CarGurus: Used & New Cars

CarGurus: Used & New Cars

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  • Current Version: 2.57
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: CarGurus
  • Compatibility: Android
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CarGurus: Used & New Cars App

Looking for a used or new car? Find it on CarGurus. We take the guesswork out of car shopping by running the numbers on tons of cars, providing you with all the important details, and serving everything up in an easy-to-understand format. See if a car is overpriced or a great deal, access key negotiation info, and find financing*—all on the app. Want to sell your car? We can help with that, too. DATA-DRIVEN DEAL RATINGS: Our deal-rating algorithm digs deeper, analyzing thousands of details like price, accident history, dealer reviews, and dealer location to give cars a deal rating from great to overpriced. Our algorithm is so rigorous that it only rates 30% of cars a good or great deal. That means when you see a great deal on CarGurus, you can be sure it’s a great deal. VALUABLE INSIGHTS: Get free access to key info like accident history, days on lot, number of owners, and price changes—all in one place. No digging necessary. GET PRICE DROP ALERTS, NEW DEALS & CAR RECOMMENDATIONS: We’ll let you know any time there’s a price drop on a car you’ve saved. You’ll also receive new deals and car recommendations based on your search. FINANCE IN ADVANCE*: Find financing ahead of time so you can shop with your real monthly payment and have real rates in hand when talking to the dealer. There’s no impact on your credit score, and it only takes minutes.* SELL YOUR CAR: Sell your car yourself in our private marketplace. With access to vetted buyers and smart tools, you can get the offer you deserve. *Finance in Advance is a product of CarGurus, Inc. Subject to final agreement between you & dealership. Financing not completed on site. Completing a credit application at a dealership may result in one or more inquiries posted to your credit file. Subject to agreement on terms and conditions with the participating lender.

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CarGurus: Used & New Cars app reviews

  • Not good anymore 2/5

    By 17nlsloo
    This use to be a good app but there is no way to filter local cars because they allow “ship to your home” dealers so now they come up flooding your search instead of what is available locally. These ship to home dealers have horrible reviews.
  • Used cars 4/5

    By MaryellenV
    Most cars r too expensive and new for someone who wants to pay cash and is disabled. Most cars r too far away to test drive. Insurance company only gives 7 days to look for new car which is unreasonable after I bought highest opinions for a 2007 car including 0 deductible if repairable. When u put in ur zip code and miles for distance of car u r looking for most r too far away.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Trill homieeee
    Very easy to use
  • Great 5/5

    By philly la flare
    Love car gurus
  • Mileage is stated in the millions 3/5

    By MikeD78910
    I’ve had this app on my phone for awhile now. About a month ago, I noticed when I tried to filter on mileage, the mileage is stated in the millions. For example, if I want to see vehicles with less than 60,000 miles, I believe the filter says 6,000,000. I say “believe “ because when I do try to filter on 6,000,000 which I thought was really 60,000, I’m getting vehicles over 60,000. Don’t know what’s going on. I even tried reloading the app, but that didn’t work.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By yeeeebooooi
    Not a bad app if it didn’t reset every time you look at a vehicle.
  • The app is lying about the prices 1/5

    By Mo 1980898
    This app is not giving people the right price about cars ,I compared between the price here on the app and others app like Craigslist or Facebook it’s more cheaper and more effective my advice stay away from this app .
  • Just started 5/5

    By happycherrywine
    Can not give you a real answer about car gurus. Nice listing that should help keep us from running around. Give more updates as we go see the cars.
  • Great App but…. 4/5

    By reddoorvet
    This app needs a (Dark Mode) please developers make this happen. Wink wink five stars. Other than that it is the best one out there for me but has room for improvement. Also look at the site Shift they have a great features page that is more in-depth and that’s what I need to find my next car though this app. Thank you
  • Use it every day 5/5

    By jim6969696969696969
    Love this app. Use it every day. Buy a car every few months. Just wish they made it easier to see what dealer a car was at without having to contact dealer.
  • Where’s the dealer info 1/5

