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  • Current Version: 2.95
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Octo Network
  • Compatibility: Android
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This is the simple, thoughtful app pushing the boundaries of what you expect from your calendar: - Intuitive, beautiful views of days and months - A single, unified view of events and reminders - Powerful natural language entry to quickly add events - History and context with any contact you're meeting - Supports all major calendars: Google, Exchange, iCloud, and more 100% free and does not require registration. Try it today!

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  • absolutely phenomenal. 5/5

    By juliet watson
    I’ve been searching for years for a calendar app that helps me manage college and work, and this app is absolutely stunning. A must have.
  • Amazing App BUT terrible color schemes 4/5

    By MR_IRL
    This app has by far the best Calendar interface of any app. Super clear, intuitive, and easy to use. But the default color schemes are terrible and there’s no way to customize the color of your calendars or events. This is a huge oversight that really prevents this app from being as popular as it could be.
  • Needs a little work 4/5

    By Weinzett
    So far the calendar is pretty easy to use, however, I like my “home view” to be the monthly view. When you press on that icon in the lower left it defaults to the weekly view and it becomes annoying to change it from weekly to monthly. Please change the ability to have a default calendar when pressing that icon in the lower left. If there is a way to do this I’m missing, please let me know and I will change my review!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By savan1426
    I've tried every calendar and planner app out there. This is my favorite - even beats my all time "go to" Google. 💕❤️💕
  • This is the calendar I've been looking for 5/5

    By erftk
    I've been looking for a calendar that functions like this for so long. I love how you can toggle between detailed views of your month or week. The design of how you see the events in your calendar and how they correspond to the time of day (a bar towards the left of the day means an event in the morning, etc) is genius. It helps me see how busy I am and where I have gaps of free time. It also tells you how long you have between events too! It syncs with my calendars seamlessly. For the way I operate, this calendar is perfect.
  • Great Calendar App 5/5

    Has everything you would need for a calendar app. Quick and easy to use. Highly recommend.
  • Customer customization. 4/5

    By jj48356
    I wish there was a little more customer customizing that could be done. Of changing the colors to the different events but besides that works really well.
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By unbugme
    I was looking for something better than the calendar app on my iphone. This is just as bad.
  • Everything you need 5/5

    By Lolon1stop
    Awesome, I don't need a calendar with so many features that. I'm charged monthly. So this works and I can change the theme. This is a great app so far
  • Print 4/5

    By Redfoxblue
    I would give this five if I could print it
  • Has a good view of the month 5/5

    By Elsabisa
    I just wanted a calendar that lets me see the whole month and tap on the day I want to make appointments, and this has that. It also has some nice features like being able to auto-set reminders. I’m liking it so far.
  • Won’t let me share my calendar 2/5

    By Wineo2008
    Not useful
  • Office 365 4/5

    By smafilm
    The app is clean and I like the interface. It will probably replace my iCalendar. I would however like to add my office 365 calendar but I can’t figure out how and or where to ask for help except through a review. Couldn’t figure out how to do that with my iCalendar. Was hoping this app would have made it easier.
  • Very nice calendar app. 4/5

    By Fjfydhcywnhh
    Would give 5 stars if I could figure out how to sync this app between my iPhone and iPad.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dan101092
    App unusable. Naggs every 15 seconds to rate it and for feedback. Uninstalling now...
  • General 5/5

    By Fred The Sports Fan
    A very good app I installed it because I maybe losing my Google calendar.
  • Had to delete 1/5

    By ibc2
    It’s kinda hard to figure out how to get it set the way you want. I couldn’t find how to delete events. Couldn’t find how to make a new or even rename a calendar. Apparently you have to click on certain “calendars” to get different colors? I’m sure there are ways to do all those things but nothing tells you how. A little “how to” would have gone a long way.
  • Really need to be able to “reply to invite WITH COMMENTS” 3/5

    By cyberswimmer
    App seems to suffer from the same limitation at Apple IOS calendar: can’t send comments with an invitation response. People coming from outlook really need this functionality.
  • Organized 5/5

