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** Best of 2018 Award Winner ** — Apple ** 2017 App of the Year ** — Apple ** Happiest App in the World ** — Center for Humane Technology Calm is the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. Calm is recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. Calm is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. Guided meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes so you can choose the perfect length to fit with your schedule. Sleep Stories are bedtime stories that are guaranteed to lull you into a deep and restful slumber. Calm has 100+ exclusive Sleep Stories for adults and children alike, featuring well-known talent such as Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey, Leona Lewis, and Jerome Flynn. Drift off to dreamland and wake up refreshed. Sleep Stories include: * Wonder - Join Matthew McConaughey on a dreamy story about the mysteries of the universe. * Blue Gold - Let master storyteller Stephen Fry take you on a calming journey through the lavender fields and sleepy village of Provence * The Nordland Night Train - Travel up the scenic coast of Norway aboard one of Europe's most breathtaking and remote railways. * Happy Little Zzzs with Bob Ross - Drift off to the soothing brush strokes of beloved painter and TV host Bob Ross. * And many more... Mindfulness Topics include: * Deep Sleep * Calming Anxiety * Managing Stress * Focus and Concentration * Relationships * Breaking Habits * Happiness * Gratitude * Self-Esteem * Body Scan * Loving-Kindness * Forgiveness * Non-judgement * Mindfulness at Work * Mindful Walking * Calm Kids * And so much more... Also Featuring: * An original Daily Calm every day: a 10-minute program added daily to help ease you into the day or unwind with before bed * 7 and 21 day mindfulness programs for both beginner and advanced users * Calm Masterclass: Life changing audio classes featuring world-renowned experts * Calm Body: Mindful stretching and movement to relax your body during the day * Music: Exclusive music engineered to help you focus, relax or sleep * Soundscapes: Ocean waves, Heavy Rain, Camp Fire, Babbling Brook, and other sounds to help you sleep * Breathing exercises to help you relax * Unguided timed meditation * 30+ soothing nature sounds and scenes to use during meditation, yoga or to help you sleep Track your progress with: * Daily Streaks * Mindful Minutes Calm saves your meditation and sleep sessions to your Apple Health app. Subscription pricing and terms: Calm offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription at $14.99/month and an auto-renewing yearly subscription at $69.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the Calm Collection while you maintain an active subscription. Calm also offers a Lifetime subscription for $399.99 which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment with unlimited access to the Calm Collection forever. Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your iTunes Account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be identified. You may manage your subscription and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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  • Some minor issues 3/5

    By brook. bear.
    The app is amazing but I feel overwhelmed to easily and the mindset workouts are all locked I wish I could do more without having to have a subscription
  • The very best start to a day! 5/5

    By Treschic62
    Tamara’s voice, which is soothing and sonorous with her help from Messages, and the wonderful quotes and sleep stories to enhance my chances for Serenity. Today’s wish for the new year is truly the most thoughtful & meaningful wish I have ever heard in my entire life! Is there any way of getting that wish in written form.?
  • Calm provides perspective 5/5

    By Tony C1205
    Everyday, Jeff Warren provides sage perspective while meditating. I look forward to taking the “trip” with him everyday.
  • Sleep stories (will change rating if new stories are added) 2/5

    By RLB2MVP
    I wish the app had more sleep stories than it does. I have been listened to all of them about 2-3 times already.
  • Always 5/5

    By 9879!77
    I use Calm everyday and night. It really helps me in these stressful times. I love the sleep stories. I would not have made it through this last year without Calm. I am very thankful.
  • Love it 5/5

    By RenewBuilders
    I love this app and it has helped me through so many rough periods in my life. I have done so many sleep stories and the daily meditations help me with everyday worries.
  • Calm 5/5

    By FNiscalm
    So good really calming self care #self care
  • Loving Kindness 5/5

    By ChrissyMed
    I am getting ready for brain surgery next Monday at The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and staying calm is absolutely necessary when facing a life altering experience. My family is with me and I really just want it to be over with a positive outcome. I am ready physically and spiritually. I am at peace.
  • Great App 5/5

