Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga

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  • Current Version: 1.114.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: King
  • Compatibility: Android
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Candy Crush Soda Saga App

Start playing Candy Crush Soda Saga today - already enjoyed by millions of players around the world! Candy Crush Soda Saga is the divine puzzle game from King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and more! Switch and match candies to create 3 in a row, or match 4 (or more) to make delicious special candies! Complete the goals before you run out of moves to progress through deliciously fun levels. It's that simple! Switch and match scrumptious candies to make mouth-watering combinations and play challenging game modes brimming with purple soda and Candy Bears! Take on this Sodalicious Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! Candy Crush Soda Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Candy Crush Soda Saga features: * Over 1000 Sodalicious levels * Frequent live events; reign supreme on Bubblegum Hill for a limited time only! Are you up for the challenge? * Game Modes include: Soda – switch bottles to make them pop and release purple soda Frosting – match Candies to smash the ice and set the Candy Bears free Bubble - the Candy Bears are trapped in bubbles! Save them by floating them to the top and cross the Candy necklace finish line! Chocolate & White Chocolate - switch next to the chocolate to stop it taking over the board Honey – match Candies next to the honey to release the trapped Candy Bears Bubblegum - match over the bubble gum to stop it from spreading! * Scrumptious Candies and sublime combinations: Match 4 Candies in a square to make a Swedish Fish Match 7 Candies to create the remarkable Coloring Candy Match 4 new purple Candies in a row to give an instant and powerful effect * Explore juicy environments and meet the kookiest characters * Mouth-watering graphics, Candy Crush Soda Saga never looked so tasty * Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master * For players that Facebook Connect, you and your friends can compete to reach the top of the leaderboard and compare your best scores. * Easily sync the game between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet This mouth-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quench your thirst for fun. Join Kimmy on her juicy journey to find Tiffi, by switching and matching your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay. Visit if you need help! Follow us to get news and updates: Twitter @CandyCrushSodaSaga Have fun playing Candy Crush Soda Saga!


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Candy Crush Soda Saga app reviews

  • UpUp and away 51 3/5

    By UpUp and away51
    I tried to purchase extra moves and now game is stuck. It says I purchased twice but I only purchased once . FIX IT!!!!! Also, I had to put in at least one hundred nicknames before it would take one to leave a review and some of them we’re downright stupid.
  • Soda pops 5/5

    By Unhappy Gracie
    Having fun popping sodas & finding bears
  • Please fix this game bubblegum king levels 3/5

    By Huntgal72
    Where are my bonuses going? At least 5 times I have not received any gold bars when I have been the last ruler in control at the end of the bubblegum king levels! Each time I have been ruler for over a half an hour but I get nothing.😡 Why bother playing if you won't give the promised bonuses. Don't waste your time with the bubblegum king.😡😡😡😡
  • Candy crush 5/5

    By Catcc30
    Hi!I Cecilia Les lie This Game. Just Let Me Keep Up The Good Work.And Not Let Fall !to many Time’s in the Game’s I Give This Game Three ⭐️ or More.🙋🏾
  • Deleted every thing this Company offers 1/5

    By Iccaris2112
    New terms and agreements force you to share all personal info.. deleted every game they had, will never come back, lost a good customer here..
  • Bobbing 1/5

    By Patcyc
    On level 1300 after updating matches starts to jump up and down. Very distracting. Won’t be playing further
  • Fun 4/5

    By Larisa diabolique
    I like this game more than the first Candy Crush. The only thing I don’t like, is the last update. The 1110000 questions if “are you really, really, rrrreeeaalllllyyyyy sure you want to give up”? Take that away! Is ridiculous
  • Level 1237 1/5

    By PicklLG
    There is no way to pass this level, even using cheats. You guys cheat so bad to try to get us to buy cheats even when they don’t work. So tired of playing a level for weeks to try and pass it. BORING Pathetic
  • Please Update for iPhone X! 5/5

    By cgolca
    I love this app and hope they update it for the iPhone X’s display!
  • Bonus not working 1/5

