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Cappuccino is a daily podcast made up of stories from your closest friends. You and your friends record short audio stories (“beans”) throughout the day, like life updates, funny moments, or drama. The next morning, you listen to your Cappuccino, a mix of your friends’ fun stories with background music. It feels like a mini-podcast from your friends. It makes you smile, laugh and feel closer together. Cappuccino is for elite friend groups only. From the Capp Community: “The best app to have happened to the girls.” - @timpsz on Twitter “Capp is unique, not like any other network.” - Ariel “A great, low-effort way to stay connected.” - Abbi “The Cappuccino app has given me reason to look forward to 8am every day.” - Emily

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  • Depression Cured 5/5

    By tomassime02
    All I’m saying is that my friends and I have been using this app for the past couple of days, and every time they record a bean my day is brighter. I swear these beans have cured my depression. Would 1000% recommend.
  • Potential to be super big with some small changes 4/5

    By ecarollo
    1) music customization 2) allow users to change the speed they listen at (like a real podcast) 3) change formatting to make it easier to navigate through past beans (not fun to have to scroll, scroll, scroll to try to find one from a few weeks ago) 4) give labels to the buttons (took me forever to figure out the microphone with the reverse arrow is a “reply” not “rewind 10 seconds” like on most podcast apps) 5) incorporate “rewind / fast forward 10 seconds” buttons
  • Cool app missing features 4/5

    By N Koenig
    Cool idea. Like so many other reviews from the past year plus, I’m mostly sad about the lack of music control. I can choose to turn off the background music when I download a bean (or even choose which built-in background music to use), but not when sending to my in-app groups. Hard to perfect my Serial spoof with jazzy background music.
  • A great app for friends 5/5

    By kevincvanhorn
    Love the concept and presentation! Please add the ability to upload audio for use in multiple groups
  • love!! 5/5

    By zi-tenzin
    this app is the cutest- i can keep up with my friends from out of state and it’s like we never left. there’s these prompts and music to make it seem like an actual podcast and i love the presentation of each persons personal cast- u can tap back and forth like in stories and the prompts are on the screen. u can add personal pictures as a background for ur cast like spotify songs have music videos/album pics! overall i’ve gotten all my friends on board and will update this review when we get a better feel for it! excited to see where this app goes! :)
  • I love it but… 4/5

    By Anniecia
    I love this app, from the prompts to the music before the message to the addition of pictures. There is one thing I would think that would make me shout this app from the rooftops is that I wish you could comment on each bean minus the response voice message. Like type out comments. Kinda like soundcloud where you comment at a certain time stamp and the comment would show up when you reach that time stamp while listening to the bean. Please create a comment button somewhere app developers. im begging!
  • great app i have a few suggestions 4/5

    By 'xlajfdj
    so i love the concept of this app and it reminds me a lot of bereal but in a different medium. i would really love to see a text comment feature where you can type replies to the beans people have sent ithink that would allow for more interaction as a recording feels like too much sometimes
  • Not Enough Time!! 3/5

    By HulkHoganIsMyDad
    I really do love this app, my ONLY complaint is not being able to take longer recordings. Snapchat has a 10 minute limit, so it makes more sense to just send an audio message there or through more popular apps like messenger and whatsapp. I feel like if there was a 1 hour limit (true to podcast standards) people would have the option to tell longer stories. I had to send 10 beans just to tell 1 story from start to finish, and it definitely made me and my friends want to find an alternative. This app is so cute and user friendly, the only downfall in my opinion is the 3 minute limit.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By lostlittlesis
    Fun and cute way to connect with friends. Love it!
  • love the app, but experiencing glitches 3/5

    By girlwiththeglass
    this app is so fun and adorable. i love listening to my friends’ beans and the podcast format. my only complaint is that the app keeps glitching and won’t let me change my pic or birthday. an error always comes up whenever i try, and i’ve tried deleting and making new accounts but it still won’t work.
  • More editing capabilities 4/5

    By sweeeettooth
    I don’t need much. I just wish I could pause and add to one recording without having to re-record. I sometimes struggle over words and I’d rather pause and take a beat than either have a huge silence/re-recording till I get it right. Also being able to choose the music would be nice. To be able to fit the mood of the “stories” you’re sharing. Other than that I really enjoy the app and the format! My friends and I use it to give each other updates or to just info dump to someone and we really enjoy it other than the aforementioned things
  • Fun app! 4/5

