CarGurus: Used & New Cars

CarGurus: Used & New Cars

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  • Current Version: 2.41
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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CarGurus: Used & New Cars App

Looking for a used or new car? Find it on CarGurus. We take the guesswork out of car shopping by running the numbers on tons of cars, providing you with all the important details, and serving everything up in an easy-to-understand format. See if a car is overpriced or a great deal, access key negotiation info, and find financing*—all on the app. Want to sell your car? We can help with that, too. DATA-DRIVEN DEAL RATINGS: Our deal-rating algorithm digs deeper, analyzing thousands of details like price, accident history, dealer reviews, and dealer location to give cars a deal rating from great to overpriced. Our algorithm is so rigorous that it only rates 30% of cars a good or great deal. That means when you see a great deal on CarGurus, you can be sure it’s a great deal. VALUABLE INSIGHTS: Get free access to key info like accident history, days on lot, number of owners, and price changes—all in one place. No digging necessary. GET PRICE DROP ALERTS, NEW DEALS & CAR RECOMMENDATIONS: We’ll let you know any time there’s a price drop on a car you’ve saved. You’ll also receive new deals and car recommendations based on your search. FINANCE IN ADVANCE*: Find financing ahead of time so you can shop with your real monthly payment and have real rates in hand when talking to the dealer. There’s no impact on your credit score, and it only takes minutes.* SELL YOUR CAR: Sell your car yourself in our private marketplace. With access to vetted buyers and smart tools, you can get the offer you deserve. *Finance in Advance is a product of CarGurus, Inc. Subject to final agreement between you & dealership. Financing not completed on site. Completing a credit application at a dealership may result in one or more inquiries posted to your credit file. Subject to agreement on terms and conditions with the participating lender.

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CarGurus: Used & New Cars app reviews

  • Can’t choose mileage less than 50k 1/5

    By Justin Simonsen
    The current update won’t allow you to filter for less than $50k miles.
  • You gotta fix your app. 2/5

    By ljeff67;!2
    I need like the best internet to run the app, if my internet is a little off it won’t let me use it and it will just say, “TRY AGAIN, CHECK CONNECTION”Once I get into it finally, the app works great, but I most of the time go to the website and I hate the website, but I rarely can use the app. Is it just me?
  • Es muy buena no tan Sierta pero bien 5/5

    By medinasalgado
    Es muy buena no Sierra del todo pero bien
  • New update is not easy 1/5

    By disappointed_consumer
    I really HATE the new update. The last version was much easier to navigate. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Cptn_Ron
    When I tried to login I got a message saying that my password has been compromised against pawned. Well, every password I tried says it has been compromised. Even passwords I have never used. I have bought 3 cars using CarGurus but if I can’t login then it is useless.
  • Stop refreshing every time my screen times out 1/5

    By 32fyourapp32
    I’m sick of starting a new search every time my phone screen times out because of your app unnecessarily refreshing. Stop with the refreshing. I need to start where I left off.
  • “Reload page” continuously pops up 1/5

    By ronmoret
    I can never see more photos of the vehicle because the app keeps a “reload page” message showing up. I want to erase this app so bad
  • No pictures 1/5

    By Googleyea
    On New Cars there are no pictures and it has become really lame.
  • Comentario 5/5

    By el yunyo
    Muy buena aplicación gracias
  • Very good 5/5

    By astoubb
  • Fun, Easy, Simple App! 5/5

    By TamalcjaK
    Easiest Automotive App I've ever used- I love looking at cars, and trucks, this app makes that very easy- and enjoyable; Open 24-7 ! Financing is easy to find- and all the answers are just a click away; just rolled across my next SUV- 5 stars and more if they were offered.
  • Little things to improve 4/5

    By Nick Stance
    The one thing I would like to see improve if the car has been on this website or app for too long should be removed. Sometimes the the seller would not remove there post and let it sit there after having the car sold. I would like an u to see the app or website have a week removal if the seller doesn’t goes in the app more than a week and remove the cars. Would show the seller is inactive due to them selling there car or not i interest in selling there own car
  • Emails 3/5