    By 15392bz
    I love this app . I love the sleep stories. I listen to a story every night and it puts me right to sleep. My favorite is Cap’n Dreambeard. Thanks again.
  • Have used Calm for a few years—it’s a help and comfort for insomnia. 5/5

    By EWLW
    I have used Calm for a few years for help during menopausal related insomnia. It’s really been helpful and a comfort. I specifically enjoy the ‘Dailies’, the meditations, the music and the sleep stories. I not only play them at night, but sometimes do a quick ‘Daily Calm’ in the afternoon, which sometimes leads to dropping off to sleep or in the least, a refreshed feeling. I recommend it. Calm is a complimentary subscription through my medical provider.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Ghostlybre
    Helps me so much with my anxiety and restlessness at night! Love it!
  • Request 5/5

    By Nicholas atela
    Can you do octonauts sleep story along with paw patrol?
  • Too Expensive 1/5

    By Darkfyer
    This app isn’t worth the price at all. You can find other ones that can help just as well without the extra fees. They are just robbers.
  • There when I need it 5/5

    By Neocyto
    This is such a great app. Always ready to center my thoughts when I need it.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By Dudeguy788
    The fact that it cost this kind of money is why it’s a low rating
  • Buy headspace 1/5

    They will continue billing you and will not stop
  • Absolutely recommended! 5/5

    By antlersantlers
    I’ve been using Calm—sometimes for meditation but primarily for sleep—for about 4 years now. The sleep stories are incredible and I listen to one almost every night. Highly, highly recommended. Not only has Calm helped me personally, but I’ve also incorporated a lot of the skills into my job. I work as a public librarian and I have incorporated breathing exercises and mindfulness activities into my story times and elementary school class visits. Plus I’ve done more in depth mindfulness story times for families—and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to jump in if I hadn’t become a regular meditator through this app. I truly rely on Calm to help me maintain my health and general well-being.
  • Hard to reach calm. 2/5

    By holyshitnicknamehell
    The way the narrators speak and the cadence they use is incredibly annoying. Hard to relax while annoyed.
  • It was great but…. 2/5

    By gar1256
    Calm was a great experience but you need the membership to unlock so many things.
  • Fabulous! 5/5

    By Slices
    Life doesn’t have to be complicated, put a little Calm in your life!
  • Saved my sanity 5/5

    By Sri Lankan Mormon
    I was depressed smoking and stuck in a negative loop. The medical prescriptions only made me emotionally numb. I then turned to mindfulness through the calm app which was a game changer. I will caution you that it was hard to sit still in the beginning but with practice you will get better. Just be consistent
  • Diversity isn’t really there 2/5

    By Justin57920
    While the Calm app has a diverse range of people who read bedtime stories and preform songs, there aren’t more than a couple of teachers of color, and it definitely affects the effectiveness of their meditations (aka, not very effective). From experience with other meditation apps like Insight Timer, Dipsea, and Breathe, I’ve come to notice that teachers of color bring a different perspective to the value and goal of meditation that just isn’t achieved in Calm. For example, when following the 7-day gratitude series, I found myself being instructed to “be grateful because not everyone has it as good as you.” Which is an incredibly ableist, short-sighted, and ineffective way to teach gratitude. Find different perspectives @Calm! Give us a diverse pool of choices of teachers to learn from, and maybe premium would be worth paying for!
  • Been 1 year 5/5

    By Josh_Jules217
    It has been almost 1 year since starting on Calm and it has changed my life! I love meditation and it is a great way to manage emotions and stresses!
  • To long to register 2/5

    By knuckleheadsmith
    It takes too long to actually get to a relaxation exercise with reviews, how did you hear etc.
  • Transformative 5/5

    By Pokemon4evr
    Definitely a game changer in finding peace and calm.
  • Daily Trip 5/5