    By jellybean14763
    I am so much more organized now I am using this.This is so much better than apples and googled version
  • A couple of critical flaws 3/5

    By mlyss
    Sleek app with a lot of potential, but there is a serious flaw that goes to the heart of what a calendar app should be. Namely, in the non-agenda view, there is no easy way to see the starting times (and maybe, of secondary importance, ending times) for events, expressed in numbers. Both Google Cal and the stock Apple Cal have the lines delineating the top of hour extending a bit to the left. In this app, in the dayflow view, especially if the event starts not at the top of the hour (e.g. 10:45, or 12:30), the start times are very unclear. There are numbers to the left, but where exactly a block of time is with respect to the top of the hour is anyone's guess. And if you tap on the event to see details, the start time is also basically hidden behind other things and not underscored in any way. There is the agenda view, but it is overloaded with a lot of superfluous information verbalizing the duration of your event (1 hr 10 m) and the free time between events (30 minutes free). Thus you either can't see your start times, or you need to pick them out from a very busy landscape of a lot of letters that verbalize things I don't need verbalized. Start time is something that should be front and center as much as possible except for the month view. Also, this is one of those apps that tells you "tomorrow" instead of Friday. I have to often communicate to other people the details of certain events, and I don't want to have to expend mental energy to remember what day of the week it is today, and then calculate what "tomorrow" means, before I am able to tell someone the exact day when something happens. Again, this app verbalizes the unneeded things (duration of event and free time) and _doesn't_ verbalize things I do need to verbalize to other people often and thus I need to be able to read them off the screen and not hunt for them and calculate them. 3 stars, and this app goes into the "Check out later" drawer. Back to the stock calendar app and Google Cal. I'm fresh off Android where there is a widget (Simple Calendar Widget) that shows a very compact representation of the most important info: date, start-end time, location, name of event, - for events up to 2 weeks ahead, front and center and scrollable. So frustrating that the great iOS doesn't have something similar for something that is a crucial part of people's productivity (Up Next widget is a joke).
  • The app keep crashing 5/5

    By Jrodriguez2325
    I love the clean UI of the calendar that you guys design but there a bug issue. Every time I switch the reminder on the calendar app crash and it’s distracting my work flow. Hopefully there a work around this.
  • Best calendar! 5/5

    By L Gras
    Love the look and ease of use!! Combines calendar and a planner! Best I have seen! I’m having challenges creating events in the past.
  • Font size is too large 4/5

    By Cooriander
    Looks good on iPhone except the font size is too large
  • I found a bug 4/5

    By BK
    I accepted and invite for an event with no title. It shows up in all other calendar apps I've tested, accept this one. Outside of this strange behavior, the app works really well. I especially like seeing my free time in the agenda view. It's very helpful when trying to plan my day. Would love to see an Apple Watch app as well.
  • Great start. Needs some improvements 4/5

    By Cattboxx
    I like this app but it needs a few new default options: change font size in multi-week view (too big), 3 week view, and default view choices. When touching an event in multi-week view, it should directly show you the info about that event, not take you to the date view, then take you back to the previous view upon closing the event.
  • Logical layout 5/5

    By 2channels
    I love the ease of use. There is no effort in figuring out what to do.
  • Good app. 5/5

    By Macduff39
    Easy to use.
  • Changing colors 1/5

    By missholly24
    Our brains are wired to recognize colors to associate things easily. I cannot for the life of me figure out why these calendar apps don’t allow to EASILY change the font color. I work- purple, my husband work’s blue, appointment for someone red. It’s not rocket science...Android has an awesome app “A calendar” take a note from them.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Nasario Leyva
    I love this app it’s basically the regular apple calendar with the addition of allowing you to see your reminders on the daily schedule
  • The best 5/5

    By nealneal r
    Stop searching, download this app and start organizing your life. Best app ever!!!
  • Intuitive! 5/5

    By Barry M. 21
    Some easy to use!
  • Best of the bests app 5/5

    By Max Ptk
    Simple but powerful time management assistant. I’ve tried to find something like this two years. And finally they did it. Thanks for all project producers. 👌🏻💡💣 Upd: Can you add synchronization in Hide function? For automatic hide on iPhone and iPad.
  • Stop Working 5/5

