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  • Current Version: 3.14.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Capital One
  • Compatibility: Android
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Capital One Wallet App

The Capital One Wallet app is retiring in May so please migrate to the Capital One Mobile℠ app . You may have noticed that your favorite features are already there: - Instant Purchase Notifications for Credit Cards (Alerts) - Card Lock - Second Look Receipts Capture and Gift Cards will be discontinued completely. Please be sure to save all receipts and gift card info by May 1st, since those won’t be available. Don’t have the Capital One Mobile℠ app yet? Our app provides quick, easy and secure access. You can manage payments in a few quick taps, get instant purchase notifications and your free credit score, and track spending on the go! Save time and stay informed—use your mobile device to download the Capital One Mobile℠ app now. NOTES: - Capital One Wallet requires iOS 9 or above. - Capital One Wallet and Apple Pay are not currently available to customers of our partner cards. Second Look is not available for all Capital One cardholders or partner cards. - If you enable gift card reminders, continued use of GPS running in the background may dramatically decrease your battery life. We’ve optimized to keep battery use efficient, but if you notice this issue, you can turn off gift card reminders at any time. - Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.


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Capital One Wallet app reviews

  • Please don’t discontinue this app 5/5

    By abhinav coomar
    I love his app it’s very good and useful, the discounts are great, it’s secure, and I can easily view all transactions. It also tell me how much I’ve spent over the past week. Please don’t discontinue this app as it’s very useful. Great app.
  • Agree 2/5

    By NotInMyWallet
    I agree with JunkWithSpunk. Wallet provided the dollar amount of you transactio, that way you knew the correct amont was being charged on the debit card. Now, only receive a notice, but no dollar amount....dissappointing.
  • Why was it deleted? 5/5

    By Teeduda
    This was your best App, why did you change to capital one? I loved getting notification of card use, it beat all your other security features and set you apart/ahead of all other banks!!! PLEASE bring it back or add notification to Capital One accounts. PLEASE!
  • Miss notifications option 1/5

    By meempatel
    I used to love the option that notifies you when credit card was charged. Why did this go away?
  • Joe 1/5

    By bjoe777
    I want debit notifications back. VERY HELPFUL
  • Thanks for the update! 1/5

    By disgirl97
    I have always wanted an app that would do virtually nothing for me except take up precious memory space on my phone. I mean who really wanted all those useful functions anyways? I have always wondered what it would be like to experience consumer fraud and now I might finally get that chance now that you took off those annoying alerts letting me know when my account could be at risk. Thanks so much for the update! I was hoping for an app to function as a technological paperweight in my phone and now I finally have one!
  • Prefer this app over the other 5/5

    By CrazyAngel 68x
    Please don’t make this app go away. It’s more user friendly than the other Capital One app. I can get notifications for all purchases on all cards linked to my account and I can easily turn off a card if it’s been misplaced.
  • Mad 1/5

    By Lilliotto
    Ok says go update go to App Store no update now no way to turn card on and off hope they fix this soon
  • Why is it going away? 5/5

    By Tamilynn01
    Hi I love this App, and I would really like to know why you’re doing away with it. It made my life so much easier, please reconsider I need something easy in my life. Thank you for listening.
  • Why retire a good app? 5/5

    By whatwhywhenhow
    I love that I can see all 3 cards - mine, husband’s and son’s and manage them. I love instant notifications. Why retire it and keep the other one when this one is so much better? The only thing it couldn’t do is pay balances. You should have kept and improved this one.
  • Please keep this app alive. Thanks 5/5

    By PS-MLS
    This app allows me to easily view the changes for the different cards in my business credit cards. Please keep it alive.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Xtinenojat
    Please don’t discontinue this app. This is the best Capital One app. You can discontinue the Capital one mobile rather than this Capital One wallet...
  • Very unhappy!!! 1/5

    By Jakesmitty7
    Very unhappy about this!!! We love the wallet, several times caught things that we didn’t know were being charged to us!!!

