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  • Current Version: 2.5.50
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Canon Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY App

Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY is the print and scan app for PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. *1 *1: Functions and services may not be available for all printers or in all countries, regions, and environments. [Key features] - Photo Print Photo trimming is available Easily print up to 20 different photos at a time - Document Print *2 Print PDF files & Microsoft Office® documents - Scan  Seamlessly scan with a connected printer & save documents and photos as PDF or JPEG - Cloud Link to PIXMA Cloud Link service Print pictures and documents from select social media platforms and storage sites, as well as crafts from CREATIVE PARK with PIXMA Cloud Link from just about anywhere - Copy You can adjust your copy settings from your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Especially helpful on printers that don't have an LCD screen - Smartphone Copy Take a picture of a document with your smart device and apply auto skew correction for a print - Printer Settings Allows you to check your Ink levels, ink model number, buy ink, and access an online manual for your printer - Bluetooth setup Allows you to receive error messages, and skip password entry when copying by a remote user interface - Message in Print Message in Print is an iPhone app which allows embedded messages to appear on the screen by holding your iPhone over a photo. This allows you to share your memories and emotions which can only be expressed through an app *2:It is recommended to optimize the document preview with "Image Correction" function, when it is not properly displayed on your device. Printer connection is required to enable "Image Correction" function. [Supported printers] - Canon Inkjet Printers PIXMA TS series, TR series, MG series, MX series, G series, E series, PRO series, MP series, iP series, iX series MAXIFY MB series, iB series imagePROGRAF PRO series, TM series *Except for some models - Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP900 series, CP1200, CP1300 [Supported OS] iOS 10.0 and later [Supported medias] - Media types Plain Paper, Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, Photo Paper Pro II, Photo Paper Pro Platinum, Photo Paper Pro, Photo Paper Plus Glossy, Photo Paper Pro Luster, Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, Glossy Photo Paper, Matte Photo Paper, Photo Paper, Ink Jet Hagaki, Hagaki, High Resolution Paper, Other Photo Paper, Hagaki K,Greeting Card, Cardstock - Media sizes *4 Letter 8.5"x11" 22x28cm, Legal 8.5"x14" 22x36cm, A4, A5, 4"x6" 10x15cm, 5"x7" 13x18cm, 8"x10" 20x25cm, A3, A3+ 13"x19" 33x48cm, 10"x12" 25x30cm, B5, B4, 14"x17" 36x43cm, L 89x127mm, 2L 127x178mm ,Hagaki 100x148mm ,Credit Card 2.13"x3.39" 54x86mm, Card 2.17"x3.58" 55x91mm, Wide 4"x7.1" 101.6x180.6mm, Square 5"x5" 13x13cm, Square 3.5"x3.5" 9x9cm, Square 4"x4" 10x10cm, Square 12"x12" 30x30cm, 7"x10" 18x25cm, 11"x17" 28x43cm *4: For PRO-500/PRO-1000, the maximum output size is A3+ (13"x19" 33x48 cm ) while in use of this application.

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Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app reviews

  • TS 9020 1/5

    By fitzycr
    I could barely use this, it was always broken. After 1 yr and 2 months and basically 4 months of use, junked it. Something is wrong when you have to buy a new printer every. I’m mad Canon, I’m on a fixed budget. I remember when Canon was not so big and they cared about customer quality.
  • Acquiring Printer information 1/5

    By mario.guzman
    It just stays stuck on this display.
  • Works like a champ 5/5

    By J201299
    Prints great from my iPad and, more impressively, scans to my iPad. Love it.
  • The most shameful printing app 1/5

    By FireFox116
    Dear Canon, Sorry but you deserve 0 star. I cant understand why your app doesn't allow iphone users to access to their photos and print them?! Your app developers must resign. I will never buy Canon products.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Kayla1019!
    I went through all he steps to connect my printer and it won’t work. Every time I try it, the app doesn’t show up my printer so I go through the steps again and still nothing... so disappointed.
  • App not working 5/5