    By Theskeem
    Looking at a Vette and there’s no dealer info listed for who’s selling??
  • Front page 5/5

    By Love of Farming
    It was easier to navigate before now the front page looks like you only sell new cars have to look hard for tab for used,,
  • Great app just needs one fix 5/5

    By Darion_23
    Really enjoy using the app and have only one suggestion for ease of use. The black arrow in top left corner used to take you to page of listings after clicking on a car however right now it takes you through the each of car selections instead of exiting back to listing page with all the available cars. The left and right arrows just above the car photo already allow you to switch between car listings. Only way to go back to all the cars is to start search over.
  • New update 1/5

    By nemesis77712
    Hate the new update were they change everything.. hate it with so much passion. Please go back to the old design ASAP!!!
  • design 4/5

    By Hajjsbsbhehsj
    new design really bad. In some point it is looking good, but searching is awful
  • Best app to search for dealership cars 4/5

    By $moki
    I like Craigslist to search for private sales, but CG has a very wide search universe. I wish that I could specify local test drives because they do hide delivery cars from out of state without the ability to filter those out.
  • Please read 3/5

    By MichaSuri Michael S
    The app was good, I shopped cars using this app but recently they are making some weird updates. The interface, home and the way you look for a car has been messed up. Now you can not longer Find “All Cars Option” which is something very helpful when you have no decided what car do you want, so You can look for a variety of options at the same time.
  • New update ruined it 3/5

    By Skeet skeet 69
    The new update changed the way you search for vehicles. Before you could simply just click on whatever vehicle you wanted to search. Now you have to type the entire name. What if someone doesn’t know how to spell the name of said vehicle?
  • Best car app ever 5/5

    By Shakeboss3311
    I love this app i have brought several cars from here and will continue to ise this app
  • Bugs 4/5

    By Wave 11:02
    The App has a bug that won’t update the filters I selected
  • App ok; CarGurus not great for selling 1/5

    By RMEinSC
    Re: the app: works great if you are a shopper. Is terrible if you are a seller. The messaging tool is unreliable. Listing updates take way too long. Autotrader & FB Marketplace WAY more effective. Re: the CarGurus Service: On the buy side it is always buyer beware x3 but CarGurus makes it very hard to negatively review terrible sellers (mostly dealers) so dealers can waste your time lying in listings with no accountability. On the sell side your vehicle will not show up on local searches and then show up 1500 miles away as a hot deal etc. I tried 3 listings with CarGurus and all three sold faster with more legit interest on Autotrader or FB. On the buy side 50% of the time queries go unanswered and dealers will often put things on CarGurus that are not ready to sell or are not available. Those are just my experiences in 2021-2022.
  • Cars are accurate! 5/5

    By GenuineMC
    Everything you want and need from a trusting car.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Peeledbabyvomit
    Never holds your place, scrolls on its own, super buggy 1995 programming.
  • Eeehhh, kinda glitchy 3/5

    By Jim Kirkland
    I like the app well enough but it often clears out my search criteria and starts showing me vehicles outside of my price range.
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By heather 39 year old hot mom
    My son was looking for an affordable car and he could not find it because the app was not being very good. He just wanted a brand new Dodge Durango and it was not working. This app is horrible. I think that the developers need to fix it right away because I just want my son to have a brand new Dodge Durango now I did all I want is for you to fix the app so my 12 year old son can have his Dodge Durango that he wants, I am a 39 year old mom who is very disappointed in the people who made this app because it is so bad that a 12 year old cannot even use it to buy a brand new Dodge Durango. He was so excited to get a brand new dodge Durango, but the app was not I just want my kid. Happy with his new dodge Durango I mean can a 12 year old boy just buy a dodge Durango in peace. This app is. Horrible and it needs fixed. Or else I will have to call the developers myself and get them fired because I’m friends with the CEO. Please fix the app right away so I can buy my brand new dodge Durango for my 12 year old son. I have lived in America, the land of the free all my life in this app does not seem very free for my kid to use it to buy a brand new dodge my son has a baby on the way in humans even have a car to drive around his baby and his dodge Durango that he couldn’t get well not a bad by him because he could not get the app to work to buy his brand new dodge Durango.
  • Car count doesn’t change 2/5

