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CampusClear App

#CampusClear is a free app built to help colleges and universities make informed decisions about on-campus activity. It does not provide medical advice, guidance, or diagnoses. CampusClear is a partnership between, Creighton University and Stony Brook University that was formed to provide a technological solution to the challenge of self-assessment as a foundational strategy of the return-to-campus initiative.

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CampusClear app reviews

  • Glitch 1/5

    By SANY616
    Stuck on loading
  • Slow 1/5

    By Minion#2
    This app takes forever to load, either giving you a blank screen or loading message. We’re not just talking under 20 seconds either, it takes over 30-50 seconds to bring me to the page. It is a little bit ridiculous for an app that’s intention is to provide a a “quick” COVID assessment/ screening.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ThecrazychickVfromBK
    Anyone can lie and say they are feeling fine. This app is really useless. Just another way schools to cover their behinds
  • Useless 1/5

    By ECac Katts
    It locks up every morning and also is an on your honor click a smiley face. This only works if people are honest and the app worked and wasn’t locked up every day
  • Bad App 1/5

    By AightHomieGLooks
    Terrible App, is slow and doesn’t run well
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By stephrox1
    it asks if i am having different “new or worsening symptoms” that could be related to covid. news flash, i’m having new/worsening cough, sore throat, etc. because ragweed just started blooming. in order to come to class, millions of people will have to lie on this app, otherwise, we will have to quarantine because of a headache or something. This is a problem because most people who have covid symptoms are dealing with something else in their lives:hormones, allergies, stress, pre-existing conditions. Most people, when they start to get sick, write it off as something else. So either we assume we’re not sick, possibly spreading covid to others, or we assume we are based off the app’s quiz, which means quarantining regularly enough to lag behind on work and being isolated in one’s dorm On the second day, the app already doesn’t work(says “there is no rule matching the symptoms”) so how are we going to use this daily?
  • Few Symptoms 2/5

    By Forget779
    There doesn’t seem to be anything detailing allergic symptoms for seasonal allergies to separate COVID symptoms from allergies. That’d be useful, and if that option is selected the smiley face can appear with a little notice about sneezing and coughing because of allergies.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Meow frog34
    Having no symptoms but a headache is enough to say you have the virus even when I tested negative twice in the past two weeks
  • Bad Idea 1/5

    By idgorres
    My college (Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida) is using the fact that they are requiring all students to download and regularly use this app as reassurance to bring people back to campus for in person classes. This is grossly irresponsible. Additionally, the president of the college has expressed multiple times and in multiple venues, “If everyone—at all times—practices with strict adherence to the protocols we are putting in place, the whole campus community can remain well and we will all be able to fulfill our most ardent wish: to live and learn together through the course of the semester.” This is obviously untrue, especially with the current situation in Florida. No matter what—purposely or not—we are all going to be interacting with multiple people outside of our Rollins circles on a daily basis and risking infection with COVID. COVID could come to campus with the returning students. Look at what is happening at other schools who opted for in-person learning. As it has already been pointed out, many of the symptoms can be caused by other conditions, and many college-age individuals with COVID will be asymptomatic. I have chronic migraines—do I have to stay home any time I have a headache? Although I’m sure the developers were well-intentioned, this app lends itself better to visitors and residents of nursing homes and other institutions where the average age of individuals is advanced. At colleges and universities, this app is being used to deceive students and parents into unrealistic expectations of safety and security that cannot possibly be true.
  • By far one of the worst apps I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Sammi614
    This app is non-functional. Something as simple as clicking a symptom and pressing “see result” doesn’t work. The app also takes forever to load and almost every function takes me to a blank white screen.
  • App is not good 1/5

    By librarianm0m
    My campus asked us to use this app. I downloaded it, was validated in the system, and used it a couple of times. Then got a reminder notification and the app wouldn’t load from the notification nor from just opening it. I gave up on day 1 of this. Then it happened again on day 2; when the app finally loaded, I was kicked out of the system and had to reauthenticate, and the submit button wouldn’t work. I gave it several seconds and nothing happened. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, and it still won’t load. Just sits there with a “Loading, please wait” message on the screen. App is deleted for good now. Sorry, campus.
  • Glitches Galore 1/5

    By Purple_Punkie
    There are many, many issues with the app. For example, today I hit the "no symptom" button and clicked see results, my results said I clicked a symptom button when I hadn't and gave me the "you aren't cleared for campus" message. Additionally, I've been using the app for about 3 weeks straight and twice it force-logged me out and deleted my previous symptom history.
  • .... 1/5

