Careem كريم - Car Booking App

Careem كريم - Car Booking App

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  • Current Version: 8.6.1
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Careem كريم - Car Booking App App

Careem is MENA’s #1 car booking app for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. Commuting to work? Airport transfer? Visiting family? Forget about parking, traffic, car rental, or waiting for a taxi. Download Careem now for hassle-free transportation. What makes Careem awesome: - Booking a ride is easier than lifting your arm to hail a taxi - You can book a ride for immediate pick up – think shopping trips, or the daily work commute – or schedule a ride for later, which is great for getting to the airport on time - The Careem app provides a fare estimate and allows you to track the driver (Captain) in real time - You’re a grown up with choices! Pay the way you want, we accept cash and credit cards - Our GPS tracking is on point (see what we did there), so our Captains can easily reach you - Our customer support is ready to help you all day err’day Booking a Careem is easy: 1. Download the app. Our GPS ninjas will automatically pick up your location 2. Pick your car type and choose ‘Ride now’ or ‘Ride later’ depending on when you want to get going 3. Choose your drop-off location for a fare estimate 4. Tap ‘YALLA!’ and instantly get confirmation complete with your Captain’s details and location 5. Track the ride in real time. Then just get in, sit back, and relax. You only pay after the ride is complete Follow our social media accounts to be in the loop about amazing offers Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: If you are facing any issues with the app or have any suggestions, email us at [email protected] Careem’s transportation service is available 24/7 in major cities around MENA, Pakistan and Turkey such as Dubai, Lahore, Karachi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul and many more. Visit to see if we operate in your city. Yalla let’s go! كريم هو تطبيق حجز السيارات الأول في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا والذي يمكنك الاعتماد عليه لإتمام مشاويرك اليومية للعمل أو للمطار أو لزيارة الأصدقاء بأمان وبأسعار مقبولة، كما وهو الحل الأمثل لمشاكل الركنة، وزحمة السير، وتأجير السيارات، وانتظار سيارات التاكسي. حمّل كريم الآن للتنقل بسهولة. مميزات تطبيق كريم الرائعة: - حجز السيارة في التطبيق أسهل من الإشارة لسيارة أجرة - توفر فئات متنوعة من السيارات تتناسب مع أسلوب حياتك - يمكنك حجز سيارة "الآن" للانطلاق مباشرة للتسوق أو لمشاويرك اليومية إلى العمل، أو الحجز المسبق لمشوار لاحق، وهي خاصية رائعة للوصول إلى المطار مثلاً من دون تأخير - يقدّر التطبيق سعراً تقريبياً لمشوارك، وبالتالي لا مفاجآت! كما يسمح لك بتتبع السيارة في الوقت الفعلي - حرية في خياراتك. يمكنك الدفع نقداً أو بواسطة بطاقة الائتمان - نظام الجي بي أس الذي نستخدمه دقيق جداً ليتمكن السائق (الكابتن) من الوصول إليك بسهولة - الكباتن مدربون لتقديم أفضل خدمة. تعرف إلى كابتن سيارتك أو اطلب منه الموسيقى المفضلة لديك - فريق خدمة العملاء جاهز لمساعدتك 24\7 - أرسل دعوات استخدام التطبيق لأصدقائك واستفد من رصيد مجاني حجز سيارة مع كريم عملية سهلة جداً: 1. حمّل التطبيق. سيلتقط الجي بي أس موقعك أوتوماتيكياً 2. اختر فئة السيارة التي تناسبك وانقر على "احجز الآن" إذا كنت تود الانطلاق فوراً، أو "احجز لاحقاً" إذا كنت تود تحديد موعد لمشوار في وقت لاحق 3. حدد نقطة الوصول لمعرفة السعر التقريبي لمشوارك 4. انقر على YALLA لتتلقى مباشرة تأكيداً لحجزك مع تفاصيل الكابتن وموقعه الحالي 5. تتبع السيارة في الوقت الفعلي. والآن استرخ واستمتع بمشوارك، وادفع فقط بعد انتهاء المشوار تابعنا على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي للإطلاع دائماً على عروضاتنا المميزة. فيسبوك: إنستقرام: تويتر: لا تتردد بمراسلتنا على [email protected] في حال واجهتك أي مشكلة في التطبيق أو إذا كان لديك أي اقتراحات. خدمة كريم متوفرة 24\7 في العديد من مدن الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا مثل دبي، ولاهور، وكراتشي، والرياض، والدمام، وجدة، والقاهرة، وبيروت، وإسلام أباد، واسطنبول، وغيرها. زر موقع للإطلاع على لائحة المدن التي يعمل فيها التطبيق. Yalla let’s go!