    By Jesper5479
    I downloaded it search something and then im bombed with like 8 .. 9 emails .. i dont like getting emails this is absurd this the only car app that has done this
  • Back button 5/5

    By Charles1222
    Been a great app over the years. Have purchased 2 vehicles since 2016 using this app. Love the features like instant blue book comparison and convenient title history. Would be nice though if there were more informal listings you could search that would compete with Craigslist and Marketplace etc... Overall a great app that was recommended by my credit union. Just wish it wasn't so flooded with CarMax and vehicle delivery apps. You can filter these though.
  • Selling my car 2/5

    By Sgrtyui
    At first I thought this was the only way to go. I got a good offer for my car and paperwork was easy to complete. I scheduled a pick up time. When the day came I got a phone call from a random guy saying he was supposed to pick up my car but that it would not happen. No reason and no call from Car Guru. I called them and they were unaware of any problem. I rescheduled. When that day came I got another call from the person that was supposed to pick up my car. There were some issues. I waited all day and at 3 pm was told the pick up was canceled again. I am just discouraged by the whole experience.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By Seksay1
    Seems like the app keeps refreshing itself. I’ll be scrolling through vehicles and suddenly it takes back to the top of the list.
  • Bait and Switch site. 1/5

    By JimWh123432
    So, the app isn't bad itself. But the dealers are just terrible. LIst a car with features it doesn't have (I've seen multiple now listing 'Tow Package!' and the bloody car doesn't even have a hitch. Or 'Heated Steering wheel!' only to find when I got there it had no such thing. If there was a 'Report Ad' feature it might help clean such things up, but I've seen lots of reviews in the forums of people having the same issue. It's 100% dependant on the dealers.
  • Comparison 5/5

    By bobb q
    Car guru is my go to engine to search auto’s
  • Mr.Timothy Stone Sr. 5/5

    By BossTim00
    A wonderful experience love this book buying option👍
  • Caravan 1/5

    By CrakS
    Please stop defaulting to showing rip-off Carvana listings. I’ve stopped using this app because it’s almost all Carvana
  • I love it here 5/5

    By am990
    Makes it so easy to search for vehicles and there are private owners as well as dealerships listing . Pretty cool ap
  • WOrthless glorified web browser with No Dark Mode 3/5

    By alishanc
    Docking 2 stars until they add dark mode on all devices. No reason why it’s not implemented by now. Also this is just a web browser not an app. Completely useless
  • Convenient 5/5

    By methodszn
    I love how easy it is to contact and connect with dealers. Perfect for people on a budget. Also for people that just want to find something reliable
  • Texting Service 1/5

    By Zack080808081234
    The texting service was terrible. All I wanted was a picture of the interior of the vehicle and they stated they needed an email first. When I said I wanted it via phone instead, (company I work for doesn’t allow outside emails.) they text back and said this conversation has ended. They lost a sale on the vehicle. Or caused the dealership to lose a sale. The CarGuru employees name was Jennifer Z. She was lazy/rude.
  • Good 4/5

    By bignoahthe3rd
    It is pretty gog for car sales
  • Best app for any car purchase 5/5

    By tbhlol99
    I’ve purchased 4 vehicles since 2018 threw car gurus always be up to date with the market and finding the very best deals nation wide. Truly easy to use and great for finding the very best deals
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 5/5

    By Mario Gonzalez65
    Very Great customer service and very good selection
  • Ok 3/5

    By Dijutal assassin
    Its ok
  • Hi 5/5

    By Chelito 89
    Beat place to shop for a new car
  • Missing a whole lot 2/5

    By DublinNY
    Why can’t I ever find the cars that I favorited? Also, why isn’t there an option to look for the reviews you posted?
  • Got a new car 5/5

