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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals

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  • Current Version: 1.89
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  • Developer: CarGurus
  • Compatibility: Android
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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals App

Making it fast and easy to find great deals from top-rated dealers near you ● BEST DEALS FIRST: We analyze vehicle data as well as reviews of the dealer selling the vehicle, to give every used car a deal rating from great deal to overpriced, and sort the best deals first ● INFORMATION THAT MATTERS: We believe in transparency. We provide free access to key information from accident history, to days on lot and number of owners - all on one page ● PERSONALIZED SEARCH: Our powerful search function makes it easy to refine and personalize your results, so of the 5M+ listings we have, you only see the cars and features you care about ● Sell your car with security and dedicated assistance

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CarGurus: Shop Cars, Get Deals app reviews

  • Blablabla 1/5

    By suckdezznuts
    Was ok now not so much Half the postings are missing photos as well as missing pricing. Clean up your act!
  • UX looks non-native 2/5

    By Viking_88
    Terrible user interface, looks like web pages and not native to iOS. Wish they would update the app to be native. Doesn’t look like they have push notifications when someone messages you on CarGurus, which would be a great update. They need a full screen version for iPhone 11s.
  • This App is optimized for an iPhone 4 1/5

    By Joshua Webb :))
    I love car gurus but it’s a pain to navigate because it’s optimized for an iPhone 4.
  • Good website bad app 3/5

    By Dharjeyjwtjarj
    I enjoy the information CarGurus provides and the variety of filters available. However, the app has been slow and unstable (for me at least) for all 3 years I’ve been a user. The app doesn’t load around 1/3rd of the time and it constantly crashes/freezes. The app is also touchy. It’s hard to leave a listing without accidentally going back to the home screen and losing your spot in the last search. Perhaps a “go back to where you left off” feature would be helpful.
  • So much potential, so little talent behind the scenes 3/5

    By snowdawg1986
    I dunno what their scrum looks like, but given the business opportunities that exist with CarGurus in a post-Covid world, you think they would get this up to speed. And make an iPad version in the meantime ;-)
  • Useless App 1/5

    By larrydrice
    I dutifully fill out the filters, then search and get everything that I said that I didn’t want. I don’t have that kind of time to waste. I want a manual trans, it shows me Automatics. I say “Within 25 miles” and then wants me to drive two hours one way. I say, “not over 65,000 miles” and I get cars with over 100,000 miles. Doesn’t really work, like they advertise it does.
  • Great website crummy app 1/5

    By A aka Elf
    The app is not user friendly and jumps around when trying to scroll or look at pictures. I would recommend if using car guru to use your PC.
  • Falla demasiado 1/5

    By verdin1422
    A veces trabaja bien, pero son mas las veces que falla y se congela.
  • The app 3/5

    By Egyptainn_Princee
    It’s a really great app but I believe it needs an update or something sometime the app won’t load up.
  • Slow and clunky app 3/5

    By Will_54880
    Needs an update bad.
  • Great app.... but ... 3/5

    By CTRath
    This is a good app and a great tool. But the latest update seems a step back. The list of search results keeps refreshing in the middle of scrolling forcing you to go back to the top and start over. They also removed a filter that was extremely useful for truck buyers. You can no longer filter by cabin size! Why would you get rid of that feature. And why in the world do you even have a distance filter if you’re going to throw in cars from 1/2 way across the country anyway? Even if you sort by distance the featured vehicle will be from 1000 miles away!! If I want to look at vehicles from that far away I’ll search for them. I know the answer is all about the $$$ and it is a free app so I guess I can’t really expect it to be different.
  • What happened to the trim filter? 1/5

    By Ashton1239875
    I love this app for searching for my new truck. But recently, they removed the trim filter. This makes the search ALOT harder. Please bring it back!
  • From 5 star to 1 star 1/5