    By Cphillips1010
    The last three cake bonus I have passed haven’t given me my extra time or prize gift. I have deleted and reinstalled please look in to this I am on in round 1745 or something like that.
  • Suuuuuper slow 4/5

    By alison'
    The most recent update causes every function to work slower I find. The main screen takes nearly 5 minutes to load. Other than this, when pass or fail a level it can be challenging to exit out of the playing screen because the ‘x’ is so small. I like this game and play as often as I can where the above two are my only critiques.
  • what's wrong? 1/5

    By 米粒心晴
    I can not open this game
  • Unhappy! 1/5

    By Tinkerbell0570
    Been playing for long time. I’m over level 1400. I enjoy a challenge but this game is getting ridiculous! It’s not even fun anymore. It’s impossible to win without spending money. I’m getting rid of it and moving on to something else that doesn’t require that you have tons of cash in order to win one lousy game!
  • Play the OG candy crush instead 2/5

    By knightsfann
    Makes it almost impossible to pass a level, then a few days later it's magically set up perfect. The other one is better
  • Need my power ups! 5/5

    By Rchapman13
    I recently got a new phone and when I logged back in to my account I had lost all my power ups (chocolate candies, double fish, explorers, etc) I had around 10 in all of those categories. I’m not sure what happened but i need this game to help get me through the work day. 5 stars 10/10 2 thumbs up
  • Relativo a premios de 2 horas ilimitadas de juego. 1/5

    By Dr.W.Peleit
    1.- Uds., no habilitan un espacio para escribirles y reportarles problemas. Solo tratan de cubrir las posibilidades con preguntas. En este caso: ¿cómo es que me premian con 2 horas ilimitadas de juego, pero solo si tengo vidas y si no las tengo, el tiempo del premio sigue andando sin detenerse. Si son dos horas ilimitadas de juego, Uds., son los que aportan las vidas. ¿Si, ó no? 2.- El día, 20/05/2018: Esta App entró en un estado de frenesí luego de conectarse a facebook, 1º se demora un lapso excesivo de tiempo para "cargar" y luego una vez que por fin se conectó a fb, comenzó a mostrar una seguidilla interminable de carteles anunciando que se había conectado, no bastaba con pulsar, la presilla que ofrece y volvía una y otra vez a repetir el cartel, impidiendo acceder a poder pulsar la presilla de jugar. Mientras no se conectaba a fb interrumpía el juego para tratar de conectarse, como Zapatero con Maduro, cosa que la App no lograba y se mantenía interrumpiendo el juego. 3.- Está volviendo a suceder lo antes descrito, en el numeral 2.-; una vez conectado a fb
  • My boosters were lost!!! 1/5

    By TH Anna127
    The app started to freeze after the last update, so I deleted and reinstalled the app. When I logged back in all the boosters that I've saved were gone. I had about nearly 400 lollipop hammers and a few of other boosters. I've saved up the hammers by playing the bubblegum hill for months. I always play connected with Facebook because I didn't want to lose my progress. I'm more than disappointed!
  • Crash Central 1/5

    By Mia907
    Crashes more than a plane without wings. Lives constantly lost due to this.
  • Pay money, pass levels 2/5

    By JEllermann
    I do like this game, but once you get to certain levels, it becomes obvious that you don’t have enough moves available to pass the level. A couple of times I did make purchases for extra moves, and all of the sudden, I was able to pass 10 levels! Hmm. The game is totally programmed to make you spend money. I get it, you need to make a profit. But at certain levels, it’s blatant. Waste of time!
  • Yet another easy King game 5/5