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Careem كريم - Car Booking App app reviews

  • Advice to Careem Management 2/5

    By p0iz0ner
    Your service has no problem but why your captain always ask the drop location and in end they refuse to come. If I not cancel then they don’t come and waste the time so customer get frustrated and in end cancel himself. And worse is that the customer is charged for cancellation. Kindly manage it before UBER gets over you.
  • Nice service if not great 3/5

    By FHM200020012002
    Nice service if not great
  • تطبيق يخبل! 5/5

    By ستار كوالتي
    عاشت ايدكم وفرتولنا وقت..
  • High prices 2/5

    By Laraabouzannad
    Careem started as a very good and affordable app. Suddenly prices became high and unfair! And most of the cabs make roads longer on purpose thinking that they’ll have more money but this is ridiculous. Uber turned out to be better
  • Discount offers 1/5

    By Zikra Shahzadi
    Discount offers are very bad, they don’t give discount when they send promo code that is just fraud, drivers are good but company is bakwas, they don’t know how to connect customers they should give discounts on rides not on promo code and all that.
  • Peak all the time 1/5

    By Eman r
    All the time is a peak for careem, i prefer to use other apps كل الاوقات اصبحت ذروة عند كريم، افضل استخدام برامج توصيل اخرى
  • تقييم 5/5

    By Rashakhadum
    تطبيق رائع ومفيد
  • Better service 5/5

    By Amir zubidubidu
    It’s very better service in my experience
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By jsbnyhsowjbsocokwjwgsh
    With the new update i cant see the captain on the map, plus every time i order i have someone with people still with the captain dropping them, why cant i have someone available ? Worst update ever !
  • APPLICATION CRASHING within seconds of launching the app 1/5

    By Ashar_Sajid
    Such a big name, but a flop application. After updating app to 8.6.1, it has been crashing. As soon as the app launches, it shows the map and location and after 5 second crashes. Launch a update to fix this or you’ll be losing customers to the competition.
  • Huge decline and disappointing 1/5

    By Lamia Shams
    Careem egypt is really getting worse starting with the very old or broken cars and the standard of captains!! Most of them are vulgar with very bad language, texting all the way, driving really bad and they get angry sometimes they don’t reply when i use promo code or wait for my change , and sometimes i tell them please add the amount to my account then they don’t!!!! I’m deleting the app! Never use it again.
  • Warning: worst app do not download 1/5

    By mansouriz
    The drivers in Saudi are horrible and obviously they haven’t been trained well. I tried to get Careem credit from my stc qitaf and I keep getting an error message. I contacted the customer service team and they were no help at all and they stopped answering when I keep telling them my problem is not solved. I reinstalled the app, the 4G is working fine and I have a lot of space on my phone and i still get an error message. Stay away from this app!!
  • App 3/5

    By Shaeens
    You need to check what’s wrong with your app Connection lost, location not accurate, status not updated Driver arrives And I cannot see where he is Come on
  • رسالة 5/5

    By ابو زياد عرب
    التطبيق جدا جميل والاجمل هم الكباتن وسياسة الشركة في حسن تعاون مع الجميع ، بصراحة هم 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • لا تستخدموا 1/5

    By alazawiiy
    افشل تطبيق و بس يبكون بفلوس العالم بحجة السستم بي خلل عيب عليكم و حسبي الله على كل فلس اخذتوا
  • الله يوفقكم 5/5

    By mrakeshlord
    الى الافضل ان شاء الله
  • Thanks CAREEM 5/5

    By Najeeb b
    My favorite ehail car service in Pakistan, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRO REPRESENTATIVE, Most important is careem has customer service hotline 24hrs and can be contacted during or after trip,,
  • Life changing ❤️ 5/5

    By HLinder
    It makes me sad to travel other places and they don’t have Careem.
  • تطبيق الكابتن "ادما" 2/5

    By feucz
    نرجوا منكم ان تضعوا تطبيق ادما بالابستور لان اغلبنا اصبح يملك ايفون ولهذا نتمنى ان نجد تطبيق ادما بالايفون
  • Technical issue in the latest update. التحديث الأخير فيه مشكلة 3/5

