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  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Incpt.Mobis
  • Compatibility: Android
2,335 Ratings
$ 2.99

Calculator ∞ App

◉ Top Paid Educational Apps in US, UK, AUS, GER,... ◉ Rated 9/10 ◉ Users Reviewed: "Top Class Calculator !" The BEST Alternative to Graphing TI-83, TI-84, TI-89, Casio FX, Sharp EL,... Calculator Infinity (∞) – The sleek, multi-function calculator for iPhone/iPad is proud to offer a variety of features to satisfy all ranges of customers: The App possesses a powerful math core and algebra engine with mathematical display support, making it a viable tool for everyone from those looking for basic calculation to more advanced users, such as scientific computation, programmers, engineers, and math students. Calculator ∞ makes available everything you need – including a user manual and tutorial video clips – so you can master the app in a matter of minutes! ◉ Official Website: ◉ GENERAL FEATURES: ▸ Universal Calculator App ▸ Support All the Latest Devices ¹ ▸ Support Multitasking (iPad) ▸ Support Wireless KB² ▸ Mathematical Display ▸ Edit & Export Expression/Result ▸ History Tape View ▸ Basic Calculations (+, -, x, ÷, %, Abs,...) ▸ Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,X!, ^, √,…) ▸ 14 Memory Variables (Including X,Y,Z,M) ▸ Assignment Operator ▸ F(x) Customize Functions (F1, F2, F3) ▸ Unit Converter (21 Categories, 400+ Units) ▸ Over 40 Common Constants ▸ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation ▸ Numeric Integral & Derivative Calculation ▸ Dual Skins (Silver Light & Carbon+) ▸ No Ads ◉ ALGEBRA FEATURES: ▸ Big Integer & Rational Number (Up to 500!) ▸ Expand and Factor Polynomials ▸ Indefinite integral & Derivative ▸ Two-side Limit ▸ Taylor Series Expansion ▸ Hints and Solutions ◉ 2D GRAPH: ▸ Simultaneous Graph ▸ Smooth Zoom & Transformation ▸ Conic Equations (Parabola, Hyperbola, Ellipse) ▸ Get Intersections, Min, Max & Special Points ◉ CLOUD COMPUTING: ▸ Advanced Two-side Limit ▸ Advanced Indefinite Integral ▸ General Equations (Accurate Roots) ◉ EQUATIONS SOLVERS: ▸ General Equations (Numerical Roots) ▸ Quadratic & Cubic Equations ▸ System of Linear Equations (2 & 3 Unknowns) ◉ REGRESSION & STATISTICS: ▸ Modify & Sort Data ▸ Single Variable Statistics ▸ Linear, Quadratic, Power Regression ▸ Logarithmic & Exponential Regression ◉ COMPLEX CALCULATION: ▸ Polar & Rectangular Notation ▸ Argument, Conjugate Function ▸ Trigonometry Functions ▸ Logarithmic & Exponential Functions ◉ MATRIX/VECTOR MODE: ▸ Support Up to 7x7 Matrix ▸ Support Complex Numbers ▸ Cross, Dot Product ▸ Det, Inverse, Transpose ▸ Cramer’s Rule Solver ▸ Numerical Real Eigenvalues ◉ NUMBER BASE-N MODE: ▸ 15 Different Bases ▸ Support Up to 64 Bits Integer ▸ Binary Operation (NOT, OR, XOR, 2’S, …) ◉ MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: ▸ English, Spanish, German, ▸ French, Japanese, Chinese ¹: Include iPhone 6/6S+ HD Retina Display ²: Standard English KB Calculator ∞ is not only the Calculator IT IS THE MUST HAVE CALCULATOR !!!!!!! We love your feedback, Thanks a lot ! Please contact us for questions, bugs/crash reports, conversion requirements, etc....