    By Clickeymickey18
    This is a disappointment. This should have never been taken off. Way better than the Capital Mobile app. You can keep all your cards and id as well. It notifies you about charges and changes made.
  • Please add Gift Cards to your other app 5/5

    By djpaul531
    Gift Cards was a life saver. Please don’t discontinue it. Your app is good but it is great with that feature.
  • UPSET 😡 I Love This App 5/5

    By Shani277
    The app interface is clean and easy to move around. It was a great additional app to have have saved me so many times with the receipts and the nice other qualities of this app when something is good it always get ruined this is one thing I commended Capital One for was having the best banking app and now that’s going away please just add features to the other app no one else have these options save what makes you great
  • Bring back instant notification 1/5

    By Twoww1999
    No longer receive notifications when card is used. Terrible change.
  • Too many required updates 2/5

    By Hmb7x
    This app is useful and works well, but is almost always gated; I use it every couple of weeks and am almost always prompted to do a required update. Data usage aside, the constant updates cause delays and create downtime. I just want to pay my bill...maybe I’m missing an auto update feature 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Carolebowers
    Would like to be notified when credit cards is used.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Provomom
    So disappointed this app is going away. I prefer it to the capital one app in large part because of the offered discounts. Wish those discounts would continue to be offered.
  • Forced to downgrade 1/5

    By MaybeAfterLunch
    I simply wanted to activate my new card. I was unable to use the app due to a required “update”. After updating I saw an announcement that “Wallet is being discontinued in May” and a link to install Capital One Mobile. They say my “favorite features are already there!” My favorite feature is Apple Wallet support, which is not listed in the “supports” section next to Family Sharing for the Capital One Mobile app. I’ll be using other methods of payment on Apple Pay from now on. Who is actually stupid enough to carry a magnetic-stripe payment card on their person these days? It doesn’t matter how secure the EMV chip is, if the data is still present on an unencrypted magnetic stripe on the other side of the card. I might as well deposit all my cash in the bank and carry a signed blank check in my pocket for “backwards compatibility”…
  • Force update to break 1/5

    By E2tech
    Forced to update to a less capable app that is then replaced by an app that is a joke
  • Will miss it... 5/5

    By miya361
    WHY does this app has to be discontinued??? This is one of the best banking apps I have used. Showing you all charges immediately as a notification, even giving you suggestions on how much to tip. Switching between two cards to see what was charged on which card was also a great feature. It’s just plain inconvenient to have to scroll through all transactions. The wallet app just gives a much better overview of your transactions. Adding receipts is also a nice feature. Sure, it’s not to manage your finances or complex tasks. But great to check your finances on the go. I will miss it :(
  • Capital One is being CHEAP!! 1/5

    By GV sheep
    I also, really enjoyed the automatic responses when my credit card had been used. It tells you immediately you don’t have to wait for two days to see it on your statement. Capital One reading this feature back!
  • New app is not worth having on phone. 1/5

    By Sally Consumer
    I agree completely with March 22 review. Capital One is taking away a number of very useful functions, especially seeing charges in real time, being able to view charges by family member, and even the amount to tip on Restuarant purchases. There’s no reason to have this new app unless you want to pay your bill through your phone, it’s the only thing they really let you do now. Very odd decision given the way that technology is moving forward and allowing us to do more on our phones.
  • Discontinued 5/5

    By Pepsicola1990
    Please don’t discontinue! This was such a useful app and highly valued. Received notification today it is being shut off — so useful for managing fraud and getting instant card usage notifications!!
  • Soon to be discontinued 2/5

    By Tsuzuki1328
    I just started using the Wallet app. I was Really pleased I could save discount cards and take pictures of my receipts and attach them to the purchase. So useful! Too bad capital one has decided to discontinue it.
  • Discount/Areas 3/5

