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  • Current Version: 2.97
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Luni
  • Compatibility: Android
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This is the simple, thoughtful app pushing the boundaries of what you expect from your calendar: - Intuitive, beautiful views of days and months - A single, unified view of events and reminders - Powerful natural language entry to quickly add events - History and context with any contact you're meeting - Supports all major calendars: Google, Exchange, iCloud, and more SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access premium features - Subscription options are: 1-month with 3-day trial, 1-year, 3-months - Privacy & EULA can be found here :

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  • Calendar 5/5

    By case room guy.
    I’ve use the iPhone for a while now, the calendar was OK, but my son was using this one for a long time, I just got it the other day, so far awesome
  • Does OK 3/5

    By Meesha50
    I’ve been using this app for a while and the user interface has been easy to navigate for the most part. I’ve noticed that for the desktop icon to reflect the current date I’ve gotta actually open the app for it to move forward one day. I’m willing to factor in “operator error “ so just an observation. I’ve also noticed that the app isn’t updated very often. I think my app implies that it’s been over a year since any update.
  • Good job 4/5

    By Billx37
    Nice app. Useful and easy.
  • Great app in general❤️ 5/5

    By courtney🥺❤️💍
    Such an amazing app overall! Would recommend it
  • Monthly charge not mentioned 1/5

    By @orchidfeather
    Not mentioned when I downloaded it but there is 1.99 monthly charge so I deleted it
  • Just getting acquainted! 4/5

    By lb3929
    My circumstances are that we are retired. After 10years of retirement every day rolls right into the next. Unlike when I was working or volunteering prior to the COVID-19 crisis, so just trying to keep things organized for us
  • Doesn’t save events 1/5

    By Fjdkfigifhsa
    It’s great at copying your old iPhone calendar over but when you actually try to add anything it won’t save it. Useless.
  • Not Free! It’s only a 3 day trial. 1/5

    By Takemeseriously1234
    The fact that this is only a free trial should be noted on the homepage. I will not even give it a try, this is shady.
  • Yay 5/5

    By nohomoyay
  • So so app 3/5

    By Wahoo14
    Could be better if had more selections
  • Beats Apple’s Calendar app! 5/5

    By Sdkjfnsdkvjsnd
    Apple’s calendar search function stinks! At least I can search for past events with this app!!!! This is a basic feature that many of the calendar apps don’t have!!!! Searching back one year doesn’t cut it!!!! Apple should take suggestions from this app’s developers! Thanks for providing a basic function that is highly valued!!!
  • Pretty, but also pretty useless for me 1/5

    By KenChan__
    I wanted to use this calendar to organize my personal life separately from my already busy calendar app I use on my phone for work. But this app won’t even let you use the app without merging your phones calendar. I want to keep them separate, so I will be trying a different app as this app does not allow me to do what I need to do.
  • My Calender 5/5

    By Nishtha Nichwani
    Best app for reminders and events
  • Ordered by mistake 4/5

    By zJsclH
    I want to cancel this app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By krazyfungi
    Everything you can ask for in a calendar
  • Can someone help me 5/5

    By ayva101
    How do you make an account on this app? Also i want to share my calandar with my friend, how can I do that??? Thank you
  • Love it! 5/5

    By 19RaeRae67
    Has really helped me organize appointments.
  • Calendar 5/5

    By bfksjrvbj
    I love this calendar and I have tried a lot of them,! This does everything I want it to do I have used this one for 5 years and never had one glitch at any time.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By daron
    Great app
  • Add colors for each event 5/5

    By Birdhunter11
    I recently switched to an iPhone but not liking the calendar installed. Found out I could use the google map and I am pretty excited for this. Only difference I would like is to be able to use different colors for each event I have.(my moms dr appts, days paid, etc)
  • one thing missing 4/5

    By Jeanne Patricia
    I wish you would post the date on the display icon.
  • Calendar 1/5

    By SueLynn Steiner
    Costs money.
  • Calendar view 2/5

    By eniham
    The calendar doesn’t have enough options, I should be able to choose colors for categories not just work and home. The monthly view should also show my events and reminders at the bottom not only if I select that day, people want to look at their calendar at see quickly what they have scheduled
  • Simple and very affective 4/5

    By Georgeporgepuddingpie
    I love the app as it ties calendar and tasks/todo lists into one. Things I would like to see more of more utility and ease of use: When the identifying sending an email to recipients of this event, our task allows it to be scheduled when it should be sent; while making the event, you do not want to send the email at that time. Please, please get rid of the most horrible nonintuitive method of putting and date or time into an event or task designed by Apple’s Dev group! “The Hamster Wheel Dial”! This is the worst way of entering time or dates. Apple is removing this format slowly from many of its native Apps. On calendar allow the ability to see the week number of the year. Give the 2-3 ways of allowing to identify the actual starting of the first week of the year. When the task or event is done, allow it to stay present but instead of just a checkmark in the finished box, show a line crossing out all the typing text of that task or event. It better shows the completion of that item yet allows you to know it was done. That’s all for now I am sure to show other items to champion this wonderful app!
  • Great calendar view 5/5

