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California Road Report

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  • Current Version: 3.5.3
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California Road Report App

Know before you go with California Road Report, your best app for being informed of what's happening on the highway. With California Road Report you can view CHP incidents, CalTrans road conditions, chain control, road closures, and find rest stops in California on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch on the go! - View CHP Incidents in areas nearby or from a list of selected areas in either list mode or map mode Each CHP incident reported contains the time of occurrence, location, and details of the incident. - Hands-Free Mode - With hands-free mode, CHP incidents can now be spoken to you while you drive so you can keep your eyes on the road and still receive CHP reports. (note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.) - Search for CalTrans road conditions on any given highway in California Ideal for checking chain requirements prior to driving in snowy conditions, knowing if there will be road work, or finding out if a particular stretch of the highway has been closed. - Find out where chain control is being enforced during snow storms While in map view you can pan around the state of California to see where chain control is being enforced or scroll through a list of all chain control areas in California. - Find nearby rest stops Need to take a break while on a long drive down the 5? Check out nearby rest stops and see their available amenities. - See highway cameras See pictures from over 500 highway cameras in the state of California and also share them on Facebook, Twitter, eMail, and SMS. - Road Closures Avoid traffic by knowing which roads are closed or have lane closures.

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California Road Report app reviews

  • Not worth it anymore 1/5

    By SSaSSSy
    Not sure what happened with this app but I haven’t seen incidents for several updates. Now all I see is colors on the map. Hardly worth the space it takes on my phone.
  • Had to uninstall and reinstall 4/5

    By JohnF333
    Had to uninstall and reinstall in order to get back CHP incident reports. Works fine now.
  • New update is hard to use 1/5

    By zoey1539
    I used to love and rely heavily on this app. Now it’s almost useless for getting accident and closure updates. Please consistent going back to the old version. So much more user friendly.
  • Down hill 1/5

    By grumpygoofy
    This app was much better before your update should of left it as is
  • Great for Trucking 5/5

    By raidertam
    I love this app! I’m a truck driver and I use it all the time to see if there is chain control over Donner Pass! I was so disappointed when there was an update and you got rid of the ability to check each highway by its route number, such as I-5 or I-80, thank you for bringing that back with the highway button/icon! The only thing that seems to be missing is the location arrow that let’s you zoom in or highlight the areas that you are currently in. I really liked that feature as I can’t use my fingers to find myself on the map while I’m I’m driving. If you could add that back I’ll give you 5 Stars! (Update) Thank you for adding the location arrow back, loving your app and appreciate that you actually care about the users of your app! Great job! Also, there should be more 5 star ratings, this app does what it’s supposed to!
  • Pretty darn handy 5/5

    By Bigtomroberts
    With all the construction in NorCal I just check my routes and there is no surprises. Cameras and chain control also. Highly recommend this for all travelers.
  • Use to use this. It’s crap now. 1/5

    By Lc1989
    I use this use this in the course of my dispatching as I am a tow truck dispatcher. It provided great updates for my drivers during the course of their calls. Now I can’t even find an incident that is actually IN our area. The stupid map circle doesn’t work. I do not need to know what in the world is occurring in South Lake Tahoe. I need to know my immediate area like I use too. Please spare me the cookie cutter reply I’ve seen on every review. You broke something that didn’t even require fixing. A lot of people relied on this app. I’ll be looking for a different app. -a disappointed dispatcher
  • Filters and distance no longer work 1/5

    By 152 commuter
    This used to be a great app and since the update it will not slow distance and filters to work properly. I can care less about what’s 30 miles ahead when my commute it only 12 miles. Just give me traffic updates on my route home.
  • Can’t find what I need 1/5

    By romoftheworld
    I live in a rural area I’m only interested in what’s going on in my area I do not travel on the main freeways. I used to be able to find incidents in my area now I can’t find them at all or they’re mixed in with all of the major freeway incidents. How can we fix this or can we go back to the old version?
  • Traffic cams 1/5