    By SMB14#
    I love the Daily Trip with Jeff Warren. My new daily meditation!
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By sophie parker reviews
    I have calm and it has been sooo effective in helping my sleep. No other meditation/sleep story helps me go to sleep. My favorite story is “The Pink Sheet” narrated by pink. I listen to it all the time and I always fall asleep. This app is amazing altogether
  • An Essential tool 5/5

    By AHB6712866
    This app is an essential tool to calming your calm your life and to offers instructive tool to help you maintain. Adam
  • Calm, this app is Outstanding 5/5

    By pattypars
    I enjoy this App. Immensely, it’s So eye~opening, touches my Soul and my Heart 💜 Also, Calm is a App. I can relate to and understand. Thank You for sharing, at this time, I am sorry 😢 I’m not able to get this Beautiful App. With the economy as it is, I am a retired lady of almost 72. June is when I actually turn 72…. I am so appreciative you’re able to make my day, a beautiful and heartfelt, thank you 🙏🏼🤩😃 God’s Grace AMEN 🙏🏼
  • Limited 1/5

    By Jodileek9
    I do not want to purchase a subscription, and the free options are super limited. Very misleading.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Cereza
    I was checking out Calm because it said you can cancel at anytime! All of a sudden i found myself locked in to $69. I panicked but then it said you can cancel anytime. I thought, “ thats ok, I can do it for a month!” You can cancel but you don't get your $69 back. You can use it for a year, it just won’t renew at the end of the year. Now it wants my password but since I didn’t sign up for it really, and didn’t put in a password, it won’t let me in. Everytime i tried to do something it asked for a password and since I didnt have one, i was anything but Calm. I will try to get my money back through my bank.
  • Price is too high 1/5

    By Shae08
    Please dont bill me. I wasnt aware of the price when i downloaded it. Deleted it after it found it out.
  • Check in daily calm reflection 5/5

    By charlie20595
    I love the app and it had help me so much to learn to meditate and keep track of my emotion day by day. However, with the new update, the daily check-in font is too small. I used to be bigger, it made it easy for me to read and even share the quotes and questions. Developers: please consider giving users the option to increase the font of the daily check-in tab.
  • Absolutely love Calm! 5/5

    By Cathy0112
    I’ve had the Calm app for two years and I love it! It’s so relaxing and soothing. I can’t be without it! My kids love the sleep stories as well and use it every night!
  • Life Changing Experience 5/5

    By Buddysye
    Every morning, minus just a few days, for more than a year, I begin my day with a guided meditation from CALM, usually with Jeff Warren. I have spent so much time with him, I feel like I know him. The experience has truly been transformative. I began meditating on the advice of a counselor after experiencing a panic attack on an airplane. I have never had mental health issues and at 58 yoa, it came as a shock. Not only has the meditation practice helped relieve my General Panic Disorder; but it has made me a much better person; and these are the words of my wife of 35 years and my adult children. This has lead me down a path where I am now taking mindfulness classes in order to hopefully bring these tools to friends and colleagues. Thank you Jeff and everyone at CALM!
  • You have to pay 70$ a year to use this app 1/5

    By saralouiseo
    Enough said. Not sure who can afford this especially because you can get it for free by googling soundscapes, sleep sounds, etc.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By 94DeeMarie
    I love this app!!!!
  • Great content but missing 1 feature 3/5

    By Nadrae
    I will upgrade my review to a 5 star if you add the ability to que content… I would like to fall asleep with a story and then have either music or a soundscape come on after for the rest of the night. The que does not need to be long… just 2 for me, but prolly should be longer for people who would want to que music songs. Right now I’m debating keeping the subscription because I find my self just using soundscape content like the babbling brook most nights because it does not end. However, I can get that from any of a dozen free apps. I pay for Calm for the stories but if I can’t follow it will something else I may not stay… Thanks
  • Best App 5/5

    By gregumundo
    I use this everyday for sleep and relaxation. There is no better app that I have found for managing anxiety, supporting sleep and helping with medication.
  • Spot with the crickets 4/5