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Calculator ∞ app reviews

  • Excellent 5/5

    By DeMachiato
    Far and beyond my expectations for th price (I bought the Bundle $3.99) I couldn’t ask for more.
  • The calculator is wrong 1/5

    By Typhoon Actual
    I am revisiting my college algebra through a course at ASU on EdX. While working a problem I raised -2 to the 4th power and got -16. The correct answer is +16. After several tries and always getting the same wrong answer I tried the square function. -2 squared resulted in -4.
  • Missing history (Fixed) 4/5

    By Somps
    ***Update*** 2019-07-14 History is working correctly after update 2019-07-14 Works pretty good but when I went to look for history, there wasn’t any. I will update the app and check it again.
  • A calculator from the gods landed in the App Store! 5/5

    As if godly tech from god-like forces just falls from the skies, right into my hands every time I open the app. You have my sacred and hard-to-get approval. Call it a godly certification, if you will.
  • The calculator has a lot of functions. 5/5

    By Babrother
    It has a lot of training videos. I should be able to use it very easy.
  • Both editions are amazing 5/5

    By _Fonzii
    Started out with the free Calculator # and later upgraded to the full version. Both calculators are powerhouses of phone apps that are a must have for anyone who ever needs any kind of calculator on their device. The apps are very intuitive and extremely well made, and support a wide array of options making life so much easier. Highly recommend to everyone.
  • Contains advertising for Android version of the application. 2/5

    By RayReichard
    Any time you have to click a button to clear part of the screen (Android ad) it's annoying.
  • Lots of power No directions! 3/5

    By bloorg27
    The program itself seems really good, but there is no obvious help function or tutorials.
  • Great Calculator 4/5

    By #Ray$41
    A really useful scientific calculator that I use daily in my work. By accident I entered 0 to the 0 power and got 1 for an answer which is the wrong answer. Makes one wonder what other bad math is in this great app. I would give it a 5 if not for this error.
  • It’s getting slow 3/5

    By Camilo Calvo
    This calc was the best one on the appstore but I’ve seen it’s getting slower with every update
  • Awesome 5/5

    By GOATidiah
    Awesome no adds it’s perfect
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By gregassa
    I like the app it is pretty convenient
  • It fine 3/5

    By beastmasterr69
    If u don’t really how to use it, use google calculator it kinda better, don’t waste ur 1$
  • I go to MIT and use this app DAILY 5/5

    By Polevata314
    The title pretty much says it all... This app has been invaluable to my studies, and it has a ton of useful features if you start to snoop around. Having explicit constants from all corners of physics, math, and chemistry is so helpful! One thing it's lacking is in graphing abilities. The graphing utility is very limited. That said, Desmos exists if you really wanna graph something beautifully. A final feature suggestion would be a single app mode with a timer. I use this so often, i haven't really needed a calculator since i got here. The one exception is during exams and tests. If it had something similar to what Desmos has where you can't exit the app, and you'll have proof you only used the calculator at the end of the exam, i could probably convince some professors to let me use it! Overall wonderful app that is a joy to use, and definitely worth well over whatever i spent on it back in high school!
  • Good but it needs a scroll function 4/5

    By Alor500
    Love this calculator BUT I wish you could look at all of your previous calculations...
  • Compares to no other 5/5

    By Wharffy
    After searching and using many algebraic calculator's, this is hands down the best and most intuitive calculator on the app store!
  • Excellent Set of Calculators 5/5

    By jegree
    The combination of calculating systems incorporated in this application allows efficient work in a variety of disciplines that is unparalleled.
  • Easy to Use and Efficient 5/5

    By bpcger34332
    The way this calculator allows you to enter calculation formulas in forward form (e.g., sin 45 instead of 45 sin; -1 instead of 1-), and how it understands notation shortcuts such as 4 pi = 4 times pi makes entering calculations much more efficient and much less error prone than traditional scientific calculators. You also see a scrolling display of your total calculation entry (instead of the display refreshing with each intermediate calculation value). This helps you to check that you entered a long calculation correctly. Highly recommended.
  • 👍👍 5/5

    I bought the bundle and they work great. I never have had a problem with any of the apps
  • Do not buy this app 1/5

    By Tung Ro
    Pls, remove Android Version adv in Main menu. I buy pro version but it still has adv in settings menu.
  • Good calc and converter 3/5

    By fr3dr3rik
    I found this app very useful, have a nice interface, a little complicated to use, but nice. The only thing that annoys me is the ad where developer offer same product for Android. Please remove that ad.
  • Nicely done, particularly “Conversions” 5/5

    By jamesgate
    Lots of calculator features in one package, Base mode (hex, octal etc) and Conversions (baking!) are very nice to have; many “Constants” too; use this daily.
  • Where is Pi? 1/5

    By Nevil Clavain
    Where is Pi?
  • iPad pro 11 1/5

    By A Hero.
    The new layout for iPad pro 11 feels out of proportion, It needs to be changed asap.
  • What I’ve been looking for. 5/5

