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Call of Duty Companion App

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  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Call of Duty Companion App App

Introducing the Call of Duty® Companion App: your definitive, 24/7 connection to all things Call of Duty. Analyze your performance after every battle, receive tailored recommendations for your loadouts, maps, and modes, and track your progress over time. Now, whenever you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Call of Duty: WWII this app will have you covered. Play smarter, win more, and stay connected to the world of Call of Duty wherever you go. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE Know when your friends are online and what they’re playing so you can join the fight. Or, wanna see how you stack up? Track and compare your career stats and achievements with theirs to find out who’s top dog. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES Get fully personalized tips unique to your play style, analyze your movements with detailed gameplay heat maps, and receive other tailored recommendations from your loadouts to your last match. NEVER FIGHT ALONE Play as a team, win as a team, across Call of Duty titles both past and present.* Partner up with a squad of friends and take on weekly objectives together to unlock exclusive rewards. STAY IN THE KNOW Keep a leg up on the competition with access to the latest patch updates, in-game events, launches, and more.

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Call of Duty Companion App app reviews

  • Can’t Create an Account 1/5

    By avewaffles
    For some reason I can’t create an account when even I try it just says “something is wrong, try again.” I do try again and it still does not work.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By sidatomic2006
    This app dose not work I’ve had to reset my password 20 plus times n every time I try to sign in it says it’s wrong but If I go to the web and sing in on Microsoft account my password works
  • Can’t connect account 1/5

    By Tyler bn
    When I try to connect my account it says I need to create an activision account for call of duty. I already have an activision account and when I try to connect that one it takes me to the “purchase call of duty” page ?? Basically I have no way of connecting either account and therefor can’t see any of my stats
  • Please fix 1/5

    Your app won’t let me sign in or even create an account.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kanodara
    I was simply putting in my email and password and the password. Yes the password was right because when I tried changing it it said the it must differ. Just broken.
  • Sign in issues 2/5

    By cowboy289
    It’s telling me that my does not have a call of duty attached to it , and when I sign up it’s says my account already has CoD attach to it, I don’t get it soo wassup with this ? I can’t sign in !
  • Fix issues 3/5

    By xlilraskalx
    I like the app but it would be nice if you can fix the rewards tab,everytime there’s a reward available I click claim and it doesn’t claim the rewards so please fix this issue
  • I have tried everything 1/5

    By Zebra brains
    I have logged in every way possible and always get an error. I have better luck with just the webpage. But still not really any luck there either!
  • Won’t even let me sign in 1/5

    By iosepaiv
    I try to link my account to my Xbox so I put my email and password in and it says no gamer account associated with this email. So, I pressed create account, I put my email and password in and dob and clicked “sign up”. What showed up afterwards was something that said “email already associated with an account”
  • Old COD Games 3/5

    By Steel Bay
    I wish they had my stats for all the past Call of Duty games that use the app as well like Ghosts and AW. I tend to reminisce and I wish I could see my old stats to compare how I am now.
  • Just bad.... 1/5

    By Flasky101
    This app doesn’t work.

    By Cookiecreeper24
    I tried some many time and it would not let me and I put in all the proper info and still denying me please help ??
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Samjogo
    Go kys
  • One thing 5/5

    By fghjkl78
    The only thing I don’t really like about this app is that you can’t see your classes
  • Patch. 3/5

    By Teritfgyyhgv
    Problem where I can’t redeem my rewards or the package for the clan ops competition. Kinda annoying. Update please.
  • Help 1/5

    By Melez_od_Velez
    I cant sign in to my account whenever i sign in it directs me to create an account please help
  • Hi 1/5

    By vromobile
    TRASH APP when I go to to log in wit my right info this ding says NO GAMER FOUND LIKE BRUH
  • 500cp 3/5

    By GeneralMcNade
    I downloaded the app but I didn’t receive the 500cp but I’ll definitely be keeping the app as it’s pretty cool.
  • Question 4/5

    By bonebag2004
    Does it support advanced warfare
  • Friends 2/5

    By ChammerSport
    They need to fix the friend comparison but then again they also need to fix leaderboards in the game
  • Squad gone? 1/5

    By Tommy the Mailman
    Was a member of the Bums for the past couple of weeks. Logged on this morning and squad gone. Search for squad, nothing, like it never existed. We were one objective away from second reward 600/800 second package. Now when I try to join another squad is just a bunch of trash squads with members not contributing. Is this app made for me to be more engaged with the game? If so, then the developer is a LONG way off.
  • Get your crap together. 1/5

    By Y6drums
    The app is mediocre at best. It’s cool I can keep track of myself but I already do that with cod tracker. The ONLY cool part is doing challenges with your squad, but if you start a squad and get 19 of your friends, you can’t kick any of them down the road. You’ll have to talk to them (even if they’ve been inactive) and tell them to leave. Also, I’ve missed two weeks of challenges. It wasn’t giving us credit for what we were doing. I reached out to support and they said they’d get back to me, didn’t hear a thing. This apps pitiful. I expect more from Activision and call of duty. And I can’t even receive rewards for the challenges I do complete. Smh Activision. If something isn’t ready to go public don’t hype it up so much.
  • Internet 1/5

    By clickbait exposer45
    Every time I wanna put my acc in it won’t work. It always says no internet connection.
  • create a class 4/5

    By Gr8patriot2
    pretty good, the heat maps and stats are nice. but it’s missing something major. class editing and customization. i’ll give you 5 starts once you get that done
  • Needs a create a class in the app 5/5

    By itzlavamobz
    I love the app because, I’m like an average cod ww2 player and with the app it shows all of my pros and cons, but the only thing it needs is a create class feature in the app.
  • It’s stats are off 1/5

