Car - Battle on Roof

Car - Battle on Roof

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Ming Yang
  • Compatibility: Android
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Car - Battle on Roof App

Knock opponents off the roof with your car bumper, Grow bigger and stronger after knocking others off, You must be the last on the roof to win the final battle! Try different map experience fast& furious! Come and battle now!

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Car - Battle on Roof app reviews

  • False advertising/ horrible game 1/5

    By dudhdudhdjdnn
    The title says it all
  • Literally everything about this game is bad. 1/5

    By DParkGolf
    First, the advertisement of the game is completely false. It shows games like Bmg Drive and GtaV, and sometimes shows video on these games without proper permission.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By DillonDO
    Showed footage of gta v in ad
  • The reason I gave this a star 1/5

    By Logan Hoover
    The reasons why is because they copied one of the mini games on gta 5. And they used a clip off of BMG Drive and that’s why I gave this game 1 star
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Elliot Godinez
    There was an ad that I saw and it looked like gta 5 and I was confused, then I looked into the game and it’s terrible! It like every IO game!
  • Why does this exists???? 1/5

    By fixed worlds please
    I mean it’s terrible but why did the creator think it’s fun????
  • Trash1053 1/5

    By To many ads 124798
    This is trash. Ads are fake and the game is terrible it glitches me through everything I win but not all the time and that’s why. It lies to you. So yeah don’t waste your time getting this game is garbage.
  • This is how mafia works! 1/5

    By UltraHawkII
    While I was binge watching videos on YouTube, I noticed this as an advertisement. It was in the form of two cars attempting to drive past falling boulders, which if you were to watch it, you would immediately notice that it was, not the actual game. Knowing this was the case, I just ignored it. The next day, I got an advertisement for the same game again. The only change is that it was Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V with some mods, where the player is jumping out of the car and crashing into other cars, and a caption at the top of the screen “WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT! WATCH OUT!”. It was at that moment a red flag was raised in my head. Now I have to check it out. Looking at the screenshots of the game from the App Store, I immediately knew what I was getting into. This was a rip-off but it was themed to be cars. For curiosity’s sake I played the game on airplane mode to see how it turned out. I realized that wasn’t even the end of the deceit. The other “players” were obviously controlled by a computer and had randomly generated names and a flag indicating nationality. That was extremely suspicious since for one, I am playing offline to prevent advertisements being shoved down my throat, and second, there was never an alert saying “Car would like to access your location”. Unless the flag was intended to trick you into thinking you were paired up with other real people, I have reason to believe that my personal information has been compromised. In terms of gameplay, the enemies’ knock back increases the more games you win, getting up to par with you when you reach skill tier “Challenger I”, where you are unable to win (without an extremely drawn out and prolonged fight, leading to abrupt boredom). Even if you do manage to win, your skill level will not increase since that is the highest skill tier. On the contrary, your skill level cannot go down, no matter what. I should note that there is no sound to the game at all and the vibration setting in the options menu serves no function. This game is but a re-skin of the developer’s own game “” which surprisingly has a much higher rating of 4.6! To promote their game, they made the decision to advertise similar to the style of advertising from Last Shelter Survival and the infamous Mafia City: Gameplay that is nowhere close to the actual game, aka false advertising. Not only do the developers have to worry about potentially being sued for said deceptive practices, they are at further risk for using other games to advertise their own, most likely without permission. If you want to play a bumper game, you should definitely consider downloading some game else.
  • Bogus garbage game 1/5

    By Dinan-s-540i
    The ads show beamNG and all you get when you download is this stupid roof top bumper car game. Don't waste your time or your download space.
  • This game is not what I expected 1/5

    By itctxitcctx txitx
    I downloaded this game cuz it looked like fun because of an ad I saw. I download it and it’s not even what I wanted. This is false advertising
  • False advertising at work here 1/5

    By Quagmire 69
    The game is nothing like the add said it was I was exited to play the game that I saw in the add and then I get this garbage copy of another game Make it online!!! If you want to make a decent version of the game concept
  • Deception: 100 1/5

    By Agent Milton
    The ad for this game was a bigger lie than I could possibly explain, for the only thing that’s actually in the game from the ad is cars, it’s just some insipid bumper car game that takes place on a tower that most would recognize as I what I believe is called the Maze Bank Tower. So yeah pathetic...
  • Fake ads and trash 1/5

    By Hyper_ninja
    This game is trash it showed in a ad that GTA V gameplay was showed you can see the hole LOS SANTOS form the game in the ad
  • CLICK BAIT 1/5

    By to much name taken
    honestly I feel like this doesn’t deserve one star I got this game because it showed cars crashing into each other and being crushed but i downloaded it and it was completely different
  • Click bate 1/5

    By Grandwarrior199
    This game is a rip off. They paid for an add on YouTube and had no realistic game play in it. Do not download!
  • It’s a a terrible game DON’T BUY!!!! 1/5

    By The commenter 42315
    This game is not what you see in the ads it has taken an add from GTA and from a different game and just put those 2 clips into there own. Also, I tried the game out and even without the ads the game is still horrible I mean your just hitting cars off the tops of builds. How is that fun?
  • Stealing!! 1/5

    By #Clolotnumberhatesfire
    I was convinced at the ads made. But I got in and nothing! Dale advertisement!! I may just report you.
  • Lying 1/5

    By Gray taylor
    This game doesn’t even deserve 1 star. I originally downloaded this because I saw an advertisement on a GTA simulator type of game. Highly disappointed.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By 010011011101
    This is a load of crap
  • Bad 1/5