    By vaccccuuum
    I like your app but why aren’t the traffic cams live like video like you see on the news on tv why are they still images instead of video!??? Why can’t you provide video cams instead of still? Images
  • Update to initial rating 5/5

    By Ems mom Lynn
    I spent some time inside the new version of this app and I’ve learned how to use the updates. I love it again! Thank you!!!
  • Recents updates have redeemed themselves. 4/5

    By -NAMPAHC-
    The app use to be addicting. As soon as you’d open the app... incidents would pop up automatically, with the desired radius. It was perfect. With the new update... the app is repulsive and frustrating to navigate through. I don’t understand the new update and everyone seemed pleased with the previous update. I’ll be deleting this app pretty soon if it stays the same. In all seriousness, how difficult is it to go back to a previous version that worked for everyone? Even the newest update is trash. Update: 5-31-2019 The most recent updates are making the app like it use to be. I do thank the developer for listening to these reviews. It still isn’t running 100%, but at least is working proficiently.
  • Nice, but... Review Revision 4/5

    By Goldenneko
    What happened to the glossary? The incident details made more sense when I could look at what they were talking about. Example - what is 1124? The rest is different, nice looking, but navigable. I agree with another review about driving mode... the voice is loud, even when I have the volume down. Revision - I heard from the developer who said “The glossary button will always show up when you tap a CHP incident.” So I opened the app to try that. If you tap on the icon of an incident, there is not a glossary button. When you tap the 3 parallel lines (top right corner edge of the map) the map switches to list mode. In the top right corner is the glossary button. I do recall having to tap out of the incident to look at the glossary before these changes.
  • No CHP incidents being reported? 2/5

    By CaptainPhillips97
    It’s not showing any CHP activity. Only road construction. I’ll be at work and three Highway Patrol cars will go tearing down the road lights flashing and sirens wailing and then I check the app, nothing. Clearly somethings going on...and I’d like to know what it is. That’s the only reason I got the app. The previous version did this just fine. I wish I could downgrade to that one.
  • App change 4/5

    By Rusty143647
    Prior to the App change, I was able to access the road cameras easily. This was something I appreciated as I travel over the Sierra often. Since the change, it is hit or miss whether or not the cameras show up. This has always been a good App that I relied on, but now it’s not as reliable as in the past.
  • App runs like it did before 5/5

    By 1st Cook
    Excellent job in fixing the prior hiccups
  • Love this app 5/5

    By MtnDweller
    Far easier to navigate than the CHP site. Thank you for developing the app.
  • Updated 5/5

    By Casey_F
    Although the initial update left this app useless, there has since been another update which is much more user friendly. You can now sort by distance, or even by CHP area. Thanks for the fix!
  • Danny 4/5

    By Sharock the Great
    I use it alot and have told alot of people (truckers) it is a good app to use. Haven’t gotten use of the new app just yet. The app is very useful. It could’ve let me known about I-5 NB get on ramp at Hwy46 and I-5. It was closed this morning. Detour took me 10 miles south to Shaffer,Ca. Exit 268 then back north. No info on telling or showing anyone about the closed ramp. Google map didn’t show it either.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By fudjdjeiidndjf
    I love being able to see the roads over echo summit before driving to tahoe. Thanks!
  • Wa Happen? 3/5

    By Jackmayoffer
    Used to love the easy UI with this app and used it frequently. Recent update(s) have made it harder to navigate. Still will use but don't care for the redesign.
  • Great and really helpful! 5/5

    By Gram1315
    Update: Nice to get a response from the developer indicating he’s working on updating this app. The highway camera feature has been restored. Thanks! . . . . WHERE ARE THE HIGHWAY CAMERAS?!?! This app WAS great until I installed the latest update yesterday. Now when I select highway cameras, there’s nothing there (says “0”) I really relied on the visual especially of those highways in the high country. Such a bummer not to have them. Please bring them back! I downloaded this app the other day as we were planning a trip over Donner Summit and I wanted to stay on top of the road conditions. Each time I checked, the info was current with the requirement for chains/snow tires and the storm conditions. The app is easy to navigate. You choose from the list of either interstate highways, state highways or other roads. You then get up to the minute conditions. Perfect! I also like that you can link to the highway cameras that are available for that highway to get a visual of conditions. Also, information is provided for rest stops and what amenities are available. Thanks for a great, reliable app!!
  • Missing the red pins 2/5

