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Call of Duty Companion App

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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Call of Duty Companion App App

Introducing the Call of Duty® Companion App: your definitive, 24/7 connection to all things Call of Duty. Analyze your performance after every battle, receive tailored recommendations for your loadouts, maps, and modes, and track your progress over time. Now, whenever you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Call of Duty: WWII this app will have you covered. Play smarter, win more, and stay connected to the world of Call of Duty wherever you go. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE Know when your friends are online and what they’re playing so you can join the fight. Or, wanna see how you stack up? Track and compare your career stats and achievements with theirs to find out who’s top dog. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES Get fully personalized tips unique to your play style, analyze your movements with detailed gameplay heat maps, and receive other tailored recommendations from your loadouts to your last match. NEVER FIGHT ALONE Play as a team, win as a team, across Call of Duty titles both past and present.* Partner up with a squad of friends and take on weekly objectives together to unlock exclusive rewards. STAY IN THE KNOW Keep a leg up on the competition with access to the latest patch updates, in-game events, launches, and more.

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Call of Duty Companion App app reviews

  • Action report 3/5

    By Jackie1981.
    Please fix this as it does not tell you what the best division is or best weapon!!!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By JAR_100
    First it crashed then after an update it takes me to the sign up and now it says no call of duty account is associated but once I put the same information in the sign up it says an account with this information is already associated with another call of duty account
  • Broke the app 1/5

    By JulianSZN
    App is broken now, it kicked me out of m squad and can’t join back.
  • Sign on 5/5

    By dean gohn
    This app is amazing I get to look at my friends stats if they are lying about blackout win or kd ratio
  • Error message when looking for objectives 1/5

    By Concerned Citizen 12
    This app is 💩. Continuously getting crashes and error messages
  • What is wrong with your app?! 1/5

    By souisauce
    Was working fine when I first downloaded it then one day it changes to Spanish with no change coming from me. Idk whats going down but for an app to have a mind of its own it means the bugs in this are going to be pretty heavy.
  • Squads error 3/5

    By homie323
    After update it won’t let me see squad info anymore....keeps saying internet connection is down but it lets me look through everything else
  • App is severely flawed 2/5

    By siclanevo
    A lot of games get these apps right! This is not one of them. It’s riddled with tons of issues. It won’t load objective screens or squads about 50% of the time. Then it also doesn’t notify you of anything from your squad. I tried reporting these issues but when you click the support part you can’t enter general feedback or issues you just get directed to a webpage without any place to report your issue. I hope in the future they work out the issues and streamline this app. It would be nice to use to create classes or modify you characters. It would be also nice to actually use its current functions more than occasionally.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By zathora99
    Every time I try to login it says password is wrong even tho it’s the correct password
  • Meh 1/5

    By BTA NightFox
    Good idea in theory, but needs a lot of work. Most notably, the inability to manage a squad. I created mine, then a bunch of people joined. Half of them don't even play the game. I can't remove them, and can't invite others. This kind of defeats the purpose of creating a squad and working together towards the weekly challenges. Edited: Now the progress towards the current challenge has been erased. Not worth the storage on your phone at this point considering all the broken features. Edited: Are you going to credit the kills we had for the current challenge? I don't care about the countdown and whatever was "fixed", please make right on this.
  • Login Error not fixed 1/5

    By hebsnsjdbvd
    Says fixed login error, uninstalled the app. STILL doesn’t let me get in. So forget it.
  • Language changed 3/5

    By ThePliskin
    Updated the app and it turned German...
  • Update places 1/5

    By Joeloxgamer02
    I’m having trouble logging in my account and it’s telling me that have to create a new account but I don’t want to because I have PlayStation plus and I had my account for 5 years now so can you please fix it.
  • Weekly challenges 3/5

    By sheldens
    There’s this bug where it shows the weekly challenge time as 0d 0h 0m 0s and it confuses me on how much time my squad has left to complete the challenges. All and all good app though.
  • Call of duty 2/5

    By Louis Gauna
    I am trying to sign in and every time I do it it say something went wrong try again and I kept doing it. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still didn’t work.
  • Major Issue 1/5

