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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals

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  • Current Version: 1.88
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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals App

Making it fast and easy to find great deals from top-rated dealers near you ● BEST DEALS FIRST: We analyze vehicle data as well as reviews of the dealer selling the vehicle, to give every used car a deal rating from great deal to overpriced, and sort the best deals first ● INFORMATION THAT MATTERS: We believe in transparency. We provide free access to key information from accident history, to days on lot and number of owners - all on one page ● PERSONALIZED SEARCH: Our powerful search function makes it easy to refine and personalize your results, so of the 5M+ listings we have, you only see the cars and features you care about ● Sell your car with security and dedicated assistance

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  • Car gurus protects dishonest dealers 1/5

    By M-girl72
    I have tried multiple times through car gurus email only customer service to address not being able to leave factual feedback for a dealer I contacted through the app. They won’t even respond to my emails. We contact the dealer through the app via text. The dealer is fully aware of this situation. After corresponding by phone several times with the dealer, we decided we were going to travel 8 hours to look and hopefully purchase a car. He wanted a non refundable $500 deposit. We weren’t comfortable with that, so we e took a vacation day, booked a hotel room and travelled the 500 miles in order to get to the dealer as soon as they opened the next day. When we arrived, the car did not have the all the features as advertised (no backup camera, no sunroof, no seat heaters, no navigation). It also made a knocking noise at high and low rates of speed. They would not warranty the repair to fix the knocking noise. We left frustrated and disappointed from being mislead. The car is still advertised with all the features and runs perfectly. Car gurus doesn’t care that it is false advertising. By not allowing my to leave feedback with them, other customers may have the same experience as we did. This has left me with a bad taste on how car gurus does business. We wasted our time and money on a car that was not as advertised, and I have no recourse but to leave a review of our experience and you won’t let me. That is not good business.
  • Great but not, at the same time 1/5

    By Russ55400
    This app has so much potential but has constant bugs and issues. It’s one of the apps you can love one day and hate the next. Wish they would get at the bugs fixed.
  • Fix this HUGE ISSUE 3/5

    By chill9870
    Whenever I close this app running in my background my favorites list goes from the like 1200+ cars that I have back down to 200 when I close it out. I don’t know if it’s because of a limit or what but can y’all please fix.
  • Best car searching app 3/5

    By californiakong
    This is by far the easiest to use and most fully featured car searching app. It is a must have for anyone in the market for buying a car. However, the app has some annoying bugs and design flaws. And why does the loading indicator need to be right in the middle of the screen?
  • Not-so-friendly user interface 3/5

    By Shotgunmaster360
    I like this app because you’re able to find and save car searches/listing and have all these (broken) filter options. I do like the price analysis feature because it helpful when you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal or getting scammed. Navigating through pages/listings can be a pain though. For one, there’s no back button when you go to a dealer’s inventory page. “Saved searches” could be fixed by allowing you to save the sorting filter preference (i.e. Best Deals First, Lowest Price First, etc.).
  • Ill save you time 2/5

    By sngsksddwowgiu
    There only dealers no private owners
  • Distance limit don’t work 1/5

    By Cubanbrew
    Why are you showing me cars 500 miles away, when I set a range of 100 miles? Useless!!
  • Not designed for iPad 1/5

    By kingodlid
    This app just doesn't work well on my iPad. It will not show full size photos, the scroll down layout is sloppy. Going to delete it.
  • Good Service, Terrible App 1/5

    By tims #57890
    The service that CarGurus gives is amazing, I’m always able to find cars in my budget and I’ve found that I can find better deals here than anywhere else. However, the app is terribly laggy and out of date, taking much longer than it needs to change pages and such. Sometimes when I tap twice as the app is not responding, it zooms in instead of pressing “Filter” or whatever option I was tapping. It is seriously making me consider going to a more fleshed-out app to purchase my car even though this service is far superior.
  • Please 3/5

    By DoodieChi
    Developers Please Swipe to go back Please
  • Filters don’t work well 2/5

    By tcato808
    This app has potential but the filters don’t hold and so you’ve got to be looking at a lot of stuff that you don’t want to. I had the filter set at hybrid cars under $25,000 with less than 30,000 miles and I get every hybrid. Then the app freezes. I try it again, again, filters don’t work. I will stay with cars (dot) com.
  • Difficult search 2/5

    By Marknoir
    A very awkward search system. You can search either - or. Certainly not as easy as competition.
  • Crappy app if you want to sell, good if you want to buy 2/5

