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  • Current Version: 2.97
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Luni
  • Compatibility: Android
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This is the simple, thoughtful app pushing the boundaries of what you expect from your calendar: - Intuitive, beautiful views of days and months - A single, unified view of events and reminders - Powerful natural language entry to quickly add events - History and context with any contact you're meeting - Supports all major calendars: Google, Exchange, iCloud, and more SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access premium features - Subscription options are: 1-month with 3-day trial, 1-year, 3-months - Privacy & EULA can be found here :

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  • Trial run is bogus 1/5

    By Salgud
    I bought a subscription to do the three day trial with full features. Turns out that the trial doesn’t give you all the features as claimed. I’m not buying software from someone who misrepresents themselves right from the start.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By parade72
    I like it better than the default iPhone calendar because I can see the entire month at a glance. Also easy to switch from seeing a single day to see all the events in the month, and vice versa. Can display all my calendars and I can color code them. One problem is that for some reason if the title of the event is long and there is not an event in the following day, it will show the full title even though it appears in 2 days, when the event takes place within a single day. It gives the appearance that the event goes past midnight /takes 2 days. Hopefully they'll fix this.
  • Lost my pro version. No response from app support. 1/5

    By RockinBass87
    I was using this calendar for well over a year, before the rebrand and name change. When that happened I lost my pro version and am not able to restore my subscription purchase because they don’t show up in the App Store. One day I had it and everything was great then it’s all gone and nobody feels like responding back through app support.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Badgerterri
    Really easy to use. Would like to be able to send meeting invites but that functionality does not seem to be avail (at least in the free version). But everything else is great!
  • Clean look and thoughtfully designed 5/5

    By monimonimonica
    I recommend it if you aren’t a huge fan of the interface of Outlook, Google, or the iOS calendar apps. I can easily manage all 3 with this platform. It’s a keeper.
  • Great Calendar 5/5

    By lfalkow
    I use this app exclusively and love it! The best features from all of the top apps but every feature is practical! It is reliable and works with all of my iPhone apps. I recommend it highly!!
  • Only calendar app that lets you hide routine events 5/5

    By bear_market
    I love the very intuitive and simple “hide” button that makes routine appointments disappear from my daily calendar and agenda views. This lets me de clutter my schedule, but keeps these necessary meetings and events so that others can avoid scheduling conflicts. My only desire is that this capability should be enhanced to provide option to make all recurring copies of the event disappear.
  • I traded in Todoist! 5/5

    By QuietStorm_53
  • The new Sunrise Calendar 5/5

    By Micky323232
    Nuff said.
  • Won’t let me add an event... 1/5

    By LuLi Penguin
    I don’t like giving bad reviews, but the app won’t let me add events. Maybe this is just a problem with my phone, but I don’t know.
  • My Calendar 5/5

    By Last time for doing this
    One of the absolute BEST calendar apps out there.....and I’ve tried most of them! Easy to create events and they have a sound that you can actually here. Keep up the great work!! The creator of this app is amazing 👍
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By cdeastman
    Super handy, much better than the iPhone default calendar
  • Weak as hell 1/5

    By adktyehk
    Have to purchase to get any real functionality.
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By sami siZle
    Highly recommended
  • Mr 3/5

    By Woodmarine
    I need for today’s date to show up on my desktop and nextthw full month when I touch it. You show a bunch o possible settings and I have a tough time going to. a Monthly calendar.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By JGamer2811
    However widget is not working, simply says “unable to load”. It’s frustrating obviously because you want to stay top on mtgs through widget. Pls fix before it’s worth to bUy.
  • great calendar! 5/5

    By julia fay
    i have no complaints. i love this app.
  • Better than the iPhone calendar 5/5

    By Meg12345Meg
    This calendar allows you to see what events you have stored in your calendar, at a glance, opposed to just a dot letting you know something is there. It reminds me of the one I had on my Samsung. I really like it. You can also color code events.
  • Was a great app until all my past events were erased 1/5

    By swill100
    I have been using this app religiously since February 2019 to keep track of very important medical appointments. However, as I was trying to compose an account of my past engagements for my boss, I noticed that all events prior to last month have been erased. I wanted to write the app makers, but there is no email or contact information on the app to reach them. Therefore, my only recourse is through a rating. Dear app makers, feel free to contact me with assistance and I'll be happy to readjust my rating.
  • Slow moving app 5/5

    By Lauri Asay
    With the new iPhone updates, I’ve noticed this app is moving really slow and when I hide something, it keeps showing up! I love this app, but am waiting patiently on app update
  • Calendar 1/5

    By Kalsrc111111
    Cannot choose calendar opening layout. Pain to switch back every time I open the calendar. Not enough choices for categories. I gave it one star because they added one category option last month. No help—no one to ask. Just the feedback option, so here u go.
  • Like it so much better than the one that came with my iPhone!! 5/5

    By GrammaChrista
    I changed from an android to an iPhone, & I really did NOT like their calendar. So, I checked out calendars that I could download, & I really like this one!!!
  • My calendar 4/5

    By Tpf1293
    It’s a decent app. Still haven’t figured how to add my wife’s calendar so we can share our schedule. Family sharing is on and both of us have paid for the full app but haven't discovered a way to link her account with mine. Any advice?
  • Great App 4/5