    By Sendo sensei
    Update: instead of fixing bugs, they removed helpful filters that makes it more easier for specific type of vehicle your looking for. Its probably time to look for alternative app to use than carguru. Too bad the app has so much potential now its a trash. I like the app because it can give you an idea on the online pricing of vehicles before going to the dealership. Only problem was the vehicle listing in the app is not as updated as updated as the one on the website and at times need to play with like the mileage to be able to get more new vehicle listing as it gives an error when trying to look for new cars cause it still shows used ones. Update: just very disappointing to use i feel like the app is just getting worse by every upgrade. Maybe its time for them to look for a better app developer since so many people are jobless at the moment.
  • Trim 3/5

    By loglifeLML99
    What happened to the option of filtering out what trim option I’d like to look at?? It was on the app yesterday and today it’s not. Update please!
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By LordsMobileIsTrash
    Crashes every five seconds. I can’t even send in any information to verify my identity. Great.
  • Update your app 1/5

    By Robot 3000
    Please update your app
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By PhilboBaggins01
    With time this app seemed to become more and more buggy. It’s not uncommon to crash, and the app is very slow to respond to inputs. The save search feature is almost useless, as it only saves very basic criteria, and adjusting certain criteria in a search, like distance, will reset everything else. Just a frustrating app to use.
  • Embarrassing App Quality for a public company 1/5

    By vodovoz
    I considered buying stock in your company but after using your app and trying to buy a car through it I’m staying clear. The quality of this app is legit embarrassing. Invest in some decent engineers and have them build you something useable..
  • Optimize 2/5

    By Jdschnak
    This app is in serious need of optimization. I much prefer using safari to access the vehicles on this site. The app is clunky, slower to load compared to a browser, and doesn’t even fill my screen. Please update the app!! I’d prefer to use the app, it’s just feels too outdated.
  • Fix app please 1/5

    By Grow up fagg
    I’m not sure what’s going on, but it started yesterday.. I’ll open the app on my iPhone XS Max, and the app doesn’t fit the screen of my phone anymore.. it’s all carved out to fit a iPhone 5s or something.. please fix. I use this app often. *UPDATE* PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!! PLEASE MAKE THE APP FIT THE SCREEN. IT BUGS THE LIVING **** OUT OF ME. THIS APP IS EXCELLENT. JUST ALLOW IT FIT THE XS MAX SCREEN.
  • You can’t filter by mileage, or price 2/5

    By HMaroncelli
    This is the most limited car search engine I’ve ever used
  • Not Good 1/5

    By tunein steals
    App is counterintuitive to how most apps work. Filter searches are set in two spots and one spot only allowed 100 miles while the other offered 500 miles. I searched for make Ford Nd model 150 and it brought up things that weren’t that. The first several results weren’t even trucks and the first truck that pulled up was a Chevrolet. Price, make model, location are basic filters for a car search and this app fails at that.
  • CarGurus is great, app is unusable 1/5

    By sholmes
    My Cargurus account is linked to my Google log in. That works fine for Android and Web. But there is no clear option in the iPad app. I'll use the Web version until that's fixed.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By Toolpusher1980
    Horrible app
  • Almost perfect 3/5

    By Seto Kaiba *
    The app has only one HUGE back button. If you go from your current search and sidetrack to a dealers listings, you cannot go back to your search without starting over. Sad.
  • Broken App and Broken Website 1/5

    By rachellynn666
    Its just an awful app. There are a million bugs which could be easily spotted if the developers would just use the app themselves. Not to mention they haven’t updated in 4 months. Ridiculous. Get By far the easiest app I’ve found. Or CarMax is half decent too.
  • Super frustrating 1/5

    By WAM_4
    It doesn’t feel like there was comprehensive testing done before this was released. It almost ignores or resets my search criteria. Totally frustrating.
  • They care more about dealers that pay ads then comsumers 1/5

    By Privacy beware
    Cargurus supress bad reviews for dealerships that pay for ads and modify ratings for those same dealerships... pretty sad because their app is the best one to find cars...
  • App crashes 2/5

    Hey guys, app is crashing constantly. Fix it!! iPhone 11 Pro Max. Updated.
  • Distance to cars function is not working 2/5

    By Mr. Bojangles 1277
    Hi, When you put in your zip code search area and then select distance. The tool doesn’t parse correctly. Might want to check it out. Thanks
  • Body style search 2/5

    By CrustyAnus
    There is no way to filter the “Body style” search down by mileage or price. This makes it extremely difficult to find suitable vehicles in my price range with mileage limitations. How ridiculous of an oversight. This app has gone downhill over the past couple of years.