    By Rand fangirl
    Me and my high school friends use this to connect with each other despite the long distance between us. It’s very enjoyable since we talk about mundane things that seem kind of boring to send a text about but easy to talk about. One thing I would love for the app to include is a comment section for each podcast since I don’t want to make a new voice memo for them to hear the next day about a small question or reaction I had. But otherwise, love the app!
  • Great app but the flow of beans is confusing 4/5

    By Bkduhbtrdjug
    Such a fun app but every time we share with new friends, we have to over-explain since it’s a little hard to follow when there’s too many prompts. Sometimes someone responds to a prompt late, meanwhile the others are already on the next prompt. If you listen to each bean card in order, it’s like 5 diff conversations that’s all over the place. It’s hard to follow which bean someone is responding to because it’s in a random order. It’d be great if the bean cards flow better almost like a conversation, that way it seems continuous? What if there’s an option to have multiple stacks of card beans for each group? So one stack for each prompt almost like a folder. You can choose which prompt/stack to respond to. That way it’s more organized and you know what the theme of the conversation is in that stack. Otherwise, such a good app!! Excited to see how this app progresses 🙏🙏
  • add comments features 4/5

    By sickomads92
    love this app! found it through tiktok and used it to stay in touch with my hs friends while in college. I really wish there was an added feature to comment on each of my friends ‘cappucino beans’ and we can make conversations or comment on what they talked about. if i wanted to respond to their story, i have to open a separate messenger app which is inconvenient.
  • Fun concept could be improved 4/5

    By curdsandwhey
    Love the idea! Would be great if we could delete beans. Also if there was something along the lines of a bean editing studio where we could prepare beans, choose background music, and save them before choosing to send or not send for the next day’s cappuccino. Q and A page would be helpful as well. Had to figure out through trial and error if we could create multiple beans per day.
  • Wish we could record one bean throughout the day. 4/5

    By Kaatiee111
    Only been using it for a few days but it’s so fun! It’s like getting a postcard from a friend every morning. My only suggestion is to allow a bean to be added to. I’ll record 30 seconds in the morning and some short ones throughout the day and it’s kind of annoying to have to listen to the intro and outro music around every 8 second clip.
  • Adorable and so fun! 5/5

    By SeaGeeBee
    I love this app! It’s perfect for my friends and I who are scattered across time zones but still want to hear each other’s voices. Looking at past reviews I can tell the developers are continuing to develop this app and make it as smooth as possible, and it is absolutely working! I can’t wait to see where this ends up, but it’s delightful as is!
  • Such a dope app! 4/5

    By MrzJada
    This app is amazing. The concept, beautiful! The only two issues I am experiencing is a RTC error code when trying to record a bean with a friend and now the option to record with friends is completely gone. Secondly, if you record with a friend you get 6 mins but when you record solo you only get 3 mins. Thus, if the option to record with others is officially removed it would be nice to have a longer max time when recording solo. Otherwise, fab app! Thanks again for developing an awesome mini podcast app. I look forward to some bug fixes and updates which would then result in a 5 star rating. :))) Stay BLesT!
  • Loved this app but then it stopped working 2/5

    By listener1155
    This app was very very fun and a great way to keep in touch with people that are far away. I used it with my boyfriend long distance for a couple weeks but then The app started malfunctioning and we could only hear the first one minute of the three minute voice recording. Very disappointing because it was fun for the one week that it was working. :(
  • Bad bug 4/5

    By So and so 1
    I like the app but there is a bug that is cutting off each bean at 1 minute and we’re not able to hear last that point. Fix it
  • Great app could use some more features 4/5

    By denimmined
    I have been using this app for about two weeks and I love being able to share content from my day with my friends. I know the idea of this app is to have friends download it and form groups but I wish there were easier ways to share our of the app. Some of my friends have Android phones and sending large videos is difficult. I wish there was an MMS friendly way to share beans or even better a link I could send friends so they could hear even if they can’t download the app. I also wish there was an easy way to make a bean and save it to send later. I like to make updates on my life that I sometimes share at a later time. If there was a coffee drawers or something like that that would be awesome
  • Cappuccino Vibrations 3/5

    By xjennasaur
    Is there a way to turn off the vibrations when we receive cappuccinos? I understand the concept that it’s trying to mimic the sound and feeling of grinding beans and making coffee but it’s extremely unsettling. The sound and vibrations last way too long. I can’t seem to find the settings to allow me to disable this feature. I don’t want to experience it everyday! It honestly makes me dread opening up the app. I close it to stop the vibrations but it doesn’t stop when I open it back up. I’m enjoying the concept so far to stay connected with my friends, but I wish I could respond to their beans with comments as well instead of only replying with recorded beans.
  • Crashes 90% if the time when I send a bean 1/5

