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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Infinite Campus, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Campus Parent App

Attention all parents and guardians! Campus Parent puts your student’s school information at your fingertips. Real-time access to announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules and much more. LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download the App 2. Search for your district name and state 3. Select your district 4. Enter your username and password (provided by your school/district) NOTIFICATIONS Receive alerts for grades, assignment scores, attendance changes and more. SUPPORT Visit: Please note: Due to privacy concerns, Infinite Campus does not maintain individual login information. Please contact your school/district. APP REQUIREMENTS - Your school district must use Infinite Campus student information system - An active Infinite Campus account is required WATCH THE VIDEO COPYRIGHT: 2018 Infinite Campus, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Campus Parent app reviews

  • Um...Awesome if it worked! 1/5

    By Mrsjaywhite
    Whalen I first downloaded this app it worked perfectly. Assignments, grades, and everything was very clear (it took some time to figure it out though). Now I can’t access anything. The app needs to be updated.
  • Last update 1/5

    By Jfytgbkkcfhubcdhn
    Since the last update within the last few days, I’m no longer able to see my child’s schedule. I can login via computer and see the schedule fine, but the mobile app indicates no schedule is available.
  • Much easier to use & understand! 4/5

    By ShawnsGirlwife
    I really appreciate the recent changes made to this app. I don't normally write reviews but this is an app that I use nearly everyday. I have a very intelligent child, albeit, a lazy one. He is constantly turning things in late etc... I am able to stay on top him and his assnmts & due dates using this app. The recent changes have made tracking assnmts, duedates, grades , much easier. I used to get so confused and frustrated using the old version. Ugh,it was dreadful! Now, I can log in, find what I need, and go. I give it 4 stars only because, as with everything in life, there is always room for some sort of improvement. However, this app is truly a wonderful thing and has opened a whole new line of communication between the school (teachers) and myself, but most importantly, me and my child. So far, I'm loving it! Thank you, AH
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By no-name-001
    The app is not loading responsively. I have to keep closing out the app and log back in to load a different dashboard view. Keep getting “connection errors try again” message. Please fix the bugs.
  • I want infinite campus back 1/5

    By TunedInTappedInTurnedOn
    Why downgrade????
  • What did you do? 1/5

    By Kathybme
    This app used to work fine. I have four children. Though the interface was quite a bit convoluted, at least I was able to see notifications and grades. After the most recent update, I did not receive any notifications for a day or two so I went into the app. Found I had gotten logged out and now I am not able to get back in at all. All log on attempts on iPad respond with incorrect password despite successful logon on a desktop computer with same. This is unacceptable and I will report it to the school district upon return to school Jan 2. Hopefully you will have fixed your errors by then.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Lenaleec
    I haven’t been getting notifications and the app takes long to load. I never had these issues with the old portal.
  • Better details on assignments 4/5

    By Suesselein
    I like this app because it gives more details on assignments and quizzes.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By C_Rittersdorf
    I can’t log in as it’s not recognizing my username/password. I guess I’ll just stick with the desktop version since that works.
  • Not getting notifications 2/5

    By eaglesnest23
    I had to install the old campus portal so that I could get notifications on my iphone 6s+. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still no notifications. Settings on on in app and on phone. Chikd is mit getting notifications on ipad either.
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By kostatsk7
    Was working for couple months , and after that not able to login , not able to reset a password , Support ?what is that ? No never heard about support )) try to call support it’s like to call wireless carrier ))
  • No grades or assignments? 1/5

    By RyanGuyinDenver
    Perhaps this transition to the new app is still happening or there is a setting our district needs to activate, but the new app doesn't have grades or assignments. At least notifications are working again since the former app stopped notifying. Hope it gets fixed. This app is not an upgrade so far.
  • Not getting any notifications 1/5

    By SIREN yoga
    All of them are my notifications are turned on on my phone, I am not getting any of them! Very frustrating, as I went to download the older campus portal back onto my phone! Not sure if the school is aware of that
  • It’s decent and works fine 4/5

