Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga

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  • Current Version: 1.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: King
  • Compatibility: Android
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Candy Crush Friends Saga App

The newest game from the Candy Crush Franchise! With updated graphics, fun new game modes and a host of friends to help you blast through hundreds of levels! Your Candy Crush Friends have been scattered throughout the Candy Kingdom - Join this match 3 puzzle game to find them! This friendly bunch have their own unique powers to help you to create sweet candy combinations and blastthrough blockers! Switch and match candies to unlock rewards, friends, and sweet collectable outfits! The more candies you collect the greater your power on the game board! This fun new Candy game is filled with delicious treats - cookies, jam, chocolate and more! Your favourite game modes, but sweeter than ever! Candy Crush Friends Saga features: • Hundreds of levels to play – collect your favorite friends along the way! • Your Candy friends are your allies – they are ready to help you blast through levels! • Watch Yeti and his friends dance when you win levels! • Fun new game modes; dunk the cookie in the chocolate & free the octopuses and the mammoths! • Keep your friends in a sticker book and change their outfits! • Explore sweet new worlds in 3D! • Easy to play but challenging to master! • Play whenever, online and offline. Easily sync the game between devices and access full game features when connected to the internet. • Take on this epic saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! If you need help and support, you will find helpful and extensive FAQs in our in-game Help Center, click the ? to launch it. Share opinions and have sweet discussions with other members of the Candy Crush Friends Saga community. Visit and discover delicious game guides and tasty blogs to satisfy your candy cravings. Candy Crush Friends Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Candy Crush Friends Saga app reviews

  • iPad version 5/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    Hello, please make a iPad version of a version with screen rotation. Thank you🎈 3-24-2019 What are the messages at the beginning of the game? How do I retrieve them. They disappear b/f I can read them.
  • Best Game 5/5

    By Granny Marty
    I've played this game since it came out love if!!!
  • Candy Crush Friends 5/5

    By .....littlered2.....
    It’s a very fun and challenging game to play, while at the same time your competing against your friends
  • Golden Piggy Bank Annoying 3/5

    By MakoMemelord
    The game is fun, but I find the piggy bank very annoying. I earned this gold with my sweat and tears! Don’t make me pay $4 for it! I will never, ever pay that much for in-game currency. To top it off, once the piggy bank is full, the game makes a show of having new gold bounce off of the piggy bank, complete with sound effects. Like it’s saying “Oh beans 😪 if only you paid us money to empty your piggy bank 😪 here’s all the gold you’re missing out on 😪😪😪”. Stop!!!!
  • Awesome app but... 1/5

    By dragon Lancher
    This is a really great game but you would probably stress out about it because it is so so hard.🤔
  • taking a break 5/5

    By lani35
    love the game it gives me a break from tv and while driving 4 hours it is a great distraction from forest all around you.
  • Too many "costumes" 3/5

    By Poppy's land
    I don't care about what a character looks like when I don't have any extra tools like hammers, extra lives or other options.
  • Crazy expensive for coins 3/5

    By Just Blondie
    I love the game but to purchase coins every time is crazy! You should be able to win coins just like the other prizes! Trying to get 3.99 for coins every time is a rip off!
  • Taking money 1/5

    By 14Marais
    This game is kind of ok but it really try’s to make you purchase lots of stuff just to finish an easy level! All the candy crush games are all about charging you lots if money. Not good and feels really bad. And you buy stuff and they use them bad to it’s just a waist for you but candy crush is sterling your money! Must be a Trump based company! Steal your money!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Pennie48
    Love this game. Challenging
  • Yea 5/5

    By Dirtygert
    I like it!
  • Great if you need to waste time 1/5

    By Frustratedinal
    Addictive? I don't think so. I'm at level 487 and even though I have the sound turned off, the graphics are too in your face and take way too much time. Then you have "hard" levels which are really levels that you play until you get a "winnable" board, compliments of King. So far with this game, I am grateful that I only have 5 lives and must wait 2 1/2 hours to get more. With the sound turned off, I was wondering what the fill meter on the characters was far as packages fall from who knows where. Reading the reviews here, I guess it is so I can dress my characters. Really? No More! I am deleting.
  • Friend 5/5

    By S/10 tahoe
    For now it is easy
  • Buenisimo 5/5

    By Takeobba
    Muy fino fino
  • Linda Dennis 4/5

    By leeleed2
    I enjoyed the game very much, but when it gets to a game that has the pink speckled Square candies I don’t understand how I’m supposed to collect them. I have used my boost trying to hit them and of course they move someplace else. I just need to know what I have to do to collect them thank you
  • Stress relief 5/5