    By Chad K.
    The app constantly crashes when I try to send a bean. I will record a 2-3 minute long story and then when I hit send, the app instantly crashes and the bean is lost. Really pisses me off
  • Unable to post 1/5

    By TTmeeluku
    Are you guys not gonna maintain this app anymore? It’s been weeks and every time I tried to post the app just crashes
  • Great app with a lot of potential 4/5

    By X-toastmaster-X
    I have two groups that I’m a part of currently, one where I am an admin and another where I am just a member. From both perspectives it’s very fun and easy to use. A couple of changes I would recommend: 1. Being able to delete beans. 2. Being able to change group names as an admin. 3. More options to limit user access, I believe it should be up to the admin to allow/dis-allow users to listen to cappuccinos immediately after they are posted. Kinda ruins the fun when some people have listened and some haven’t. Otherwise, I love this app!
  • Love it!! (but 1 thing) 4/5

    By Emmmily_et
    Absolutely love the app!! It’s helped my group of friends stay in touch after graduating. One improvement that would help me to continue to use the app even when I get busier would be the option to play the beans at 2x speed!
  • Love! And suggestion 4/5

    By sofia sheffler
    Hello! Me and my group of friends as well as my boyfriend love using this app because we lead very busy lives and it offers a fun way to connect, catch-up with, and talk to each other whenever we get the chance. The only thing I would change/add would be to have at least 10 minutes (or better yet - unlimited time) to talk because with three minutes you either have to give a broad quick summary of what you’re talking about or send multiple “beans” in a row and spam your group-members notifications. That’s all, thank you!
  • Would be PERFECT if it had these updates!! 4/5

    By flaming hot popcorns
    This app is one of the cutest and coolest ideas I’ve came across, but I really wish users could have more control over the music!! The options of no music, or being able to pick your own bgm would really help better the user experience. Love love love the idea and animations!!
  • The app is good but you need friends who want to also 4/5

    By ThatGirlInPurple
    The app is very easy to use and I love it. I got it because my best friend and I want to start a podcast but turns out she doesn’t want to put in the effort to press a record button. My best friend got the app and didn’t use it once before she deleted it.
  • *Love* this app! However, some beans of wisdom 👇 5/5

    By Dobie92213
    I love this app so much! I started a group as a continuation of a group on Facebook called “Not Wasting My Twenties” and people seem to love the concept (myself included!). However, there are some things that would be great to improve on. Firstly, and maybe this is just me still learning about the app, why is it so hard to find groups and request to join? This limits the user greatly. Second, I would like to be able to choose the music that goes in the podcast just like I am able to choose a title picture. Third, I would like to be able to delete a bean if I want to. Otherwise, I really enjoy this app!
  • 9/10 5/5

    By opatterson
    This app is really great to interact with friends and just to document fun moment throughout the day i only rate it 9/10 instead of 10/10 because i wish it was possible to just send pictures with text instead of having to record but theres an easy workaround for it🙂 very easy to use and figure out
  • Keeping close to family 5/5

    By Adi Taj Kaur
    Love that daily I can hear my family that live so far a distance. We share old and new stories and share all kinds of great information. We love this app
  • Great app and concept, hoping for updates! 4/5

    By santh44
    I love the app so far, I love the concept! I’m moving away from my friends so this is a wonderful idea to keep in touch in a cute way, and we’re already making use of it!! I think a few suggestions other people mentioned (allowing more customization for when Capps. Are ready even though you can technically unlock it whenever, allowing you to choose theme music or even upload your own theme music, and lengthening the time) would take this app to the top. Overall it’s been fun, more customization would make it amazing!
  • Not too bad 3/5

    By hellothere1234nympgh112
    Isn’t too bad but should have option of speaking at the same time but recording, more podcast like.
  • Cant log in 4/5

    By ✨🐗inosuke🐗✨
    I love the concept but I haven’t been able to login for weeks
  • Awesome little app 5/5

    By e_flora
    I love this app! it’s a great way to stay in touch with long distance friends or friends you can’t see due to COVID. This app has sparked a lot of great conversation that wouldn’t have happened otherwise and has helped us all grow closer.
  • Makes my morning great! 5/5

    By %KitCat%
    I’m someone who loves sleep and usually hates to wake up in the morning but now I look forward to it! Hearing my friends voices is the best way to start the day, especially during a pandemic where we are so isolated. Thanks for the great app! Edited this review after a few months. This is one of my favorite apps! I’ve been using it for months and it has been a lovely way to keep up with friends. Every little update makes it smoother and better.
  • Healthy Social Media 5/5