    By rlpic
    This was one of my favorite go to apps before the update. I am missing the red pins and find this version confusing. Not a fan. I haven’t quite figured it out yet and wonder if l’m missing something or if I can no longer use the app as I did before with the pin drops. 5 star app just dropped to 2
  • Need to reinstall 3/5

    By HeRatesApps
    After the major update, I had to delete/reinstall the app in order to get it to work.
  • Update 3/5

    By RedD276
    Ever since the update it is not very good. in a week I use this app prob over 300x a week in my work field and so do my co workers they also are complaining, we all know it will not be changed back but it’s worth a try I will be uninstalling it unless you provide a link to get rid of update again it’s not as it needs to be I’m involved in Law-Enforcement so pretty much a tool for us!!
  • Tad better 2/5

    By Fletcher hills
    As a mom of a CHP, deleted and reinstalled app. Not as easy to maneuver as old app, but at least I can see incidents grouped together by jurisdictions. Don’t use other road conditions, only road incidents.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Shouts10
    This app has changed. Hard to use and understand. Going back to google maps.
  • Unhappy with new update 1/5

    By Shell5200
    I am not one to write a review, but I felt a need to express my concerns. Like many this was one of my favorite apps, I used it daily before getting on the freeway. I would click on recent incidence and it showed me immediately if there were any wrecks. Now I just get a big map that I have yet to figure out. I am hoping that with future updates you will bring back the recent incidence part!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Calin8v
    I originally switched to this app years ago because the other app stopped working. Are used this out in the field and it was working great… Nice and brainless. You turn it on, you get your info, you turn it off. However, the developer redesign the app and it seems like it takes forever to load and only 1/4 of the time it actually works the way it supposed to. I had to download another app just so I could have something at work. And after several updates over several months, seems to be the same. This app is now officially deleted off my phone.
  • Update 3.3 much better 4/5

    By Sagesun05
    Thank you for fixing the UI! It’s much better and usable again. Back to using it everyday! Although I do still miss the orange cone icons...
  • Great app, evolution of a developer 5/5

    By dol dare
    This a great app, I use it almost daily. It’s been fun to watch the app improve over the years. While not all updates have been stellar user experience improvements, and sometimes a bit backwards, all the setbacks have been temporary and I’m happy to use it almost daily. Congrats on a great app and keep it up, I’m a fan!
  • Uninstalled 1/5

    By tj__was__here
    Count me among those unimpressed by the new update. Perhaps I am too impatient to learn how to use the new version, maybe I will try again someday, but for now, I have uninstalled it. I will just use a browser for CHP site for now.
  • Good to bad 1/5

    By S&J auto service
    This was one of my favorite apps. After the last update pure junk! I will give it a few days but will properly delete! Junk
  • New version 2/5

    By ricckyd
    Horrible. Why did you mess with a perfectly good app. You now need a PhD to use this app. I have no idea how to navigate and find incidents. You could have at least provided some simple Instructions.
  • Useful 5/5

    By FFM4K
    CARR is a very useful tool for traveling in California. Highly recommend downloading and using it to plan ahead when driving.
  • Please revert update! 2/5

    By foru2nvsti
    New UI update is a cluster, and not as streamline as the previous UI. Please bring back the old UI, or at the minimum, separate the CHP incidents by CHP Area office like the old UI
  • Love the App 5/5

    By Layla 4 U
    Hi. Can you please tell me how to get hands free now that the app has changed. Been using this app for years💕
  • Latest update ruined it. 1/5

