CarGurus: Used & New Cars

CarGurus: Used & New Cars

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  • Current Version: 2.49
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: CarGurus
  • Compatibility: Android
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CarGurus: Used & New Cars App

Looking for a used or new car? Find it on CarGurus. We take the guesswork out of car shopping by running the numbers on tons of cars, providing you with all the important details, and serving everything up in an easy-to-understand format. See if a car is overpriced or a great deal, access key negotiation info, and find financing*—all on the app. Want to sell your car? We can help with that, too. DATA-DRIVEN DEAL RATINGS: Our deal-rating algorithm digs deeper, analyzing thousands of details like price, accident history, dealer reviews, and dealer location to give cars a deal rating from great to overpriced. Our algorithm is so rigorous that it only rates 30% of cars a good or great deal. That means when you see a great deal on CarGurus, you can be sure it’s a great deal. VALUABLE INSIGHTS: Get free access to key info like accident history, days on lot, number of owners, and price changes—all in one place. No digging necessary. GET PRICE DROP ALERTS, NEW DEALS & CAR RECOMMENDATIONS: We’ll let you know any time there’s a price drop on a car you’ve saved. You’ll also receive new deals and car recommendations based on your search. FINANCE IN ADVANCE*: Find financing ahead of time so you can shop with your real monthly payment and have real rates in hand when talking to the dealer. There’s no impact on your credit score, and it only takes minutes.* SELL YOUR CAR: Sell your car yourself in our private marketplace. With access to vetted buyers and smart tools, you can get the offer you deserve. *Finance in Advance is a product of CarGurus, Inc. Subject to final agreement between you & dealership. Financing not completed on site. Completing a credit application at a dealership may result in one or more inquiries posted to your credit file. Subject to agreement on terms and conditions with the participating lender.

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CarGurus: Used & New Cars app reviews

  • Buggy and poor design 2/5

    By rick_v
    When listing my car it will not let me reorganize photos and the navigation of this app is very confusing and non-standard.
  • Too many bugs!! 1/5

    By Timm206
    This app resets all filters if connection gets interrupted and randomly sends you back to the beginning of the search for no reason which is very annoying. Hopefully i find the car i am looking for soon, so i can stop using these garbage apps!
  • It’s messed up 1/5

    By censt62001
    This latest version the main screen looks like the website and it’s smashed to one side of the screen.
  • Once great, now barely works 1/5

    By Nowhereman55
    I was patient, thinking that maybe it was an anomaly, but the app always flickers and locks up now within a few minutes. Fix the bugs, guys.
  • Constantly crashes 3/5

    By Msteele77
    App was good until constant crashes and bugs.
  • Move the ADs!!!!!! 2/5

    By theRiddles
    Every time I scroll through the search, an ad is conveniently placed at the bottom so my thumb hits it and takes me to safari!!!! I hate it!!
  • Constant issues 2/5

    By lawsypaws
    App frequently stops working. Searches don’t work. Not worth the frustration.
  • The best car app in the world 5/5

    By longhamp
    I truly love how you make it so easy for the customer the consumer to navigate through you guys app and find exactly what type of car are we type of truck or what type of sedan that they may need in the response time is just amazing I truly appreciate you guys and I wish you the best and you know if you ever need any pointers I’m always here see you soon I love the support your tech-support is one of the best tech-support I’ve ever experienced everybody’s so nice and the response time is just unbelievable thank you for being so caring so It’s just a wonderful feeling when you feel like the company
  • Ads are intentionally inaccurate with no to little oversight. 2/5

    By TK987123
    Ads are inaccurate
  • No help for selling your car 1/5

    By Mr.shaylee
    I paid $25 for a “featured listing”, never showed on the top of the list. When I looked at the stats, 7 views…really??? Such a joke!
  • Cannot keep secure 3/5

