CarMax: Used Cars for Sale

CarMax: Used Cars for Sale

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CarMax: Used Cars for Sale App

Find, search and browse used cars with CarMax, America’s #1 used car retailer. Download the CarMax app today to shop and find the right car, truck, or SUV for you. Save time car buying with CarMax and search a nationwide inventory of 50,000+ used cars, SUVs and trucks. CARMAX APP FEATURES: Find the right car for you: • Search by make, type, model, year, price, features, MPG, and more! • See car details and photos. Customize your search: • Save car searches. • Get alerts for any changes to your saved cars. • Save cars and car searches. Sort cars by customized filters. Shop all around in one place: • Schedule free appraisals and get free vehicle history reports • Calculate estimated monthly payments and search cars that match your budget. • Apply for financing and make payments At CarMax, we’ve got your back. That’s why we offer: 1. A 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee on every car. 2. Free appraisals that give you an actual offer, not an estimate. 3. Upfront prices, clearly marked on every car. Download the CarMax app now and find your used car, whether on your local CarMax lot or on the go.

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CarMax: Used Cars for Sale app reviews

  • Used cars 5/5

    By Renard Koonce
    There are some use full and very affordable prices on this app
  • not doing business with carmax again 1/5

    By gggggggoooooogle
    received absolutely the worst service transferred a vehicle over, waited in line for hours for them to tell me the transfer was unavailable and when i finally got to see the car they wanted to undercut my current vehicle by a laughable amount on the fair market. seems they want more than 50% of your car in appraisal value for them to sell it at that 50%+ while screwing the customers over i had a 120 point inspection vs what a guy in a phone is telling me the car is worth, want to get scammed out of your money go and do business here.
  • Latest update has broken searching 2/5

    By Kona Coffee Guy
    The latest update has made it impossible to search. In the past I could enter a free-text search string, such as: “2019 Ford Fusion titanium hybrid”, or “2020 Ford”. This no longer works - you get thousands of cars returned. The filtering also does not support model year 2020, and there are 2020 models out there...
  • Incredible experience 5/5

    By SGM4Alabama
    I purchased a flawless Ford Fusion Hybrid from the South Boulevard store in Pineville, NC. The sales staff was terrific and the detail crew provided me with a showroom quality vehicle. I had not expected the amount of courtesy and honesty from a used car dealer.
  • Car Payment reflection 4/5

    By Tabaru Gonzo
    I really love the option of how I can make car payments. I just wish that 2 days delay of the update could be changed to the immediate one.
  • Fix your password system 1/5

    By BsreviewSystemToo
    I’ve changed my password like four times now, and every time I try and log in it tells me “your password and email do not match”, this is BS.
  • Worst place to purchase a car 1/5

    By Melsuv
    Purchased a lemon. Couldn’t return or repair. Scam.
  • Ms. Carter 5/5

    By DapCarter
    Love the app, so easy and convenient!!!!
  • Mrs. Griff 1/5

    By Mrz.Griff
    You asked me every minute to review your app so here you go. Love it aside from being pestered!
  • Bugs 1/5

    By djdkfkfkdkffkkfgjfjfjfjfjf
    Fix your bugs and other issues. This is the worst quality app ever. You guys keep on releasing updates to fix it, but it never works. FIX IT.
  • Fun and shopping 5/5

    By right on !!
    Nice to browse and search all the cars
  • Error 1/5

    By pit0ncr7
    So many glitches
  • App is not working 2/5

    By Kalina208
    The website was having issues so I downloaded the app. Same issues, shows number of searched vehicle available but when clicked on it nothing shows up. All the pictures are blank?
  • Weak 1/5

    By Pooterrrrrrrrrr69
    It’s just cars from dealerships, overpriced stuff!!! Doesn’t even show cars under $8000!! Why do I need this app if I want to find cheap cars from private sellers?
  • Car Trouble 2/5

    By Alazae43$$
    I purchased a vehicle and kept bringing it in because of a clicking noise when I turn or parallel park. The sound is annoying. I’ve had vehicle since October. Took into service shop 4x’s. Apparently they couldn’t find the issue or kept saying the issue is fixed, but I keep hearing the noise. Sales rep never let me test drive the vehicle. So I guess I’m stuck in this vehicle for the duration.
  • Error when putting zip code or location 1/5

