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Calculator #

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  • Current Version: 5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Incpt.Mobis
  • Compatibility: Android
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Calculator # App

◉ Over 7,000,000 Downloads Worldwide ◉ Top Free Utilities Apps in US, UK, AUS, CAN, GER,... ◉ Rated & Reviewed on FREE Alternative to Graphing TI-83, TI-84, TI-89, Casio FX, Sharp EL,... Calculator # – The free, multi-function calculator for iPhone/iPad is proud to offer a variety of features to satisfy wide ranges of customers: The App possesses a powerful math core and algebra engine with mathematical display support, making it a viable tool for everyone from those looking for basic calculation to more advanced users, such as scientific computation, engineers, and math students. Calculator # makes available everything you need – including a user manual and tutorial video clips – so you can master the app in a matter of minutes! ◉ Official Website: ◉ GENERAL FEATURES: ▸ Universal Calculator App ▸ Support All the Latest Devices ¹ ▸ Support Multitasking (iPad) ▸ Support Wireless KB ² ▸ Mathematical Display ▸ Edit & Export Expression/Result ▸ History Tape View ▸ Basic Calculations (+, -, x, ÷, %, Abs,...) ▸ Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,X!, ^, √,…) ▸ 14 Memory Variables (Including X,Y,Z,M) ▸ Assignment Operator ▸ F(x) Customize Functions (F1 Only) ▸ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation ▸ Numeric Integral Calculation ▸ Dual Skins (Silver Light & Carbon+) ◉ ALGEBRA FEATURES: ▸ Big Integer & Rational Number (Up to 30!) ▸ Expand and Factor Polynomials ▸ Basic Indefinite integral ◉ EQUATIONS SOLVERS: ▸ Quadratic Equations ▸ System of Linear Equations (2 Unknowns) ◉ 2D GRAPH: ▸ Snap to Points ▸ Smooth Zoom & Transformation ◉ MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: ▸ English, Spanish, German, ▸ French, Japanese, Chinese ¹: Include iPhone 6/6S+ HD Retina Display ²: Standard English KB We love your feedback, Thanks a lot !

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Calculator # app reviews

  • One of the best 5/5

    By Chin ML
    This calculator app is one of the best and amazingly created. I like it so much. Keep it up!
  • Why video ads? 1/5

    By b3774785468
    I don’t mind reasonable ads in free apps, but the sudden loud video ads in this calc are pretty obnoxious. It’s embarrassing to have a video start playing without warning in a quiet setting. Makes this app unusable.
  • Exactly what I needed! 5/5

    By Bboneless
    The Apple calculator lacks some of the options that you get with this calculator! Searched for a bit of time online and on the AppStore only to come across this. Calculator # is easy to learn and use straight from the get-go and offers a tutorial! Great app, 5 stars!
  • NICE 5/5

    By G$117
    Best free calculator out there! If you need a scientific calculator for your smart phone or tablet this one is the way to go. If it doesn’t have everything you need on the free version it is upgradable. Way to go indeed. Two thumbs and two very big big toes up. You don’t need a scientific calculator to tell you that that’s four things in the up position.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By motorbikemike6
    Now it’s covered in ads and you can’t do anything before watching an ad
  • 👌 5/5

    By wahts1up
    Easy to use! I haven’t seen any annoying self promotions either!
  • #love this calculator 5/5

    By jsbeiensosndksosnskdpan
    Ii love this calculator because it helps me when I am stuck on a problem
  • Useful 5/5

    By mindcrimej
    Us full I love it thank you it’s the best app ever
  • I didn’t do my homework and no other app had pie or x squared on it and it was 11:32. 5/5

    By Brandon the 7th grader
    Thank you for making this app it was a real life saver. Because I’m not tryin to get marked down for turning it in late.
  • Daily user 4/5

    By fivecows
    Use daily adds aren’t a problem
  • Love this app 5/5

    By wndifirnens
    Five stars
  • Good work 5/5

    By Roty&Mohab
    Keep up the good work creator!
  • Everything you need 5/5

    By Carpet48
    This calculator does everything I need, and as an Engineer that’s saying something. It’s also far more intuitive than any other calculator i've owned since i’m so used to my smart phone. All around great product
  • Sensational 5/5

    By KVet2001
    I love you
  • Andres Title 5/5

    By andreasmeow
    The calculator that came with this iPhone doesn't really work for my homework thanks for making this app 😄
  • JTs Review 5/5