    By Nelson&Ender
    A simple search, and you see tons of cards that may be the right fit for you,.. but you don’t know if you can afford it or not because there is no prices. What is the point of using this app?
  • Good app could use some improvements 4/5

    By Gmbot
    Great for searching and comparing vehicles Two suggestion: -have a section for notes on each car; quoted prices, when you called, salesman name, apt with to dealer, etc. - ability to flag a car for other app user. When a car isn’t a available, add comments or photos (chipped paint not in photos, smoker, etc.)
  • Black Bars Above and Below 2/5

    By ThēRēpørtēr
    Not sure why, but the newest update places black bars above and beneath the app’s interface, consuming about 1/4 of my device’s screen. The constrained view makes it more difficult to navigate. Not sure why they did this. Previous version used the entire screen of my iPhone Xs.
  • Great app just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Spyweb
    Great app, tell you about market value Filters won’t work Eg. filter by body style SUV max price 20k search Show cars at 50k range unlimited range... broken This app still not ready for IPHONE X or up! Ridiculous Cars won’t load Eg. after hacking the filters within the search, it loads 10 cars then next it is just spinning wheel... broken
  • Yuk 1/5

    By db3718
    Can’t save searches with filters, all email suggestion are for out of town dealers
  • Crashes all the time! 2/5

    By marley-is-great
    This app is great when it’s working, but the constant crashing is annoying. After that happens you lose your place and have to start all over again.
  • Worst car searching app 1/5

    By Sharkcage35
    I have auto trader, CARFAX and on my phone, all of them are fairly useable. Then I go to CarGurus and I can’t for the life of me understand why they won’t pay an app developer to fix there inane search functions. Start from scratch, that’s the only way to fix this hot mess.
  • This isn’t an app 1/5

    By rockmusic45
    It’s just a link to their crappy mobile website. Garbage.
  • I used to love... 3/5

    By Jdpuzey
    I have had this app for years and I use it daily. However an update recently made it not fit correctly on my phone. I have a iPhone XS Max and there are bars along the top and bottom. Please fix!!
  • Not Really an App 1/5

    By EventHorizon666
    While Car Gurus is an awesome marketplace for buying cars, their app is not. It’s not even an app. It’s a frameless web browser that just shows their mobile site. Why even bother having an app?
  • Low Low Values 1/5

    By Shirley FS AR
    I was using the website via PC and my vehicle was valued at $22,600. This Ap valued it at $19,900. Now the company encourages lower pricing but that gap is too big.
  • Awful 1/5

    By sugebishop
    I would use another app but cargurus has the biggest selection of cars.
  • TRASH APP 1/5

    By rufflefast
    Outdated, filtering is a joke, buggy as hell, can’t see photos easily. Whatever. I’m done.
  • Won’t send the code 1/5

    By 🤣😝😛🥰😉🤣🤣🤣😛
    So I accidentally signed out and they gave me code to put back in but I never got the code sent to my email. All the cars I was looking at are gone.
  • It’s alright 3/5

    By vapo1000
    Good website, but it’s not optimized for phones
  • It’s alright 3/5

    By Suggaa ma
    I want specifics & it does not give me specifics.. I know what I want to see but CarGurus give me all these other irrelevant features ...
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Chiefs60.
    This used to be a good useful app. Now, it just keeps loading listings from more than 1000 miles away even though I set a 50 mile radius. Can no longer recommend.
  • Fake APP 1/5

    By olguyndaclub
    This APP is garbage!

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