    By watsontcbc
    I have used car gurus a lot to search for used cars. A good app that makes it easy to find cars. But can’t figure out how anyone gets any car posted, because I have tried several times to post and can never get beyond the pricing step. The app fails to proceed every single time, on both iPad and iPhone, so I can’t list my car. Fix the app car gurus, and I’ll be glad to post my car for sale on Car Gurus.
  • Connection issues to server 2/5

    By Kingman/Laughlin
    Sometimes it connects but more times it doesn’t. Good signal 4g, strong WiFi. Keeps saying try again. Other than no connect, pretty happy with the design of the app.
  • Overall best car shopping app 5/5

    By Tx dingo
    Hands down this is the best car buying app out there. It’s easy to discern which listings are car lots vs dealerships. You can easily filter Certified used vehicles which is what I did. I also did a pre-approval for financing through CapitalOne for specific vehicles. It’s a “soft” credit inquiry. I ended up buying a Certified corolla locally at a dealership I used in the past. Very nice app overall.
  • Can’t Filter Price 1/5

    By Whatever and yo
    Price is on a sliding scale up to millions of dollars. Does not let me select a price below $68,000.
  • Resets the search parameters 1/5

    By BLCloutier
    This is my second time using the app. Every.single.time I make a modification to search parameters/filter, it whacks out or completely resets the search making it totally useless! CARFAX search is superior in stability.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Elizabeth.alara
    Overall the app is fine but I just tried to review a dealership using my phone number and it won’t let me. Says I haven’t had contact with them from my number. I just did call them from my number so your information is not accurate.
  • Website wrapped in an app shell 1/5

    By z.fbx
    This is not an app. It’s nothing more than a buggy website wrapped in an app package, and it’s painful to use. Please give us a performant, native experience as using this just results in frustration.
  • Great app IF it works. 1/5

    By Ninjacat626
    Love using the app IF it works, which it rarely does. It can never “reach the server”. Please fix!!
  • Ok but... 1/5

    By Moto4us
    How can this app can be so stupid when opening a picture from a message you can never go back, no matter what I tried you are stuck with that picture on screen...need to reset phone to restart app. I tried twice just to make sure wasn’t just a glitch. 5.6.19 cannot list car, app is in a dead loop asking for price (cannot put any number keep asking for price), and transmission (when is already set)...just a waste of time!
  • Please help 1/5

    By Espisandy
    Your app will not open for me anymore. It keeps saying it can’t reach the server..
  • Small back button 1/5

    By Foreign Language Program
    This app has a very horrible feature where the back button is very small and placed right under the button to return to home. Good luck if you are any older than seven years old and trying to press back. Chances are you will completely cancel out your search and return to the home page. Very annoying.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By SUV_Prospector
    Constantly freezes when you use filter, absolutely pathetic for a big company. I would give negative stars if I could.
  • Distance 1/5

    By misc18170
    App will not search distance other than 100 miles. I have reset the distance to any other setting and run the search and it defaults back to 100 miles every time.
  • No options for transmission choice in app 1/5

    By Sundulos
    I’d like it if I could search including the selection of manual transmission.
  • Not very reliable 1/5

    By Dakotas678
    I was speaking to a seller and we came to a deal and he took down his listings and the app automatically deleted our messages and I have no way to contact him now, I’ve reached out to the developers but nothings been done about it
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By uniquenicknameattempt7
    Without a shadow of a doubt one of the worst apps I’ve used. In some screens it looks like an app, in other screens it looks like a website. It has neither the functionality of a website not the speed of an app. Often it fails to launch due to ‘failed to contact server’. It’s slow, clunky and unintuitive. Oddly, the website is better!
  • Okay app, but... 2/5

    By jazzberryram
    It is okay when it connects to the server. Unfortunately, it has difficulty connecting most of the time.
  • Trash-gurus 1/5

    By Project 5311
    Doesn’t work I try to list cars for sale all it dose is load. Poor connection regardless what WiFi I use or cellular data. Complicated controls, just not recommended for if you’re trying to sell your car.
  • Be careful 5/5

    By 31.jay follow me
    Got my 2012 v6 convertible from these guys. Great car browser but some dealerships can be fishy. Be careful and take a mechanic with you whenever your buying/leasing/financing a car!!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Electric31
    Great for finding prices.. iffff the searches work... I tried to filter the results and it never saves the price range I’m looking for. It always resets.. major bugs.. I can only imagine how much more business it would get if it worked properly
  • No server 1/5