    By Gone withth the wind
    I like the app and the company is my favorite but the new update is not working well with me. The display used to be more user friendly. Besides, the big problem is that it keeps showing that there are no cars available. Yet, whenever I request a car, I can find one available. I think it’s a technical issue. التحديث الاخير بوضح لي انه لا يوجد سيارات بجميع الفئات بينما اذا حجزت رحلة بالرغم من انه يقول مافيه سيارات، الاقي السيارة قريبة.
  • Inaccurate fares and high cancelation fees 1/5

    By Tarek sabb
    Inaccurate fares and high cancelation fees
  • سيئة 1/5

    By سلطان الوليدي
    سيء كيان ارخص منها وشركه جميع كباتنها سعوديين ♥‿♥
  • Careem 1/5

    By Blschaller Reviews
    The app is unreliable as per timings for the drivers to reach you. Once again, I have waited three times longer than estimated on the app. If I had known the nearest driver was 12 minutes away, not 4, I would have cancelled the ride and jumped in one of the three taxi’s that passed me—while I stood on a corner in the hot sun. Not okay Careem!
  • بغداد 3/5

    By Yasseralking
    اني عندي سياره ومشكله في تسجيل كباتن معرف id اي شي اخلي يكلي غلط

    By H§H
    in regards to KIWAIT ,Careem has Amazing service ,very polite and Professional driver along with their clean cars. comparing to the other local Taxi Drivers. price is a little bit higher than the local taxi but it still worth it.
  • الاستغفال للعميل غير مقبول 1/5

    By Reem A. Alfrayan
    بالحذاء اشتريت باقة ٧٠٠ كيلو واتصلت بخدمة العملاء مباشره ورفعت طلب تصحيح الخطاء من باقة ٧٠٠ الى باقة ٢٠٠. الرد من خدمة العملاء كان. نعم تم طلب باقة ٧٠٠ بالفعل ثم ارسلت ايميل مره اخرى حول الموضوع وطلبت التواصل مع شخص صاحب قرار ... الرد كان ان خدمة العملاء اتصلت بي في منتصف الليل وانا نائمة ثم ارسلت انهم أنصار ولم ارد عليهم. بكل استخفاف بأهمية العميل خصوصا من اصحاب الولاء للتطبيق. ارسل لهم ايميل بأن الوقت كان غير مناسب وشرحت لهم ان هذا الأسلوب في التعامل مع الحاله غير لائق. ثم قررت استخدام الباقيه حتى تنتهي لاني دفعت قيمتها لكي الغي البرنامج واحول لأوبر ... بعد فتره من استخدامي الباقة اتصلت بي سيدة من خدمه العملاء تقول سنعيد المتبقي من المبلغ هذا استخفاف بالعميل بعد ايش تعيد المبلغ بعد ما استخدمت جزء كبير منه. خلو الباقات تنفعكم .. وأكرر ما كتبت في ايميلات لهم الباقة تستحدث بغرض كسب ولاء العميل فما اغبى قسم التسويق وخدمة العملاء حين تكون نفس الباقة سببا في خسارة عميل عنده ولاء عالي للتطبيق. وكان هذا هو اخر تواصل معكم يا كريم قبل حذف البرنامج.
  • Sad 3/5

    By Dicheah
    It was better but it got worse . Always peek hours unlike uber Hope they realize that
  • رسالة شكر 5/5

    By om mary
    طبعا اوجه شكري وامتناني لشركتكم وعملها الدقيق المنظم والالتزام والاخلاق العاليه للموظفين
  • 14 million accounts hacked! 1/5

    By ZuberousMaximus
    But we are informed three months later!
  • Very high prices 2/5

    By budaraouf
    I tried Careem and UBER for the same trip from home to work😶 which is the distance and kilometers but Careem was more expensive than UBER. Any thing which copies others will always be in the 2nd place 👎
  • Has been hacked 1/5

    By Q7ss
    All the date hacked
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Pindiboy
    I usually do not write reviews but this time I had to... its the fifth time that captain notifies he has arrived as soon as he accepts the ride and then they take 20-30 mins to reach me. Technically I wait for half an hour and then I pay for that waiting too. When I asked captains why did they notify that soon? Their answer is always “Careem’s GPS has some problems, I couldn’t see your location so I pressed that I have reached. “ Now why I’m angry on Careem is Every time I tried to contact helpline its too busy and even after a very long wait I never found an officer to whome I could complain. I even sent an email which has no answer from Careem yet.
  • Download in error 1/5

