Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering

Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.14.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering App

If we could serve you burgers through your phone, we would, but this is the next best thing. The Carl’s Jr. App not only makes mobile ordering quick and easy — order ahead for takeout, drive thru, or delivery – it also rewards you with every purchase through My Rewards! ORDERING Hankering for Carl’s Jr. breakfast, or in the mood for a juicy, charbroiled burger? Whether you're craving a Breakfast Burger, an iconic Western Bacon Cheeseburger®, a charbroiled Third Pound 100% Angus beef burger, or even a tender and juicy Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich, we know how to satisfy your hunger. The Carl’s Jr. App lets you customize your order and check out quickly with a credit card or gift card. Schedule a pick-up time or enable location services so we know when you’re nearby. We’ll make sure your food is fresh and ready when you arrive. MY REWARDS Get rewarded with every bite. Earn 10 Stars for every $1 spent and cash ‘em in for your favorites, like a 5pc French Toast Dips or Any Size Fountain Drink for 150 Stars. Spicy Chicken Sandwich or Any Size French Fries for 300 Stars. Or 5pc Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders or Beyond Famous Star for 500 Stars. Plus, so many other mouthwatering options. My Rewards members also get exclusive access to special discounts and promotions in the App! You gotta check it out for yourself – it’s a big deal! (See what we did there?)

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Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering app reviews

  • can’t pay? 1/5

    By hrueifkanfjsbe
    I cant save a card on options and when putting a card to check out there is no option to proceed cannot check out. Deleting.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By scam66
    Spent half hour in parking lot trying to order food and it wouldn’t take credit card payment to cash out.
  • Dave 2/5

    By Patsy Fatsy
    We just stopped at Carls in Willows and besides a terribly long wait the Grilled sausage sandwich was the worst thing we have ever tasted. The bread was the problem—it wasn’t toasted well on one side and it tasted awful.
  • Useless 1/5

    Having to log in with password EVERY time. Then the app doesn’t like your password, then you try to reset your password but the email comes hours after lunch.
  • App has higher Prices🥴 1/5

    By The Chooc
    Why gave an app, with higher prices then going to the store. First fast food brand I have seen that has Uber like prices, with no deals. The Golden Arches at least has free Big Macs everyday. The Carl’s Jr app has 16% back in rewards, but at an extra cost. I will delete this app until they provide an incentive for ordering from it.
  • Unintuitive garbage. 1/5

    By Baylee6869
    Dumb cashier lady kept telling me I needed to go into my email and click “make my order” in order for the order to get sent to the restaurant. Despite my card already being charged, an email also never came. Refunded, don’t install
  • Rude to customer 2/5

    By delete Amazon
    Store 131057 in Livermore California, came in to order, however needed to use the restroom first. I notice they lock their bathroom doors so I go to the counter and ask for the key and the girl with long hair says to me we only give it to customers. My response was I have to go to the bathroom first. She was unnecessary rude and to assume that everyone walking the the door is not there to order! Where is our customer service anymore! The bathroom was nasty and very dirty. I’m not returning and giving them my money or business!
  • App is missing several menu items 2/5

    By Maddee's Daddy
    There are offers on the app for certain menu items (like the Famous Star and Western Bacon Cheeseburger) but when you try to order those burgers, they are nowhere to be found on the app. What good are the offers if you can’t even take advantage of them?
  • Ordered but restaurant never received it 1/5

    By Omar Lomeli
    What’s the point of having an app if the restaurant isn’t going to receive your order? Last time I use your app I don’t like being robbed.
  • Black screen- nothing happening 1/5

    By Dearly1961
    I have had this app for less than two weeks on an iPhone 14. When I tried to open it today to get Stars after eating inside, I just see a black screen- very frustrating! Fix this ASAP!
  • Black Screen That Doesn’t Change 1/5

    By KeReWi
    I had downloaded the app previously but hadn’t ever used it. Went to join the rewards on it and enter a recipe I got and all I had was a black screen when I opened the app. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it, same thing. Guess I won’t be using the Carl’s Junior app after all!! Now I can’t post this because it says that the 10 nicknames I have entered are all taken!!
  • Still can’t register 1/5

    By Notorious L.I.N.C.O.L.N.
    The morons developing this app still don’t know what an email address looks like, so if you have a fun email domain like or, they won’t let you register!
  • No Beyond BBQ Famous Star 4/5