    By knightcount69
    I really dislike for this feature to go away, like so many others in which will not be carry-out or over to the other app. I hope capital one can take note and reconsider in keeping all of this great options and keep it under one roof. I love the fact this app will let you know what type of discount you’re actually getting and which stores offer those deals. So when you at a particular store or shop you can actually see the type of % they are offering you for that big saving. The app is excellent but the brain behind this decision aren’t. So go back to your drawing board decide how you can improve or make the other app even better not worse. Remember you want to be different and better then the rest not the same or even worse. Thank you for your time and dedication. Respectfully, J.S.
  • getting worst 1/5

    By jimmieforu
    i just need authorization from them so i could use my apple pay and instead of helping me, they put me on a long hold and thats fine, then again they’re asking for documentation they need to proof my identity, are u for real though? the reason for my call was soooo simple,but you giving me a hard time. like who got time for this? seriously. my ssn isnt enough? give me a break. you have to train your staff more
  • Used to love before the last update 1/5

    By Psoup1965
    Removed ability to capture receipts. Now just another credit card app. I would brag how great the app is. Now going to uninstall it. Went from hero to zero.
  • Great banking app 5/5

    By pauljustinsalerno777
    Capital one is a bank that has stood by me over the years. I love this app and it helps me keep track of any charges. Try it yourself and apply for one of their credit cards. It’s a good company.
  • Wallet going away 1/5

    By Randy Beachum
    I agree with Jumkforspunk need a replacement for wallet.
  • Discontinuation of services 1/5

    By StuffMAN637
    What’s with discontinuing the receipt capture and push notifications?? I was a big fan of capital one but these really put me off. Come on guys. You can’t create a useful service like receipt capture, have business customers come to rely on it, and then just cancel it. Not cool at all.
  • Upgrade CO Mobile 1/5

    By martyatheall
    Capital One Mobile needs an upgrade then if you are taking this away. You can’t see instant history as far back as you need to with CO Mobile. Why? It can’t be that hard to update. I Loooooved this Wallet App.
  • Capture receipts discontinued 2/5

    By Atreyuwarrior
    I like the idea of capturing the receipts. I keep all my receipts and figured I could save that inconvenience by using the capture feature. Now the app is discontinuing it! Not pleased.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By JunkWithSpunk
    Used to love this app when I could get instant notifications anytime my debit card was charged. Let us know immediately when we were overcharged or double-charged for something. Helped us instantly see when our card was fraudulently used on 2 different occasions. Also let us know when exactly automatic monthly charges had come out. With Wallet being discontinued, super disappointed this feature isn’t even available in the Capital One Mobile app despite them recommending the switch to it. CapOne Mobile only allows you to receive notifications for your credit card at this time. Well I don’t pay my bills or day-to-day things with my credit card, I use my debit card as most people do and found it incredibly useful to be able to see that information. Now no way to see all of my charges in real-time via iOS notifications. Terrible choice on behalf of Capital One. This allowed your customers to be more responsible with their money, but I guess that’s not very high on their list of priorities anymore. Bad customer service to take away such useful features without a functional alternative. Awful.
  • Purchase notifications 5/5

    By Emeraldeyes521
    Really wish I hadn’t updated. Leaving it at 5 stars because before they started this discontinue process, it was perfect. I especially loved the purchase notifications, they were immediate and I often told a merchant to not double swipe my card because it already went through. The capital one app notifications are not nearly as reliable and do not have the customization that this app has. I had a quick notification banner show up for all purchases, and then for large purchases, I had capital one send me a text message. Now I can only have one or the other. Disappointing.
  • Removal of Gift Card 1/5

    By Ace101Boss
    Horrible move to removing Gift Cards.
  • Push Notifications?!? 1/5

    By Old enough23
    What happened to the push notifications for iPhone each time my Quicksilver Credit Card is charged?? I’m NOT talking about Alerts. When used at restaurants, the app used to send a push notification with the cost of my meal and recommended tip amount. When charged anywhere at anytime the app would send me a notification explaining who charged my card and for how much. Bring it back!! Plz
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Mouser58
    Every time I try to log in via the mobile app, I get an error message saying they can’t get me into Wallet right now. The only way I can get in is to reset my password. I can log in via the website fine. Won’t use this app unless they figure this out.
  • Why are there 3 different Capital One apps? 2/5

