Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering

Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering

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  • Current Version: 2.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering App

If we could serve you burgers through your phone, we would, but this is the next best thing. The Carl’s Jr. App not only makes mobile ordering quick and easy — order ahead for takeout, drive thru, or delivery – it also rewards you with every purchase through My Rewards! ORDERING Hankering for Carl’s Jr. breakfast, or in the mood for a juicy, charbroiled burger? Whether you're craving a Breakfast Burger, an iconic Western Bacon Cheeseburger®, a charbroiled Third Pound 100% Angus beef burger, or even a tender and juicy Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich, we know how to satisfy your hunger. The Carl’s Jr. App lets you customize your order and check out quickly with a credit card or gift card. Schedule a pick-up time or enable location services so we know when you’re nearby. We’ll make sure your food is fresh and ready when you arrive. MY REWARDS Get rewarded with every bite. Earn 10 Stars for every $1 spent and cash ‘em in for your favorites, like a 5pc French Toast Dips or Any Size Fountain Drink for 150 Stars. Spicy Chicken Sandwich or Any Size French Fries for 300 Stars. Or 5pc Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders or Beyond Famous Star for 500 Stars. Plus, so many other mouthwatering options. My Rewards members also get exclusive access to special discounts and promotions in the App! You gotta check it out for yourself – it’s a big deal! (See what we did there?)

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Carl's Jr. Mobile Ordering app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By frownoutyouroneface
    Just an awful experience trying to use this app. ‘Place your order’ button dissapears after I try to checkout. Extremely slow and doesn’t register button clicks very well. App quality is causing customers to eat elsewhere.
  • App didn’t honor a promo 1/5

    By W1nnerbydefault
    I placed an order for a free bacon egg and cheese biscuit with $1 minimum purchase (large drink). I was instructed to proceed with checkout to see my discount applied but it instead just processed payment for the full amount.
  • App does not work! 1/5

    By mach114
    This app does not work. It will not allow me to put in my phone number which is required to order. I have a US phone number 10 digits. So I can’t order or get any discounts. Long time customer, very disappointed. I am working on an iPhone 13 max.
  • Carl’s Jr. 1/5

    By I canceled
    App takes forever to download
  • Cannot place order after Checkout 5/5

    By on your own with this app
    You will never get your order sent to the store. The update has hidden the place order button on both IOS and Android devices
  • App straight up doesn’t work 1/5

    By ev6899900000
    Might be the worst app I’ve used fast food wise. Constant restrictions and then I couldn’t even use the app at all today to check out… the coding on this is bogus and if you customize an item your coupon might not even work. Today I tried to use the national biscuit month coupon and couldn’t redeem the biscuit if I removed an item on it. Then I couldn’t even check out, I tried using my card that was saved and click check out and then tried adding a card and pressed check out neither one of these worked and was frustrating. Also this app misses the ability to even add just a plain biscuit which seems crazy. Double also get rid of the geofencing for people to pick up your order, sometimes people send others to grab an order for them
  • No "PAY NOW" button to order 1/5

    By Maria_danica
    What kind of app is this? I was trying to order by drive thru then on check out, there is no "pay now" button after putting in your payment card info. I tried using delivery option still the same problem. Probably trying not to sell food online?? Then take down your app!
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By retiredfirecapt
    I get emails all the time about specials in the app. They are never there, app doesn’t work hardly at all.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Absfordays365
    You cannot order a single item on the app. It won’t even show a location to order from
  • Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By SpaceboyMB
    I’ve never once gotten this app to work correctly for me. Just stick to using the website.
  • If you’d like to pay more, use the app 2/5

    By Gr8pimpin (Real)
    This app does not use location specific pricing. Currently all the Carl’s Jr.‘s near me are running a $2.99 big Carl special. The app still tries to charge $8.99. Also if you add a coupon to your cart, and then decide to change it there is no way to remove it. I had to delete the app and reinstall it in order to remove a coupon from a order I almost placed three weeks ago. Search by ZIP Code is a big failure. It always returns the results of where you currently are located, as opposed to the ZIP Code you type in.
  • Order by credit cards 2/5