    By Dtplus10
    Please add the Beyond BBQ Famous Star to the app. This is my vegetarian son’s ‘go to’ burger and I can’t use the app to order it so I’m forced to order in person every time I go.
  • Not the easiest 2/5

    By ENL88
    You really have to explore the app to know how to use it. Ordering is not the easiest or the simplest. I think it’s a little silly you can’t combine what you want to order and cash in the stars.
  • Take a lesson from McDonald’s 2/5

    By Ace1245
    Carls app isn’t user friendly
  • Total Junk 1/5

    By Wafdof
    The app will not accept my attempts to sign up, yet I started to receive emails after attempting to do so. Been like this for months. What a terrible app.
  • They do not support Apple Pay 5/5

    By Charging Bare
    Update: They are working on it they responded to my review! Awesome! I had to manually type in my credit card number. They don’t support Apple Pay. The app is confusing to. It’s hard to redeem rewards. You have to do a bunch of stuff. And then when you complete your order, they don’t make it. They send you a text and you’ll have to click on it for them to start making it. The app should automatically show the progress of the order
  • Customization 1/5

    By dkaki73
    Customizing options are really minimal. This app is really useless when you want to customize your meal. I like western bacon cheeseburgers on sourdough but you cannot choose the option.Carl’s Junior get it together!!!!!!!!
  • Can’t redeem offers promised in app 1/5

    By Missusmiller
    Download the app, tried to use offer for free sandwich after meeting offer requirements. Wouldn’t let me. Deleted app and used McDonalds instead. Don’t offer deals for using your app that don’t work in the end.
  • App is cheaply made 1/5

    By dr yes no
    No offers ever in the app even though there is an offer tab. The menu is missing most of the items, and not able to get points by code like Mc donnalds or BK
  • No review page 1/5

    By alusnova
    The only reason why I downloaded it was because the receipt QR code needed me to download it. Yet there was no page for reviews or surveys that I could find. What’s up with that?
  • Checkout 1/5

    By Mankey9
    Checkout is impossible to order from the app. I think the company would benefit from investing in their app. I tried looking for the pay now or submit button.. lol it’s hidden?
  • Lost my bonuses 1/5

    By PFrank72
    I’m getting so annoyed with this darn app. I lost all my free burgers promised when using app. Every time I selected the burger, the app would act like it’s adding to cart then glitched and lost the offer. This happened at different locations, different days. Same problems. What a scam.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Tomster76
    Does not let me add a card for my payment 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve tried everything. What a waste of time. Why write apps that don’t work. Hands down the worst app I’ve ever used.
  • Promo offers DO NOT WORK in app 1/5

    By LeiSaff
    I have tried multiple locations, multiple offers, I put two support tickets in and THERES BEEN NO RESPONSE FOR 4 days. I CANNOT ADD REWARDS IN THE APP. Please contact me.
  • Bad design 3/5

    By kokolo1051215
    You have to manually order the food for the Offers and you have to click Apply before checking out to get the discount. I tried to use the 2 small Famous Star combos for $15 offer but was charged normal price $22 because I didn’t click apply. Why not automatically apply the offer when starting the order?
  • Suggestion for the App Developer 5/5

    By Perla Eve
    Hello, I wanted to order but when paying the screen said one or some of the items ordered were not available, however it did not say which one was not available, so I could not modify the order to only include the available items. Thanks, Customer
  • Please change default back to pick up 1/5

    Default used to be pick up. Now it’s drive thru which means you don’t get the link to prepare your food ahead of time. On top of that there’s no way to change it from drive thru to pick up after you have already placed the order. Frustrating.
  • So mad! 1/5

    By Wyatt Parke
    It was a sign on the door when I walked in download the app, get a free sandwich with a one dollar purchase. I spent the next 15 minutes downloading the app and giving them all the ridiculous information they wanted. Am I a tent came time to give you my sandwich for one dollar purchase you didn’t work! So mad! You sent me a generic sorry not sorry email! Hate you even more! You waist my time and then apologize by wasting my time!