    By li in ia
    Seems to work pretty well. I like how the grades are reported. I wish it had the daily schedule of the old app which would show the schedule for the exact day. With this format I have to figure out if it is an A day or a B day and if it is a short day to regular day. The one app just took you to the schedule for today every time it was opened.
  • I like this app 5/5

    By fishalee
    It definitely looks different than the previous app and it took a little getting use to it. I like the detail it shows and the quick notifications. As a parent I love infinite campus!
  • Can’t connect or open 1/5

    By beckyc1980
    Other app worked fine until my notifications stopped working when they created the new app. I downloaded this and it will not connect at all. It keeps saying connection error. I checked—My internet is working fine what’s up? So now I can’t get either app to work! 🤨
  • Last update crashed my app 1/5

    By itsme?!?
    No issues with app until I updated with the last two updates - now I can not get into the app at all. When it try’s to open the top flashes a green and then the screen goes white with a url error??? The update i did was suppose to fix login crashes instead it made my app start crashing!!!!
  • No notifications 1/5

    By Jebsundgren
    This app is garbage. Notifications do not work, despite following directions to allow them. Hoping each update would address it but it doesn’t.
  • I hate this app, drops a lot of my grade evertime 1/5

    By thwnfnajev
    It drops a lot of grade also when a minor assignment is missing. It dropped 30% of my grade just because one of my assignment was missing which I turned in a day after the due date, but when the teacher enters the grade in it only increases 0.5% or so. FIX IT INFINITE CAMPUS

    By no name nameless person
    What good is this with out the notifications? Our school has all but forced us to use this thing. I find it great for NOTIFYING me of low lunch account balances, missing assignments, poor grades, unexcused absences, and things of this nature but the NOTIFICATIONS ARE NOT WORKING!
  • Not very intuitive 1/5

    By parent113
    Not user friendly. Not very easy to navigate.
  • Missing the old schedule 1/5

    By Jenicholas
    The old app had a calendar showing the day of the week and schedule. Now the schedule just shows days A-E, but without this being on the calendar, we never know what day it is.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Kmwilhite
    Why change something that isn't broken. This app is absolutely horrible. I like the original & want to stick with it. It's easier to understand & navigate. The information on each child is right there in one are so you can find it without having to go through a bunch of work to find what you need. This app needs to go not the original!!! If I could give it zero stars I would.
  • Won’t log me in 1/5

    By Adam636755
    Won’t log me in
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By ushehsifjfh
    Terrible app that doesn’t work the majority of the time. Really wish you left the app alone.
  • Update to Craplication stopped notifications 1/5

    By Kewl_MF
    The new app does not notify at all. The app support page on website is an absolute joke! Resorted to writing a review hoping someone might address issues.
  • Notifications not working 1/5

    By AU ATF 95
    Since changing to new iPhone Xr running most recent iOS, I am unable to receive notifications. I have double-checked and reset all app & phone settings multiple times, but still won’t provide notifications. Please help!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Shannon2point0
    Hard to read because of the small fonts. Always opens to the announcement screen instead of the menu. Can’t get rid of the announcements or those notifications. Most times the app won’t open, only sits at a blank screen. Keeping the old version on my phone until the bugs are worked out of this one.
  • No notifications 1/5

    By Vall_22
    Not getting any notifications for the grades my kids are receiving.
  • No Lunch Acct Balance Info - Old App Better 1/5

    By Wheatie32
    The old CampusPortal app was a better app. I could access my kid’s lunch account balance information from that app. This new app doesn’t have the lunch account balances information. Our school doesn’t use this app to track grades so without the lunch account balance information it’s useless to me. Please add back the ability to view the lunch account balance information and I'll update my review to 5 stars as it exists on the CampusPortal app!
  • Prefer Local UI over Responsive Webpage 3/5