    By Minefotos
    I love the way the calendar is displayed on screen
  • Calendat 1/5

    By Helen Boomgaard
    I do not like the 7 plus Calendar. It is not user friendly after doesn’t have pertinent places to put pertinent. Useful, importent data and information. I detest using it and will keep searching for one that is truly useful.
  • Can you please update to fix reminder glitch? 3/5

    By Jpp6677425996
    I am very happy with how this app puts both my events and reminders on the same calendar, however I keep running into a bug when checking off reminders, and I’m very disappointed to see no updates in over a year given that I paid for premium features. The problem I’m running into is when I get a reminder notification, I go into the app to check off the task and it gives me no visual feedback that the task is completed. The check box does not check. It stays empty. But the reminder gets completed. Since I get no visual feedback that checking off the task worked, I will often try to click it again. This means for repeating reminders, I have now accidentally checked off the next reminder and will not be reminded. This is a pretty glaring bug and I’m disappointed that it hasn’t been fixed in the year I’ve been using the app. I’m giving three stars for now because this really is functionally the app that I need for time management. But if this bug is not addressed soon, I’ll be deleting the app and updating with a 1-star review. Reminders are the thing that makes this app superior over the default calendar, so it’s unacceptable for them to be so buggy for this long without a fix.
  • Love the app 3/5

    By beadkitty
    I just wish it had lots of colors to choose from, and more alerts.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Lisarose70
    I don’t like the ads on the bottom
  • Horacio 3/5

    By bluedeepoodeedoo
    When I’m looking at a day on my Cel phone and there’s an “all day” event, I can only see the top half of the event title. The bottom half of the line of text is cut off. A little difficult to read sometimes. Also, when creating an event on an iPad, it’s not possible to see what you’re typing in while your typing it because when the keyboard scrolls up, the vent is hidden. Similarly, when I attempt to cut and paste a zoom link into the event, it will not do it because as soon as I dwell on the box to paste the link in, the keyboard scrolls up and pushes out the “paste” option. I have to log onto my Cel in order to actually paste the zoom link into the event. That’s a serious glitch.
  • Calendar 5/5

    By Cleatus leroy marvin
    I just love it easy but through
  • Events not shown 3/5

    By Bodega Babe
    I love that Google calendar on a laptop or android show the specific events on my calendar for a month at a time. This version IOS just shows a dot.
  • It doesn’t do what it’s says it does 1/5

    By Kbombzz
    I can’t upgrade to pro and it has no features that it said in the app review. I was hoping to keep track of meetings and prospects and I can’t find a way to do that with what the app is letting me go to
  • Great 5/5

    By Kathy and Gale
    This app gives you many opportunities to record your schedule. It is easy to use. I have tried others, but this is the best.
  • The seller would have a few more info for you guys who would be willing 5/5

    By CXI11
    The owner of a dealership in Haiti park is the owner and owner wants me a lot to do that I have a few people interested to see it if he can...
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dukesaa2017
  • Hate 1/5

    By josebkny
  • Looks nice 3/5

    By TLD Jones
    Looks nice and shows reminders which is an absolute must for me, but the monthly calendar is an issue. Why on earth do the all day events and timed events look the same on the calendar? You can't easily distinguish between the two and that's a deal breaker. Still on the hunt for the right calendar app.
  • Keeps deleting all of my information 1/5

    By Can't get enough of this book!
    I have used this app for a while now and lately it has been deleting my entries. I’m talking months of events and planning that I go into the app and are just gone. 0/10.
  • Hunnydip 4/5

    By dis wife
  • Dan 5/5

    By hosam1
    its the best calendar app .
  • Transfer of bad data 2/5

    By Nordic Therapeutics
    I downloaded this to replace
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By TumbleWeed Mike
    At first when I touched a full day of schedule on a calendar day to see what was in that day, the drop down only had one listing and it was not for that day. It also was listed for every day, even days with nothing scheduled. Somehow it got over that, then it deleted an event on it’s own. It has no instructions that I found, and 3 days is not long enough to evaluate an app. Best thing to do is delete app before I miss something important!
  • Calendar 5/5

    By lennyshine
    Very useful.
  • Calendar 2/5

    By joe poe
    Can not see a full month written out only shows dots. I can get another calendar in apps but cost not paying for it with apple...had it free with Samsung phone
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Keatonwashburn
    I’ve been a user for about 2 years and absolutely love this calendar. It’s so helpful that I can see how busy I am on a certain day, rather than just showing that I have at least 1 event that day. The interface is clean and always in sync.
  • i love it ! 5/5

    By nhxjhxnxj
    This is such a great calandren
  • Love this app but it is outdated 4/5

    By Javiscript
    Let me just say that this app has done everything I’ve needed. However, it seems it hasn’t been updated in quite some time. I’m not able to see any widgets for it and that kinda breaks it for me. I will switching to something else in the meantime.
  • Sir 4/5

    By tulsamoose
    Having issues with reminders not repeating on a weekly basis