    By Youbi1
    I cannot keep my password information secure on this app. I cannot seem to keep searches storage so I can go back to them and find them.
  • Once Great App is Now Garbage 1/5

    By Vacqueyras
    I used this app many times to negotiate a “GREAT DEAL” on used vehicles with the VIN. It would identify the exact vehicle, and give you a price range to pay. I’ve probably saved tens of thousands of dollars with the old app. This version is useless!
  • Total joke and waste of time 1/5

    By Jimmyhatz
    I owned a car dealership for years so I’m not some amateur when it comes to placing ads and navigating apps. This is another example of an overhyped app that lacks in every department. So many glitches and so many missing components that it’s too time-consuming for me to list them all. The whole rating system, “over priced, high price, fair deal, etc” is structured to their advantage and to manipulate individuals into listing their vehicle at lower prices. Price shaming is what I call it. It’s ridiculous. Every vehicle is uniquely different and supply and demand curves are constantly changing. Sometimes above equilibrium, and other times below, depending on the current marketplace, hence the, the whole business model is flawed. Their algorithms are grossly flawed and inaccurate. All my dealer friends agree and feel the same way. The proof is in the lack of buyer inquiries and interest that you get. This is unequivocally the worst car app out there. Don’t even waste your time.
  • No prices listed 1/5

    By Iluvplayingames247
    None of the 95 trucks that appeared on my search had prices listed and there was no filter option to remove these. Totally useless app.
  • Great for being able to find deals 5/5

    By suggestion 23
    One suggestion is if you guys can make it to where you can select multiple car makes and models and trims at once instead of searching for all of them by one
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Tewilliams1992
    Re downloaded the app to look by or cars and the app keeps crashing everytime I try and sort the cars by pricing. Idk if it’s because the new iOS or not. But this is a no go.
  • No call back 1/5

    By r maximo
    Love how there are numbers to text for info but no one replies back.
  • Sort fail 2/5

    By ares0102
    When attempting to sort a search, enters into a error screen and app has to be killed.
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By kokori505
    Easy app to use, and it seems to utilize smaller mom and pop dealerships which I’d rather support.
  • Worked Great Until Recently 3/5

    By BradyNotneb
    I loved the CarGurus app until recently when it started glitching out after you put some filters on a search, making it unusable at times. Also I no-longer get price drop alerts when on the app or desktop, but occasionally get the emails. Those were extremely helpful, PLEASE fix!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Nick SA.
    Excellent service
  • Crashes on everything 1/5

    By Prats18
    Crashes on sorting crashes on back action. Very unstable and useless. Please fix this issue
  • Great way to buy and sell your cars 5/5

    By Biaggio's Account
    I want Everyone to try this website and to see How great it is. I purchased all my cars and sold all of them on car gurus. It is just very easy and helpful. Keep it up car gurus
  • Update creates issue with sorting 2/5

    By Fat happy Mexican
    Within the last couple updates, changing a search’s sorting from best deals to anything causes the app to fail to rearrange the search to match how you want it sorted. Happens on cellular data or wifi. Location doesn’t change anything.
  • Service with Adam Bob Howard Nissan 5/5

    By hbrown01
    Very pleased with our service advisor Adam Very polite with me and my grandson he walked us thru every step. I really appreciated him and his honesty very genuine young man. My grandson undercarriage had came loose and car need oil change it was all taken care along with what’s needed. As usual the Cashier very polite and understanding. Thank you Adam We appreciate you Mrs Brown
  • Very good ! 5/5

    By bdog is amazing
    Amazing well done
  • .. 1/5

    By leaaaaawwhoreee
    I can’t download the app without payment for the app .. but it says it’s free to download .. ??
  • Unusable. 1/5

    By Rynse303
    The recent “bug fixes” added app breaking bugs. Good job guys.
  • Tremendous disappointment!! 1/5