    By ForeverEver?
    This seems to be a responsive webpage instead of an actual local UI, this causes a ton of network based latency issues, which can be confusing to lower tier users. The decision to change to a responsive webpage as opposed to a UI overhaul is not welcome in my opinion. That being said, the website needs to be more mobile optimized, I suggest using bootstrap.
  • Was better, now completely broken 2/5

    By kevwil
    One step forward and two steps back, literally. The previous release (before 11/5) was much better than the old system. Now with yesterday’s release all I get is some tiny text in the upper left corner.
  • Keeps logging me out 1/5

    By Secondthoughtsagain
    The new version doesn’t keep me logged in so u don’t get the grade notifications, and always have to log in every time I open the app. Keep the old version.
  • Doesn’t function 1/5

    By CPR611
    I downloaded the updated app but it hasn’t functioned beyond my initial sign on. I operate on the most updated IOS and is not an operator error. The screen just goes blank. I finally just decided to delete the app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By nicejob!!!!!!
    Just downloaded the new app and I love the new look!
  • Like it! 5/5

    By A+++1234
    I really like the new app. It is easier to navigate. Not sure what some of the low reviews are about - I think the update is great. Haven’t had any connection issues -
  • When it works...... 1/5

    By X514
    If you can get the app to open, it works fine. Unlike other commenters, I don’t mind the way the new app is organized and I find the layout easier to read. Change can be hard. My issue is when I click on the app, it looks like it’s going to open, but it just goes to a blank white screen. You see the login screen briefly, then a white screen of nothing. If I open via clicking on a notification, it works fine, bUt I can’t open it from the icon. The old version was much more stable. Spend more time testing before you release new versions. Your internal timetable is not as important as the end user experience. From the number of 1-star ratings, you have failed the end users miserably with this new version.
  • Awesome parent app! 5/5

    By AlDewey
    My parents love using this app. Thank you for fixing the problems!!
  • Work in progress 2/5

    By QuadBreeder
    Performance is highly dependent on network connection. I’ve tried several times to use the app on cell data and it was unpredictable, so WiFi is recommended based on my experience. UI organization could be improved. Filters would be a nice touch - it’s great to see missing assignments but it would be better to filter down to just missed assignments for talking points. Grades - it would be nice to see a concise grade sheet in just one page and not have to scroll up and down so much. Again, many times we screenshot the activity to talk with the kids about. Having it all on one screen page is much easier to spot check. Suggestion for news. Need an option to denote which school is sending out each notice. I have four kids at four schools and frankly... I’m never sure which notice applies to which kid.
  • Won’t send push notifications 1/5

    By coopdog1
    No matter how I set the app and my phone settings on an iPhone X , I don’t get push notifications. They then put all customer service on the school districts, who are woefully unprepared to help, as it shouldn’t be there job. Never had this issue with the old app, and the inability to get help is unacceptable.
  • Won’t give notifications 1/5

    By Panchito81
    I have all notifications on but still doesn’t work.
  • Junk 1/5

    By woodduck420
    App is garbage.
  • I like the new format but... 3/5

    By ghdtjjdghh
    slow to load and sometimes does not work at all.
  • This just does not work 1/5

    By Milomike1
    After trying to make this work for over a week, I went tot he school was five and learned that the app is not working... if it so Doesn’t work please take it down.
  • No 1/5

    By Ana Chavez🖤🖤
    It couldn’t find my district even when I put the correct name.
  • Go back to the old one please! 1/5

    By dalton/jones mom
    As a involved parent I like seeing my daughters schedules as well as their assignments and grades. I can’t contact teachers through app, can not see her schedule, or their entire grading. The other app was much better. I am very disappointed with this update.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mama jame
    Notifications don’t work even after resetting all of the settings and reinstalling the app. Very disappointing.
  • I like the old app better 1/5

    By Tammilicious33
    I hate this app. I like the old app better. It’s is not organized at all. I don’t understand this app.
  • Connection error almost everyday 1/5

    By owencats
    I can never get on when I need to. Always says connection error.

Campus Parent app comments

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