    By kakembo
    So I was driving my Lexus 2013 Rx350 for 4 years. I wanted to update to a new car. The car I wanted was 2020 Rx350 sport red interior. I went through CarGurus app and I did an intense search. It took me like two days when I finally found one. It was cheap and had good miles. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it without CarGurus app big up to you guys.
  • Lo mejor 5/5

    By casanobas
  • What crap? 1/5

    By cxxsxzz
    2 Cargurus apps listed. Neither will accept 5 digit USPS Zip Code?
  • It is the best app 5/5

    By Safarireza
    Safari reza
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Jackson Mane
    Love this app, I have purchased several cars and trucks in my lifetime and have purchased many that I’ve found by using Car Gurus. Keep up the awesome work!! Jack
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By kkatwin
    The interface is great and the car dealers always got right back to me. I ended up purchasing a car just a few days after my initial car inquiry. Highly recommend this app, for research, inquires and getting in front of dealers! I got a great Toyota Prius in my price race.
  • Just a genuinely good app 5/5

    By saige_mackenzie
    Like the title said! This is my favorite app and by far the most organized and clean. I’m buying a car through this app so I will update this when I do!
  • Good 5/5

    By xts60
    I wish I got more info on the vehicles
  • Saved Cars 5/5

    By V8E93M3
    Cannot view Saved cars, has been unavailable for several days
  • Always down 1/5

    By stfgicfhhfrghvctjkssdbvv
    Fix this problem please. I’ve updated the app and everything and still can’t see my saved cars. Always just says it’s down temporarily but been like this for days.
  • My Favorite car app 5/5

    By admiral adams
    Awesome site and functionality!
  • Ease of use!!! 5/5

    By J ripper82
    Car gurus is so easy to use it’s my go to car searching app I use it nearly every day to research car prices and deals.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By MeeshKidd
    Do not trust this dealership!!!! They lied about a car deal with me, I offered to pay a deposit and the salesman said he would call me back to take my deposit. Then I called to follow up and the salesman said he meant to call me but got busy and Sold the vehicle.. after he sent me a link this morning showing he had it marked as sold . Devon is Not trustworthy
  • Nice I love it it’s very helpful I recommend the site❤️ 5/5

    By fink think blink
    It really is the best car secure site out there
  • A+ 5/5

    By Gadoucha
    One click away from your dream car
  • Never works 1/5

    By just let me write a review 3
    App and website have been “stuck on interstate 404” for over a month when trying to view “my car(s) for sale”. Uploads pictures upside down. Have had multiple inquiries on Facebook for free and nothing on here. Also request annoying photo verification AFTER you pay so if you’re not home, you already paid, but can’t list it till you get back to the house. I know it’s cheap but it could at least work. Even searching for other cars for sale is a hassle, it constantly kicks back to the top of the page and doesn’t show all the search options unless you exit and try to search a second time. And why not add cooled seats as a search option while you’re at it? I hope it goes back to how it was when it was new and works again someday.
  • Easy process! 5/5

    By Reddie24/7
    Easy app to use!
  • Can’t view saved cars 1/5

    By C. Eli
    I been using this app for a minute and I’m on the verge of making my next car purchase. For the past 3 weeks I haven’t been able to view my saved cars. It just gives “we’re temporarily unavailable, we’ll be back shortly” message on both the app and the site. I came to the reviews to see the developers say that they know it’s an issue and looking into it but it has yet to be resolved. I don’t see a point of using this app if I can’t go back, look and compare the cars I saved potentially leading up to my next car purchase
  • Pretty ridiculous 1/5

    By tlits50
    I’m trying to sort my search from newest year to oldest or oldest to newest and it literally just doesn’t work. My very first time using this app and two clicks into it there’s a major issue. I tried multiple times with multiple searches. How ridiculous. It’s the year 2022 like get real! What are these new things called “applications?” Done using CarGurus already, I’ll shop elsewhere I think that was a record!