current Version: 5.20.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Calculator Pro+ for iPad App

A simple calculator for your iPad with unit & currency converter and multitasking mode. Get it now for free! Calculator Pro main features: - Basic calculator in Portrait Mode - Scientific calculator in Landscape Mode - Universal converter for Currency, Length, Time, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Fuel Consumption, Speed and many more categories - Multitasking mode: use Calculator Pro and any other app simultaneously Calculator Pro+ for iPad is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. Enjoy basic calculations in Portrait Mode with big handy buttons, or make complex calculations in scientific calculator, available in Landscape Mode. Calculator Pro is the only one calculator needed for math classes from primary school through college. The app is great in basic everyday calculations and solving complex problems in physics, astronomy or chemistry as well. Need to convert one unit to another? With the intuitive and beautifully designed converter, you can easily switch between currencies, temperatures, length, speed and other numerous units, and continue calculation without interruptions. Features: • Two modes are available: do basic calculations in Portrait Mode or go advanced in Landscape Mode • Degrees and Radians calculations • History Bar: see your full calculation history directly on the screen • Track Calculations History: view, save, delete selected equation or clear all • Universal converter with 19 categories, including Currency, Length, Time, Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Area, Data Size, Energy, Force, Frequency, Power, Acceleration, Density, Angle, Typography, Volume, Fuel Consumption and Speed • Handy text search to find categories and units instantly • Multitasking mode: bring in Calculator Pro while viewing web pages, photos, taking notes and more to get results instantly! • Calculator Pro is now accessible via VoiceOver as well • Smart Keyboard support: take full advantage of seamless and intuitive calculations on your iPad Pro • Pick the look from a bunch of skins to suit your own preference (Modern, Rose, Wood, Old, Doodle, Minimalistic, Zombie, Yellow, New Year) • Memory buttons to help you out with complex calculations • Accidentally input the wrong number? Just swipe with your finger to edit it! • Copy and paste results and expressions directly into the current calculation • Comment on the equation and send the calculation results with comments via email Now you can do calculations on the go seamlessly! For complete access to all Calculator Pro+ for iPad features, you will need to allow access to the following: *Location data - this will enable automatic currency selection in the Converter. Privacy Policy: EULA: California Privacy Notice: AdChoices:

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Calculator Pro+ for iPad app reviews

  • Ads prohibit proper use of app 1/5

    By cb78912356
    Ads display full screen every minute or two disabling the calculator while they play. Developer’s response is that then app is free so this is the cost. This is a simple calculator. Gmail is free. YouTube is free. These much more functional apps have much less disrupting ads. Other calculator apps are free. I have been an iPad user over 10 years and this app’s ads are more disruptive than any other app I’ve ever used. Download another calculator.
  • Ads….I hate them 1/5

    By DNarizon
    I have the Pro version and I also get full page ads! I’m sure I paid for it to get away from the ads. Very maddening. I’m looking for a different app. Update: I promptly heard from the “developer” with instructions to update the app if I DID have a purchased version. The process I did not have the purchased version and they offered the version free from ads right there. I bought as I like the conversion functionality. I’ll update this again if I get junk!
  • Ads ruin it 1/5

    By finkedrumpf
    Every calculation is interrupted by the same ad about student loans. I am over 80 and have none. Will delete this useless app.
  • Total B.S. 1/5

    By Zqjjjqaymmgcx
    When I bought my iPad the calculator was free. Now there’s ads while I’m trying to work. What a load of crap!!
  • Finally 5/5

    By Rico suave 737
    Thank you! Since apple don't provide a calculator this is the next best thing!
  • Bought Pro+ still have ads 1/5

    By PBog21
    Bought Pro+ still have ads….. wants me to pay another $1.00 to get rid of the ads after paying $3.99 to get rid of them. I have no option to “restore” as suggested by the developer in a previous review….just an option to pay more money. I will be disputing this charge with Apple.
  • Crippling ads 1/5

    By MrChompers
    Cannot use this app anymore because of the ads. It used to be a reasonable amount of ad’s for the free version, now it makes the app unusable. Many other options out there; unfortunately I will be moving on after long time use.
  • SO MUCH ADS 1/5

    By kAksksjamazxx
    I hate that there are ads like i do m work in calculator the calculator is good but the ads ruin it please take the ads.
  • Commercial free 1/5

    By just want to calculate
    When one uses a calculator they do not want to be bothered with commercials! Just ridiculous!!! Will never use this again.
  • Unethical Practices on Ad Placement 1/5

    By Jelloliu
    The amount of ads placed in this app is insane, you practically go through one ad after every one calculation. It’s truly mind boggling why I’ve downloaded this app solely for my iPad whereas Google calculator is free of charge and ad free.
  • The Worst App on the App Store 1/5

    By Myramit
    I would give this zero stars if I could. This app throws continuous ads and won’t let you close them. I would happily update to the paid version, but I can’t get out of one ad to do so. I have uninstalled it and tried to purchase to no avail. This developer just wants to make money by frustrating their customers. Uninstalling permanently and buying a different calculator with no advertisements.
  • Ads ads and more ads 3/5

    By TabathaGail
    Great if you don’t mind a mandatory 30 second ad after every calculation. I’ll just use the freebie on my android.
  • Hate 1/5

    By gsloth
    Omg way too many ads and never useful
  • 00000 1/5

    By DedeTita
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By aggravatedreviewriter
    Can’t get anything done with all the adds
  • Too many ads time to deleat 2/5