    By Dirty_Nurse_Halo
    2320 levels complete, $0.00 spent, over 1,150 gold bars currently banked. With all the opportunities to obtain free boosters I will never understand how this company makes money. There's absolutely no reason to purchase anything with how frequently quests repopulate and with the prizes won via bubble gum hill. Strategic use of both free boosters and gold bars accrued from the King of the Hill mini game will make quick work of the hard levels. Highly recommended game! I love the unlimited use daily boosters the game now offers as opposed to the single ones offered before, every Friday when new levels are released I easily complete them in an hour or so without using many stored boosters; ones I do use are quickly reclaimed via BGH and quests. The recent speed boost of falling pieces is greatly appreciated! I hope they adopt this feature in all of their other games as it saves a ton of time...if only you could skip the end-of-level sequence like with vanilla CC then it would be perfect. The recent reviews about this feature are hilarious - one person even claimed it made them seasick. Seasick! From falling candy pieces on a cellphone... Nausea, dizziness, and headaches also abound from this excellent feature apparently 😂. I love reading these reviews to see the stupidity contained therein. My favorite is when players complain about “loosing” “life’s”. A close second would be all the ones who have absolutely no idea what the fish booster does when it is rather obvious that it doubles all fish. I also enjoy people that complain about the “piggy bank” and how it’s a “ripoff”, as if by beating levels they’ve “earned” gold bars for no reason. The game clearly states that it requires money to access, why many players seem to feel entitled to its contents is baffling. Like me, these people need to simply ignore its presence until it becomes possible to unlock in-game. Why anyone would pay money for a completely free game is far beyond my scope of comprehension but good for King for preying on the weak-minded! They must make millions off of these free games.
  • So addictive! 5/5

    By jmewlkr
    I should definitely be getting more sleep but thanks to this game,I can’t! What a love hate relationship lol! Can’t get enough!
  • Awesome Game 5/5

    By richellegreen2016
    This game is so addictive, cannot stop playing it once you’re hooked you’re so hook!! I love all the prizes that they offer plus it helps to win the games!!!
  • Lost all progress 1/5

    By LoyalPollstar
    I had passed HUNDREDS of levels. My progress stalled when a new update continued to crash the app and not allow me to open it. My only option was delete and reinstall the game. ALL OF MY PROGRESS WAS LOST despite the fact that I had saved it by logging in through Facebook. It’s like it’s a completely new game and app. How frustrating!
  • Haha addicting!!!❤️ 5/5

    By Go back 76
    Soooo addicted to this game right now!! Really fun and creative, I love all games by King! Candy Crush soda saga is one of my favorites!! Download now for free today!! 😂
  • Pretty good but... 4/5

    By Mandalaska
    Very fun and cleverly thought out. BUT...really wish there was a prize wheel too. Some levels seem impossible but the more you play that level, the easier it becomes - like it's all pre-arranged, which is kinda disheartening. Also, it would be cool if you ended a level with a Color Bomb or striped candy, that it would go into a "bank" of extras you could use later. Nothing worse than feeling that treat you just earned was for nothing! Would also appreciate Bubblegum Hill being offered more often and for a longer, more consistent period and not on a random basis. Many times I open the game and Bubblegum only has a couple of hours left, even though I've played within the 24 period that it implies it's been active but it didn't show up! Overall, a fun, addictive game. Just know that it's a game of luck, not skill.
  • 👎🏻 2/5

    By Barnie The Purple Dinosaur
    It’s ok. I find it way to easy. I guess it’s kind of fun, but Candy Crush Saga is better(In my opinion). So if you enjoy a little challenge then I suggest Candy Crush Saga and not Candy Crush. There is nothing wrong with the game but I prefer more challenging games that’s all.
  • Power ups 5/5

    By Awedoquin
    i have so many power ups i feel like i’m cheating. and i didnt even buy them.
  • Super super hard 1/5

    By jasoncandi
    Played and played level 1352 So done! It is impossible even with boosters.
  • Great Alternative 4/5

    By Dragon Andrew
    Fun to switch back and forth with candy crush
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By DebRuth
    Hopelessly Stuck on level 320 for WEEKS. The 8 soda bottles are too ‘buried’ within the game board to find, let alone claim. If I get lucky I may get 1 or2 (rarely) when I have 8 moves left. About ready to uninstall.
  • Bad game 2/5

    By young little pro star101
    Why you gonna make a game that when you gonna play you don’t want poeple to win,A lot of people don’t want to play anymore.It can give poeple a heart attack
  • Addicting 5/5