    By JadedYuppie
    Lastest update ruined a good thing. No longer able to see anything on the maps. It says to press a refresh button that doesn’t exist. :-( I miss the old useful version.
  • Love this apps, until the last update. 5/19 4/5

    By Doug1763
    This is a really great app to use, a lot of useful information very up to date, I use it daily. Unfortunately the last update the app has not been working.
  • Buggy/inaccurate 2/5

    By macavi
    Ever since the update and change, the app hasn’t been accurate. It also doesn’t load properly.
  • Latest update took away the incidents 1/5

    By Johnny651
    The latest update doesn’t show any incidents anymore
  • It is official: totally useless now. 1/5

    By miguel1058
    Review update: some fixes happened after my previous review, and it was somehow better after the major release update when the app totally changed for the worse. But then the latest update finally killed this app, absolutely nothing shows up in the map. There was a closure of the 101 north-all lanes-, and the app said there were no incidents or closures in a 60 miles radius! No incidents or closures in the whole state show up now. Nothing. Zero. And worse now that the app stays on even if you close it, the location services continue to work even if you close the app wasting data plan. I had to force a full phone reset and delete the app in order to stop the location services. Seriously? Why not just bring the old app back instead of keep on releasing bug ridden updates with every new version making this app 100% unusable? I used to rely heavily on this app for my commute. It was clean, easy to read and navigate and had all the info you needed in one or two taps. Now it’s horribly confusing. Tapping on the numbers only zooms, doesn’t say what the numbers are, you click on an incident or closure and the info about it is mostly garbage. On the old version you got all you needed with one or two taps if all of the sudden traffic slowed down ahead of you, it was a good quick source to find out if there was trouble ahead. The old app used to give more detail and progress of any incident with no clutter and very few taps, in particular since you can’t take your eyes off of the road for safety and legal reasons (tickets). It was perfect! This update makes everything cluttered, confusing, and you spent an awful lot of screen time trying to figure out what’s what, which you can’t if you make the mistake of trying to read the screen fumbling while driving. Totally unusable and totally dangerous because it requires a whole lot of screen time and eyes away from the road. Which is one of the leading causes of accidents moving your eyes away from the road to read the phone screen. It is a very unsafe app now. I don’t use the phone while driving, I used to use this app to get a very quick glimpse of what was ahead on the road. It was fast, safe and you were done. Now the only way to use this app is to actually having to pull over to read the screen and try to figure what’s what and pray you find your answers. Sometimes more is not better, simplicity and safety gone for good. Too bad...
  • Great app great update 5/5

    By Wfraser6
    I have had this app for awhile and use it on a regular basis. There was something just not right with the flow and ease of use. Well today there was an update that made this app GREAT!! Thank you for listening to the users.
  • Ugh To New Version 2/5

    By Another Stoopid Fan
    The old version was worth 6 stars. The new UI in version 3 was terrible and impossible to understand. The version 3.2 update is slightly better but still not good. Can we just roll back to version 2?
  • Unusable 1/5

    By mil12
    After the update completely unusable, nothing shows up
  • What happened to the design?? 1/5

    By jdubster8
    Ugh!! I liked the old interface. I don’t know what happened. Looks like a totally different app. Where did the CHP incidents go? So disappointing!!
  • Bad update 3/5

    By lirpa421
    I’ve really liked using this app until the most recent update. Very hard to use while driving. Not user friendly. I liked being able to bring up a list of incidents nearby but I can’t do that now. Please bring the list option back. Appreciate the efforts and like the cameras and rest stop locations.
  • New version of CARR 1/5

    By ex-CARR user
    The new version is terrible. Why update something that was already good. Go back to the way it was
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By natmds
    This is my first review of an APP ever. The recent update to the CARR APP is so bad I’m taking time to write a review. Don’t waste your time downloading this app. The last version was perfect, easy to read, showed a list of incidents that you could categorize by area or distance. Now you get a map that you have to click on an incident to see, rather then a list of all incidents in the nearby area’s.

California Road Report app comments

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