    By TheDiamondSunset
    This calculator is well worth its money. It has so many useful features that it’s insane how little this costs. Also, this calculator has the one feature I’ve been looking for, and that is to be able to input a variable anywhere into an equation and it will solve instead of the long process of rearranging the equation to solve it. Also has a great converter, and other useful modes.
  • Complex Numbers 5/5

    By Vinhkan
    Well I’m new with calculator but it’s really making short work complex math. It will take rectangular and polar equations mixed and give the result. Also going from rectangular to polar is one key stroke. So far I’m liking this calculator a lot. More as I go along.
  • Best calculator ever! 5/5

    By Malbec03
    Calculator infinity has very cool features, you can do 10x10=y and the calculator responds y=100 even like, hard math problems it’s like everyone needs to download! I rated 5 stars because it’s just too amazing.
  • finally i found 5/5

    By Massage mania
    this is the only one that engineering student definetely will love. i have paid and looked around a lot, finally this works great. i do long complicated calculations, it is as good as my pro eng calculator. i love it thank u
  • 🙏🏻Please add The Functions Sec, Csc, Cot 4/5

    By Delta_Sqrt(-1)
    I know that it can be defined with cos, sin, tan, but sometimes it becomes tedious to be defining it like this when there are long trigonometric problems.
  • Yeah 4/5

    By farshinto
    Greater than a lot of things I have been working with.
  • Ad pop-up 2/5

    By adonisehiwario
    I don’t know why there’s an ad pop-up for a paid version of this calculator. Whenever I go to setting its displays this: Android version available. How the hell is that my business?Please do something urgently about it.
  • Piece of junk 1/5

    By DevoBillado
    Horrible calculator
  • No recent major updates. 5/5

    By iGonerose
    This is the best calculator app in the iOS market, but its missing updates recently. Just stability fixes... I wish there were better graphing options, for like cubic functions. And increase function limits to be plotted on graphs. Thank you developer for this beautiful app. Worth the penny.
  • Best calculator ever! 5/5

    By QueteQue
    I have used lots of scientific calculators but this is the best!
  • -1^2 is not -1 3/5

    By Unlock6789
    Please fix the fact that negatives to the power of even numbers come out as still negative, it really screws up a lot of my equations.
  • Circular button ( bottom left ) 1/5

    By Benjamin Ayach
    Every time i wanted to click on zero, i clicked on that button instead, please redesign it and change its place
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ochahime
    Simply the best. I use it regularly to figure out bills and sells tax.
  • Great for viewing past calculations and easily editing them 5/5

    By qwerty ytrewq
    Great for viewing past calculations and easily editing and recalculating them
  • Inequalities symbols 3/5

    By Jon ios
    Where are the inequalities buttons?
  • Infinity calculator 5/5

    By Rex57963368534
    Very nice.
  • Too many buttons 2/5

    By In PHX Az
    Cluttered. Makes noises when entering. Prefer simpler keys mode for routine add subtract multiply & divide. At this point in life .... simpler is better. Apple .. why didn’t you include a 4 banger in iOS? .. they should have! No rocket science required.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Some kid at midnight
    This calculator has everything for school. Definitely worth the money. It even has an entire converting units section. This app has saved me so much time on work. Also has base converter, 2 variable equation solver, 3 variables equation solver, and graphing. True masterpiece for anyone who wants to have a calculator for everything. EZ school
  • ??? 1/5

    By z1rodger
    How the heck do you work this thing? I’m stuck in a graph and have pushed every button available but I can’t get out of it.
  • Good scientific calculator! 5/5

    By Stefan ✝️
    The Calculator Infinity is a good choice for anyone needing a basic scientific calculator.
  • I love it 5/5

    By 25gffshy👻🤡
    It is worth to pay for the app it have help me a lot in my maths classes
  • Nice Find 5/5

    By Trussray
    When your used to computations your way, this will do...
  • جيد 5/5

    By Faylde
    تطبيق جيد
  • The best calculator 5/5

    By Disanti
    This app does much more than I hope I will ever need for math class haha. Never had an issue in regards to this app not being able to do a calculation, and I am in calculus (unfortunately). Absolutely would recommend. If only I could use it on tests...
  • Recommend for Sciences 5/5

    By welto01
    This has been the best calculator for my needs. I don’t even get out my TI83 anymore. If you need more than MS calculator, but less than TI89 this is right for you.

Calculator ∞ app comments

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