    By JimboAlonzo1982
    I like Carl’s Jr app or Jackie The Box app and order it by credit cards or debit cards but the problem is I need to use the coupons of Carl’s Jr app by paying in cash, not credit cards. Please change the rules to pay in cash. Burger King, Popeyes, and McDonald’s does use app coupons by paying cash or credit cards .
  • Crap update 1/5

    By David2lj
    Updated my app. And now I can’t order anything. Was great before but useless now. My points and offers are worthless since I no longer have a place order button. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    By CazedandDonfused
    Tried ordering on the app twice for pickup. Each time it charged me for the order only for me to get to the location to pick it up and be told they don’t have any order in their system. There’s no way to talk to live support either you have to leave a message and hope they call you back. It makes no sense not to have live support in case the app is malfunctioning and you can’t get your order. It took me calling and leaving a message for 3 days to finally get someone to reach out and all they did was refund my order couldn’t even offer any other compensation for their app not working properly. I deleted the mobile app and will not be eating at Carl’s Jr. until they get some better customer service
  • App won’t work, is useless 1/5

    By Lunadonna
    Won’t let you add payments or check out, useless waste of time
  • Doesn’t work. No help given. 1/5

    By 2the gym
    App doesn’t work. They ask you on here to reach out to them for help. They don’t reach back out to you to give you any help. Their response is for optics only. They don’t care. I don’t even eat there anymore because this all makes me angry. Eat elsewhere.
  • Food is good; app is terrible 1/5

    By this nickname is aleady taken
    I can’t even sign up through the app. It won’t recognize my email as valid. So I guess I can’t use the app. Hope someone fixes it.
  • No search function 1/5

    By Jennblack33
    Will never rate an app with no search function any higher than 1 star because it wastes customer time
  • App responsiveness has improved to being usable! 4/5

    By FalconFour
    Glad to see the app's hanging and freezing issues seem to have gone away on my last order. Every tap registered, and the loading curtains worked well enough. The app organization is still a little disjointed - e.g. to order more stuff you tap the "order" tab, right? No, that sends you back to the location selector. You have to go to your cart and pick "order more" from there. Login is still a pain point: it uses an ugly, isolated, phishing-like mini-browser to log independently into your Google account to use that method. That's not the right way to do OAuth. Hope that improves. Still a good experience on the last order and I'm glad to see the app is usable now!
  • Scam 2/5

    By Udmdnfjfmemfn
    It doesn’t give you any offers and the offers are barely good and bad.
  • Won’t log me in 1/5

    By neonmanzanita
    I signed up through email. Won’t let me log in. Won’t send a confirmation code. Won’t let me reset my PW. But I didn’t sign up through Google, Facebook, or Apple. Awful UX!
  • Won’t allow you to check out or add payment method 1/5

    By Estra Pootoes
    The sheer amount of issues with this app is astonishing. From not being able to save a payment method. Not being able to actually get to the checkout menu without clicking on an offer after selecting a location. In addition, because you cannot save or add a payment method you can never check out. I tried for over 30 minutes to get this app to work but it doesn’t.
  • Nice App No Food 1/5

    By DaringD
    So, the app works pretty nice but when I got to the restaurant they had no idea what I was talking about. I’m sure it’s a matter of working the bugs out and training restaurant staff, but if you’re in a hurry stay away from the app until some other suckers help them figure it out.
  • App needs work. 3/5

    By csmorris66
    Needs Apple Pay! Also need to be able to customize burgers better. Such as lite mayo, lite ketchup or add something not normally on the burger. I like my breakfast burger with bbq sauce instead of ketchup. I haven’t found a way to do that in the app.
  • App is a good start. 3/5

    By csmorris66
    The app needs to offer Apple Pay. Also need to be able to customize food better. Such as lite mayo, lite ketchup or add things not normally on the sandwich. I like my breakfast burger with bbq sauce instead of ketchup. I haven't found a way to ask for that in the app.
  • App NEVER works!! 1/5