    By realshock11
    And .... you cannot search anything. Useless
  • Not Intuitive 1/5

    By JFK walker
    Tried to save search 5 times. I name it hit return and then come back to my order and it shows nothing. Doesn’t show menu option to saved searches. Very frustrating and user unfriendly.
  • Request 5/5

    By Principal Payments
    I would like the option to pay on principal with the app.
  • Great App, Except... 5/5

    By 1 4 J.C.
    ...The constant pestering. Yes the app is great, yes I am singed in, now please stop asking. 👍🏻
  • Purchase Review 5/5

    By new user bs
    Just sent my comments to the store and wanted to thank Sales Consultant Mike Anderson for his awesome performance showing and selling me the vehicle. The truck is exactly what I was looking for, transferred to the CM store seamlessly and Mike was top notch from day one and as we drove off the lot. Thank you Mike!! The CM staff were attentive, courteous and work hard to close the deal and deliver the truck, on a Friday evening too. Very impressive team!! See you all for the next vehicle we purchase. Sincerely, Brian Simko ASSET Inspections LLC 714-356-4878
  • Problema 5/5

    By Mauriciogv51
    Necesito una actualización porque no me salen todos los autos !!!
  • Saved searches gone 1/5

    By Shibojin
    What happened to the saved searches?? Boo, Carmax!
  • FIX New update 1/5

    By TheHEEL505
    Beware newest update has locked this app up can’t make a payment claims my log in is wrong but when I go to the desktop web log in it lets me in
  • Saved searches? 2/5

    By lostcc99
    This used to be a great, five star app, particularly due to the browse function and ability to save your car searches. Seamless and easy. But for some reason the save searches feature has been removed and thus you can no longer be notified when new cars you are looking for are added and available. I mean, no skin off my back but seems like a pretty big business blunder. Carmax, you guys should fix. Take a good hard look at your app developers...
  • Removed good features 4/5

    By Alpa_0112
    Removed saved searches Cannot filter crew cab option on ford F150? Really?????
  • The hype 5/5

    By themomhype
    Loving the app making it way easy to shop at home for sure with all this quarantine going on.
  • Saved Searches 1/5

    By No Longer Viee
    All previous saved searches have been deleted. Cannot determine how to save a new search
  • We shall now see. 4/5

    By Sarp-All.
    Purchased a 2011 KIA Sorento a few months ago and also the Extended Warranty. Having some issues now. Have had a great experience so far. Will update after the Service dept. inspects. This is where we shall see! (Don’t think it is COVID-19). LOL.
  • Easy use. 5/5

    By Forrest1#
    The website is easy to use!
  • Washington State 3/5

    By Seattle Cutoms
    I just joined a little while that is why I gave 3 stars.
  • Quit messing with what works 1/5

    By purduetexan
    Recently lost my saved searches and no way to save now. When saved searches was working, wouldn’t load if a new vehicle was added. Had to click, back out and click again. This app worked just fine a few months ago-quit screwing it up
  • Lemon 1/5

    By N72!
    I have had a terrible time since the purchase of my 2017 Maxima.. my review of Carmax was good we were excited for buying a car but on the way home about an hour out we noticed the stereo was working and we called the next day to get it fixed they said we had to bring it back to them . It’s a total 4.5 hours so 2 different times we drove there and neither time did anyone tell us that service department is open until 8 like the rest of building and they didn’t tell us thst we could have dropped it off so we go home come back on a Friday and same thing happen so since then pass get side doors have come off hinges and a piece of the plastic on the car flew off while driving...tried to get a loaner from them and they couldn’t let me drive one off lot due to ABS LIGHT ON THE VEHICLE THEY SAID but THEY SOLD ME THE MAXIMA thst had the recall on it for the same RECALL ON IT ABS... DO NOT buy from them or trust car fax report , ours showed it was fine no accidents but when we took it to A local Nissan dealer they showed the doors had two different paint and doors had been replaced .
  • App Payments 2/5

    By mazegirl
    Would be so much better (for CarMax AND customers) if payment could be made by deceit or credit card. Really, CarMax? It is 2020, after all.
  • No acknowledgement 3/5