    By ocooooooonor
    From the start I had no issues with the app. Made a squad with friends, completed the 4000 kills challenge, everything else worked fine. The second challenge drops, 1500 domination kills, and my app, after getting 100 or so kills, stops loading my squad information. When I click on the "SQUADS" tab it shows me the options to search, find, or create a squad. I ultimately decided to delete the app, reinstall, and sign back it. That fixed the issues of not being able to see my squad information, but it also deleted the progression that I had attained for the challenge. Major issue if anyone else finds themselves in the same predicament.
  • Parlay voo francay? 1/5

    By Master Splinter!!!!!!
    Naw. I don’t. Why the hell is my app acting like I do. Doo-doo app. Don’t bother.
  • Can’t even sign in to Microsoft 1/5

    By SquidLeeGames
    Changed my password 4 times and tried my number and it won’t log in. Would rate higher but hell, can’t even get passed the password
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Jmrtheman
    Can’t sign in.
  • Language???? 1/5

    By Nickolai34
    My entire app except my gamer tag and my console is all in Spanish what the heck??
  • Spanish?!?! 3/5

    By RedAssassin96
    Me and my friend and other friends are all in Spanish now for the where do we switch to English? Other than that the app lacks Squad options also. Not the best but usable.
  • Great but I can’t access my other games 5/5

    By Rashid almalood
    The only game I am able to access is ww2 and there is no option for black ops 4, infinite warfare or black ops 3 I can’t even go on different modes for the game only multiplayer, I tried playing a game on black ops 4 to see if it would appear then but it still just shows me ww2. The app is actually good from my experience but just need some bug fixes here and there but I love seeing stats of my matches and it gives me a description of how I did and how I can improve, also the heat map where I can see where I can get more kills or to be more cautious in that area.
  • The truth 1/5

    By Jujuzombie
    Just like the game this was not test properly; I have access with an iPhone 6 and the only thing that works is the stats. The tracking kills for the rewards resets randomly so after spending 9 hrs to achieve a goal you can understand the frustration. The only thing worth on this app a this time is the tracking of stats and that sometimes is not accurate. So another great idea flush down the toilet because of greed spend some money on your workers and make the app do what it says and stop abusing of your monopoly nothing last forever.
  • I don’t speak Spanish 2/5

    By Charlie Fredusherman
    For some odd reason when I updated the app everything is now in Spanish. Please help, I can’t read Spanish.
  • Language 1/5

    By hadez__22
    Everything on the app is in another language. Can’t seem to figure out how to get it in English.
  • Whys it in Spanish?! 2/5

    By Skully09
    I’m sure it would be a great app to help track everything but for some reason mines in Spanish. I don’t know how to read Spanish let alone speak it. Am I the only one this happened to?? And what throws me off is not everything is in Spanish. Just the main things I need to read are.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Rrogers1996
    It’s amazing how poorly this app works being made by a huge company. It changed my language for no reason and I have no idea how to switch it back. I’ve closed app many times and reinstalled. It crashes randomly all the time. No excuse for this.
  • It’s in Spanish now. 3/5

    By miD20C
    All of a sudden everything is in Spanish. What happened to the English option? Can we please have an option to change language? Thanks. Weird. It worked fine last week.
  • Great App, small problem 3/5

    By Marjojam05
    The app in general is great, it’s just that for some reason I’m stuck in Spanish, I deleted the app and redone loaded it only to still have it in Spanish.
  • Wrong language 1/5

    By snap hater bow
    It comes up in Spanish when I try to use the app
  • Sleek 5/5

    By Sun007
    Sleek design and really cool features. Highly recommend.
  • Dear Activision, 3/5

    By SquideoGamer4
    I have been trying to get my account signed in but have been met with the same message: “Something went wrong, try again.” I haven’t gave up but I really hope you could fix this! Thanks!
  • I doesn’t let me sign in 1/5

    By LilOreoX
    I’ve tried multiple times to sign in with Xbox and I says my account is wrong, but it’s not. I’ve tried to change my password and still that doesn’t change anything. Please fix this
  • Changed Language App is Trash 1/5

    By Jack thrill 855
    The apps language changed on me and I can’t get around it to change it back because I cannot read whatever language it is.
  • Recommendations 5/5