    By luvsyellow2
    I really enjoy this game takes my mind off things
  • Candy crush 4/5

    By Suzy1950
    Fun and challenging. I like the little helpers in this game, it makes it most interesting. Give it a try!
  • Cool 5/5

    By Eb4spell
    Cool ! Difficulty plus rewards . Fun to play
  • Red01 5/5

    By REDONE001
    So much fun play every night before I go to bed good night cap 😴
  • What friends? 1/5

    By MarkLIVE
    You get to select 1-2 of your “friends” per level. Meaning, zero customization to beating the levels. Most of the “friends” abilities put it in the worst spot possible to help you even win. The game is a pure cash grab solely based on using old assets from candy crush, reskinning the theme, and $$ actions everywhere, with a crap AI development.
  • Genial 5/5

    By Ocote
  • Cheating users 2/5

    By Godzilla bound
    I have started noticing that this game can not remember what daily prizes it gave us from day to day Yesterday I received 29 of the 30 fish with the electric bolt on it. Today I opened up the daily prize and I noticed that the same prize was not 24 of the 30. So we are being cheated on a daily basis.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By hoymonty777
    Love this game
  • Recent updates causing frustrations 3/5

    By scarreddragon
    I’ve been playing numerous King match games for quite a long time. Usually I’ll get stuck in one, quit that one for a bit and play a different one, then return to the original or move on to the next. However, I’ve really enjoyed Friends Saga a lot, and haven’t returned to one of the other games in over 600 levels! That might just change with the recent updates, as I’ve truly about had it playing this game. I understand that tweaking and updating is typical, but ever since the update that erased the “recommended” character, I’ve been having to check a fan website to see which character to use for some of the more difficult levels, and even now that the “recommended” character is shown again, I’ve still been checking. Why? Because every single level since then has changed and been made a ton harder, and the “recommended” characters change game to game even within the same level, making it altogether extremely frustrating to play. I can and do expect to spend multiple lives on “hard” and especially “super hard” levels. I do NOT like spending 10, 20, or even more lives on what should be EASY levels, except you’ve decreased the amount of turns so suddenly what was a nice fun level is now a frustrating one. I’m on the “easy” level of #626 and I honestly think it’s impossible, and may be the one to make me quit. I’ve got two “hard” levels past this one... if this level takes me 25+ tries (what I’m on now...), how the hell can I get through the hard levels?! It’s just not worth it. These levels need to be re-evaluated. At least decide that it is s “hard” level so I can prepare for it! But I’m tired of making minuscule progress because it takes me 20 tries for every level regardless of difficulty. I’m really quite done with that.
  • Problem 2/5

    By Bert122488
    There is an issue with the cookie levels. I’ve had all the cookies below the chocolate, but the last one doesn’t clear. Specifically level 263
  • Great game. 5/5

    By tedbobbi
    Love this game relaxing one.
  • Glitch? 3/5

    By Patricia Peve
    Level 440 seems to be impossible to beat. I refuse to purchase boosters. I’ve been at this level for literally a week now, and can get the last heart within one block but not to the finish. It’s truly frustrating when you combine a color bomb with a stripe, blow up the ENTIRE play field but the stars move NOWHERE because they haven’t been bumped directly. Like, seriously, what’s the fun in that? I’d rather quit playing than be aggravated. This is supposed to be a stress RELIEVER not stress INDUCER! UPDATE: After posting this late last night, I’ve finally passed the level in question- the first attempt today. Suddenly the “random” colors and such seemed to be much more helpful than before. Could it be that an algorithm was tweaked just a bit? Whatever the case, thanks for the boost. Still leaving it 3 stars for the oh-so-slow earn rate of boosters.
  • Beautiful Graphic Design 5/5

    By gksgdudn
    The layout is soo pretty.
  • Friends? 3/5

    By king.wrecks
    I’m not sure why they decided to include the word “friends” in the title. After 5 lives, you have an option to “Ask Friends” for more lives but, of all the times I’ve asked friends, I’ve only received a handful of free lives. It’s definitely nothing like the other games with under the Candy Crush label.
  • New Candy Crush 5/5