    By joipjbshr
    The app never works. I add my credit card and it does nothing. No button pops up to pay. It’s very frustrating. It worked for one reward redemption and has not worked since. I tell the person at the drive up window and they just stare back at me like I was speaking a different language.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By zzzzzzaaaaaccccccc
    Worst app ever. Doesn’t give you points or even a free sandwich like the signs say. Straight scam! Done download it
  • Menu options incorrect 1/5

    By NickM92
    This app (and the website) have a major problem. The Breakfast Burger is offered all day, but is housed under the breakfast items only, so when it’s after 10:30am you can’t order it off the app/website. Which means you can’t redeem rewards or offers involving the breakfast burger because it’s not accessible or even visible on the app/website after 10:30am. It’s my favorite item on the menu. If I order in person I can get it any time of day. I have no reason to use the app if I can’t get my favorite meal on it when I want it.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By ARC_818
    I’ve tried using the app but it doesn’t let me check out. I’ve tried but there’s no way to submit my order. I go to checkout and put in the payment information and then nothing. No submit order or confirm order or anything. How do you place the order? There’s literally nothing there.
  • This app is completely useless! 1/5

    By saint0wen
    The Carl's Jr. app is completely useless. It took MONTHS to be able to order food on it. It doesn't take coupon codes. I have a saved "favorite" restaurant down the street from me and it always asks if I want to order from 3-4 other restaurants that are many miles away, including not even in my city! Submitting receipts for Stars Points almost never, ever, ever works. I have repeatedly stated this to Carl's Jr. and they never do anything about it. FAR AND AWAY, the WORST fast food mobile app there is. I'd give it minus-3 stars if possible.
  • Terrible app more like a scam 1/5

    By gtiffgtfg
    Terrible app I can’t even pay after I enter my card details at checkout. I have came to this same Carl’s Jr. location 5 times 7412 ne 117th Ave, just to leave because your app doesn’t work and the coupons I spent 70$ to achieve are not usable . There is no where to pay after i click on checkout. This is the 3rd message i will be sending to the app support and still no response. I came here the other day and spent 60$ just to get some rewards that I can only watch expire. I’m very disappointed in you guys I will be leaving a juicy review.
  • No coupons 1/5

    By CeariusLans
    The big thing is that there are no coupons on the app. Why bother.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Elise5M
    Tried to use the app for the first time today. Had my order in my bag. Said in order to get points I need to have an account. Tried to log in with Apple, Facebook and Google but all failed. Created an account and logged in, but my order was gone. Tried to order again, several times, but there was no bag showing my order. Logged out then my bag contained all the orders I had attempted to place while logged in. Deleted the additional items. I spent over 20 minutes trying to use a coupon code and checkout, but was never able to. I ended up just ordering at the Drive Thru.
  • Can’t customize items 2/5

    By T Ramirez
    No bonuses for sign up like most apps would have, I thought it would at least carry coupons or free item for signing up. I was also annoyed I could not customize my items through the app, you can only take away item but you can’t add items that aren’t already on the burger. Deleted because it was useless to me
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By tmra21
    What’s the point of having an app if you don’t give the option for your customers to order ahead for pickup? The only option is to “order delivery” and says direct ordering is unavailable at this time. So the app is completely useless and much if the reason why Carl’s Jr. can’t compete with other fast food restaurants. I love the food but the way this chain is managed and marketed is lacking!
  • Does not allow to place delivery order 1/5

    By blair1996
    The app will have you input all your info and then there is NO button for you to place the order. It just doesn’t exist. So dumb.
  • Mobile ordering that you can’t use 2/5

    By Wruddell1
    Nice to have an app that you can’t use to pick up food or order ahead
  • App signup promotion not working 1/5

