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Caltrans QuickMap

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  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: California Department of Transportation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Caltrans QuickMap App

Get your California traffic information directly from the source. The Caltrans QuickMap app displays a map of your location along with real-time traffic information including: - Freeway speed - Traffic camera snapshots - Lane closures - CHP incidents - Highway Information - Changeable message signs - Chain controls - Snow Plows - County Boundaries - Border Wait Times - Safety Roadside Rest Areas - Waze data Set which of these options to display and QuickMap will remember your preferences. Zoom to a view of other parts of California with the Location button. Click on traffic camera icons to see a camera image. Click on a CHP, lane closure, changeable message sign or chain control icon to view details for that marker. Traffic data is updated every few minutes. Load the latest data on the map using the Refresh button. Something not right with the data displayed on the map? Please send us an email rather that letting us know with a low-rated review. [email protected]

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Caltrans QuickMap app reviews

  • Update needed to include customer service requests 1/5

    By Ferniefern83
    Please update the app to have the capability to submit customer service requests.
  • Very useful; need Terrain view 4/5

    By Jonathan M.C.
    Easier to use than equivalent web page. Need to be able to change base Google Map view to “Terrain” (very helpful in mountainous areas). May as well also allow Satellite, though that’s less useful. The web version allow Terrain and Satellite already.
  • Not So Quick 2/5

    By SloMtbr
    CalTrans is slow to update conditions in the app. It is currently at least 12 hours behind their website.
  • SO HELPFUL 5/5

    By sd9e
    QuickMap is an outstanding resource when traveling in the winter. Up to date road closures, chain requirements, camera views, traffic slow-downs...etc. An easy to use but essential travel tool for navigating these winter storms and flooding that have changing conditions every hour.
  • Typical CalTrans laziness 2/5

    By knotbob
    Kind of useless if CalTrans doesn’t provide accurate and up to date information.
  • CalTrans app is very well designed. Bravo ! 5/5

    By nHelppi
    Lots of easy to use road conditions info on this app.
  • Great resource 5/5

    By cybertube
    Thanks for making this app to make access to all the caltrans info easy. It’s very helpful for planning long motorcycle rides.
  • What a great app! 5/5

    By Arjanirh
    Has really good information!
  • iPhone Xr issues with location button 3/5

    By Guod55
    On iPhone XR, the location and refresh buttons stack on top of each other. This makes it hard to push the correct one. I can send screenshot if needed
  • They need to keep this update. 1/5

    By Tired of trying names
    There is no chain-up area on this map. Shows road is good. And I am sitting at a chain up area. I would not have left so early and started my clock. This map is a great way to screw truck drivers over on time. Some need to get off there hind end and keep this map update!!!!
  • Most accurate traffic and road conditions app 4/5

    By ToxaDude
    Please, update to include the new iPhone XS Max screen to properly display app controls.
  • Ok but 3/5

    By Huuanito
    Not as useful as the old San Diego real time traffic report which was excellent. This version actually manages to give less information than the RTTR which you could zoom into a single freeway and get a list of actual freeway speeds. This gives you 4 colors instead and doesn’t tell what they mean. You have to guess what red means and exactly where the threshold between red and orange might lie likewise or age to green. Wow! high resolution: 3 bands and some other 4th unknown one. Versus mph list, no contest. However it is a pretty map, albeit lacking in info vs the old one, so if they add some definition of the colors without me having to google for them plus bring back the old speed list view as an overlay somehow then I’ll give it a five.
  • Poor substitute for San Diego Real Time Traffic map! 1/5

    By DucksoupSD
    The SDRTT map gives/gave you the colors, but also the real time data from the freeway sensors. Red is slow - so do you want the 10 mph slow route or the 2 mph slow route? You'll never know which is which with this app. This has many details, like each ramp and transition, but if it's backed up you don't have to zoom to the ramp to know it's clogged. The SDRTT map had/has a link to the current CHP activity in chronological order, so you could easily see what events were affecting your drive now without having to click on all of the events. Don't make the state maps like Google, make them like the SDRTT map! Give us more info, not less!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Stogieking
    Good app. Just one suggestion. I want to pinch/zoom on the cam pictures.
  • Map 1/5

    By 350 gs
    Only works on WiFi
  • Good traffic app with room for improvement 4/5