    By NikLinna
    I have this app. There's asp apparenty a separate "Mobile" app and a "CreditWise" app. Why? Why do I need three separate apps that are going to repeatedly fail to log me in and send 6-digit verification codes feom 6-digit "phone numbers", tricking me into entering the wrong code and generally making things more difficult. If their web site even worked I would just use that—but their web site doesn't even work. Oh, and the in-app feedback expects me to have email on my phone, which I do not use my phone for, so no feedback for them I guess, except when I switch to another credit card.
  • Notifications, receipts, etc. 1/5

    By Iisaann1025
    I used to really enjoy this app but have now found it useless. I have not received notifications in months. When I first began using the app I would get notifications whenever the card was used, but now nothing even though all of my settings are set to receive notifications. And my savings account no longer shows up. And I’ve never been able to add receipts. I love the idea of that feature but have never been able to use it.
  • I use iOS 9 1/5

    By XweAponX
    PS to the guy who wrote a review saying he can't use the app due to "modified iOS": you know what this means, download the tweak "Liberty" from Xarold repo, and shut off detection and substrate for the app. Then it will work. And I am very unhappy that the most recent versions of this app are limited to iOS 10 and above. The last available version that I am allowed to download is the version that spins around and around and around, and does not connect. So I am stuck using version 3.10.x, and God help me if you suddenly decide to start blocking my use of that version. Please consider people who are stuck on devices that can't be updated past a certain iOS. ======== previous update three stars=====>> Version 3.11 spins around and around and around and around and around without connecting. Other times it connects right away. Version 3.10.1 always connects. Maybe it's a problem with the server. Last night 3.11 would not connect, this morning it connects. The thing that bugs me is that the version that I'm using will stop working, forcing me to update to the latest version. Then the latest version will not connect. Please stop forcing me to update to versions that don't work! Btw: "Phantom recurring charges" are probably your interest charges, which for me are about five bucks a month. Call the Capital One customer service, they are always very good with helping me sort out issues.
  • How do discounts work? 2/5

    By Andrew vvtgasafhi
    A help section would be nice. There is a discount section that brings up coupons- are they automatic like on my Amex or do I have to give a waiter my phone and hope they no what it means? The utter lack of a faq or help section is ridiculous
  • Like the app... but miss the instant purchase notification 4/5

    By Bummed!!!!!!!!!
    I like the app but with a recent update the ability to receive notifications for purchases went away. This feature was great to ensure the purchase went through and actually saved me from a double charge last year. Can you bring this feature back?
  • Notifications just stopped working 2/5

    By schmdtdwn
    I used to love this app! It was great to get notifications as soon as my card was used. I noticed recently that I stopped receiving the notifications and I can’t figure out why. Very disappointed.
  • I don’t like it 1/5

    By synceirtb
    It does not allow you to view your card number early that was the whole freaking point of downloading the app 😒 the other app does the exact same thing but is better because it allows you to view your child’s savings account too .
  • “System Requirements” 1/5

    By Aerovian
    I cannot open the app. I’m immediately met with “This app is only supported on unmodified versions of iOS.” I have the latest version of both iOS and of this app, yet still cannot access the app.
  • Capital one 1/5

    By Big kelvin
    For the last three days this app is not working correctly . Please fix this app both ended out I cannot pay my bill please fix it. Thank you Kelvin Temple
  • Great, except for one thingl 3/5

    By caffeineaddict115
    It still shows my deactivated cards! The app gives you no option to remove cards from the wallet. I had to get a new card sent to me, two different times, but they’re still showing up on the wallet app. Incredibly annoying. Fix it, I beg of you. I love it otherwise.

Capital One Wallet app comments


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