    By aw2209
    Keeps saying it can’t reach the server. Apparently that’s a running theme according to other reviews I’m reading.
  • So much promise. But it fails to deliver. 2/5

    By JimWh123432
    It ignores distance filters to give me cars 200 miles away when I want to find something within 25 miles. It often loses my filters. It seems to completely miss cars that auto trader and report, that I know exist as they are local. It has the feeling that it’s only showing me what some dealers want to show.
  • Lots of Little Flaws 1/5

    By Philip's Ghost
    Too many little flaws to call this an acceptable app in iPad version. White bar blocking the back button, search items greyed out, crashes intermittently, etc... All this on a new iPad Pro. Even worse on my older iPad 5th gen. It should not have been released other than as a beta in this condition. Edit 04/23/19 app performs worse than before on iPad Pro. Crashes, utilizes search terms other than those selected. GARBAGE APP
  • DGLASS5 4/5

    By Xenon Entertainment
    The sell your car feature doesn't work!!! Other than that it is a great app that could be improved on!!!!
  • Very buggy 2/5

    By PitPenFan
    Changing distance in the filter causes search to go from whatever you were searching to Chevy Spark.
  • Buggy and bad design 1/5

    By Jack M Hoffman
    Can’t paste text or links when chatting with interested buyers. Really irritating to use.
  • Great app but a few bugs. 4/5

    By KaptnKurt
    Love the app, especially the indication of great deal, good deal, etc... The only issue I’ve found to be quite annoying is the drop down to select how cars are viewed (I.e. best deals, lowest price, distance) does not refresh once you make a selection. It remains on the Best deals shown first regardless of what you select. Fix that and this app is easily 5 stars.
  • Best car shopping app ! 5/5

    By Swaggerboaaaa
    Bought my last 2 cars using this app, the website is also just as good if not better ! So many filters you can adjust and how far you wanna look distance from where you are wise- I wouldn’t use any other search engine for cars. 10/10 would use again. Got a lot of my friends and family using this just because it’s so helpful!
  • Great app 5/5

    By just let me write a review 3
    Shows comparison of average price, accidents, mileage, details, etc. in an easy to browse platform.
  • NEED TO BE UPDATED!!!!!!! 1/5

    By kbjnjkggijhggghj
    Please can you guys please update this app!!! You can’t go back to your search without having to start over. It say I have 6 cars saved I can’t see any of them. If I put in a set max amount it will show me about 5 out of 100 vehicles at the about I had set, and still show me vehicle over the amount I had set. If I set it for a certain feature like leather seats it show me vehicles with cloth seats. So please fix this app!!
  • Buggy app!! 2/5

    By BigCali
    App is great when it works however since Feb 2019 the app can’t connect to the server! It’s hit or miss some days it works other than that it doesn’t. Has to be more consistent
  • Don’t waste your time as a private seller 1/5

    By Still Disappointing
    I have had several vehicles listed for a few weeks and have received many messages and even a couple offers but none of my responses are getting back to the buyers. Buyers can send a message to the seller but do not realize that unless they sign up for an account and make a password they will not be able to see any responses from the seller. I have had people ask for my phone number and try to send me their’s and the site will not let you send personal information because they are so concerned about their hundred dollars. Every single message I have responded back to a potential buyer still continues to show unread. Great site for research but horrible if you actually plan on selling anything unless you are a dealer where people can look up your contact information through the Internet.
  • Great car app 5/5

    Find the cheapest prices and lets you know all the details
  • Good app but bad at connecting to internet 1/5

    By Jordan Ginter
    Keeps saying cannot connect to sever and keep having to restart over and over again. Not happy
  • Unstable 3/5

    By Daaaaaaaaaaaaaave!
    Good when it’s working
  • Has not worked in months 1/5

    By HGumby
    I used to enjoy the CarGurus app, but unfortunately it has not worked on my iPhone 7 for MONTHS now. When trying to open the app I get a message that says “Unable to connect either servers. Try again later...” this has been going on for months now. Once this is fixed, I will raise my 1 star review.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By dhgull
    I tried contacting them on the phone in the middle of day and nobody apparently works around a phone there. I was in the process of possibly selling my car but lost contact with the potential buyer because my ad expired. There’s no way to even access your old messages to try and reconnect. Overall it would have been really nice to know my ad was about to expire.

CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals app comments

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