    By donald#1
    After loading the update (2/9/19)it stop working!
  • Best Calendar App 5/5

    By Big RickA
    Keep the updates coming and please consider adjusting color bar below top date view to match with colors of calendars
  • The most underrated calendar app! 5/5

    By jeffruth
    I have wasted so much money on so-called “best calendar apps”. This is an amazingly clean, intuitive, and well made calendar app. Thank you developers for giving us users something amazing without a subscription or $5 price tag (then $15 for iPad). You’ve won me over!! Looking forward to great future updates!
  • Great potential - could be perfect 3/5

    By CEParah
    Here’s what’s great - I love the dark theme I love the flexibility for a week or month calendar on the top and day below I love that if you pull down the top calendar it turn into a colorful full month calendar and you can see the beginning of your meetings Here’s what’s missing - There’s no complete rolling agenda, only the agenda for the current day No option for the icon badge to show number of events for the day without invites While testing a few calendar apps I changed an appointment time and my other calendar apps showed the change immediately while this app didn’t change until the next day This calendar app offers so much, and if you are only using this app when you make a change from this app it should be instant. Also, if you don’t need to scroll through your entire calendar this is a great choice for you.
  • Simple and awesome 5/5

    By Steve473657
    Easy monthly view which is impossible to see in Apple calendar on the phone. It would be nice if there are few more color schemes. No ads or in app purchases is icing on the cake. Also a button for list view will probably make this the best calendar ever.
  • Good month view 4/5

    By Baltlmore
    Switches easily from good monthly view to list or day schedule.
  • Okay calendar, but won't let me go / developer MIA 1/5

    By -mi.
    Good app for what it does, but it doesn't suit my needs. Attempting to log out and delete my account, no option to do so. No option to email or otherwise contact the developer. Links to all their pages are broken. Did the developer go under?
  • Lol 5/5

    By miamiamia09
  • First impression 2/5

    By imkhris
    Just the fact that it asks me to connect the calendar to the Apple calendar is annoying. I don’t want to feel obligated to connect it. Give me the option to pick which calendars to connect. Sheesh.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By kiley breeze
    This calendar helps me seamlessly plain and keep a record of my life events. Very user friendly!! Best calendar app I have found thus far.
  • really nice, intuitive, simple, good looking 4/5

    By cramstrebor
    ...but i’d like to see a few improvements: 1. an option for agenda view to show “full agenda.” for example, in week view it would be nice to see all the events for the week, and in month view (middle view) it would be nice to see all the events of the month in the agenda view. 2. option to change text size in the full month (right view). too many event names are cut off and the text could definitely be smaller (on an iphone XS). it’s worth noting to say that i’m officially using Pod as my default calendar 😊
  • This app is awesome 5/5

    By biglt23
    Awesome app. The best cal and planner
  • Suggestions?? 3/5

    By HappyListener123
    So many calendars out there. Pod was special because of the "Suggestions" option. Was removed?? Not unique anymore.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bill Marlow
    I like that it has the ability to add several alarms for future events. Integrates perfectly with all my calendars.
  • Sync issues? Support? 2/5

    By suz2775
    Overall, I've been happy with Pod for coordinating my calendars, but it seems to have stopped syncing (my husband is experiencing this, too, and I'm seeing other reviewers mention this) and when I click on the "support" area, there is no contact or help there. Please advise. This is pretty disappointing.
  • Making life just a little more organized... 5/5

    By skopels46
    Pod consolidated all of my work, home, personal and family calendars into one easy sync-able solution... Nice work team and I look forward to your future iterations.
  • Downloaded by mistake, but... 5/5

    By Sfhulse
    I was browsing through the App Store when I accidentally tapped Pod, and boy am I glad I did. It’s an excellent replacement for Apple’s calendar app. Easy to use, displays both week and month schedules, and has attractive light and dark themes. I can sync with multiple calendars, invite others to events, and even text, email and call from the app. The only thing missing from this excellent app is an agenda view. And did I mention that it’s free? Nice work, guys!

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