    By jrnwbbej
    This app blows
  • What is the point? 2/5

    By MrRadar
    One question. If I am not feeling well, I stay home. Simple. The “all clear” is completely useless. Just one more thing to do on my way to school.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By rovaandres
    It was working until today. It just stopped and it doesn’t open.
  • Never loads 🙄 1/5

    By CheyC4!
    This app NEVER loads for me literally been waiting for 10 minutes now like it sent me the notification to check in but I can’t get in 🙄 this is stupid
  • Stuck on the Loading Screen 1/5

    By olga_junior
    It’s been 40 minutes and counting...still on the loading screen. Clearly, this app is not ready yet to be released. Also, every day in the week leading up to the start of my period, I have a headache and never feel well, but this system cannot differentiate that, which is problematic if the student is being completely honest. Female menstrual cycle aside, many students get headaches as a result of being stressed about academics, for instance. Moreover, allergies are a real thing that students regularly experience, as well, since the ducts and filters of air vents in classrooms are seldom cleaned; furthermore, some older residence halls on my campus are notorious for their black mold, vermin infestation, and poor HVAC systems, which can contribute to healthy people having symptoms which mimic the virus.
  • Works half the time 1/5

    By rlaw99
    Fix the bugs and make it more user friendly so students have a better time using it
  • Won’t load when it needs to 1/5

    By Terraria user 9001
    Spent 20 minutes loading and it was still on the loading screen.
  • Non functional 1/5

    By jbstud99
    I like the idea behind this app, except it needs to actually work. I can’t get past the “loading, please wait” screen.

    By klynns_
    I don’t mind the app, it should just have an in app reminder so it sends you notifications.
  • Inadequate 1/5

    By Pokeplayer 2.00
    The concerns posted in other reviews are completely reasonable. If any symptoms are related to other conditions, there is no way for anyone to indicate that in the app. So the only alternative is to put no symptoms, which seems like it would hinder any tracing the university tries to do in the future.
  • This App is Dumb 1/5

    By Mymyblingintree
    Just do online classes. People will easily lie and put no symptoms. The app is faulty too I logged in and it said I had not put in my symptoms but I had already. It made me redownload and do it again.
  • Doesn’t actually do anything, essentially bloatware 1/5

    By BombasticGinger
    This app is so pointless. It basically does nothing except tell people how you’re feeling, which I could normally do by text, call, or email. Useless bloatware
  • Yeet 5/5

    By 8blessings
  • Bad idea 1/5

    By HeroesNev3rDie
    As many others have said before, my school forced students to download the app. The symptoms of Covid-19 are VERY similar to that of a common cold, and if you have any symptoms, related or not, it will tell you to stay indoors/self quarantine. If I do that, I’m never going to leave my dorm.
  • Needs Improvement! 2/5

    By Butchiejb
    This App could be helpful for colleges and universities only if everyone uses it. I find it annoying that it always notifies me to report my condition at 8AM every single day. Then, if I try to get to the App by clicking the notification, it would not open anyway. I always had to close the notification and open the App. Also, once open and you’ve checked the necessary box, you need to click the submission button several times before it works! If you want to encourage better participation in the use of this App, it needs to be quick and responsive! Yes, thanks for this free App and for the noble intention it was created for, but I hope improvements could be made to make it more effective. Thanks!
  • Doesn’t do anything 1/5

    By Nbeerio
    Zero motivation for people to be truthful with their answers.
  • Quit complaining 3/5

    By tggtggt
    I don’t care for this app either, but most of you clearly haven’t even used the **** thing. You’re all just commenting your stupid political views about whether colleges should even be open or arguing that this isn’t science. This is not a way to determine for certain whether or not you have a virus. It’s just meant to make you stop and think. The questions literally say “NEW shortness of breath NOT explained by already known medical or physical conditions”. If you have asthma, allergies, muscle and joint issues, or anything in-between, you’re fine. Y’all would know that if you downloaded the app. For functionality purposes this app works fine. Does exactly as intended. No more, no less. Prompts the user to answer whether they have any known symptoms of the virus while making it clear that if you have those symptoms due to some other issue you are already aware of you do NOT mark them. This won’t exactly prevent the spread of it or anything but the app works.
  • NOT Anonymous!!!! AdministratorS have FULL access to your health data. 1/5

    By GTD Meister
    Campus Clear: Quit LYING!!! Data in this app is NOT anonymous and YOU KNOW IT. My administrator contacted me accusing me of NOT entering my data into this app, when I was doing so DAILY ... and send him/her a screen shot of my daily log showing I had done so. WHO ELSE ARE YOU SHARING MY DATA WITH??
  • Stupidest idea since blood letting. 1/5