    By YooAndyy
    This game is addicting
  • A change to quick jerky moves? 3/5

    By kid from nh
    I love this game but it seems as though after an update, the movements of the candies got jerky and tumble down fast...not smooth like the your other games and how this used to be. I’m sure it’s done to speed the players up and go through lives quicker, but It’s actually quite annoying. Can you please change it back to how it was before. Thank you.
  • Extremely Addictive 5/5

    By GiraffeAZ
    I say I am going to stop when I reach 1000 levels, and now I am on my way to 3000. I am not on facebook and I cannot figure out how to let you know, other than this, that level 2318 has a glitch. I have used 26 extra gold bars after having cleared all the chocolate because it said I have one left. It does not appear anywhere after using those as well?? Please try to fix this by the next bug fixes. I do not want to waste anymore bars. Please note, this is the first glitch I have noticed in all of this time. I also love the bubblegum hill addition. It lets me restore pink lollipops and is a great series of varied games!
  • Cash cow 1/5

    By Mug22222
    All their games are fun to start. Then as you progress, there is no thought into the set up. Most higher levels aren’t solvable without the greatest of luck or the use of boosters that you pay $ for. To make it worse, they keep adding ways to beg you for money in order to continue your play. How about a little effort from King and maybe people would spend a few bucks to support you. Until then, games a waste of time! I would rather watch paint dry!!!
  • Fun 3/5

    By Citybootz
    This is a fun game enjoy it sometimes most days it cheats you so that you don’t pass levels until the game feels you set at a level long enough. I’ve always enjoyed king games however this one insulted my intelligence quite often with level boosts and standard moves not bursting when the game doesn’t want you to progress to the level. BUT BC I ENJOY THE GAME I put up with the cheats. I just won’t invest any money in the game bc it cheats you.
  • Candy crush 1/5

    By madas heck
    I am mad! I was way up in levels and it asked me to connect to FB. I did and it lost all my levels. Took me all the way back to beginning. How do I get mine back?
  • Lollipop 4/5

    By Trishessy
    It would be great to get a striped lollipop when you take over 1st place.
  • Good game 5/5

    By fashionlove1713
    Keeps my busy on boring days
  • Fell out of love 2/5

    By Mystic66
    Each level requires extra tools. They get you to spend money in order to pass levels. Even levels that are not marked as difficult are impossible without using something extra. I’ve loved this game and played faithfully for over 120 days consecutively and am on level 1333 and find myself more frustrated than joyous. It was good while it lasted.
  • Stop the bouncing! 2/5

    By oomdelaooms
    I just did an update and now the candies bounce after every move close to where I make a match. I play this game every day, but I may have to stop. The bouncing is very hard on my eyes. Would give a five star if the bouncing goes away.
  • Cheated by Bubble King 2/5

    By 1JennA
    I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and it WAS my favorite game until the Bubble King started cheating me out of the gold bars. Too many times to count, I don’t get any gold bars for winning. It’s super frustrating! You guys really know how to take a good game and ruin it. I’m so angry now because it just happened again. I beat all 5 levels more than 20 minutes before the end, and I know someone else must have won after me, so I should have received my gold. And while I’m complaining, I totally hate that the candies bounce when they come down to fill the space — ever since the last update. Makes me not want to play because it’s pointless. Please fix this glitch.
  • Gr8 5/5

    By @vanessa_grrl493
    It’s gr8
  • Update Bug 1/5

    By Slake929
    The latest update will not let me access the game. Please fix it,
  • Connection 1/5

    By Jeliju619
    Won’t connect to Facebook. Please fix soon
  • Major bug in latest update 4/5

    By Roma London
    The connect to Facebook pop-up flashes repeatedly and blocks entrance to the game. I now can’t play it.
  • Easy to loose your money 1/5

    By BeeAunt
    Does not ask twice when you are spending money but will ask twice when you are not spending money
  • Love it 5/5

    By 3456))6$$
    Great game. Especially love the prizes, the infinity prizes are dope.
  • Candy crush soda 5/5

    By •Babaloo(75)•
  • I’m starting to agree that you guys are crooks 1/5

    By BaseballMom2010
    Week 3 of not seeing update. I see an update in the app store but nothing new has shown up. I’ve emailed twice with no reply.

Candy Crush Soda Saga app comments


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