Caption Kit: Add Line Breaks

Caption Kit: Add Line Breaks

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Caption Kit: Add Line Breaks App

Caption Kit allows you to create beautiful captions for Instagram, TikTok, or any app that does not allows line breaks. Many apps don’t allow you to add line breaks to your captions and comments. Caption Kit allows you to add line breaks, make your text Bold or Italic. All you need to do is: 1) Type your caption with as many line breaks as you want 2) Turn on Bold and/or Italic before typing to add style to your caption 3) Tap “Generate Caption” and go paste your caption into Instagram, TikTok etc… It will look exactly as you want it to once you paste it. Some reviews: 5/5* “I work at a marketing firm and a lot of my work involves posting on social media (mostly Instagram!). This app is really useful. I create captions with more spacing and make them look a lot better.” 5/5* “Whenever I post on Instagram, I always need to add a message at the bottom to tell my users to buy my product. However it is impossible to do it directly on Instagram. This app is great.” The app is not affiliated with Instagram or TikTok.

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Caption Kit: Add Line Breaks app reviews

  • Text too small 3/5

    By skym8099
    I would give this 5 stars if you would fix the fact that the text is so small in the box you give to type caption that my vision actually goes blurry while trying to see it after a few minutes. It is smaller then the smallest factory font option on any cell phone and it cannot be adjusted. Anyone who has vision trouble would never be able to use your app
  • Just this one major flaw 3/5

    By coriandermaze
    I love being able to work out my caption with breaks where I place them. My only issue is that the text doesn’t scroll as you type. So once you type enough to pass what you can see above the keyboard, you can’t see anything that you’re typing. Seems like an obvious thing to fix. If i could scroll through what I’ve typed I’d give it 5 stars plus. Dear programmers, please fix this.
  • Best app 5/5

    By 4StringKing70
    Are u instagram? It’s must have app.
  • Doesn’t work as it states 1/5

    By angegiam
    I have been using this app for 3 of mine IG posts and all my spaces are in a mess!!!!! I really cannot bring myself to like this app. Is there away to have it refund???
  • Needs more features. Note to developer: 3/5

    By madeleinemua
    I noticed that you the app was changed from free to $1.99 after I vigorously promoted the app on twitter a week or so ago. The same day hundreds of people downloaded it, it became a paid app. This has moved many people away from using the app and moved me away from recommending it. May I add some suggestions? Instead of a $1.99 fee, have users watch a short ad when they copy to clipboard. It seems like a win win. Please add other bulletin point options & fonts. It would absolutely set you apart as caption writing apps are few and far between. Thanks! @madeleinemua
  • It doesn’t save several copies 1/5

    By Honey636
    What’s the point if I can only use it as I need it and can’t prepare content for later use! Wasted $2.99
  • Great 5/5

    By johnny the app reviewer
    Gets the job done for Instagram, worth every penny
  • Almost Perfect! 5/5

    By Magic Propaganda Mill
    This is an excellent app, does exactly what you want it to do with no frills. My only criticism is that the main buttons you need to press to copy text, bold, or italicize the text is covered by the keyboard when it’s in use. Makes it quite difficult to use the latter two functions, and for the former, you need to tap out of the text to make the keyboard disappear before you can access the main function button. If that could be fixed, this would be a perfect app. Otherwise, still wonderful. Thank you!