    By Kctex76
    When you modify the specifics to narrow your search, the car count doesn’t change. Lame.
  • Mm 3/5

    By wyatrue
  • Bueno 5/5

    By Chapo Nemo 1
  • Happy Car Searcher 5/5

    By AppUserkl
    Thanks for creating this platform to search for vehicles!
  • These guys are the biggest and best! 5/5

    By ndsie
    Always my first choice.
  • iPad notifications haven’t worked for quite a while 3/5

    By Cubaroo
    Notification icon shows that there is an unread notification but clicking on the “bell” does nothing on the iPad. I can go to my iPhone and see the notification, but it’s pretty annoying. Tried to contact developer support, but it just takes you to an FAQ about using the site, not about the app.
  • Easy to browse and find what I’m looking for. 5/5

    By PianoIsLife:):):)
    This is by far the best way to find a vehicle.
  • Too many fake postings 3/5

    By pococurantee
    I’ve had ford mavericks pop up 3 times a day for weeks as being available and not a single one has been real
  • Overall pretty good 4/5

    By Tysonz
    One feature that would be great would be the ability to block certain cars from showing. yes we can filter some out but the ability to block a particular car from continuing to show in our search would be helpful.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Unknown bladez
    They spam you with annoying notifications and ads. So many bugs already on their site and app. At least on the site you don’t need an account LOL.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By snowflake9090
    Excellent service
  • Found the best automotive value of my lifetime 😎👍 5/5

    By timmytesla
    I Ended up purchasing a C6 vette roadster via CarGurus app. Several thousand miles later top down 6 speed complete enjoyment Thank You!!
  • Cash payment 5/5

    By zero threaf
  • Messaging 1/5

    By tsiparlana
    They try to be so secretive with the messaging but it doesn’t even work. Can’t access my messages on the app, desktop or mobile site. Would like to buy a car but can’t because I can’t even read my messages. Waste of time
  • Don’t buy a car you see on here 1/5

    By drop geico
    This entire app is dealership advertising it’s just a list of every overpriced car in 100 mike radius
  • Good app 4/5

    By Jy2002
    I wish you could filter your search by number of doors - I’m looking for a 2 door jeep wrangler, and there are tons of 4 door ones. Also, when I click on a notification that a new car matches my search, it doesn’t take me directly to it. A decent app though!
  • Need a car??? 5/5

    By Ironworker. 348
    Bought 2 Lexus vehicles of of CarGurus. They were exactly what was advertised. Good deal on both. Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Ironworker.
  • Good 5/5

    By burry mickockinner
    Easy to use
  • Tesla Listings 1/5

    By hgnbthm
    Almost 50% of the teslas shown on this website have misleading titles. A lot that say AWD are actually RWD. A lot say “performance” for no reason. Maybe 10% actually show the software that the car has. Just riddled with misleading information. Also tons of cars from “shift” which show nothing about the car. Do better on these electric cars.
  • Low offer 1/5

    By Chelialex19
    They give you the lowest trade in offer in the market. Carvana, CarMax offer way more
  • Concierge Service 5/5

    By Cancel5
    High end Cars a plus
  • Car Garou makes it easy and quick to shop 5/5

    By Robrico1111
    This website app of car guru’s life easy when you’re shopping a vehicle. It is a must for searching showing the car values what to expect prior to purchasing your next vehicle. I highly recommend it
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Xp_230307
    I like website but app version won’t allow me to search. Always saying my zip is invalid and cannot be 5 characters long. But my zip has only 5 symbols
  • Not what it used to be 1/5

    By CrakS
    This app used to be great. Now the filter function simply doesn’t work. Blocks random listings depending on filters that shouldn’t filter them. Default to sell your car (why). Takes many more taps to search. Why did you have to break this? Leave well enough alone.