    By Keshbabe
    Love love the app but the automatic chirping so not calming and so annoying. There is no way to turn it off? Please add a setting to have the option to turn this on and off. Not my vibe
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By NFL?PiP?
    I have had trouble sleeping for years and one day I came across your app through my health provider. The bedtime stories and meditations have helped me immensely. The daily check-ins on how I’m feeling are therapeutic and help me really reflect on what emotion I’m having and why. I just want to say thank you to all of you who contribute to making this app amazing and helping people like me. I appreciate every single one of you. Thanks again!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By ~LerynK~
    Look it’s a good app if you have money I love everything about the app from design to music but everything I click on says ”update to premium “ and I don’t have money to be able to pay for a meditation monthly fee I recommend this app but if your like me you might not find much
  • My review on Calm 5/5

    By Grass Immigration
    I love calm! I feel less stress and it’s only my first day! Although, I would love it if you didn’t have to unlock premium calm, since mindfulness should be allowed for anyone and everyone. But, overall, it’s a great app and I highly recommend this.
  • If you give Calm the opportunity to work, it was completely change your mood! 5/5

    By Matthew TD
    I am only through one of the first course sessions and I feel as though that one session changed my entire mood. I cannot wait for the next session!
  • Auto Renewed A year after deleting 1/5

    By Thisappisawful101
    Forgot about this until I saw a $70 charge on my Apple bill. Deleted long ago and they figured just billing me without any warning was ok. It’s unethical at best and I would think theft. Pretty sure I was required to sign up with a card before using. Be careful and check, they steal your money. Also it was lame, could find the same things online for free or with Apple Music.
  • Life changing! 5/5

    By Ted T Z
    Anxiety and stress has ruled my life, but what I’ve learned recently is that your view point of these issues matters. If you see anxiety and stress as being detrimental to your health, your body tenses up. This tense state leads to more anxiety, stress, depression, and can lead to sickness. Meditation is holistic in the sense that it helps you be alright with your current state, allowing your body and mind to ease the tension. This app very much helps the mental muscles we need to be content and understand of today’s challenges.
  • Life Changing ! 5/5

    By Isela Quintana D.
    I am 50 years of age ! Have struggled with Anxiety attacks since I was 18 . Turns out it’s hereditary. I always thought it was due to traumatic life experiences . My first cousin was murdered , my grief and pain was so bad I entered a treatment program that encouraged us to meditate . I was so broken , I tried it every day for nearly 70 days !!! I noticed some beautiful life changes begging to happen ! More positive , more hope , increased awareness and ability to cope with issues better . The true testament for me - WAS WHEN I WAS HIT WITH AN ANXIETY ATTACK - and instead of entering a state of panic, doom and suffocation. I was able to visualize it as fog just passing through my brain ( my brain being a small town , where everyone is home safe and asleep ). The anxiety attack had nothing to grasp !! No image ir feeling of torment or despair !!!!!! I have never experienced such calmness!!! I became comfortable and stoped meditation for a month as I was going to work at night and school during the day . When out of tiredness / I had an attack hit again , I still managed not to enter a s State of SEVERE PANIC AND TEARS - yet it was very unpleasant - and frustrating- I ended up sleeping in my - in the very lit garage in my building with a security guard in the lobby . I immediately started my meditation again !!!!! It’s a must !!!! I knew this !!! They keep the anxiety attacks at bay , and if they come , they no longer defeat me !!! I am in control!!! No pills !!! No running , screaming , crying !!!! Just CALM !!!!!!!! This wonderful app helped many of us in treatment join in a room play on speaker on a telephone , and we all gained so much peace ❤️ Thank YOU 🙏 for paying it forward and creating something so beautiful and life changing helping create happier healthier people to put back into this world 🌎 a sense of hope and quality of living !!!
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By Luv2Fly!
    You gotta sign up for a subscription to use this app. 😔
  • Calm app 5/5

    By kmikita
    This App has a variety of ways to help manage your stress as well as music to help with anxiety and sleep! Can’t wait to continue exploring!

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