    By mr. sipala
    I bought a car and need some repairs it is impossible to call the store I have left messages texts emails and no one has had the courtesy to at least acknowledge that I require help a sales rep called to make an appointment to see a car when I told him I already bought one and needed service I was informed he didn’t do that and hung up. They don’t want to know you after you buy a car!! Need help!
  • Please Fix 2/5

    By JoeDierte
    I know it's easy to make your app as functional as your website. Nowhere to save your searches. Cannot open saved searches. It's better to use the website.
  • Thorough, and easy to use 5/5

    By AmyDeLoach
    I enjoy this app. It’s complete and easy to use. I love making my payment through the app.
  • Get the MAX for the minimum at TJ...OOPS! I mean... 5/5

    CarMax makes me even happier than shopping at that competitor of Marshalls. Enough free advertising for them. I’m so excited I don’t dare go there until I’m driving away with my new McDreamy from my favorite place for cars — CarMax! You could say it’s my guilty little pleasure when it comes to car shopping! And I say please go ahead — I love love love you, CarMax! Thank you!!!!
  • Late Fee 1/5

    By CaseyMas
    I’ve lost my job due to pandemic and Carmax is still charging late fees. I’ve called and was hung up on and have been trying to call back to discuss options about my situation but can’t get through.
  • Price 1/5

    By cabman008
    The high mileage vehicles should be priced lower.
  • No help available!?!? 1/5

    By Astrid&Atlas
    I understand about the covid issue-but no one to answer the phone?? No number to even call. Please help
  • CarMax App 5/5

    By 1tychius
    The app is easy and efficient, convenient enough to do the job in a hurry!
  • Won’t buy from them based on this 1/5

    By jacksr
    Not getting my money!
  • Saving is Impossible 2/5

    By katiefid
    Used the app for years to make payments on my current car - never had a problem. Have started using the app again today to search for my next car and couldn’t be more frustrated. Keep getting “we’ve encountered an error” messages. Adding cars as “favorites” is useless because they somehow aren’t making it onto the Saved list. Just the opposite for old cars in your saved list that you’re trying to remove - they always reload on the list no matter what you do.
  • Check only (online payment) 3/5

    By ndm1982
    Can not pay by debit/credit card
  • The best 5/5

    By bilbgood
    I love the way CarMax treats me ! They have been incredible and reliable thanks CarMax for being costumer friendly
  • Car payment 5/5

    By Mommamia007
    Super easy to make sure I make the car payment on time. I really wish they had a separate app that logged into my account so I can just pay and keep going but this is perfect for now.
  • CarFax Reports 4/5

    By R8fornow
    The carmax app is great but they switched from CarFax reports to the History Report. They are not nearly as informative. No service history or remaining warranty info.
  • New version 1/5

    By AHinMaine
    Terrible app. Whoever is developing it now keeps making it worse and worse. They need to be fired so that a real developer can start over from the v2 interface. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, all saved settings are lost. Since the new version fails to tie saved searches and things to your account, it's gone. When you saved a search in the v2 interface, it was tied to your account. So you could log into the website from a non-mobile device and the same searches were present. Not with the new version. Next, they aren't fixing any of the obvious bugs with v3. I reported the filter issue several months ago and it's still broken. Example, perform any search, just go into, say, Make Or Model, Ford, Fusions, then go into the filters, select a minimum year, (or price or mileage). Then while still under filters, choose any other filters, say AWD. Then you see whatever you put in year/price/mileage vanishes. And another one... When you perform a search that only yields 3 or 4 results, you can easily lose the top part of your screen that contains the back button. Normally as you scroll down and the top of your screen disappears, you can scroll back up and it will reappear so you can hit the back button. But if there's too few results, it goes away and then you CAN'T scroll back up to make it reappear. No back button! Total amateur hour. Even the tinyest amount of QA effort would turn these kinds of bugs up. I'd like to know what company CarMax hired to develop this app just to make sure my company never, ever hires such an incompetent developer. Update March 10 2020: no obvious bugs fixed. The only visible difference in the new version is they made the Key Specs block look worse, as if the lines of text were now double-spaced.
  • Dream car 5/5

    By blasssiyy
    Great app tells u everything about the car

CarMax: Used Cars for Sale app comments

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