    By carsonthecool
    It is clickbait, filled which ads, and should be taken off the App Store for good!
  • I hate this game 1/5

    By TheDestroyer12345
    This game has false advertising this game is nothing like the ad i saw.#thisgamesucks
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By RoastedPickle52
    Literally none of the ads show real gameplay. Even the picture has things on it that you can’t even get. But not only is the advertising false, but it’s just a copy of, which is a way better game with decent, but real advertising. I don’t recommend this game to anyone, especially if they were looking for what they saw in the advertisements.
  • Bad!!! 1/5

    By yudkthnjxzfmgjxngzn
    Graphics terrible game play terrible everything’s terrible about this game don’t get it trust me you don’t want to you
  • I just got clickbaited :( 1/5

    By Oyt999
    When I saw this as BeamNG.Drive I was really surprised. But I didn’t know how it can be on mobile. Because if it were, it would Be laggy, so I didn’t know why people would get this, but when I got this, I found out it wasn’t. Also due to the false advertising, you really deserve a copyright strike from the BeamNG.Drive company and the GTA company too. Please take those advertisements down. Also I understand you want to be popular but this isn’t the way to go. If you keep doing this you can be fined. Even though I haven’t played the game really yet. As a BeamNG.Drive fan, I am very disappointed. It really deserves a 1 star until you show the true gameplay. So take them down NOW.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Z32Woody
    I saw a “beaming” ad and was excited, only to be let down by the fake ad and a mediocre game.
  • Game is garbage 1/5

    By Igsgigixigxigxigxi
    The ad is clickbait and uses gta5 videos. I’m gonna save you all the trouble and just don’t download it
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By the build is decent
    Why I don’t like it because on all of their adds it is just fake advertisement I mean like the game it’s self is bad I can see why this game has such a bad rating and its graphics are horrible and not good why do you even have to update it every up date you get a new car and that is so useless
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By Mikey H H
    They steal other games just for ads and then their game is completely different
  • Don’t get 1/5

    By Ryanman0423
    If u got this game h dumb its beamng not the actual game this game trash
  • Click Bait 1/5

    By AMock101
    Terrible and disappointing game. In the ads it shows destruction like other games we have come to love with destruction and great physics. This is not that. The click bait in these ads are terrible. Please do not download.
  • Click bait 1/5

    By ATA frog
    Downloaded this game just to leave this comment

    By champagne poppi
    The ads for this game are 100% clickbait bull crap. It does not portray the game in no way whatsoever. Just another copycat garbage game.
  • False addvertising 1/5

    By kegan 77
    This just one of one of those apps that use YouTuber videos that aren’t the game at all
  • Don’t trust 1/5

    By john wick 58275729
    The game in the ad looks awesome but once you get to the actual game it is nowhere near as good as the ad so if you are looking to buy the game DON’T
  • Not Recommended 1/5

    By JTomasula
    This game has false advertisement and buggy game play, would not recommend this app if you want non buggy gameplay and actually want to play in the ads. Again the ads are false advertising this.
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By S_T69
    This game is just clickbait from the ads shown
  • Misleading Ads 1/5

    By icantfindausersoochosethis
    So the ads show like its beamng drive where you crash into stuff, but it’s just a copy of all the bumper games out there
  • Probably copyright infringement 1/5

    By Bfiore35
    Game uses scenes from other games to advertise such as beam.NG and GTA5. Game is nothing like it pretends to be in advertisements. Actual game has awful graphics, is boring, not easy to use at all. Save your time don’t download.
  • Bad 2/5

    By Ffkim
    No offense but the game quality is really bad and it is glitchy
  • Incredibly misleading ad and not so real 1/5

    By Gfrjdd
    Ok so first I saw an ad of this game where you got to drive a car with people in it and flip over and do awesome tricks,however this was completely false as when i got this app,i played and found out it was nothing but a mere roof where ‘players from around the world’ were battling and pretty much nothing else after that,the graphics are way too simple as compared to the ad i saw,and not to mention THE PLAYERS are just random generated bots.To prove this,I turned off WiFi and it you could still play with the so-called “players” from the so-called ‘around the world’.I would give this app a higher rating if the ad weren’t so misleading.
  • I want to sue whoever made the ads 1/5

    By Best app ever get it fast
    False advertising and click bait. Worst game ever
  • Clickbait 1/5

    By reviewthisandthat
    It’s nothing how the ads described this game to be its crap.
  • Not as advertised 3/5

    By Smithn8or
    I enjoy the game, however, it’s not the game I saw in the advertising. It’s completely different. So that’s ridiculous. It’s a very simple game, but I enjoy it. I wish the game kept track of your kills and of the times your killed. Keeping track of your stats would make it more enjoyable.
  • Click bait for advertisements 1/5

    By timeslinky
    The game is falsely advertised and is just a textured copy of other games.
  • Clickbait 1/5

    By Nice excessive
    This game was a waste of a download and just clickbated with a good game
  • To many ads and the advertisement is a lie 1/5

    By you game is bad if i reveiw it
    When you playing all the levels do is give you nothing and when you lose a ad so what is the point of playing
  • 🖕🏾😡 1/5

    By eagh24
    I want my money back !
  • Clickbait 1/5

    By Naughtie Nate
    This game advertises so much better gameplay than what you actually do
  • SO STUPID 1/5

    By 78nascar
    The ad was made with drive and the game play is terrible.

Car - Battle on Roof app comments

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