    By nema232
    This is not a review, but wanted to know why the app not working?
  • Completely useless. 1/5

    By Ripper7620
    Total waste of time.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Audiobook man
    Really like the app, no issues with printing photos or paper. Syncs with albums on phone. Also able to work with multiple other apps.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By 1pchop
    Definitely not a user friendly app, and doesn’t have templates for different sized photos. Junk...
  • Works great! 5/5

    By MsDBall
    I was anticipating some problems after reading some of the negative reviews. Honestly, I’m not sure why this app has a low rating. I’ve been using it for a month now and I am having NO problems printing from my iPhone and iPad. It is easy and convenient. I appreciate the operation of this application. I don’t believe the problem is with this app but the users device instead. Try some troubleshooting steps first because this app works perfectly!
  • Crash Report!!! 2/5

    By Modern Threads Online
    I have tried all day to print and the app just keeps crashing
  • Not working 2/5

    By elsitagg
    Is connecting all the time but never complete l don’t know if is the app or the printer
  • My WiFi Canon printer is not supported 1/5

    By Pam Arch
    I can’t get the program to find my printer and my printer is not in the list. How annoying!
  • Border 3/5

    By faul123
    I cant get the border off when I print the pictures. It’s not highlighted where it says border. Idk how to fix this
  • Uninstalling reinstalling 2/5

    By Talk slot
    I am finding myself uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app to get it to work. Every time I go to use it it’s never consistent. I wish they would fix this! It’s very frustrating, I tried to print from my XS max And it shows no air printers found and I have to go through the whole process all over again and I don’t have time for this!
  • Terrible conectivity 2/5

    By Eldaddyo66
    I ised to have an HP ..multi problems at all but expensive cartridges...switch to canon tank..what a nightmare... need to configure everytime I use my Samsunf phone or Ipad...
  • Worst app! 1/5

    By Nikki Jerrett
    I’ve had to remove the app multiple times since I’ve purchased this printer (bought it last week) and then reinstall the app to get my printer to work
  • Rarely Ever Works 1/5

    By Bri-Ann M.
    I was excited about being able to print wireless from my iPad. Unfortunately, it rarely ever works. The app is constantly closing unexpectedly and every single time I try to use it, I have to go through this long drawn out process just to get the printer to POSSIBLY connect to the app. It was supposed to make things easier but has been more a source of frustration than anything else. Very disappointing...
  • Mx490 crashing app 2/5

    By bxy22
    Every time I hit scan the app closes
  • Printing shouldn’t be this hard 1/5

    By TrueOpera
    A printing press would take less time than trying to print out something from your smartphone. Want a doc from iCloud? There’s an option. Trouble is, once selected, you get a screen saying there are no printable docs on your iCloud. Funny, I though pdfs were printable. Silly me. This is truly awful. I’ve spent an hour trying to print two pages of a pdf using two different phones. On one, the app crashes as it’s trying to print. On the other, it just won’t even connect to the printer. The canon printer, through the canon app. Then, somehow, the second page printed but not the first. That’s when the whole thing just stopped functioning completely. Who thinks up this rubbish? This is horrible. Did anyone even test this? One star. Awful app. Canon should be not only ashamed but embarrassed by this travesty.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Ssfzz
    20 minutes of messages like “communicating with printer” and “acquiring printer information” only for it to fail and not print. I’ve tried via WiFi and with direct connection, nothing works. Best part is the printer gives me a “easy connection successful” and it still won’t print. The worst.
  • Tired of this 1/5

    By Dante Danis
    Keep disconnecting. It works 1 out of 10 tries. I bought new printer for upgrade, but I feel like I downgraded it. Air print is not working with this printer too. Going back to HP
  • App 2/5