    By kaydzed
    Upon sign up, you get an email with a button that should open the app for your promotional signup free burger, but this button takes you to the app store despite the app being installed. There’s no other way to redeem the promo (e.g., promo code). Furthermore the app design is bad compared to competitors: (1) the header and footer takes up 1/3 of the screen; (2) there is no search feature; (3) sign up should not be done by an internal browser (it’s difficult to use sign up with other accounts like Google or Facebook)
  • Half step in right direction 2/5

    By mwjackson92
    It’s good that Carl’s is finally doing a mobile rewards program since every other fast food chain has been doing it. The bad part is that the app still needs some work. Very clunky and slow UI, and the deals cause some headaches. Most of the time when you add a deal to your cart, follow the terms and conditions, it’ll still give you an error at checkout. I find it easier to still just order like normal at restaurant and just upload the points later.
  • If I could do 0 stars I would 1/5

    By RubenRr1
    Absolute terrible app compared to any other fast food place, no part of this process is fast, I go through trying to make an order under the PICK UP tab but is saying that my area is not available for delivery which doesn’t make sense because I want to pick up my own food not have it delivered and when I finally decide to say screw it and have it delivered it makes me try and install postmates which is the last thing I want, take notes from other food establishments and allow me to simply place an order through the app to pick up , UI and sign in are very sloppy aswell and hard to use, took about 10 minutes to sign up saying I couldn’t use google or Facebook then finally just made an account. Just all around a terrible app.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Dan11477
    None of the deals actually work in app
  • Shows promise, but no Apple Pay?!? 2/5

    By woferry
    Was all ready to place my first order, then found I needed to enter a credit card. I won't give my credit card to any app, and didn't even have a card on me since I pay for everything with my phone or watch. Ordered from a competing restaurant's app instead, all of the ones I have on my phone do Apple Pay.
  • Shows promise, but no Apple Pay?!? 2/5

    By woferry
    Was all ready to place my first order, then found I needed to enter a credit card. I won't give my credit card to any app, and didn't even have a card on me since I pay for everything with my phone or watch. Ordered from a competing restaurant's app instead, all of the ones I have on my phone do Apple Pay.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Sobi Won
    The app was working well for a month or so but now after I have accumulated enough points to get free items it suddenly doesn’t allow me to check out, it keeps asking me to input my payment info and Mobile number. Once the info is added ( for the umteenth time) it still doesn’t let you check out and when I reload go back to check the order to make sure it’s accurate all the info is deleted and needs to be updated again!! So infuriating. I have tried to get help fixing the issue and no responses.. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it but the same glitch continues… all I can say is the app is broken… don’t waste your time or money, the food is over priced anyway.
  • Terrible APP 1/5

    By philtex196
    This app is pathetic. I can’t order pickup or delivery. Guess I won’t be buying from Carl’s. Going back to Burger King
  • Please fix glitch at checkout 1/5

    By Weirdough909
    I have noticed that I cannot place an order due to the disappearance of the “place order” button at checkout. When can I hear a follow-up from the company after submitting a complaint via their website?
  • No substitutions for Beyond Meat 2/5

    By Robert95600
    No substitutions for Beyond Meat?
  • Menu pricing in Heber City, Utah 1/5

    By Judymildred
    My husband and I went to Carl’s Jr. last Saturday (27th) for breakfast! We ordered French Toast Sticks combo! On the menu it was $6.99! When I paid for the meal! I thought it was a little high! I looked at the receipt! They charged $7.19 and not the $6.99 that was on the menu! Before we even got our food! I told the cashier he charged me too much! The cashier said the price was set on the computer and he couldn’t change it! I then talked to the manager! She said the same thing that the cashier had said! I told her that she should give me the menu price! She said she couldn’t do that and they have had a lot of complaints about the menu pricing! I have tried for the last couple of days to get a hold of the corporate customer service! No luck! Because of the experience I have had! I will definitely not go to Carl’s Jr.!
  • 8/31/2022 1/5

    By gomez92c
    As of 8/31/2022 I used the app for the 1st time and wouldn’t say it’s good or worth downloading at the moment , I read one review after my experience and makes sense you CAN’T ORDER anything like I said not worth downloading maybe in the future, but not now.