    By ARB1276
    Just as challenging as the first one
  • Rate comment 5/5

    By Ocala12
    Not as challenging as the other games
  • Ms 5/5

    By 🙃😆😁
    Excellent game I love the different Characters especially Yeti
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mauricia Mone'
    Awesome game. Been addicted since I started.
  • Roach 5/5

    By lapye
    How is that going?
  • Candy Crush 5/5

    By nikkibimbo
    Very fun game. Love playing this game. Try it you will love it, so many cute characters.
  • Only one Star 1/5

    By Kleellllyy
    You should give players a chance to win a game and not that they sit for weeks on the same level 😡Shame on you I’m close to delete the game
  • Impossible Levels 1/5

    By AnonymousJane411
    Some levels are impossible to complete without spending a bunch of money. The game is rigged with very hard levels that you cannot win. Very disappointed.
  • Money Grabber 1/5

    By Brannume2003
    Not sure, with all the negative reviews, why this game calculates 5 stars??? This is definitely one of those games that push you to spend money - DON'T FALL FOR IT! Just keep playing, and you will eventually pass the levels. I refuse to pay a dime to continue playing this game - out of spite. If you pay close attention, the game cheats you by not exploding your bombs, freezing up when you get close to winning, fish moving, but not touching anything, etc. Again, pay close attention, and don't fall for the money grab...
  • Missy 5/5

    By BearCooter
    I have to say this is a charming and fun game. It's the same challenging game I'd expect from Candy Crush, with a cute twist to it. I like the fact that as I choose a character to beat a level, it's like having a never ending supply of boosters to start my levels. Thank you for yet another enchanting game. ☺️👍
  • Sweet Sweet Candy 5/5

    By 90poik
    I love this game so much that I would love to live in a house filled with candy and I love you king

    By DT Nicole
    I absolutely refuse to pay $4 for a virtual/digital piggy bank. That is STUPID. Waste of money, that is real... by the way. I’d enjoy this game much more without the hoop-lah and the constant “begging” for my money. I’ll play it till it costs me REAL money to go on... then I’ll hit delete. I much prefer a game that costs me real money up front for a good quality game instead of trying to nickel and dime me to death. I’m not falling for it. I won’t spend a dime.
  • Annoying and aggravating 2/5

    By DG1027
    I like this game because it’s a challenge but they have made it too much of a challenge. Meaning it’s not always skill that u need to get u thru a level but pure luck. I’m on level 173 now and about ready to delete the game. U have 22 moves to free 12 octopuses that are all laying under 5 layers. They give u a tiny space to start with. I have played it over 20 times and it is put luck to pass. U have to hope u get a ton of special candies. This isn’t the only level that isn’t skill but luck u need which isn’t fun. I really think they do this to get u to buy boosters and it’s really getting to me.
  • Nice in the beginning..... 1/5

    By CJ Ledlighter
    I’m at level 403, so I’ve given it a good try. The game is enjoyable and I don’t mind it being challenging. I’ve spent a bit of money, as I don’t expect a game to be entirely free. The issue is that once you get to these levels, each and every level takes days, weeks to get through. Most you can’t get through at all anymore without spending a ton of money, as the prices for gold or helpers is astronomical. If I have to pay money to get through a level, then what’s the point of playing. Paying to get through one level, just to pay more to get through the next and then the next isn’t enjoyable. I’m deleting the game. And unfortunately, it’s like this with all the Candy Crush games. I play Toon Blast, which is challenging, but not insanely so. Even at high levels. They’ve mastered the fine line between keeping the game interesting, players engaged and spending money here and there but not making it insanely difficult.
  • Candy crush 5/5

    By Linda Lou how do you do
    Love this new game so much fun!!
  • There is a glitch with this app 2/5

    By Butterfly302523516
    It keeps on resetting me back to the beginning 5 times.
  • Annoying problem 4/5

    By Mal31362
    I wish there was a way to get rid of some of the people who are considered my candy crush “friends”. This one guy keeps asking for lives every 5 seconds but never sends any. My husband is getting lives left and right from his candy crush friends but because of this one jerk it really ruins that part of the game.
  • 嘲笑中国🇨🇳人 1/5

    By 张帅啊啊啊啊啊
  • Candy crush saga 3/5

    By old man k
    Need to remove but don’t know how. Now it’s too difficult so it means I reach my limit 🥴
  • Don't like that they want to pay for things I have won! 3/5

    By Cupcakekiss4u
    I win extra moves but can not use them! I can pay to get them out of the pig if I want to. Some of the levels take weeks to win.

Candy Crush Friends Saga app comments

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