    By DaliAwsh
    Medically and scientifically, this app is just as ineffective as Middle Ages blood letting and mercury consumption.
  • Will not load 1/5

    By Dllk
    It is stuck on the entry loading screen
  • Hmm 1/5

    By hootieman
    I guess this kind of thing is necessary even though it’s the asymptomatic people that are the problem, which is a big reason why we’re here in this mess in the first place
  • Why is this a thing?? 1/5

    By Fdjrxuu
    Literally there is one question.... out of the 22 different answers why would anyone read through then all when the first answer gets you through the door?? Literally does nothing at all with no accountability... whatever
  • I wish I could give it 0 stars. 1/5

    By pcomga
    Absolutely trash. No way it can distinguish between actual covid or any other disease.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Abcd awsome
    Can’t even get past the submit email portion
  • Definitely not a keeper. 1/5

    By jennifmay
    If I could give an app zero stars, it would be this piece of garbage right here. These are levels of eyewash that I have never seen before. The fact that such an app is used with any credence whatsoever blows my mind. This will do nothing to prevent the spread of anything. If this app was my girlfriend, I’d dump her immediately.
  • How would this even help 1/5

    By YeehawHands
    All everyone is gonna do is say no symptoms because, big surprise here, other medical conditions and diseases exist. I know I get shortness of breath, coughing, headaches, etc on a daily basis from asthma and sensitive eyes, especially around this time of year. I’m not missing out on classes I paid thousands for just because an app decides my daily symptoms are covid. As an open letter to any colleges looking into this, want to know a way easier way to stop covids spread? Go online you cowards.
  • Easy and intuitive! 5/5

    By PhliodPhan
    Awesome, easy and intuitive to use! Takes seconds to use and gives me peace of mind when traveling to and from campus.
  • Dumb as hell 1/5

    By Keatothecheetoh
    This is stupid
  • Useless 1/5

    By sharpada
    Push notifications are not working for me. The app claims it sends a notification daily to remind you to “check symptoms”, but it doesn’t. Seems useless to me.
  • Too easy to lie 1/5

    By Unhappy. Yah. Not. H. Happy
    People can just lie and go on their way. You’d need a thermometer that links up with the app for this work any better.
  • Intuitive and Sleek 4/5

    By AcrylicSketch
    The design is neutral and easy to use. My confirmation email came right away. There is a mention of seasonal allergies so the critiques of previous commenters are unfounded. It’s smarter to stay home if you are sick regardless of what caused it. University responses to COVID vary but hopefully this app will help with contact tracing somewhat. My only critique is the app doesn’t seem to have a “feedback” screen to show that it is loading. After entering my email I couldn’t tell if the app was frozen or if it was thinking.
  • The perspective of a health science researcher 1/5

    By kstina5
    Here’s the science: people are most contagious in the two weeks before they show symptoms and research is showing that 10% of infected people are causing 90% of the new cases because they rely on symptoms to start isolation. The use of this app and other screening questionnaires will never make a difference in the transmission of COVID. It is all security theater to make people feel safe. Practicing isolation and social distancing are the only proven ways to stop transmission. Also, more evidence is showing transmission through the eyes so face shields with masks offer the best protection.
  • Costly errors 1/5

    By magsgutz
    As an asthmatic, new or worsening shortness of breath is a way of life for me, especially if I am exposed to new triggers for asthma attacks. When I inputted symptoms I was suffering from asthma at the time, it told me I was not cleared to come to class. I feel like this app is discriminating against those with preexisting respiratory conditions. It isn’t right that I be punished for having asthma. This app should not be allowed to exist or ever be used as the determining factor as to whether I can go to school or not.
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By 12948392
    These symptoms are too vague. Many of them could be due to other medical conditions, even as simple as allergies. I can’t afford to miss classes because I’m quarantined for no reason. I’m honestly just going to hit no symptoms every day 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Not it 1/5

    By Joe 71470
    Obviously everyone’s just gonna check out the boxes that let them back onto campus
  • Encourages academic dishonesty 1/5

    By Krt303
    The app asks users to select any symptoms they are having from a list of items like cough and headache. It doesn’t tell you what answers you need to choose to come to campus. In fact the answers and response are customized by each institution. The lack of transparency and the inclusion of vague symptoms means that people with asthma and allergies may be encouraged to lie about their condition. On the plus side, the app doesn’t collect any personal info at all except your student email.
  • Needs work for vague symptoms 1/5

    By MKWesten
    Any headache, even related to stress, tension, or sinus pressure will deem you unfit to attend.

CampusClear app comments

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