    By Fogenbaugh
    I use this app almost daily for planning a variety of commutes off the mountain from Big Bear and find the information provided to be reasonably accurate. It's especially handy when you need to know if you will encounter chain control stations before you start out on your mountain journey through stormy weather. I really appreciate no ads! For improvements, the "Warning" users have to click when the app opens is an unnecessary annoyance and should be removed - put it in a terms of use agreement to make your lawyers and app users happy. I would also like the app to be able to store my customized map regions rather than make me use screen gestures to draw the map zoom level every time I load the app to see my entire commute through multiple counties - It's not really helpful to select a county and still have to resize the screen. Let me create the Zoom level in a particular map location and then save that view in a memory with a custom name as is common in weather map apps. Speaking of weather, probably asking way too much, but I've thought many times that a weather radar layer would be handy on this traffic map app. Maybe you could team up with the ACME team at "My Radar".
  • Great App for Travel! 4/5

    By Tomas P
    Downloaded the app a while ago prior to traveling to Mammoth Lakes and what a great help. Use it daily while driving. Is there anyway the Locations can be EXTENDED to cover other parts of America? Just curious it would be great to have fire, road work / closures etc ... Tom
  • V2.1 addresses the performance issues 4/5

    By _pommi
  • New fire layer useless 3/5

    By AGM USA
    Thanks a bunch, without perimeters the fire layer is completely useless. Great moment to make the change.
  • glitchy 2/5

    By yeycub
    if the map wasn’t so glitchy i would give it a five. good information, just need to fix the map.
  • Very informative 5/5

    By Lalastache
    A very good app for planning travel. Has saved me a lot of time and hassle avoiding traffic.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By Flokkii
    Fast, accurate and no B.S. Well done and easy to use.
  • Great app for traffic 5/5

    By Doublebak
    Love the way you can see the times on the Caltrans boards and also the up to date info on traffic incidents
  • Lose the nag screen please 3/5

    By LowBat
    Useful app, but annoying pop-up reminding me to close the app when operating a vehicle is like saying don't run with scissors.
  • Chain Controls work now 5/5

    By RWorden
    Now that chain controls work, this is my go-to app to see what's happening on CA roads. Best part is being able to click on incidents and see details of what's going on. Coolest part is being able to see what's displayed on all the freeway message signs.
  • Cameras are not live 3/5

    By Bob54321
    Only just downloaded it, but it doesn't seem that there is any motion with the cameras. Just still pictures. Otherwise good for chain control and stoppages, etc.
  • Useful app - easier to use than website 4/5

    By JayGDub
    Nice, easy to use app to find road closures and such, especially with all of the floods, mudslides, etc. recently. Not the most feature-filled app but certainly an app that has a slot in my "travel and commute" folder.
  • Dump the google maps... 2/5

    By Malonicus
    Pretty good information but using the lousy google implementation when there are maps built in is not ok.
  • A great thing to have 4/5

    By Unixgirl
    A very handy map to have to check road conditions once you grok some of the CHP terms. Especially when when Apple maps and Google maps don't agree on what's open. Biggest criticism are the red dots with a line in them that offer no explanation as to what they are there for. Please make them clickable as well.
  • Not as bad as their website 5/5

    By Chrisfromvic
    The quick map data is great for commuters, but the website is terrible on mobile. This app is less terrible.
  • happy truck driver 5/5

    By hrvproductions
    Thank you caltrans for the app, this is my first year as an otr driver, 1st time chaining, 1st year going to other states. This app has helped me in my trips recently. Every state should have an app like this, makes it so much easier. However it is missing the conversion of text messages from radio broadcasts. Excellent job spread out the word about the app! seems nobody knows about it ?.?
  • Version 1.6.1 5/5

    By Taylor Berard
    Great app chain controls working in this version.
  • Chain control! 3/5

    By garden tomatoes
    Yes, needs chain control information. Until then, will use on-line version.
  • If Only It Worked! 1/5

    By Fire Escape
    This would be a really cool app if only it worked. I have tried loading it on both mine and my wife's iPhone 6's and everything functions except the chain control display? That is like the primary reason I want to use it. I would love some feedback if and when it starts working with iPhone 6. Thanks Rob
  • Great app (except) 5/5

    By schnorrer
    No chain control symbols? Once this bug is fixed, it will be perfect.
  • Chain control symbols not displaying 3/5

    By m0jo-pilot
    The chain control symbols show up on the website but they don't show up in the iPhone app.
  • Looks promising 5/5

    By Quakefan
    If this is updated quickly then it will be extremely useful because I drive for a living. It has a single place to go for traffic, accidents, closures, etc. I especially like being able to click on the cameras for live shots. Thanks, CalTrans. I'm sending a link to everyone I know.

Caltrans QuickMap app comments

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