    By Chasmac1
    Please remove my number from your database.
  • Good experience 5/5

    By BADR M K
    It was a great app I used in Egypt it works fine
  • نريد تطبيق الكابتن على الايفون 5/5

    By حنظله
    مع الشكر
  • شكر واجب 5/5

    By waelatia
    بشكر القائمين والمسئولين والكباتن والعاملين علي مشروع كريم وبالتوفيق والتقدم
  • Not recommended for ladies 2/5

    By Asmaa-Kuwait
    After spending more than 400 dollars on Careem rides, I can tell you their pros and cons. They listen to your complaints and return your money, but the issue is that they won’t be able to control the manipulation of their new captains, and you’ll have to keep giving them Bad ratings to take notice of the matter. I as a woman pay my hard earned cash to drivers to make sure I reach on time at my location. I don’t want to be frustrated post my rides unnecessarily all because the driver spoiled my experience. I will not be recommending this application for ladies; save your time and money and just haul a cab from the road even if you have to pay more. راح تجادلين مع السائق على الأجرة لانه طول الطريق ونصب عليج أو اخرج الخ.. ما يصلح البرنامج حق النساء بالكويت .. صرت أعاني كثير بسببهم ومابي ارجع البيت متضايقة مقهورة على أشياء بسيطة في الحياة لا تعبون حالكم خلاص
  • Poor customer care 1/5

    By Mahaalfazary
    Poor handling when it comes to problems
  • . 5/5

    By askvr
    جيد جدا
  • new update 5/5

    By hisham gggg
    amazing new update for I phone
  • Outstanding app and service 5/5

    By Jibran JK
    Every one has to try this very easy to order comfortable rides well behaved staff I like it
  • Extortion 1/5

    By non urdun
    I normally don’t have an issue with your app but the issue here is that today, I booked for a ride, I actually saw the car pass right by my side, he called me and asked for my location which I did tell him distinctively, only for him to continue with the ride and the I got a notification that my captain has arrived, whereas he just kept driving down istikla road down to bibar and said he’ll turn back, I felt I was being cheated and I cancelled and you charge me 1.5 for not riding? How reasonable is that? Stop over charging cancelled trips or if at all you will charge it should be at a reasonable price, not 1.5jd
  • Not a professional service 1/5

    By Karachi User
    Careem is copying an American organizational business model but providing zero training to their drivers. They don't know how to use Google maps and can't follow basic directions. I am going back to the old school rickshaw or high roof services. Charges are always peak time and drivers are unprofessional.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Ra😃
    Fast and convenient 🤗
  • تطبيق استغلالي 1/5

    By O t b
    اخر ٤ مشاوير تقريباً انصددددمت من السعر مع ازدحام التطبيقات المماثله المفروض تنافسونهم فالسعر لكن للأسف ،، توووبه استخدم هالتطبيق مره ثانيه،، مشواري كان ٢٠ كيلو والمبلغ ٧٠ !!!! وقبلها ٦٦ حسبي الله عليهم والله اني مقهوره ونفس المشوار من برنامج ثاني كان ب٢٧ ريال!!
  • السعودية 5/5

    By 0555263772
    في قمة الروووعة 😊
  • About Rates 1/5

    By Public Profile
    Careem Start Main bohat ache the or rate bhe achay thay magar ab sorry to say Careem lout raha hy sab ko har waqt peak factor har waqt Kam bhe nhe zaida 2+ yan phr 3+ Careem rating kam kr raha apni Please peak factor kam yan khatam kryen kindly. Uber ky rates bohat kam hyn ab. Careem ky sab say zaida. Mere circle main sab ab ya bolty ( careem chor hy ab. Kam chal gaya tbhe lout raha )
  • Don’t even bother 1/5

    By knassery
    Awful support, worse app (buggy uber rip off), and generally totally inept. Just use cabs, probably a dangerous idea to send them CC info.
  • NO SUPPORT 1/5

    By cdatlas
    I moved from Abu Dhabi, UAE TO Riyadh KSA. Was happy with your service the one time I used it in UAE but you have NO OPTION on the app or website for me to log in and change my account information, what’s worse is there is NO OPTION to contact customer support to change my account details. I’m sorely disappointed and I guess I’ll just have to stick with Uber.
  • الرياض 5/5

    By شيطان القمر
    شي ناهي 😍

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