    By Jippythejoe
    I understand that the app is new, they did a good job so far but to make the app even more popular and better I think you should be able to Customize your Home Page to how you want, (for example, some people my want their Home Page to be defaulted with their BlackOut stats) but instead we’re defaulted with the Multiplayer which most people don't like! Another thing is we need more Squad/Team customization, there is alot of creative people that play this game I think we should be aloud to upload our own Emblems/Logos, Have a signature logo etc., & for crying out loud BRING BACK THE GOLDEN CLAN TAGS... better yet add a feature to where the more your Team ranks up you get DIFFERENT COLORED CLAN TAGS... other than that this app has great potential and I think you guys should give it a chance before just giving it a 1 star.. PEACE
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Skippermark
    The feature to compare your stats to your friends doesn’t work. It keeps saying “Error, please check your network and try again.” There’s no network issue. The app says this on iPad, iPhone and even the Android app. Clearly a bug.
  • 1 Update Before Trending 4/5

    By Bet u this name isn't taken
    This app has serious potential. To make this app a bigger success is add in a ranking system and add a chat for the squad option. The squad leader can promote people, remove people, and make the squad open or private. The chat will let the squad communicate about challenges so they can get done. You should also be able to rename your squad.
  • App usage 1/5

    By saaaaaads
    Doesn’t load up ops part of the app. Hard time loading sections
  • cant use 1/5

    By n4st13
    it won’t even let me sign in. keeps saying “try again, something went wrong” and its not bc my info is wrong it just won’t work
  • Can’t even link psn account 1/5

    By Sammaster60
    Tried a million times, always says something went wrong or crashes.
  • Bug 5/5

    By MatthewDavid98
    I love this app it’s really cool I just wish that you could follow friends who play on other platforms. My brother uses pc I use Xbox one I can see his stats but every time I want to see him I have to search. On top of that since the latest update the ops selection won’t load. Everything else does. My boyfriend and my brother both have issues trying to join my squad and I looked and it won’t even load anything under the ops tab
  • Upsetting! 1/5

    By Picklenut1
    So, how does a triple A game and mega publisher allow this to happen?!? It’s like they subbed out the app construction to a 13 year old basement dweller. Nothing makes any sense, nothing is where it should be, what you want to be able to do is logical and simple but made impossible, and ever since the update, nothing will load! How about you take some notes from the Destiny app. This has been a complete disaster.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Jacknalls
    Hi, the app is super glitchy. It won’t even let me see the objectives. Come on guys you all have a bunch of money. Fix you app.
  • Stats is reset 1/5

    By LuckyHand757
    I played 3 game and won all 3 game the game gave me my win but not the app the next day it’s resets my stats if’s I never got the win please fix this possible
  • It can be better. 3/5

    By S27G
    I’m mainly gonna focus on the BO4 multiplayer stuff, since that is mainly what I use this app for. It’s alright. I like the system where it gives you tips even though they’re kinda useless. I also like the K/D status and heat maps. The problem is a lack of status/information. They should make it like the Destiny 2 app, where it shows your classes, challenges and current updates. This way, the player could swap items in classes or browse them. They should show stats like “Best K/D Weapon” or “Weapon with most DMG” so the player knows what weapons are best suited for them. They should show their gold progress, boot camp, battle pass, etc. If they add this stuff along with ways to ‘search invite’ then this app would be great. But for now, my review holds and when they add this stuff, I might change my review on the app.
  • Bug 3/5

    By Cyborgkiller101
    I don’t know what’s going on but it says for the squad challenges we haven’t gotten a single kill out of the 4,000. Grinding this game all the time gotten more than 4,000 kills already
  • To sum up the bad comments 1/5

    By Blaze ando
    The app has an age requirement of 9+, whereas the game is rather R or M. Makes sense.
  • login broken 1/5

    By DeionZo
    So I keep trying to login to my account but when I do it just takes me to the create a profile screen
  • Horrible able, are Activision devs letting interns run this app? 1/5

    By k3mple
    Horrible app, it doesn’t even work. You link your account with psn, Xbox, steam, or battle net. It doesn’t even load it correctly and shows no profiles exist... broken app, they should just delete this app.

Call of Duty Companion App app comments

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