    By dicopz
    Not working at all,such.
  • crap design 1/5

    By popzhao2468
  • Works great on MX922 5/5

    By FB3520
    It worked great on my MX922. It needs to be linked to your WIFI router not only to your computer or just to the WIFI. Once the WIFI connection was complete the App worked fine on my Apple IOS 6s phone. I think my phone is connected to my WIFI and that is why it has to have that connection. If I had no WIFI and no computer, just a printer on a stand it might link direct. I have not tried this as My phone is linked through my WIFI, allowing me to print from around the house. Highly recommend, this my second cannon MX and they both work great. Just never let the ink run out, the heads overheat and warp. Replace tanks early.
  • Trash 1/5

    By $arbey223
    Stupid app keeps closing and it’s stupidly annoying
  • Absolute junk 1/5

    By Mmh6842
    I have never left an app review before but had to because this app is a nightmare. Problem after problem, every time you get one issue fixed another arises.
  • Stopped communicating with printer MaG5220 1/5

    By wii it etyr
    Android app still works, but iphone does not. Piece of crap.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By R-Akeem
    App won’t connect to my printer. Says “acquiring printer information“ for 15 minutes and still doesn’t connect. Fix the app or take it off the App Store.
  • Annoying! 1/5

    By nsgbjjjk
    Worst wireless app ever!!!!! Won’t connect... fails every time ! When i go to print it takes me out of app !
  • Worthless 1/5

    By WMcGregor
    Only gave it 1 because zero isn’t an option. Freezes every time I open it. AWFUL.
  • Works great 4/5

    By vics501
    Works great, just wish it would have the ability to show the DPI when scanning
  • Works well 5/5

    By jdfarley
    Works perfectly with my Canon Pixma TR 8500 with no issues so far.
  • Freezing 3/5

    By RainbowDashApplejack
    Every time I try to ad my 2nd photo it freezes and I have to start over
  • No work with iphone 1/5

    By Joseeee8888
    No work with iPhone please update the app very difficult to conect
  • I hate this app so much 1/5

    By @shoutouts2474
    It doesn’t work most of the time and the printer is trash
  • It works 4/5

    By Jrenocool
    It works pretty well my only qualm is that it doesn’t have an option to scan legal documents.
  • So easy to use!! 5/5

    By HeyYouDon'tKnowMe
    I had to print some things from my phone and the settings were set wrong, and there was nothing I could do about it. I downloaded this app and it help mrs so much!!
  • The app crashes a lot 1/5

    By Jessy Alva
    Anytime I try to print anything, a message shows that there is no communication with the printer. After that the app crashes
  • No double sided print or 3x5 paper size? 1/5

    By Fix the badge count
    When printing through the app, why is there no option for double sided prints? Also, why is there no 3”x5” index card paper size option?
  • This App is Perfect 5/5

    By Be do bedo
    this app is perfect for me to print out my picutres
  • Trash 1/5

    By Lastar Rushon
    I can’t print ANYTHING! It looses connection with the printer every time it reconnects. Don’t waste your money! I have to send mine back!
  • Really upset about this app 1/5

    By Angie Kendrick
    Really don’t like this app every time I open it to try to print a photo it freezes. If I am able to print a photo I can only print one and it Hass to be quick. If I linger inside the app for too long to select a photo it freezes. Worst app I’ve ever had to deal with
  • Scans Perfecty 5/5

    By SonySasquatch
    Got this app to scan direct to my phone instead of open my computer every time and for that it works perfecty, even converting to PDF.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By For_evaaaa
    I can never seem to open my app without it crashing seconds later. I’ve updated and deleted the app and had to re-download it to get it to open. Crashes every time and it is very upsetting
  • It doesn’t connect through wifi 1/5

    By Nicole🇩🇴
    I’ve an iPhone 7 plus and that printer has worked only once through Bluetooth, icloud, wifi, etc.. since i got it. It’s just awful
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Suckered Purchaser
    The app is not the time. Printer never connects to WiFi, but will print with USB cable.
  • Works good 5/5

    By dzomba002
    First you have to install on PC with the printer cable in order to activate wirelessly working now it's working on every device wirelessly and I can print anything I want I am happy with it
  • Unreliable crap 1/5

    By sunny bottom
    Garbage app

Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app comments

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