    By kc_gems
    I was ready for a car purchase, I decided on CarGurus. I searched and researched for weeks using the Internet and the car gurus app. I found multiple cars that were selling cars that they DIDNT even have. Three were bogus addresses and Wholesalers selling to the public. There was a cloned VIN , I reached out Many many times, never got a response. They talk about their security and vigorously researching their sellers…etc. just be careful and read all the print. Take notice to many “dealers” that are just using multiple names. Transparency is far from this place.
  • App freezes 1/5

    By demon33333343
  • No Way to Contact. Saved vehicles are not saved. 3/5

    By an App Store user 999
    No way to Contact Support. Saved Vehicles are not in Saved Vehicles, however they do show up in Recent Views.
  • Great search engine 5/5

    By yohawnn
    Easy to use and apply filters to narrow down the exact car you want at the price you can afford
  • Update made app unusable 1/5

    By Eliphom02
    This app use to be great. Recent updates has made the app unusable. Very glitchy and slow. Sometimes when I put in a filter, it gives me an error screen and i would have to start over, again and again. This is very frustrating.
  • Trash 1/5

    By ChrissieLou
    NOTHING to learn about cars. What kind of “guru” lacks a dedicated section to TEACHING people about cars??? Shouldn’t there be an education option for those of us who like to research BEFORE we buy? But…okay.
  • App been tweakin 2/5

    By Prestonwwefanrollins
    It’s a good app good way to buy and sell cars but over the past like week the app jus been tweakin a bit
  • First time signed in and everything! 5/5

    By chitownshell
    Absolutely exciting!!!!! This is a great site and I just started. I like it because you get to see different vehicles that you probably wouldn’t have unless using the site. My app is download. I’m going to relax and shop today! See all the exciting and awesome whips on the site!!!!! Take a chance like me! S.D.W.
  • Latest Update 1/5

    By Rexray1967
    The latest update has made the app unusable!!!
  • last update sucks… 3/5

    By Michael González 🐝
    The application had an incredible performance on my iPhone 12 Pro Max until its last update, now it has problems going back to the previous page, the filters are suddenly removed or it just starts to "charge" cars which I have not pressed and to blink the screen. I hope you can correct this as soon as possible since it was my favorite application for searching for used cars.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Hnijurv
    Car gurus used to be helpful at looking for local car dealerships inventory however the app and website are both overpopulated with “home delivery” or online sellers like caravana. About 95% of the cars in a search on cars that are no where near the location your looking to buy and there’s no option to filter these out.
  • Best car buying site 5/5

    By EDogUSA188
    Love the hp and engine specs drivetrain Mph.
  • Doesn’t let me sell my classic car 1/5

    By Chancechs
    Says my license plate is invalid and that the VIN is invalid. Classics don’t have traditional VINs, idiots
  • The app is ok 3/5

    By Drmorrisj
    It would be nice if this app had me Key where you scouts save your search.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By Faulken278
    When I try to open the app at any given time it simply says “ cannot connect.” I’ve used this in the past and it worked great but now it’s just frustrating
  • Review 2/5

    By chammill
    You say I’m prequalified for a truck but I’m not being contacted by any sellers or CarGurus.
  • LOVE This App 5/5

    By dariusl11
    I have been using cargurus since I was 17 in high school looking for cars. Am now 22 going on 23 and I have bought two (about to be three) cars that used this app to find. I have seen all the updates this app has had throughout the years and it has got nothing but better. Very user friendly and easy to use. Nothing but good things to say about this app. Easily the best virtual car shopping platform.
  • Sir’Kenneth 5/5

    By Sir'Kenneth
    Par excellence
  • CarGurus 5/5

    By Quarles331
    This app is really easy to use and when you call to ask about the car they are very polite and want what’s best for you
  • To many errors 1/5

    By pursable
    Almost every time I try use the app it says there was a error, try reload the page but It will not reload. Had to delete it entirely off my phone. Hope they fix it.
  • Very good 4/5

    By missouri phil
    CG has helped us save time in our searches.