    By Kmpicke
    I love everything in this app. The only reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because I was hoping it would’ve let me color code different thing on my calendar. For instance, I’m an HR manager. I would love to be able to put orientations in a different color.
  • Calendar 2/5

    By Urshhiuddetgcxdsh
    Not very happy with this app. My calendar keeps getting messed up. I’ll put events on calendar and they show up on next day instead of what I entered. Also time increments won’t change even though I changed it in the settings.
  • Problem with spacing 1/5

    By Sewnbev
    Lines overlapping to the point I can’t use to correct?
  • Does not keep pass events 2/5

    By Pumpkin757
    Had events save from Jan up til now and it deleted them all. I needed the pass events because those were my most important events. I have to track everything about my health and it deleted it. So mad!
  • I like it but... 5/5

    By Kei.ton.ia
    I’m just joking I like it. It’s very easy to use great for reminding me of due date of my Ap and honors classes and great for inviting friends
  • Iran 5/5

    By dabo nirig
    I love it, I am better planner now....
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By pbr5205
    Really like this calendar because I like to see the month at a glance. I just wish, when adding an event, I could select the color, i.e., for doctor appointments, birthdays, etc. A lot of these are on the same calendars so show up as the same color.
  • Love the App, slight tweak desired 5/5

    By BurnerSquirrel
    I love the app and it has replaced the apple calendar for me. One request: please add the "Edit Event" option next to Hide and Delete so it is visible right away. Would remove a step for many users.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By javila77099
    Love the app
  • So much better than ios calendar 5/5

    By Uyanga618
    Much better to organize it
  • Informatoon 4/5

    By rol castro
    I liked so much this app, however I couldn’t upload my contacts from my iCloud account. :(
  • Nearly perfect 4/5

    By The Daren
    I am constantly on the lookout for better apps and a good calendar app is harder to find than one might think. For this app; Pros - whole month vote with visible events (instead of dots which is useless - good scale; can view many events - decent color palate - easily view today Wishes: - softer color selection and text color selection - monthly view that scrolls down (really looking for an app that puts the current week of a monthly view at the top as towards the end of the month, I see weeks of old info but not upcoming things Other small stuff too but this is my priority list Thx
  • Reminders aren’t seen even when you sign up for the pro version. No FAQ link.. 5/5

    By mck#1970
    Reminders aren’t seen even when you sign up for the pro version. No FAQ link..
  • Rating 1/5

    By huhuohdwruggy
    Not sure how but all my appts and events have been deleted off my calendar up until August 25th. It’s a good thing I keep a regular paper calendar or else I’d be in a world of hurt, it also won’t let you put events in backdated if you happened to miss something or as in this case the deleted items.
  • Cancel 1/5

    By erypp
    How do I cancel this app. I didn’t expect to have to pay
  • Excellent iCalendar Alternative 5/5

    By HWMWH
    For those looking for a dark theme for the calendar and integration of To Do Lists in to their calendars - this is the app for you. Great and easy to use features such as allowing users to set more than enough notifications to remind you of an upcoming event (for those that tend to ignore notifications unless they’re a nuisance).
  • Used to be great but now a big battery drain 1/5

    By tenure_track
    As other users have reported, this App has been using >80% of battery after the recent update. This is one of the best calendar app for iPhone and I am waiting for the developer to fix this bug. I will reinstall the App and update my review to fully deserved 5-stars once that happens.

    By casenuggs
    . *I see a lot of us deleting the app and using other calendar apps until this is fixed. I expect and hope that those of us who installed the app before the pro features were added will have full features restored, without paying.
  • My Calendar App 4/5

    By Belles1030
    App synthesizes events and to-do in one great interface, but does not show future to-do’s on calendar and doesn’t organize reminder lists.
  • Calendar 5/5

    By luv-A-Dog
    Very good info
  • New update drains battery - had to uninstall 1/5

    By SassenachAskew
    New update last week led to crazy battery drain, upwards of 50%-60% of pure background usage. I had to uninstall. Before that, used with no issues for months.
  • Good App, horrific on battery 2/5

    By Jpop777777
    Using an IPhone 11 and the app runs the phone hot and crushes the battery. It also did this on my iPhone X. An update to reduce burn here would be huge.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By RiReem
    You have to pay, so you can use it!!! Or simply don’t pay and use it like the calandra you already have in your phone!
  • Drains battery! 1/5

    By Mixtein
    I loved this app for a couple years. The new update unfortunately completely drains my battery (as in, go to bed with a full battery, wake up with a completely dead one!) I also noticed my phone overheating a lot in the last couple of days since I got the update, but I can’t 100% say it’s this app. Please fix ASAP! I have to delete in the meantime.
  • Great free app! 5/5

    By Busy_Working_Mom 👩🏼‍🦱
    Love this free app and the fact that it syncs with my phone’s calendar.
  • So far quite good - thanks! 4/5

    By Nick656565
    Likes: Scroll left/right unlike Apple’s up/down. Can hide weird holidays pulled from base Apple calendar. No #[email protected]! Pop-up video talking ads like the calendar just deleted (A- something) which had reasonably small ads and hid weird holidays. But the recent addition of noisy pop-ups are intolerable. ............... Please add in bottom strip an always present ‘month’ view button. See color selector for ‘birthday’ but no way to use??? Tx!

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