    By BoootySlayet6969
    Very helpful and easy to use The same as the other calculator option and I saved 5 bucks. Would deffinently recommend
  • Saved me $25+ 5/5

    By Poopfartacus
    Saved me from having to buy a scientific calculator for class, has everything I need, easy to use.
  • 👌 5/5

    By i cnt fnd a ncknm tht snt tkn
    It’s better than the calculator Apple has pre-installed on here. Weird name though.
  • Ads really? 2/5

    By Jocoscus
    It’s a calculator app. There’s not much to stabilize and improve. You already lock the advanced functions behind a pay wall. There’s no reason to have ads in a “free” calculator application. Greed. I don’t want to see mandatory advertisements after every other computation. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Alexandria1979
    Great app. Easy to use and it even has built in quadratic formula solver!
  • I like it 5/5

    By becky lil k
    I I I it
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By kitkat361
    Just like at school!
  • Love 4/5

    By Mariebun❤️
    I love it 🥰 PERIOD
  • Intrusive ads 2/5

    By 456ricky
    Going back and forth between apps is a struggle due to the ads that pop up. I dont have the patience to wait when doing homework.
  • Great calculator, horrible use of ads 1/5

    By FEMA_SM
    Right after pressing [=] in a long having an unskippable 15 second video ad start at FULL volume is completely unacceptable. Uninstalled! I’m more than willing to tolerate text ads in an app, but NOT commercials.
  • Calculator rocks! 5/5

    By Faithl299 🤑
    Awesome and easy.
  • Digit grouping 3/5

    By simsyan
    I'll give it 5 stars when they tell us how to turn on digit grouping. Mind numbingly exasperating.
  • Great Calculator App! 5/5

    By cassie838572
    I’ve been using this app for probably over a year now and it’s my favorite! So much better than the pre installed calculator app that come with a device and still pretty user friendly in my opinion. Really like it.
  • No simple algebra 1/5

    By heeey thats pretty gooood
    This calculator did not allow me to solve a simple algebra 1 homework equation unless I upgraded. Sad🙄
  • It’s good. 4/5

    By the Ace and Ang
    The calculator works well but not the best for just a basic calculator it has a lot of extra stuff I don’t really need. But other than that it’s great! And I can’t say too much is a bad thing. Just being prepared I guess.
  • GGGUNNA 5/5

  • This is a great math calculator 5/5

    By GasiKala
    I have tried so many calculator app and I hated the fact that they always miss some features here and there ...and with intrusive adds . This one is simple and full of feature.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By GladiadorMax

    By queenlittle
    i can not believer i founder this is so gud so buy iet
  • Yes 5/5

    By seansonlam
    Great created , very helpful .
  • Excelente trabajo 5/5

    By leptium
    Muy buena aplicación. Ideal para estudiantes y personal docente.
  • Ad’s 2/5

    By funnykiller0703
    It’s a great app and very helpful but since I paid for it I should not have to watch ad’s
  • PITA 1/5

    By Way2curious
    The pop ups in this application block the lower row of keys and are very annoying. The last thing you want is an ad when you are trying to complete a computation. I’m going to round file this and look for something else.
  • Review 4/5

    By 1454113311KF
    It is a little tricky to use at first but once you get used to it it gets easier
  • Great calculator. 5/5

    By ZeroG1374
    Has everything you pretty much need lm in algebra II and it had everything right in this calculator. Some of it is just hard to find.
  • Ew 1/5

    By sumire kakei
    Hate it
  • My rate 5/5

    By zenwilliams
    Excellent app... very useful for my daily activity as accountant
  • Review 5/5

    By dj101796
    It is pretty exquisite it has some features that some calculator apps don’t have. It makes it pretty more advance it saves me the trouble of buying 1 of those advanced calculators for school
  • Randomly pops up full page ads and forces you to watch 1/5

    By Ether the
    Randomly pops up full page ads and forces you to watch. Sure, forced to watch a popup ad is just what I need when I need a quick calculation.
  • Great calculator app! 5/5

    By 1729 reviewer
    Great calculator app, provide many different functionalities. Would like to see a better user interface in the future though.

    By Snotbag98
  • Spencer 5/5

    By Mendi 30
    Very helpful and easy to use
  • Video ads pop up and require you to watch before every use. 1/5

    By Suze2536
    Ads on the screen are completely reasonable. However I'm just using it for quick calculations so having to watch a 5 second ad first is insane
  • B 4/5

    By dddhgshgh

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