    By Florescent101
    Me and my friends got to round 57 on zombies it shows that my highest round is in the 39’s and last week I went off on multiplayer and won almost every game of hc ffa and apparently my win loss is negative for that week.... I don’t get it
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Toxipity
    Every time I try to sign up it says “something went wrong, try again” I retried so many times uninstalled and installed again.
  • Sign in issues 1/5

    By bobby danny
    Me and my friend both tried to sign in using psn but it didn’t work. I tried making a account and it said we cannot make a account at this time try again later.
  • Not my first rodeo!! 1/5

    By model_t1985
    This app has never worked for me! I have had it for about 2months. I have added then removed then added my account many times hopping it will work. My friend keeps telling me all the good info he gets from the app BUT all I get is error is this you’re first rodeo?
  • Wont let me sign up 3/5

    By lilpebus
    It keeps saying “something went wrong. Try again.” Im putting ny email right and everything
  • It’s barely working properly 1/5

    By Johnny likes beer
    I only use the apps to check my weekly mission thingy to earn prices ingame most of the time it just tells me something went wrong try again only been able to see the mission 4 times and I been using it since lunch
  • Weed 5/5

    By Vsauce 👌
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Overki1155
    It was saying my account password was incorrect and everytime i changed it, it would keep saying it was incorrect.
  • Clan Challenge Kills Not Recording 3/5

    By ItsMONEY__
    Love this app and the clan challenges but it needs work . I have 1026 kills out of 1750 and it’s just stuck at 1026 idk if I’m done or what and scare to fail it . Please fix
  • Got 500 cod for signing in 4/5

    By TheDumpingLlama
    I’ve only had the app a few days and I’ve drawn a few “pros & cons”. Mostly this is a kickass app. The ability to see friends progress and unique heat map showing kills/deaths on map is great for strategy. You can get a squadron rolling and find sweet in game benefits upon completion. Stat comparison is awesome along with a bro-progress feed showing who did what/ranked where/kills. Hell you're awarded 5hundo cod points just for linking up. Definitely recommend. Just needs a bit more effort. With the holiday season about I fully understand pushing a project aside for a bit and with that said we look forward to future developments. Hopefully within the blackout mode. Currently lacking in the blackout department. No blackout map being the ultimate bummer aside from unhelpful tips & tricks and “recommended” maps. We’ll not talk about “recommended” maps for now. The idea is there. The idea is solid. Just waiting on the team to finish there holiday festivities and “get back out there”. I would rate this app a cat. A companion who likes you when they want to.
  • Awful 1/5

    By 66mike6666
    Wouldn’t waste my time downloading this app. The whole point of it other than to check stats is the squads part. That is the only section that doesn’t even work. The progress never loads in and then the time runs out so you get absolutely nothing for all the work you did.
  • Trash 1/5

    By john jakob schmeezerheimer
  • Emblems editor plz 4/5

    By AnimeKingCameron
    Nice app but could u add emblem editor t the phone and that way u can put images as your emblem other wise very well executed
  • Servers are constantly down 1/5

    By Jared...9037
    Title says it all app isn’t anything special. Fix the servers and it gets 3.
  • COD Points Not Being Rewarded 5/5

    By wecks322
    I love the app but I can’t get the cod points. Do they come right away or does it take a while?
  • Could be great but.... 2/5

    By snorkles86
    Kills aren’t counting and now you can’t even see the objective. Just says error. I’ve reinstalled this app at least 7 times with no help, restarted my phone, and tried on WiFi and without it. Very frustrating and kinda makes you not want to do the objectives. You put in the work for it not to count. Also there needs to be a way of seeing who’s doing what during the objectives. Like show who’s actually working towards it or not in the squads.
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By DarkWolF1Xx
    In my players menu it shows the correct information and game tag but once I move over Ops and go to squads it’s a different gamer tag I trues logging off, deleting it and still the same results 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ very frustrating
  • Not bad 3/5

    By Empress0109
    The app is great. Being able to squad up with friends and earn something. I only gave 3 stars because not always does our kills count towards the objective. This has happened a few times now. So we don’t end up being able to complete some challenges that we try for.
  • Cool if it would just work. 2/5

    By x8Sharrock3x
    This would be cool if it worked I play on Xbox and use my iPhone for this app for challenges I can’t claim them once we complete them. It’s claim package. But when I push nothing happens waste of time and wast of someone’s money on this crap app. This app been nothing but buggy whoever is in charge of this app needs to be fired. If I put this kind of quality In my job I would be fired. I feel like it’s a Beta
  • Prestige icon problem, please fix 4/5

    By Bdninati9201
    Why can’t we see who’s contributing to our clan objectives? I grind so much and it seems like others aren’t helping! Please send me a message if you read this review! I’m currently prestige 11 level 60+ on WW2. On the app instead of showing the master prestige icon it shows I’m prestige 10? Can we please fix that? That’s really annoying to see that. I’m not prestige 11 yet on BO4, so I don’t know if that’s a problem for BO4 then! Please fix it and would love are response back from a developer on here so I know you guys actually read my reviews!
  • Error 1/5

    By vpu_
    Can’t sign in or sign up, I’ve tried with multiple devices and I seem to not be able to get in. 😞
  • Not good 3/5

    By ringedbee07
    It won't let me log in
  • Plan Bad 2/5

    By hdjshdjdhcjdjgjd
    Can even log in to my Xbox account.
  • Can’t even make an account 1/5

    By Caleb McCaw
    This app is just a waste of time I can’t even make an account every time I try to it just says something went wrong. If the developers of this app are reading this then you need to fix this issue but until now don’t waste your time on this app

Call of Duty Companion App app comments

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