    By jetnjeff
    This used to be a good app but the last time I used it, was constantly bombed with ads (couldn’t even get though one calculation)- good bye….. Update: just got an email from the developer whining that because it’s a free app, I should expect ads, well my reply is that you should just make it a free advertisement ad app with an occasional calculator…..
  • Constant pop up adds for the paid version! Do not buy!!! 1/5

    By MT_Sufferlandrian
    Adds continually pop up even with the “pro” version. Do not buy!!!
  • Just endless pop up ads. 1/5

    By Bmhorne35
    Will literally interrupt your math to show pop up ads. Just a Cash grab
  • Worst app ever, an advertisement after each calculation 1/5

    By OMGthisappstinks
    Deleted after downloading
  • Advertising 3/5

    By mrbungl110
    I paid for it and still got advertising..
  • Ads 1/5

    By Caddy1650
  • This is not usable 1/5

    By sound chip
    Don’t mind a short ad on loading but this became non usable so many pop open. Was my go to calc. Not anymore
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Drew from SC
    Ads pop up every 30 seconds
  • JB 1/5

    By JRbronc
    Most annoying App with pop ups. Will not use ever again.
  • Ad time 2/5

    By random88nickname
    Just unusable due to the overwhelming amount of time spent on ads.
  • To many ads 1/5

    By Deedcee
    You send me to an ad before you even finish my calculation. I don’t have time for that.
  • Ruined after ads 1/5

    By ceeceebee
    I have the PRO version, yet I spend more time watching ads than doing math. Not recommended.
  • Way, way, way too many ads. The app is now useless 1/5

    By Fred64748$93
    The app is now useless
  • Commercials in calculator! 3/5

    By PJH teacher
    Boo! And ones you can’t even get out of Boo! Very disappointed!
  • Hate this App! 1/5

    By ddesrosiers
    By far the worst thing in the world is an app that starts an ad the second you open it!
  • DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!! 1/5

    By New to date
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I paid for this app because I wanted a reliable calculator I could use for work. IT’S ALL ADD’S. I had to watch two adds before I could start to use the app. Every time I open it I have to sit through an add to use it. I had a client with me and when we went to go over some numbers another add popped up. If this was a free app I could understand and even then it would be too much. Don’t charge ppl and then make them sit through adds every time they want to use your app. I can’t express how useless this app is with all the advertising. DELETING THIS NOW!
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By DMW BFD
    Too many!!

    By Bradyjaina
    Deleted this app because every time I try to use it I have to wait on an ad before I can finish a simple task. It should not take 2 to 3 minutes to add two numbers!
  • Advertisements spoiling the function 1/5

    By Indiansonglover
    I was not expecting Ad to prevent me from doing what I planned to do with calculator
  • Comment 1/5

    By cfungesdy
    With the advertisements that keep popping up between every calculation the app has become worthless. I can do the calculations quicker in my head without the frustration. Fix or you will be deleted
  • Ads every 2 steps 1/5

    By rjlaco
    It used to be tolerable. Now you can’t perform 3 steps without sitting through ads. A joke..
  • Too many advertisements 1/5

    By fffcttgvcf
    Too many advertisements
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By HealthcareITGuy
    Used to be better, now too many ads
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By nofurbiznis
    Recently the number of ads went way up. It’s practically unusable now.
  • Full screen ads at the most annoying moment… 4/5

    By Thi-cot
    The app itself is great since Apple does not ship iPads with a calculator for an obscure reason but the ads are way too annoying! They pop at the most annoying moment, like in the middle of entering numbers and take the full screen and you must wait until the end of the ad to continue what you are doing…. Then you continue just to get another full screen ad 2 minutes later. As another user said, why don’t you block the ads to be only banners which do not impede the use of the app? I was ready to buy it and then I got 2 ads in less than a minutes right in the middle of a calculation… guys… seriously… that is a deal killer!

    By Sea Breeze Forever
    Every five seconds there is an add. It’s difficult to use and stay focused when your constantly interrupted.
  • SIMPLE 5/5

    By venushobo
    Just what I wanted, simple and easy to use. Large numbers too!
  • ZERO STARS 1/5

    By damonseeley
    The absolute worst. Ads hijack your calculations. Less than worthless. Should be illegal.
  • Made the mistake of updating. Now all ads. 1/5

    By Ace22ace
    It used to work great until I made the mistake of updating it. Now an ad appears after every.single.calculation!
  • Nope 1/5

    By plus-minus CW
    Ads interrupt calculations. Terrible app. Moving on to something else.
  • No go 1/5

    By nononogo
    Does not display the same way all the time
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By useless56
    The calculator is useless as ads appear during the calculation
  • Done 1/5

    By juyfbkkf#jh
    I do not mind getting advertisements on the free app; however I do not appreciate the basically naked pornography that has been showing up lately. I am deleting the app - quite sure I can find one that is not offensive.
  • Excellent calculator 4/5

    By Lenmier
    It does everything I need a calculator to do. There are a variety of skins to choose from (I like the notebook style). There are no problems or issues with Calculator Pro. I rarely, if ever, give five stars. 3 - stars = App does its job, but nothing special 4 - stars = App does its job perfectly and with style 5 - stars = App is something truly special. Has functionality above and beyond expectations. This is a solid 4 star app. I use it a lot, and I can’t think another app will take its place.