    By Skoooooooooot 😎
    I just saw a review that gave this app 5 stars and complained about the app in every way. No wonder it has such high ratings!
  • deals not working 1/5

    By cconnerr
    never lets you use a deal even with required items in cart
  • I Can Not Order Anything 1/5

    By Joneric8
    This app is horrible. I have tried to use delivery through the app and there is always an error when I try to check out.
  • App hangs up & blocks ordering some items 1/5

    By helpmerc
    Every time I try to order a soda under beverages, it does not allow me to “order.” Other times when I try to order food, the app hangs up and won’t add the item to the cart. It doesn’t matter which location I’m try to order from. It happens often enough, I’m considering deleting the app.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By coconutandcherry
    Glad I can finally make mobile orders now but I wish it supported Apple Pay. I never have my physical cards on me anymore. :((
  • Confusing 2/5

    By Joeblobsuck
    Idk about everyone else but this app just aggravates me. Take some notes from Wendy’s with mobile ordering. It’s almost perfect!
  • Doesn’t work work 1/5

    By Lmhuvibgzhvibfgb
    The coupons & offers both don’t work in the app. I had an offer for a free burger with any purchase & it just kept saying “Oops something went wrong” Now I’m stuck getting constant emails with offers that don’t work lol
  • Locations doesn’t work 1/5

    By Olive🐶
    This app doesn’t work. I’ve downloaded it twice hoping that the second time, it would work. It still doesn’t. It asks for us to search for locations using street, city, and zip. Each time I do that, knowing exactly where the locations are, the app fails to provide locations. Even when I use location services on my phone, the app still fails to identify the clear locations that are on my surrounding area. That prevents ordering. This needs to be fixed.
  • Disabled pre-iOS 15 1/5

    Requires an app update which only works on updated phones, breaking its functionality on anything prior to iOS 15. Unnecessary to force updates just to order fast food, extra unnecessary to disable them on previous operating systems.
  • Don’t use the delivery 1/5

    By LMIP7777
    There is no way to track your order. It just says in progress and then completed. Of course the driver decided to keep my food and say its been completed. Still no refund and no food. Never use the app for delivery. Pray I don’t find whoever took my order.
  • App bad and food overpriced 1/5

    By whhdjdu
    Won’t even let you enter a receipt from a couple days ago. Picked up a large order on Jan 30, thought “why not, I’ll do the app” , tried to enter on Feb 3, and app said “Sorry, receipt too old” . WTH!? Less than a week. Besides being waaay overpriced food, they expect you to immediately enter any receipt for credit. More and more I want to avoid CJ, sad, I grew up eating here!
  • Menu is broken,missing most items 1/5

    By Xvd68
    2/2/2023 ordering menu is missing most everything, surely you have more than two burgers and two burger combos, at least you used to. There ought to be customer service contact through the app, not a dumb chatbot, especially since some of us sign in through Apple interface and the email address assigned is not something we have record of or can cut/paste from the app Good thing there’s a Dennys nearby I’ll just order from them.
  • App doesn’t work. 1/5

    By LaddCC
    Opens but won’t work
  • Get push offers that never work 1/5

    By dk31621
    I am over it. Fix it.
  • lol 1/5

    By take me name
    app don’t work properly. when check out can place order. never show the yellow bar down below
  • Forgot password does not work 1/5

    By Matt, Las Vegas
    Confirmation email never received. Checked spam folder. Tried multiple times. But I still get their marketing emails. This is the worst app in fast food.
  • No Contact or Support for app issues 1/5

    By Brii1987123
    Have experienced issues with app processing an order, taking payment and the store not receiving it nor having any technology to verify order numbers. To make things even worse, it is no contact information for assistance or even an option for a refund for management or customers. There is also no code or option where you can use a code in store. This doesn’t make sense given the app is dysfunctional. Also, some items don’t allow customization. The app basically has a mind of its own. Very bizarre for a major corporation.
  • Super Glitchy 1/5

    By Blah blah ☺️😄😁
    I’ve been trying to redeem a rewards and it always says “oops we’re having trouble redeeming your reward.” I verified that I had the correct items in my bag and attempted my order for several hours with no success.
  • Stupid app, 1/5

    By 3non1m0us
    Keeps freezing everytime i’m checking out , it’s didn’t happen before..
  • Terrible app that needs a lot of work 1/5

    By HannH3246
    Does not allow me to use coupons or place an order. Only does delivery and takes me to doordash to order through there. Needs a lot of improvement.