    By buzz lightyear_21
    This app is awesome especially during this pandemic where we’ve all been messaging friends or trying to find time (and the strength) to schedule video chats. Instead of messaging, these podcasts will allow you to keep up with friends more regularly and listen to their voices. You can record and listen at any time! The ability to record one podcast and send it to all your friends or individually record them for each of your friends is so useful. Would love to be able to record longer podcasts though!
  • Best app for long distance friends 5/5

    By khegelhoff
    my best friends and i graduated college in May 2020 and we were all separated because of the pandemic. We still stay in touch of course but one of them discovered this app on tik tok! Cappuccino is such an amazing app for my best friends and i to stay connected but in such a fun way! Love waking up by listening to what my friends the night before and continue/start a new convo. 20/10 recommend for anyone including long distance friends!
  • not working 2/5

    By Fusfu11
    hi, so i tried to get an acc on this app, and i put my phone number in, and i tried again and again and never got a message, so then i tried to log in and it said that they have blocked me due to unusual activity, it would rly help if you answered.
  • Could be big if allowed more user customization! 4/5

    By Pandaface5
    My friends and I started using this app and it has a lot of potential, but the lack of being able to choose certain things about our cappuccinos really turned us off from it. Not being able to choose the music was a big thing for my friend group personally, being able to customize the music (allowing our own music, making it easier to turn off the music) Choosing the times as well would’ve helped us to keep using the app longer. We are college students that usually stay up pretty late, so we would wake up in the afternoon not 7am, so making them available at our own custom time would’ve been nice! Lastly YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DELETE BEANS. Messing up a bean and accidentally sending it without being able to modify or delete is not great. Even an edit button would be nice! Overall I really like the concept and idea of this app but I think my friend group stopped using it because of the total lack of user control and customization. If it ever gets updated perhaps we’ll start using it again
  • Amazing App 4/5

    By sorryguys1229
    This app has an adorable and easy to follow interface, and it’s a great way to connect to friends who are phone call or video chat shy. Listening to the “cappuccinos”, paired with my morning coffee, is often the highlight to my day. My only suggestion would be user control over the music files or the type of music played alongside the little recordings. It’s a little jarring when a serious message is paired with a very up-tempo song. Otherwise? Perfect app.
  • Fun! Can’t wait to see updates! 4/5

    By Banangerine
    So much fun to catch up with friends. Would love to see who listened to my recordings from the page with all the recordings, we could react to recordings if nothing to respond, and should be able to respond to multiple recordings at once, e.g. 2 recordings of the same prompt. The other suggestions with adjusting time etc. sound great too. Overall a great idea and LOVEEE the UI!!! Also, would like to add group picture to the group so when listening to the cappuccino on lock screen, it’s like an actual podcast. EDIT: LOVE the dancing cup when listening!!! i don’t know if that was there before but i see it now. ALSO THANK YOU FOR THE HEART REACTS!
  • Helped me grow closer to friends! 5/5

    By Kea :)
    This app is great! It’s helped me talk more and grow closer to my friends. I love that there’s no ads as well, I really appreciate it! If you have a donation page I’d love to send you a tip so that you can keep the app ad-free. I know the development team is probably small, but if it’s not too much trouble I’d love the ability to maybe add sound effects in future updates! Or some basic editing capabilities, where you can trim your bean and re-record if you mess up halfway through.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By cm010
    Loving this app so much! Completely understand so much more to come and be done! Excited to be here with you on this journey to creative freedom!
  • Obsessed 5/5

    By isahutch
    This makes my morning every day. Thank you for solving a problem I didn’t know I had 💛 great job all of you at cappuccino fm
  • The cutest app! 5/5

    By Bri Boucher
    This app is so cute!! It has been so fun to listen to my friends answer questions in such an adorable and unique format. I also submitted a suggestion and got a response so quickly - Olivier, a cofounder of the app, was so kind and offered some insight into future features. Overall, love Cappuccino!
  • Greattt 4/5

    By tiny._.bella
    this is a fun and cute app but i think it’d be cool if you can edit what time you’d want to send prompts and like an option to make a live audio chat where the other members of the group can join and it gets recorded and uploaded when it’s done! otherwise the app is fun and i love it
  • Help 3/5

    By rayvyne
    The app won’t send a verification code to my phone. I really want to join though. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. I’ve checked my phone settings to make sure it wasn’t blocking it as spam or something. But it just won’t send the code